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  1. Name: Dark Lynx Role: Transporter Graphic concept: Concept: A transporter with damage-reflecting and melee-countering mechanics. (Um transportador com mec√Ęnicas de reflex√£o de dano e hostilidade a contato.) Lore: A great scientist from the imperial city of Manfall was a pacifist and used to conduct genetical researches with medicinal appliances. The emperor gave orders for his experiments and discoveries to be seized and studied to help create the Peacemaker. Furious for having the fruits of his lifework used for military purposes, the scientist fled to the north, where he developed a daughter for himself from lynxes' DNA. He convinced her that the Peacemaker was being forced to fight at the Metal City arenas against his will and sent her there to free him from the emperor's tyranny. (Um grande cientista da cidade imperial de Manfall era pacifista e desenvolvia pesquisas gen√©ticas em prol da medicina. O imperador deu ordens para que seus experimentos e descobertas fossem confiscados e usados para a cria√ß√£o do Peacemaker. Revoltado por ter o fruto de seu trabalho usado para prop√≥sitos militares, o cientista se isolou no norte, onde desenvolveu para si uma filha a partir do DNA dos linces. Ele a convenceu de que o Peacemaker estava sendo for√ßado a lutar nas arenas de Metal City contra a sua vontade e a mandou at√© l√° para libert√°-lo da tirania do imperador.) HP: 550 Mobility lvl: 5/6 Passive: Cat's Reflex Dark Lynx deals an electric shock to every enemy touching her on the moment she takes instant (not continuous) damage from any source. This shock transfers 25% of the damage to each enemy affected and pushes them away slightly. This means that not only the enemies take damage, but Dark Lynx ignores 25% of that damage for each enemy touched. (Dark Lynx causa um choque el√©trico a todo inimigo que a esteja tocando no momento que ela recebe dano instant√Ęneo (n√£o cont√≠nuo) de qualquer fonte. Esse choque transfere 25% do dano a cada inimigo afetado e os empurra levemente. Isso significa que n√£o s√≥ os inimigos recebem dano, mas Dark Lynx ignora 25% desse dano para cada inimigo tocado.) Q: Lynx' Fang Dark Lynx shoots a parabolic lightning bolt with short range forward (almost the size of Photon's weapon 1 range). It automatically hits the closest enemy within that small area, dealing small damage and a short stun. If it hits, she gains a charge of Lion's Den (up to 4). If an enemy gets hit while in the middle of activating a weapon (warmup), that activation gets delayed until the end of the stun effect. (Dark Lynx dispara um raio parab√≥lico com curto alcance √† frente (quase a √°rea da arma 1 da Photon). Ele automaticamente atinge o inimigo mais pr√≥ximo dentro daquela √°rea, causando um pequeno dano e um curto atordoamento. Caso acerte, ela ganha uma carga de Lion's Den (at√© 4). Caso um inimigo seja atingido enquanto uma de suas armas est√° em processo de ativa√ß√£o (warmup), essa ativa√ß√£o √© atrasada at√© o fim do efeito de atordoamento.) W: Lion's Den Lion's Den, similar to Stargazer's weapon 2, has a limit of 4 charges stored at once, each of them being gained from a hit of Lynx' Fang. Here's how it works: When triggered, it spends one charge to create an electric pole on the mouse cursor's position, which lasts 3s; If another pole gets created within a certain medium-long distance to the first one, both poles get connected by electric cables until one of them vannishes; Each pole displays a small area under it. While Dark Lynx is COMPLETELY inside that area, Cat's Reflex affects all enemies within that area and the area under any pole connected to the one standing by her (the spark travels the cable to all poles); If Dark Lynx reflects damage that way, each enemy absorbs not 25%, but 50% of that damage, meaning that she ignores damage completely if at least 2 enemies get affected; If Dark Lynx reflects damage that way, the pole standing by her gets destroyed immediately; 2 poles cannot share the same area. There has to be a minimum distance between them; If one of the poles get hit by Lynx' Fang, the bolt travels to all poles connected to it and every enemy under every pole affected takes the hit (but Dark Lynx only gets 1 charge of Lion's Den, regardless of how many enemies get hit). (Lion's Den, similar √† arma 2 da Stargazer, possui um limite de 4 cargas armazenadas simultaneamente, cada uma sendo ganha de um acerto de Lynx' Fang. Eis como funciona: Quando acionada, ela gasta uma carga para criar um poste el√©trico na posi√ß√£o do cursor do mouse, que dura 3s; Se outro poste for criado dentro de uma certa dist√Ęncia m√©dia-longa do primeiro, ambos os postes ficam conectados por fios el√©tricos at√© que um deles suma; Cada poste demarca uma pequena √°rea sob si. Enquanto Dark Lynx estiver COMPLETAMENTE dentro dessa √°rea, Cat's Reflex afeta todos os inimigos dentro da mesma √°rea e das √°reas sob todos os postes conectados √†quele (o choque atravessa os fios at√© os outros postes); Caso Dark Lynx reflita dano dessa forma, cada inimigo absorve n√£o apenas 25%, mas 50% do dano, o que significa que ela ignora dano completamente caso ao menos 2 inimigos sejam afetados; Caso Dark Lynx reflita dano dessa forma, o poste imediatamente sobre ela √© destru√≠do instantaneamente; 2 postes n√£o podem compartilhar a mesma √°rea. H√° uma dist√Ęncia m√≠nima entre eles; Caso um poste seja atingido por Lynx' Fang, o raio viaja atrav√©s dos fios at√© todos os postes conectados a ele, atingindo todos os inimigos sob cada um deles (mas Dark Lynx s√≥ recebe 1 carga de Lion's Den, independentemente de quantos inimigos atinja.) E: Cheetah's Jump Dark Lynx shoots a bare electric