A truckload of damage compacted into a stylish post-apocalyptic hot rod. Wildfire is the type of interceptor that has the proper motives to intimidate everyone in the arena, focusing entirely on causing lots of damage with all weapon skills.

Flaming Sphere shoots a long distance flaming projectile that follows a straight line and also pushes the enemy. This way it’s possible to throw a transporter carrying the bomb into a dropper or the lava, causing more damage and inciting the use of the phrase “Bringing the heat!” more than it should. 

The Blast of Fire has low reach, almost like a melee, but it compensates for that by causing a lot of damage and exploding after a while, as long as Wildfire remains close to the targets. 

Wildfire has the ability to cause damage in 360 degrees, that’s why she leaves a Volcanic Road. The hot rod boost heats up the ground, causing damage to the enemies who trail the same path. 

The special weapon is hot as hell! Hellfire creates a large area of fire that deals lots of damage for 2 seconds, exploding after all. This might probably kill the enemies easily.

To turn up the heat, her “In Flames” passive weapon will make your enemies burn for a few seconds, upon hitting any of her other weapons. Just keep in mind that the passive will never kill the enemy by itself, so that’s on you!


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