Rampage is an interceptor who doesn’t care about the enemy’s opinion. If he wants the target out of his way, the target goes out of his way. If he wants to make someone drop the bomb, the bomb is dropped. If he wants to push the entire enemy team to the lava, well… hasta la vista, enemy team. 

His passive, Anger Management, shouldn’t be taken for granted. Reducing all of the damage is something that can make a huge difference in battle when used wisely. But remember to line the blade of his bulldozer on the direction of the damage, even if it means to drive on reverse. When you master this weapon, you will survive for an extended period and, in this way, can intercept more. 

The first weapon, Minimum Wage, other than causing damage, can give a hard push on hit enemies. Why choose between push and smash if you can do both with the same weapon? Especially if it pushes the enemy transporter to the dropper or lava.

The Harassment is fury in its pure shape: straight-line area damage with good range, which crosses even the walls on a chaotic anger trail. 

The Traffic Jam is a frontal attack with the blade that causes damage and pushes the rivals your way. In case they collide with a wall, they’ll take extra damage for it. Nothing unleashes more hate than launching your enemies to the wall or melting them on a lava quad-kill combo. 

Saturday Shift is the Special Weapon. It’s with this weapon that Rampage lets all the anger flow through his gears and destroy his enemies. In the apex of his fury, the pilot raises the lift and drops it back obliterating everything around him, dealing critical damage for those who are inches of distance from him.


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