A real hunter, who will chase, mark, and eliminate his victims without mercy. He is the first pilot to bring a motorcycle into the arenas of Metal City, bringing a gameplay style that focuses in damage with all weapons, and can make the enemy team’s life a living hell.

Mark of the Hunt is his weapon 1, responsible for the mechanics of Vulture’s other weapons. Carrying three blades that can be launched from a great distance, deals damage to the enemies and applies a mark with a temporary duration. In case you miss one of the blades, it will stay stuck in the terrain for a few seconds, and any enemy that passes through it will take damage and receive the mark. It’s highly recommended to choose a single target to be chased by the blades, ensuring that the other weapons can deal as much damage as possible.

Blade Rip is the weapon 2, used to pull the blades that were launched back to Vulture. Upon doing so, the enemies will take damage according to the number of blades attached to them, and will also pull them towards him, making the ability strategic, once that the enemy will lose steering control for a little while. Other than that, it also resets the time duration for the marks applied to the target, providing more time to use the weapon 1 again and keep the number of marks in the enemy.

Soul Ravage, weapon 3, will boost the motorcycle forward, dealing damage to enemies in your path and that may have marks done by the Vulture’s blades. The damage will increase according to the number of marks in the target, so in other words, the greater the number of marks, the higher will be the damage! The combination of several marks using the weapon 1 and hitting your target will Soul Ravage can be fatal! Also, by hitting a marked enemy, the waiting time will be reduced by half, and if you finish them, the time will restart as a whole.

Thrill of the Hunt is the special weapon and can make the enemy team’s life a living hell. It launches several blades around Vulture, hitting all the enemies in your path. The number of blades varies according to the number of kills accumulated throughout the match, which means that you can deal damage and apply marks in several enemies, having the chance to eliminate your target even faster.

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