cable forward with medium range. As soon as it reaches maximum range or a wall, Dark Lynx turns into a spark and lightning-quick travels all the way to the end of the cable, untangible all the way there. If the cable hits at any point one of Lion's Den poles that's connected to at least another one, Dark Lynx instantly travels there and keeps on going all the way following the cables to the last pole connected. In any case, she reappears in physical form at the end of the cables. The bomb cannot pass through walls os barriers even in spark form. (Dark Lynx dispara um cabo el√©trico descapado √† frente com m√©dio alcance. Assim que ele atinge seu alcance m√°ximo ou uma parede, Dark Lynx se transforma num raio e em alt√≠ssima velocidade viaja atrav√©s desse cabo at√© a ponta, intang√≠vel durante o percurso. Caso a qualquer momento o cabo atinja um dos postes de Lion's Den que esteja conectado a pelo menos um outro, Dark Lynx instantaneamente viaja at√© l√° e ent√£o continua seguindo os cabos entre os postes at√© o √ļltimo poste conectado. em qualquer caso, no fim de seu percurso pelos cabos, ela reaparece em forma f√≠sica. A bomba n√£o pode atravessar paredes ou barreiras mesmo em forma de raio.) R: Tiger's Claws Dark Lynx creates an antenna on her back, which lasts 5s. It works like one of Lion's Den's poles, only it's mobile and it doesn't get destroyed when reflecting damage. It always stays connected to the nearest pole and it has it's own area of effect, which means that any use of Lynx' Fang will hit all enemies around Dark Lynx and every enemy under every pole connected to her. It also means that every use of Cheetah's Jump will instantly send her to the cables leading to the nearest pole. Also, while Tiger's Claws is active, none of the poles connected to her disappear due to the end of their base duration. (Dark Lynx cria uma antena na sua traseira, que dura 5s. Ela funciona como um dos postes de Lion's Den, mas √© m√≥vel e n√£o √© destru√≠da ao refletir dano. Ela fica sempre conectada ao poste mais pr√≥ximo e tem sua pr√≥pria √°rea de efeito, o que significa que qualquer uso de Lynx' Fang atingir√° todos os inimigos ao redor de Dark Lynx, al√©m dos inimigos sob os postes conectados a ela. Isso tamb√©m significa que qualquer uso de Cheetah's Jump a direcionar√° automaticamente aos cabos que levam ao poste mais pr√≥ximo. Al√©m disso, Enquanto Tiger's Claws estiver ativo, nenhum dos postes conectados a ela desaparecem ao fim de sua dura√ß√£o base.) Quotes: Pick quote: I'm a lightning in a bottle! Don't say I didn't warn you! Kill quote: Lightning goes for the metal, you know? Low life quote: Careful, I'm 6 lives short already! Special weapon quote: Play with cats, get a scratch! Win quote: Thunder's just the noise, boys. Lightning does the work! Lose quote: You... You cheetahs (cheaters)!
  2. Name: Eternal Rest Role: Interceptor Graphic contept: Concept: An interceptor specialized in ensuring kills. (Um interceptador especializado em garantir abates.) Lore: Some picture Charon, the ferryman of death, as a scary being wearing a ragged cloak on a terrifying chariot. Little do they know, he's way more classy. He wears a sharp tux and tries to make the ride to the other side as comfortable as possible on his limo. Even so, some still refuse to go and he has no choice but to go after them and drag them by force. That's what he's doing at the arena, searching for a certain Windrider who's so obsessed about her "vegeance" that she forgot to pass away. (Alguns imaginam Caronte, o barqueiro da morte, como um ser assustador vestindo um capuz esfarrapado numa balsa tenebrosa. Mal sabem que ele √©, na verdade, bem mais estiloso. Usa um terno requintado e tenta fazer com que a viagem para o outro lado seja t√£o confort√°vel quanto poss√≠vel em sua limusine. Ainda assim, alguns se recusam a ir e n√£o lhe deixam escolha a n√£o ser arrast√°-los √† for√ßa. √Č isso o que ele foi fazer na arena, procurando por uma certa Windrider, t√£o obcecada com sua vingan√ßa que se esquecera de morrer.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 3/6 Passive: Death Mark Eternal Rest's weapons release ghosts. A ghost gets atracted by an enemy that passes too close by it and gets absorbed by them, cursing them. In summary, the curse works by stretching the time it takes for a machine to autorepair. Here's how it works: Every machine has a curse bar (invisible until they get cursed) which acts as an extension of the autorepair bar; The curse bar is as big as the machine's autorepair bar (if it takes 5s for the machine to autorepair, the curse bar will also have a maximum extension of 5s); Each ghost fills a portion of the curse bar (let's say 0,5s, which would be 10% of a 5s bar); The curse bar empties itself just like the autorepair bar fills itself, stopping if the machine takes damage; The autorepair bar doesn't fill itself until the curse bar is completely empty; If the target gets cursed, but not damaged, the autorepair bar doesn't get reset, but simple pauses it's charging until the curse is gone; If the curse bar gets completely full, the target gets Death Marked until the curse gets depleted, radiating a purple aura; Death Marked machines are unnable to receive repair from any sources and to be cursed any further. Also, being hit by Soul Harvest while Death Marked will result in instakill. (As armas de Eternal Rest liberam fantasmas. Um fantasma √© atra√≠do e absorvido por um inimigo que passe muito perto dele, amaldi√ßoando-o. Em suma, a maldi√ß√£o prolonga o tempo que o alvo leva para se autorreparar. Eis como funciona: Toda m√°quina tem uma barra de maldi√ß√£o (invis√≠vel at√© ela ser amaldi√ßoada), que age como uma extens√£o da barra de