Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is an Interceptor specialized in creating chaos in the arena by leaping through his enemies, leaving traps behind and using his harpoon to pull himself in the enemies’ direction. 

Kick the Dirt! also allows the character to deliver the bomb in a pinch if your Transporter was destroyed. When enemies try to push him away from the objective, he just leaps through them and easily delivers.

His Trap! deal a lot of damage if they are placed in the right places. Since the cooldown time is low and he can release 3 mines at once, you can believe that the sand pirate will cover the arena with them! The mines stay only for a short time before disappearing.

The secondary weapon, Get’em Boyz! is a call for his crew members to invade the arena and start shooting down on his enemies. For a few seconds, the crew members in a helicopter will keep shooting in a marked area on the ground.

The Ride On! is the signature move of Dirt Devil, utilized for hunting the gigantic sand monster and to terrorize his opponents inside the arena. If used correctly, this skill has a dual role: deals damage on hit and boosts Dirt Devil directly in front of the unfortunate person hit!

Watch out the sandstorm! The special weapon is Release the Devil! It is a flare gun shot that sticks to walls and grounds. Once it is attached, it creates a whirlwind that explodes after a while. Attention, it has two additional details: the flare is shot in the line of sight of the car, not the mouse cursor, and it has double activation, which means it can be activated before the normal time.


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Dirt Devil


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