Stargazer survived to go to space and come back to the planet, making her fearless in arena battles. She is a “true support” pilot, and all her high-tech weapons have synergy to make your team – and yourself – survive!

Stargazer provides support to allies in the arena. Her Weapon 1 is the Orbital Beam, which shoots a laser forward – by pressing the [Q] key, dealing damage and receiving in exchange a charge for her Weapon 2, the Life Support System.

The Life Support System – activated by the [W] key – is used to repair her allies with a laser around her machine. Keep in mind that it’s essential to use your Weapon 1 and deal damage on your opponents, so the Weapon 2 will gain up to 5 charges, which are required to heal your team. Use it on a teammate that needs more HP, triggering off a repair burst to keep the ally’s machine repairing for 5 seconds.

Stargazer’s technology allows her to teleport! Her Weapon 3, called Warp, teleports the machine by pressing the [E] key. Once it’s activated, the teleport destination will be the current crosshair position, so pay attention to that. It’s a powerful resource to have a faster way to come closer and help allies or to flee from enemies.

The Special Weapon, the Entangle, spends its energy to attach the machine to other allies – all you gotta do is move your crosshair over a teammate and press the [R] key. While connected, the ally gets repair over time, and according to the damage the machine receives, more energy will be consumed. You can still use the Weapons 1 and 2 – [Q] key for 1 and [W] key for 2, allowing her to deal damage on enemies, or to heal other allies. Also, she’s totally safe from injuries when attached to another machine.

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