autorreparo; A barra de maldi√ß√£o √© do tamanho da barra de autorreparo do alvo (se leva 5s para aquela m√°quina se autorreparar, a barra de maldi√ß√£o tamb√©m ter√° uma extens√£o m√°xima de 5s); Cada fantasma enche uma por√ß√£o da barra de maldi√ß√£o (digamos 0,5s, que seria 10% de uma barra de 5s); A barra de maldi√ß√£o de esvazia da mesma forma que a barra do autorreparo se enche, pausando sempre que a m√°quina recebe dano; A barra de autorreparo n√£o se enche at√© que a barra de maldi√ß√£o esteja completamente vazia; Caso o alvo seja amaldi√ßoado, mas n√£o danificado, a barra de autorreparo n√£o reinicia, mas simplesmente pausa seu carregamento at√© que a maldi√ß√£o suma; Caso a barra de maldi√ß√£o se encha por completo, o alvo fica Marcado para a Morte at√© que a maldi√ß√£o se esgote, irradiando uma aura roxa; M√°quinas Marcadas para a Morte n√£o podem receber reparo de qualquer fonte nem maldi√ß√£o adicional. Al√©m disso, ser atingido por Soul Harvest enquanto estiver Marcado para a Morte resulta em instakill.) Q: Soul Harvest Eternal Rest swings a scythe (coming out of nowhere) ahead of him, dealing low damage to every enemy within a short range and shooting out several ghosts on a half-moon shape with medium range forward. The ghosts slow down midway and stay put for 1s at the end of their reach before vanishing. (Eternal Rest brande uma foice (que surge do nada) √† frente, causando um baixo dano a todo inimigo em curto alcance e disparando alguns fantasmas em meia-lua com m√©dio alcance √† frente. Os fantasmas perdem velocidade no caminho e ficam parados por 1s no fim de sua trajet√≥ria antes de sumir.) W: Chauffeur of Death Eternal Rest shoots a kama attached to chains with medium-short range forward. It deals low damage to the first enemy hit. The W key may be kept pressed down in order to keep the kama attached to the target (if it hits one). In this case, Eternal Rest loses mass and gets pulled by the target. The chain breaks just like the bomb connection does, with force applied on both ends. The chain doesn't go over walls: It wraps itself around them. When the W key gets released, the kama gets pulled back. When this happens, the target receives a small pull and every ghost on a wide area around them gets slowly drawn to them, gaining speed over time. Chauffeur of Death's cooldown only starts counting after the W key gets released. (Eternal Rest dispara um kama preso a correntes com m√©dio-curto alcance √† frente. Ela causa um pequeno dano ao primeiro inimigo atingido. A tecla W pode ser mantida pressionada para deixar o kama preso no alvo (caso acerte algum). Neste caso, Eternal Rest perde massa e passa a ser puxado pelo alvo. A corrente se quebra da mesma forma que a conex√£o da bomba, com for√ßa aplicada em ambos os lados. A corrente n√£o atravessa paredes, mas se enrosca ao seu redor. Quando a tecla W √© solta, o kama √© puxado de volta. Quando isso ocorre, o alvo recebe um pequeno pux√£o e todo fantasma numa grande √°rea ao seu redor come√ßa a voar em sua dire√ß√£o lentamente, ganhando velocidade com o tempo. O cooldown de Chauffeur of Death s√≥ come√ßa a contar quando a tecla W √© solta.) E: Ferry Fare Eternal Rest rushes ahead, leaving a fissure on the ground on his wake from where a number of ghosts emerge and very slowly wander around for 2,5s before vanishing. (Eternal Rest acelera √† frente, deixando uma fenda no ch√£o em seu rastro, da qual emergem alguns fantasmas que muito lentamente vagam sobre a √°rea por 2,5s antes de sumir.) R: The Grim Reaper All currently cursed enemies become instantly Death Marked. Meanwhile, Eternal Rest transforms into the Grim Reaper himself, riding a terrible chariot pulled by dead horses, staying like that until all Death Marks expire. While in this form: His hitbox is larger than usual, but his mobility gets enhanced; None of his weapons release ghosts; Soul Harvest has triple range and it's cooldown is halved; Chauffeur of Death is disabled; Ferry Fare lasts longer. (Todos os inimigos que estiverem amaldi√ßoados s√£o instantaneamente Marcados para a Morte. Enquanto isso, Eternal Rest se transforma na pr√≥pria Morte, conduzindo uma carruagem terr√≠vel puxada por cavalos mortos, permanecendo nessa forma at√© que todas as Marcas da Morte expirem. Enquanto nessa forma: Sua hitbox fica maior, mas sua mobilidade tamb√©m aumenta; Nenhuma de suas armas libera fantasmas; Soul Harvest tem seu alcance triplicado e seu cooldown reduzido pela metade; Chauffeur of Death √© desabilitado; Ferry Fare dura mais tempo.) Quotes: Pick quote: I hope you got your ticket, cause it's time for me to take you! Kill quote: Here lies another happy client! Low life quote: You must have a death wish! Special weapon quote: It's time to go! Win quote: Don't forget to give me 5 stars! It helps a lot! Lose quote: Why does no one ever want to ride wih me?...
