Stingray is extremely good at dealing large amounts of damage in a short time. If you ever need someone to neutralize a single pilot out, this little hacker fellow is the one to call.

The first and basic skill is the Discs of Doom. This weapon shoots three discs and is able to deal damage to more than one enemy. 

Not only to kill but also to push and take away the opponents’ control, Stingray has the Power Wave. This secondary weapon casts a wave of energy that can deal damage to multiple enemies.

Stingray still needs speed to intercept the targets and help the team to deliver the bomb. That’s why he uses the Powerslide. This third weapon propels himself forward and deals damage as it hits and pushes the enemies. 

Stingray always saves what’s best for last. You’d better save it too. The Ultra Final Blaster is an incredible frontal laser that deals heavy damage, capable of killing most of those who stand in front of it. The ray has a long reach, so multiple opponents may fall in front of you!

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