Metal Herald

Metal Herald

The Dark Pope

Shadow Stroke

Shoots a projectile that deals damage upon hitting enemies, pushing them and applying a Shield to Metal Herald. The Shield is applied immediately upon hitting an opponent, increasing over time.

  • Warm Up: 0.05s
  • Projectile Hit Damage: 100 HP
  • Projectile hit push force: 20
  • Shield Gain on Hit: 50 SP
  • Shield gain per second: 30 SP
  • Shield Gain Duration: 3s
  • Projectile Duration: 1.2s
  • Cooldown: 1.5s
  • Projectile Speed: 180
  • Projectile Size: 1.5 Radius
  • Influenced by Machine's Speed: Yes
  • Projectile Deceleration: Yes
  • Passes Through Barriers: No
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 8.5% of damage dealt
  • Global Cooldown: Runes of Sacrifice = 0.5s | Black Metal = instant | Herald's Decree = instant | Bomb Pass = 0.1s

Runes of Sacrifice

Deals non-lethal damage to Metal Herald and shoots a projectile that passes through enemies. Enemies directly hit receive damage, while the projectile deals damage and pushes opponents nearby. Allies hit by the area receive Shield.

  • Warm Up: 0.5s
  • Cooldown: 3s
  • Life Cost Per Second: 180 HP
  • Life Cost Duration: 0.5s
  • Projectile Damage: 125 HP
  • Projectile Size: Width = 2, Length = 2
  • Area Damage: 25 HP
  • Area Push Force: 40
  • Area Size: 7 radius
  • Shield Gain: 400 SP
  • Projectile Speed: 140
  • Projectile Duration: 1.2s
  • Influenced by Machine's Speed: Yes
  • Projectile Deceleration: Yes
  • Passes Through Barriers: Yes
  • Special Weapon Energy Gain: 8 for each opponent hit and 7 for each ally hit.
  • Global Cooldown: Shadow Stroke = 0.75s | Black Metal = instant | Herald's Decree = instant | Bomb Pass = 0.1s

Black Metal

Boosts the machine and applies a fixed amount of Shield.

  • Warm Up: 0.1s
  • Cooldown: 5.9s
  • Scaling Boost Over Time per second: 150
  • Boost Over Time Duration: 0.5s
  • Drag Reduction: 10%
  • Drag Reduction Duration: 0.5s
  • Shield Gain: 175 SP
  • Global Cooldown: Shadow Stroke = 0.3s | Runes of Sacrifice = 0.3s | Herald's Decree = 0.3s | Bomb Pass = 0.3s

Herald's Decree

Creates an area around Metal Herald, immediately applying Shield to all allies in the area. The area applies additional shielding over time to allies.

  • Warm Up: 0.032s
  • Area Size: 26 radius
  • Instant Shield: 300 SP
  • Shield Gain Per Second: 240 SP
  • Duration: 4s
  • Drag Reduction: 10%
  • Drag Reduction Duration: 0.5s
  • Global Cooldown: Shadow Stroke = 4.5s | Runes of Sacrifice = 4.5s | Black Metal = instant | Bomb Pass = 0.1s

  • Sound Track:

Faith moves mountains, destroys machines and blesses the chosen ones. The passionate bishop Metal Herald uses his divine melody to keep his sheep safe and torment the infidels on the adversary team. When used efficiently, it is a priceless tool during the crossing to the enemy base and can transform a hard game into a walk in the park – straight to victory.

The Primary Weapon of the support is the Shadow Stroke. Powered by the amplifiers, the Herald shoots Metal energy. When it hits enemies, the priest receives shield.

The Runes of Sacrifice are waves of Heavy Metal energy shot as the Herald flagellates himself in the name of Metal. Besides damaging opponents, it gives shield to the allies.

There is another dimension: Metal — and Herald can transport himself to that place when activating the weapon 3: Black Metal. It accelerates the vehicle and activates phased, becoming untouchable. He also receives shield after returning.

The ultimate call from the ruler of Metal City is the Herald’s Decree. This Special Weapon initiates a symphony of metal, granting shield to nearby allies.


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