  3. Name: Papa Road Role: Transporter Graphic concept: Only with a big rotary machine gun on top of the sidecar. (Teria tamb√©m uma grande metralhadora girat√≥ria sobre o sidecar.) Concept: A transporter whose skills require him to be always on the move forward. (Um transportador cujas habilidades o impelem a estar sempre se movendo √† frente.) Lore: A free spirit who used to travel the world, coming from a lot of places with nowhere to go, helping strangers in his path when he can. Years ago he managed to rescue a stray dog in Manfall after finding out about the cruel fate that awaited him in the Imperial City's labs, althought it cost him his left leg, which he had replaced short after with a robotic one. The mutt became his loyal friend since then. Years later they got to Metal City and had a look, among other machines, at Peacemaker. The biker's heart got filled with compassion. How many innocent dogs must have been mistreated in order for that experiment to work? That's when he promised himself and his partner that they wouldn't leave Metal City until that tank got destroyed and, when it did, they'd set the route back to Manfall. (Um esp√≠rito livre que costumava viajar pelo mundo, vindo de v√°rios lugares sem nenhum destino certo, ajudando estranhos em seu caminho quando poss√≠vel. Anos atr√°s ele conseguiu resgatar um vira-lata de Manfall ap√≥s descobrir qual seria seu destino nos laborat√≥rios da cidade imperial, apesar de isso ter lhe custado sua perna esquerda, que ele ent√£o substituiu por uma pr√≥tese rob√≥tica. Desde ent√£o, o c√£o se tornou seu amigo leal. Anos depois eles chegaram a Metal City e deram uma olhada, entre outras m√°quinas, no Peacemaker. O cora√ß√£o do motoqueiro se encheu de compaix√£o. Quantos c√£es inocentes deveriam ter sido maltratados para que aquele experimento funcionasse? Foi a√≠ que ele prometeu a si mesmo e ao seu parceiro que eles n√£o deixariam Metal City at√© que aquele tanque fosse destru√≠do e, quando isso acontecesse, eles tomariam o caminho de volta para Manfall.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 5/6 Passive: Gears As Papa Road travels a certain distance without stopping, he shifts gears. The greater the gear, up to the fifth one, the more effective his weapons get. If he comes to a complete stop at any moment, he goes back to the first gear and has to start over. (Sempre que Papa Road viaja uma certa dist√Ęncia sem parar, ele troca de marcha. Quanto mais alta for sua marcha, at√© a quinta, mais efetivas s√£o suas armas. Caso ele chegue a uma parada completa a qualquer momento, ele retorna √† primeira marcha e tem que come√ßar de novo.) Q: No Overtaking Papa Road uses his prosthetic leg to abruptly kick an enemy machine by his left, dealing low damage, pushing them away a short distance and disarming them for 0,5s. No Overtaking has no warmup, but a very short range. As he gears up, the damage dealt gets higher, the push gets stronger and the disarm lasts longer. (Papa Road usa sua perna prost√©tica para chutar bruscamente uma m√°quina inimiga √† sua esquerda, causando um pequeno dano, empurrando-a uma curta dist√Ęncia e desarmando-a por 0,5s. No Overtaking n√£o possui warmup, mas tem um alcance muito curto. Conforme ele sobe de marcha o dano causado aumenta, o empurr√£o fica mais forte e o desarme dura mais tempo.) W: Muttley, Do Something! Papa Road's dog handles the rotary machine gun on his sidecar, shooting continuously on the mouse cursor's direction with middle-long range, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. If the bullets hit an enemy projectile, they destroy it midair. Muttley, Do Something! uses an overheating system (keep the W pressed down in order to keep shooting, but if you shoot for too long, the weapon will be disarmed for a longer period). The overheating time gets longer and the refreshing gets quicker according to Papa Road's current gear. (O cachorro de Papa Road manuseia a metralhadora girat√≥ria sobre seu sidecar, disparando continuamente na dire√ß√£o do cursor do mouse com alcance m√©dio-longo, causando dano ao primeiro inimigo atingido. Caso as balas atinjam um proj√©til inimigo, elas o destroem no ar. Muttley, Do Something! utiliza um sistema se superaquecimento (mantenha a tecla W pressionada para continuar atirando, mas se voc√™ atirar por muito tempo a arma ser√° desarmada por um per√≠odo mais longo). O tempo de superaquecimento fica mais longo e o resfriamento mais r√°pido de acordo com a marcha atual de Papa Road.) E: Autobahn Papa Road does a Wheelie to the left while accelerating forward. During the wheelie, his hitbox gets halved, making him harder to hit, and he gets imune to sabotaging effects. The Wheelie lasts longer according to Papa Road's current gear. (Papa Road empina a moto para a esquerda enquanto acelera √† frente. Durante a empinada, sua hitbox √© reduzida pela metade, tornando-o mais dif√≠cil de atingir, e ele fica imune a efeitos de sabotagem. A empinada dura mais tempo de acordo com a marcha atual de Papa Road.) R: 6th Gear 6th Gear can only be activated when Papa Road reaches his 5th gear. Naturally, 6th Gear simply boosts the effects of his other weapons as described above, but also, during it's effect: No Overtaking also deals a skidding effect; Muttley, Do Something! also disarms and slows down it's targets for as long as they remain inside the stream of bullets; Autobahn repairs Papa Road every time an enemy or enemy projectile passes right under his sidecar. 6th Gear, as the other gears, only ceases when Papa Road comes to a complete stop, but while it's active, Papa Road's autorepair is disabled. (6th Gear s√≥ pode ser ativada quando Papa Road est√° na 5¬™ marcha. Naturalmente, 6th Gear simplesmente impulsiona os efeitos de suas outras armas conforme descrito acima, mas al√©m disso, durante seu efeito: No Overtaking tamb√©m causa derrapagem; Muttley, Do Something! tamb√©m causa disarme e lentid√£o aos seus alvos por tanto tempo quanto eles permanecerem na torrente de balas; Autobahn repara Papa Road cada vez que uma m√°quina ou proj√©til inimigo passa por baixo do sidecar. 6th Gear, como as outras marchas, s√≥ cessa quando Papa Road para completamente seu movimento, mas enquanto ela est√° ativa, o autorreparo de Papa Road √© desabilitado.) Quotes: Pick quote: "It's gonna be a long ride!" Kill quote: "No overtaking here, buddy!" Low life quote: "We gotta get outta here..." Special weapon quote: "This is my last resort!" Win quote: "And we still got half a tank of fuel! Haha!" Lose quote: "That was a hard road if ever I saw one..."
