Metal League

The Metal League is the Heavy Metal Machines Official Tournament of the highest competitive level. It will happen twice a year with cash prizes, alternating between South American and European servers composed of the Top 8 Teams in each server. Each season, there's a chance for new Teams to challenge the ones placed last and try to become part of the elite in the subsequent edition.


The Colosseum is an entirely-online Tournament that is free, open to all player levels, that takes place every weekend, with a Fame prize for the Beginner division and a Prestige Badge for the winners of the Veteran division! The Tournament happens on Sundays for 3 hours and the rewards are delivered in up to 48 hours after the edition ends.

College Tournaments

Want to make esports grow even stronger in your University? Learn more about our College Tournaments and talk to us to get it started!


Join Tournaments

The competitive scene of Heavy Metal Machines also includes Community Tournaments, with in-game items as prizes, in order to integrate the community, encourage healthy competition and practice Heavy Metal Machines for bigger and official competitions such as the Metal League.

Create Your Tournament

You can also organize Community Tournaments, set your own rules, and encourage healthy competition among the Heavy Metal Machines player community! We'll provide the prizes to help you get going! Don't know where to start? Click the button below and we'll help you out!