The Old-World Scientist

Metallic Bond

Repairs herself as well as nearby allies.

  • Repair Per Second: 9 HP
  • Area Radius: 48
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 2% of repairs performed

Ride the Lightning

Shoots a projectile that passes through machines, damaging enemies and repairing allies. Artificer repairs herself based on the repair done to allies.

  • Warm Up: 0.1s
  • Damage on Hit: 75 HP
  • Repair on Hit: 175 HP
  • Projectile Duration: 2s
  • Cooldown: 2s
  • Projectile Speed: 160
  • Projectile Size: 1.7 Radius
  • Self-repair: 40% of repairs performed
  • Influenced by Machine's Speed: Yes
  • Projectile Deceleration: Yes
  • Passes through Barriers: Yes
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 4% of repairs performed and 4% of damage dealt
  • Global Cooldown: Thunderstruck = 0.25s | Eletric Engine = Instant | Thunderdome = 0.25s | Bomb Pass = 0.25s


Shoots lightning bolts around herself, dealing damage and pushing opponents away, while repairing allies. Characters in front of Artificer receive more damage and repair, and are pushed further away.

  • Warm Up: 1.25s
  • Damage on Hit: 100 HP
  • Critical Damage on Hit: 200 HP
  • Push Force: 50
  • Critical Push Force: 100
  • Repair on Hit: 140 HP
  • Critical Repair on Hit: 280 HP
  • Cooldown: 11.25s
  • Area Size: 16 Radius
  • Passes Through Barriers: Yes
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 9.6% of repairs performed and 9.6% of damage dealt
  • Global Cooldown: Ride the Lightning = 1.25s | Eletric Engine = Instant | Thunderdome = 1.25s | Bomb Pass = 1.25s

Electric Engine

Propels Artificer forward.

  • Warm Up: 0s
  • Cooldown: 6s
  • Instant Boost: 30
  • Scaling Boost Over Time per second: 145
  • Boost Over Time Duration: 0.5s
  • Global Cooldown: Ride the Lightning = Instant | Thunderstruck = Instant | Thunderdome = Instant | Bomb Pass = Instant


Creates an area around her that pushes enemies outwards and deals damage over time upon contact. Repairs herself and all allies within the affected area.

  • Warm Up: 0.25s
  • Damage Per Second: 150 HP
  • Repair Per Second: 200 HP
  • Self-repair per second: 100 HP
  • Push Force Per Second: 25
  • Area Size: 16 Radius
  • Duration: 4s
  • Passes Through Barriers: No
  • Global Cooldown: Ride the Lightning = 0.25s | Thunderstruck = 0.25s | Eletric Engine = instant | Bomb Pass = 0.25s

  • Sound Track:

Artificer is not the type of scientist that hides on the depths of her laboratory. At the drop of a hat, she gets it done. In the arena, she’s always part of the combat healing allies or disturbing enemies.

Her passive skill, the Metallic Bond, ensures that nearby allies are constantly being repaired. That’s right, constant healing as long as you are close to your teammates.

The first weapon, Ride the Lightning shoots a thunderbolt that repairs allies and causes damage to opponents. This is her way to say “hello” to some and “goodbye” to others.

The Thunderstruck is pretty self explanatory. This weapon creates a thunderbolt area that deals damage after a few seconds. Right after using this weapon, you can run away to heal yourself with the Electric Engine, which thrusts the Artificer forwards, faster than any other machine.

Finally, the special weapon: Thunderdome. This attack generates an electric field that deals damage and pushes away every opponent standing nearby you. This is a great ultimate source to protect the bomb transporter and save the day!

Machine Spotlight

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