  4. Name: Bubblegum Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: Concept: An interceptor designed to slow down and even stop enemy movements. (Um interceptador feito para desacelerar e at√© mesmo parar os movimentos do inimigo.) Lore: A chilly girl with an addiction to chewing gum. She only just got to Metal City with no real goals aside from checking if there's anything interesting to do there. That's when she saw a mysterious flyer down on some dark alleys, which offered a reward to whoever managed to put a stop on Black Lotus. Needless to say, she was up for the challenge. (Uma garota tranquila viciada em mascar chiclete. Ela acabou de chegar a Metal City sem nenhum prop√≥sito a n√£o sei ver se h√° algo de interessante para fazer l√°. Foi quando ela encontrou um panfleto misterioso num beco escuro oferecendo uma recompensa para quem conseguisse parar a Black Lotus. Evidentemente, ela aceitou o desafio.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Passive: Pop When Bubblegum gets destroyed, she inflates and then explodes like an actual bubble gum, sticking to the ground every enemy around her (something similar to Killer J's passive), locking them on the spot for 2s. (Quando Bubblegum √© destru√≠da, ela se infla e ent√£o explode como uma bolha de chiclete, grudando todos os inimigos pr√≥ximos ao ch√£o, prendendo-os no local por 2s (algo similar ao efeito da passiva do Killer J). Q: Gumgun Shoots a small sticky sphere with middle range forward, which sticks to the first enemy it hits and blows up after 3s. This countdown gets reset every time the target gets hit by another sphere before the first one blows up. For that reason, the weapon's cooldown must be very short (let's say 1s). In short, all of the spheres that hit a machine will explode at once. When this happens, they stick the the target to the ground, applying some strenght that slows them down, aside from dealing damage. Both the damage and the slowdown effect are cumulative, which means the target may even come to a complete stop if it gets hit by enough spheres, depending on it's current speed and mass. (Dispara uma pequena esfera grudenta com alcance m√©dio √† frente, que gruda no primeiro inimigo atingido e explode ap√≥s 3s. Esse tempo √© resetado toda vez que o alvo √© atingido por outra esfera antes que a primeira exploda. Para isso, o cooldown da arma precisa ser baixo (digamos 1s). Em resumo, todas as esferas que atinjam uma m√°quina explodir√£o ao mesmo tempo. Quando isso acontece, elas se grudam no ch√£o, aplicando uma for√ßa que desacelera o alvo, al√©m de causar dano. Tanto o dano quanto o efeito de desacelera√ß√£o s√£o cumulativos, o que significa que um alvo pode ser at√© mesmo parado completamente caso seja atingido por esferas o suficiente, dependendo de seu peso e sua velocidade atual.) W: Fly Trap Shoots a large sticky sphere with middle range forward, which sticks to the ground when it reaches maximum range or whenever it hits an enemy. If it hits an enemy, it locks them to the ground on the spot. During 2s, every other enemy that touches the sphere sticks to it as well. It's duration gets 1s longer everytime a new enemy gets stuck in it. After that time, it blows up, dealing some damage to every enemy affected and pushing them away. The bomb, if uncarried, also sticks to the sphere. (Dispara uma grande esfera grudenta com me√©dio alcance √† frente, que gruda no ch√£o quando chega ao alcance m√°ximo ou quando quer que atinja um inimigo. Caso atinja um inimigo, ela o gruda ao ch√£o, prendendo-o no local. Durante 2s, todo inimigo que tocar a esfera tamb√©m gruda nela. Sua dura√ß√£o fica 1s mais longa cada vez que um novo inimigo fica preso nela. Ap√≥s esse tempo, ela explode, causando algum dano a todos os alvos e empurrando-os. A bomba, caso esteja solta, tamb√©m fica presa √† esfera.) E: Burst Bubblegum leaps forward, gaining mass for a moment and dealing a small amount of damage to every enemy she hits. If she hits a machine that's currently stuck to any of the spheres from her other weapons, all of those spheres instantly explode, dealing their respective effects. (Bubblegum salta √† frente, ganhando massa momentaneamente e causando um pequeno dano a todo inimigo atingido. Caso ela atinja um inimigo ao qual esteja grudada alguma das esferas de suas outras armas, todas essas esferas explodem instantaneamente, causando seus respectivos efeitos.) R: Boom Boom Boom Boom Bubblegum takes 4 shots, 1 every 0,5s. Each one of them shoots 3 small sticky spheres (to a total of 12 spheres) with middle range outwards (like Stingray's weapon 1, but on straight lines). Each sphere sticks to the first enemy it hits just like Gumgun, and then starts inflating, exploding after 3s. During that time, it also sticks to walls (locking the target on the spot) or to any other enemy it touches (in this case, all enemies affected get stuck to one another until the sphere blows up). Unlike Gumgun, each of Boom Boom Boom Boom's spheres explode independently. Each explosion deals damage and abruptly pushes away every enemy affected (if an enemy gets hit by 4 spheres, they'll suffer from the effects of 4 consecutive explosions, one after the other). (Bubblegum realiza 4 disparos, 1 a cada 0,5s. Cada disparo lan√ßa 3 pequenas esferas grudentas (12 no total) com m√©dio alcance na mesma dire√ß√£o da arma 1 do Stingray, por√©m em linhas retas. Cada esfera gruda no primeiro inimigo tocado, como Gumgun, e ent√£o come√ßa a se inflar, explodindo ap√≥s 3s. Durante esse tempo, ela tamb√©m gruda em paredes (prendendo o alvo no local) ou a qualquer outro inimigo que toque (neste caso, todos os inimigos afetados ficam presos um ao outro at√© que a esfera exploda). Diferentemente de Gumgun, cada uma das esferas de Boom Boom Boom Boom explode independentemente. Cada explos√£o causa dano e empurra bruscamente todos os inimigos afetados (caso um inimigo seja atingido por 4 esferas, ele sofre os efeitos de 4 explos√Ķes consecutivas, uma depois da outra).) Quotes: Pick quote: *bubble gum inflating and bursting* Kill quote: *humming her theme song's melody* Low life quote: I'm gonna burst! Special weapon quote: Stick around! Win quote: I don't wanna burst your bubble, but... Lose quote: Those guys are gonna find some chewed gum behind their steering wheels...
