While Windrider’s native past puts her in harmony with healing techniques, the vendetta that summoned her from the grave aggressively boils the metal of her mystic machine. She can competently perform the support function while causing damage and haunting opponents.

The primary weapon is Wind Hunter: an eagle-spirit shot that pushes enemies, causing damage upon contact. It can be used to disturb enemies that are following the transporter, as well as push the enemy transporter into the droppers, lava or acid. 

Bull Rush is a resource that frightens the opponents. The weight, power, and noise of the herd of spiritual buffalos are invoked to block the path and push enemies into lava, dropper or acid. 

The third weapon Indomitable Spirit leaves a trail of healing orbs behind her machine. Simply position yourself in front of an ally and the repair will get done while remaining on the trail. This requires some Windrider skills to manage to keep yourself close to the ally, and the teammate to remain on the trail. Also, the spirits of the cavalry will boost the machine forward and push the enemies. 

Last but not least, the Realm of the Ancients. This special weapon shifts herself and nearby allies to the spiritual dimension and is capable of repairing a great deal within the area, possibly changing the result of a team battle and ensuring the bomb’s delivery. 

Windrider didn’t come back to this world just for a stroll: she came to use her healing wisdom of yore and her vindictive rage as the goal of smashing her enemies and dancing over their graves.


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