In Heavy Metal Machines you'll control one of the several pilots in 2-team 4x4 competitive matches. Vehicular battles filled with strategy and adrenaline. Rush to reach the goals and launch the bomb to the enemy base.

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Choose your machine!

Before starting a Heavy Metal Machines match, you'll go through training, and then you can head to a regular match using the Instructor, so you can better understand the game. Start by picking a pilot. You might prefer to control an agile racing car or a big and sturdy truck. Or you might even want to control a floating car. Who would you like to be?

Meet our Machines

Match your best skill with a role



Responsible for chasing and defeating enemy transporters and supports.



A machine to stay nearby your allies, ensuring that the bomb gets taken to the enemy base



Agile or resistant, these vehicles must escape from enemies, seek repair from your support and deliver the bomb to the enemy base.


Heavy Metal Machines is super fun to play with your friends. You will find other players through the matchmaking system, and many others through our social media channels, where you can make new friends and also find a team to participate in several community tournaments and, of course, the Metal League. HMM matches are composed by teams of four.
You can be placed in a random team through the matchmaking, as well as build your own team with up to 5 members. Another option is the Custom Match, where two premade teams can battle in a closed room, allowing to pick the arena and organize strategies.


In Heavy Metal Machines, our pilots fight for a bomb on 4 different arenas, and there are many more to come.

Arena Metal God

Considered the Coliseum of Metal City, this arena is the main stage for the official Heavy Metal Machines championships. This mirrored battlefield is perfect for testing classic team setups: a transporter, a support, and two interceptors. You must avoid the spots with droppers and rely on teamwork.

Arena Temple of Sacrifice

An ancient temple is now a cursed track for highly destructive vehicles. Once a place to sacrifice the heretics, now an arena to fight for the glory of the Metal God! Curves, acid, and narrow bridges will make your way to the final line, where the crusher rips apart every unholy in the arena. Test your skills: draft two supports, one transporter, and one interceptor to survive till the end!

Arena Cursed Necropolis

This holy ground was once home for Windrider's ancient tribe. Now, a cursed land, with acid being the only thing that remained from the massacre. Similar to Metal God Arena's way of playing, but has 2 additional features: treadmills that change speed and direction, as well as repellers, which will push the bomb if hit.

Arena Legacy: Temple of Sacrifice

This track was once a place for sacrificing heretics in Metal City. Now, it's an arena for insane HMM combats, where teams fight to survive a crusher at the end of the track. The Temple of Sacrifice is a survival test: build your team with 2 supports, a transporter, and an interceptor, to resist until the end.

HMM breathes Esports

Competition is soul bounded to HMM, and that's the reason we encourage all kinds of dispute. Community, University, and Regional Tournaments. And there's more - the Metal League brings a whole new level of competitiveness to the game through an in-game tournament system with money prize!

Learn more about Esports in HMM

Progressing your account

Your progression is linked directly to the Metal Pass! As you evolve, you'll receive rewards, including Pilots, Models, Visual Effects (Kill, Rebuild, Score or Start Line), Spray, Avatar Portrait, XP Boost, and Fame. Fame is the currency that the game gives you as a reward to purchase items.

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About the Store

The store is where you can buy Pilots, Models, Sprays, and also Cash. Cash is the in-game currency which can only be purchased with real money.