  5. Name: Rattlesnake Role: Support Graphic concept: Concept: A Robin Hood of supports, stealing HP from enemies and giving it to allies. (Um Robin Hood dos suportes, roubando HP de inimigos para dar a aliados.) Lore: Vivian Venombite was the daughter of Snake Venombite, a powerful man who controlled the refinement of pretty much all the fuel that was used in Metal City. Business weren't easy, though, specially with all the sand worms haunting the desert from where his men extracted all the oil. At least that was what Dirt Devil claimed when he went to Venombite asking him to help finance his expeditions, arguing that he'd hunt away all the worms, opening safer paths in the desert for his men to work. A "win-win situation", as the pirate said. Venombite then sent Vivian, his daughter, to aid the sand pirates, stating that they'd find no better investment anywhere in the world. (Vivian Venombite era filha de Snake Venombite, um homem poderoso que controlava o refinamento de praticamente todo o combust√≠vel usado em Metal City. Os neg√≥cios, todavia, n√£o eram f√°ceis, especialmente com todos os vermes da areia assombrando o deserto de onde seus homens extra√≠am todo o petr√≥leo. Ao menos foi isso que Dirt Devil alegou quando foi ter com Venombite para pedir que financiasse suas expedi√ß√Ķes, argumentando que ele ca√ßaria os vermes para longe, abrindo rotas mais seguras no deserto para que seus homens trabalhassem. "Uma m√£o lava a outra", como disse o pirata. Venombite, ent√£o, enviou Vivian, sua filha, para auxiliar os piratas da areia, afirmando que eles n√£o encontrariam investimento melhor que aquele em lugar algum no mundo.) HP: 500 Mobility lvl: 3/6 Passive: Skin Change Rattlesnake has 2 HP bars. One is for herself and the other is only used for her weapons. Whenever she triggers her autorepair, she recovers HP on both bars. However, the beginning and the end of the autorepair are only triggered by her main bar's current HP (meaning that the 2nd bar will only recover as many HP as the main bar manages to self repair until it gets full or until it gets interrupted by any damage). (Rattlesnake tem 2 barras de HP. Uma √© a dela mesma e a outra √© apenas usada para suas armas. Sempre que seu autorreparo √© acionado, ela recupera HP em ambas as barras. Entretanto, o in√≠cio e o encerramento do autorreparo s√£o acionados apenas pelo HP de sua barra principal (o que significa que sua 2¬™ barra somente recuperar√° tanto HP quando sua barra principal conseguir reparar antes de se encher completamente ou at√© ser interrompida por algum dano).) Q: Snakebite Rattlesnake shoots a snake-like electric cable forwards with medium-long range which connects her to the first machine she hits with the following effects: The snakes from this connection withdraw whenever Rattlesnake gets too far away from the target. Aside from that case, the connections can only be broken by dealing any amount of impact damage to her (impact damage = damage that's followed by pushing effects of any level); Multiple connections may exist at once; Rattlesnake steals HP over time from all enemies she's connected to, storing it in her secondary HP bar; Rattlesnake uses the HP stored in her secondary HP bar to repair every ally she's connected to; Whenever Rattlesnake gets connected to both enemies and allies at once, she transfers HP directly between them instead of storing it. (Rattlesnake dispara um cabo el√©trico em forma de cobra √† frente com alcance m√©dio-longo, que a conecta √† primeira m√°quina atingida com os efeitos a seguir: As cobras dessa conex√£o retornam a Rattlesnake sempre que ela se afasta muito do alvo. Fora esse caso, a √ļnica maneira de quebrar essa conex√£o √© causando qualquer quantidade de dano de impacto a ela (dano de impacto = dano que vem acompanhado de efeito de empurr√£o em qualquer medida); M√ļltiplas conex√Ķes podem coexistir; Rattlesnake rouba HP de todos os inimigos com os quais esteja conectada, armazenando-o em sua barra de HP secund√°ria; Rattlesnake usa o HP armazenado em sua barra de HP secund√°ria para reparar todos os aliados com os quais ela estiver conectada; Quando Rattlesnake se conecta a aliados e inimigos simultaneamente, ela transfere Hp diretamente de um para o outro ao inv√©s de armazen√°-lo. W: Rattle A rattle on Rattlesnake's rear starts shaking like an actual rattlesnake, creating a barrier on a medium-small area around her, which lasts 1,2s. The barrier stops enemy machines and projectiles from entering it. (Um chocalho na traseira de Rattlesnake come√ßa a chiar como o de uma cascavel, criando uma barreira numa √°rea m√©dia-pequena ao seu redor por 1,2s. A barreira impede a entrada de ve√≠culos e proj√©teis inimigos.) E: Snakelunge Rattlesnake pulls herself onto the last target hit by Snakebite, just like Dirt Devil's 3rd weapon. (Rattlesnake se puxa na dire√ß√£o do √ļltimo alvo atingido por Snakebite, de forma similar √† 3¬™ arma do Dirt Devil.) R: Anaconda Rattlesnake shoots forward a bigger snake. This one doesn't stay connected to her, but travels independently on a sinuous path forward. It jumps onto the first machine it hits, wrapping itself around them. If the target is an enemy, it deals the following effects: It deals continuous damage over 5s; It blocks all projectiles fired by the target; It takes damage from all of the target's attacks, including blocked projectiles. If the target is an ally, however, these are Anaconda's effects: It deals continuous repair over 5s; It blocks all projectiles that hit the target, taking damage from all of them. In both cases, this is what happens after: It withdraws from the target after it has taken a total of 500 damage or after 5s, returning to Rattlesnake; It fills Rattlesnake's secondary HP bar with an amount of HP equal to the amount of damage it had taken while wrapped around a machine. (Rattlesnake dispara uma cobra maior. Esta n√£o fica conectada a ela, mas se move independentemente numa linha sinuosa √† frente. Ela salta sobre a primeira m√°quina atingida, enroscando-se ao seu redor. Caso o alvo seja um inimigo, ela causa os seguintes efeitos: Causa dano cont√≠nuo por 5s; Bloqueia todos os proj√©teis disparados pelo alvo; Recebe dano de todos os ataques do alvo, incluindo proj√©teis bloqueados. Caso o alvo seja um aliado, contudo, estes s√£o os efeitos de Anaconda: Causa reparo cont√≠nuo por 5s; Bloqueia todos os proj√©teis que atinjam o alvo, recebendo dano por cada um deles. Em ambos os casos, isto √© o que ocorre em seguida: Ela deixa o alvo ap√≥s receber um total de 500 de dano ou ap√≥s 5s, retornando a Rattlesnake; Ela enche a barra secund√°ria de HP de Rattlesnake com uma quantidade de HP igual √† quantidade de dano que ela tenha recebido enquanto enrolada numa m√°quina.) Quotes: Pick quote: Here I go again on my own... Kill quote: I don't play with my food! Low life quote: HISSSSSSSSSSSSS Special weapon quote: Feast, my baby! Win quote: I'm not wasting no more time! Lose quote: Next time, make it quick...
  6. Name: Heartbreaker Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: Just paint it pink or bright red. (Apenas pinte-o de rosa ou de vermelho claro.) Concept: An interceptor specialized in flanking. (Um interceptador especializado em flanquear.) Lore: Not only an ex underdog, but also Stingray's ex girlfriend. She used to develop weapons and sell them in secret to Maximatics. She was so cold blooded that, when Ray found out about it, she was already countless steps ahead of him. Before he could do anything about it she had already sent all of his personal information to the sect of metal, information that led to his arrest. Nowadays she's the main weapons dealer in Metal City and decided to join the arenas in order to openly advertise her weapons. (N√£o apenas uma ex underdog, mas tamb√©m a ex namorada do Stingray. Ela costumava desenvolver armas e vend√™-las em segredo para a Maximatics. Era uma pessoa t√£o fria que, quando Ray descobriu isso, ela j√° tinha um plano de conting√™ncia elaborado. Antes que ele pudesse fazer qualquer coisa a respeito ela j√° havia enviado todas as suas informa√ß√Ķes pessoais para o secto do metal, informa√ß√Ķes essas que levaram √† captura do streamer. Hoje em dia ela √© a maior contrabandista de armas de Metal City e decidiu entrar na arena para divulgar abertamente suas armas.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Passive: Radar Pressing TAB with her allows the player to see a small grid to the left of the stats, which shows in real time the current HP and cooldown status of all weapons from all machines in the match. (Apertar TAB com ela permite ao jogador ver uma pequena tabela ao lado esquerdo das estat√≠sticas, que mostra o HP e status do cooldown de todas as armas de todas as m√°quinas na arena em tempo real.) Q: Eagle Shoots a flying drone forward, which continuously shoots over an area bellow it, dealing damage while moving forward with long range (imagine Stargazer's weapon 1 and Dirt Devil's weapon 2 fused together). (Dispara um drone voador √† frente, que metralha uma √°rea debaixo de si continuamente enquanto se move √† frente com longo alcance (imagine uma mistura da arma 1 da Stargazer com a arma 2 do Dirt Devil).) W: Hound Shoots out a spheric drone on the ground, which moves rolling on the direction of the mouse cursor until it hits a wall or an enemy, exploding on the spot dealing damage on a medium-small area. The W key may be kept pressed down in order for the mouse cursor to guide the Hound without moving Heartbreaker from a straight path, just like Peacemaker's weapon 1. (Dispara um drone esf√©rico no ch√£o, que vai rolando seguindo na dire√ß√£o do cursor do mouse at√© que atinja uma parede ou um ve√≠culo inimigo, explodindo e causando dano numa √°rea m√©dio-pequena. A tecla W pode permanecer pressionada para permitir que o cursor do mouse conduza o Hound sem interferir na trajet√≥ria em linha reta de Heartbreaker, assim como a arma 1 do Peacemaker.) E: Wasps Heartbreaker leaps forward, leaving small arrow-like drones at both of her sides before she does. The number of drones is equal to 2 plus the amount of final hits Heartbreaker has dealt since the last time she got destroyed to a maximum of 8 drones disposed at a certain distance from one another, side by side. The drones wait 1,2s and, then, fly straight back to Heartbreaker, passing through walls and dealing damage to every enemy on their path. 2nd activation: The drones fly back instantly. (Heartbreaker salta √† frente, deixando pequenos drones em forma de flecha em seus lados antes de faz√™-lo. O n√ļmero de drones √© igual a 2 mais a quantidade de golpes finais que Heartbreaker causou desde sua √ļltima reconstru√ß√£o, at√© um m√°ximo de 8 drones dispostos a uma certa dist√Ęncia um do outro, lado a lado. Os drones esperam 1,2s e, ent√£o, voam rapidamente na dire√ß√£o de Heartbreaker, atravessando paredes e causando dano a todos os inimigos em seu caminho. 2¬™ ativa√ß√£o: Chama os drones instantaneamente.) R: Viper As soon as Viper gets charged, heartbreaker lights up a laser aiming forward with infinite range. It doesn't go through walls or enemies, neither it deals damage. When Viper gets triggered, the laser instantly flashes brighter and vanishes, leaving a big luminous target sign under the first enemy it had been aiming at. For the following 7,5s, all of Heartbreaker's drones will automatically follow the target (Eagle will hover over it with limited mobility, Hound will try to go around walls to hit it and the Wasps will fly in it's direction). (Assim que Viper fica carregada, Heartbreaker acende um laser mirando √† frente com alcance infinito. Ele n√£o atravessa paredes ou inimigos nem causa dano. Quando Viper √© acionado, o Laser instantaneamente brilha e some num flash, deixando um grande alvo luminoso sob o primeiro inimigo no qual ele estava sendo mirado. Pelos pr√≥ximos 7,5s, todos os drones de Heartbreaker v√£o automaticamente seguir o alvo (Eagle vai flutuar sobre ele com mobilidade limitada, Hound vai tentar contornar paredes para alcan√ß√°-lo e as Wasps v√£o voar em sua dire√ß√£o).) Quotes: Pick quote: I like it heavy... Don't say I didn't warn you! Kill quote: You gotta last longer than that, sweetheart... Low life quote: Harder, daddy! Special weapon quote: You have my attention! Win quote: Don't you mess around with me! Lose quote: You're breaking my heart, darling...
  7. Name: Aura Focus Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: This, only with mirrors on both sides. (Isso, por√©m com espelhos em ambas as laterais.) Concept: A fragile damaging interceptor who attacks from behind walls. (Um interceptador de dano fr√°gil, que ataca por detr√°s de paredes.) Lore: Don Louis Focus, an excentric rich man from one of Metal City's noble families. He wanted in at the arena just to show off, but doesn't drive well, so he hired an unnamed pilot to represent him. The pilot's helmet has a screen which live broadcasts Don Louis' face. (Don Louis Focus, um homem rico exc√™ntrico de uma das fam√≠lias nobres de Metal City. Ele queria entrar na arena apenas para aparecer, mas n√£o sabe dirigir bem, ent√£o contratou um piloto an√īnimo para represent√°-lo. O capacete do piloto tem uma tela que transmite ao vivo o rosto de Don Louis.) HP: 500 Mobility lvl: 5/6 Passive: Mirrors and Smoke When a straight wall is up to a certain distance from Aura Focus, it becomes a mirror which creates a symmetrical reflection of him at the opposite side. The reflection reproduces his weapons. If a reflection receives projectile damage or non-continuous groung damage, it shatters like glass, dealing a little damage and skidding to every enemy too close to it, and another reflection is created by that wall after 2,5s. (Quando uma parede reta est√° dentro de uma certa dist√Ęncia de Aura Focus, ela se torna um espelho que cria um reflexo sim√©trico dele em seu lado oposto. O reflexo reproduz suas armas. Se um reflexo receber dano de proj√©teis ou dano terrestre n√£o cont√≠nuo, ele se despeda√ßa como vidro, causando um pequeno dano e derrapagem a todos os inimigos muito pr√≥ximos dele, e outro reflexo √© criado por aquela parede 2,5s depois.) Q: Shattered Glass Aura Focus shoots a long-ranged light projectile forward, which deals damage to the first enemy hit and explodes in a cloud of shattered glass, dealing skidding to every enemy within short range of the explosion. (Aura Focus dispara um proj√©til luminoso de longo alcance √† frente, que causa dano ao primeiro inimigo atingido e explode em cacos de vidro, causando derrapagem a todo inimigo no curto alcance da explos√£o.) W: Fake Wall Aura Focus creates a glass wall, which extends to both his sides limited only by the arena walls or by previously created Fake Walls. The wall remains on the arena until it gets hit by an enemy projectile or by a high speed enemy machine. When it happens, it shatters, dealing damage and skidding to every enemy too close to any point of the wall. Until it gets destroyed, the wall creates a reflection of Aura Focus just like any other wall. (Aura Focus cria uma parede de vidro que se estende para os dois lados dele limitada apenas pelas paredes da arena ou por Fake Walls previamente criadas. A parede permanece na arena at√© que seja atingida por um proj√©til inimigo ou por um ve√≠culo inimigo em alta velocidade. Quando isso acontece, ela se despeda√ßa, causando dano a todo inimigo muito pr√≥ximo de qualquer ponto de sua extens√£o. At√© que ela seja destru√≠da, a parede cria um reflexo de Aura Focus assim como qualquer outra parede.) E: Deep Reflection Aura Focus switches places with his closest reflection, dropping the bomb if he's carrying it.) (Aura Focus troca de lugar com seu reflexo mais pr√≥ximo, derrubando a bomba caso a esteja carregando.) R: House of Mirrors Aura Focus activates Fake Wall several times, one after the other for 3s. As every reflection mimics him, including the reflections instantly created by each new wall, suddenly a great number of glass walls and reflections of Aura Focus will be seen at the area, each of them with all of Fake Wall's and Mirrors and Smoke's effects. (Aura Focus ativa Fake Wall v√°rias vezes, uma ap√≥s a outra, por 3s. Uma vez que cada reflexo o imita, incluindo os reflexos instantaneamente criados por cada parede nova, de repente um grande n√ļmero de paredes de vidro e reflexos de Aura Focus surgir√£o na √°rea, cada um com todos os efeitos de Fake Wall e Mirrors and Smoke.) Quotes: Pick quote: Looks like you've deeply reflected upon your choice, am I right? Kill quote: Look at you! Low life quote: I'm cracking! I'm cracking! Special weapon quote: Watch out for the glass! Win quote: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear... Haha! Lose quote: I did not see that coming!
  8. Name: Wrecking Boss Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: Concept: A melee area damaging interceptor to rival Rampage. (Um interceptador de dano corpo a corpo em √°rea para competir com o Rampage.) Lore: Rampage's old boss and a loyal subordinate of Solomon Lorde, Tony D. Molish went to the arena to get money to finance Maximatics' researches and projects and to cope with the financial loss caused by Rampage's mayhem at their facility. (Antigo supervisor do Rampage e subordinado fiel de Solomon Lorde, Tony D. Molish foi √† arena para ganhar dinheiro para financiar as pesquisas e os projetos da Maximatics, e para lidar com os preju√≠zos financeiros causados pela destrui√ß√£o do Rampage em suas instala√ß√Ķes.) HP: 700 Mobility lvl: 1/6 Passive: Wrecking Ball Wrecking Boss' wrecking ball is a very heavy object that hangs from a single chain and, as such, swings naturally as the vehicle moves, pushing away enemy machines and blocking enemy projectiles. When the ball moves too fast thanks to a tight turn or to some of Wrecking Boss' weapons, it gets energized just like the bomb does. An energized wrecking ball will have double the pushing force and will deal damage to enemies hit. It will also throw wreckage at the opposite side of any wall it hits, dealing damage and slowing down enemies on a short range. (A esfera de demoli√ß√£o de Wrecking Boss √© um objeto pesad√≠ssimo pendurado por uma √ļnica correte e, assim, fica balan√ßando naturalmente conforme o ve√≠culo se move, empurrando ve√≠culos inimigos e bloqueando proj√©teis inimigos. Quando a esfera se move muito rapidamente devido a uma curva fechada ou a alguma das armas de Wrecking Boss, ela fica energizada do mesmo jeito que acontece com a bomba. Uma esfera de demoli√ß√£o energizada tem for√ßa de empurr√£o dobrada e causa dano a inimigos atingidos. Al√©m disso, ela dispara escombros no lado oposto de qualquer parede que atinja enquanto estiver energizada, causando dano e lentid√£o a inimigos atingidos num curto alcance.) Q: Swing Wrecking Boss swiftly swings his wrecking ball (faster than he'd be able to with Manual Override) on a 360¬ļ turn, coming back to it's original position after having dealt damage and pushed away every enemy on a short area around him. (Wrecking Boss gira sua esfera de demoli√ß√£o rapidamente (mais r√°pido do que seria poss√≠vel com Manual Override) numa volta de 360¬ļ, retornando √† sua posi√ß√£o original ap√≥s ter causado dano e empurrado todos os inimigos numa pequena √°rea ao seu redor.) W: Manual Override Manual Override has no cooldown. While the W key remains pressed down, Wrecking Boss moves locked on a straight line (same mechanics as Peacemaker's weapon 1) while his cursor is used to freely guide the movement of his wrecking ball's axial pole (thus, directly handling the effects of Wrecking Ball). When the W key gets released, the wrecking ball's pole gets locked in it's current position. (Manual Override n√£o possui cooldown. Enquanto a tecla W permanecer pressionada Wrecking Boss se move em linha reta (mesmo funcionamento da arma 1 do Peacemaker) enquanto usa seu cursor para controlar livremente a movimenta√ß√£o da haste de sua esfera de demoli√ß√£o (podendo manusear diretamente os efeitos de Wrecking Ball). Quando a tecla W √© solta, a haste da esfera permanece travada na √ļltima posi√ß√£o escolhida.) E: Demolition Wrecking Boss rushes on a straight line forward, automatically energizing his Wrecking Ball and doubling the range of the wreckage thrown at the opposite side of any wall it hits. (Wrecking Boss acelera √† frente numa linha reta, automaticamente energizando sua Wrecking Ball e dobrando o alcance dos escombros disparados no lado oposto de qualquer parede que ele atinja.) R: Punch the Clock Wrecking Boss swings his Wrecking Ball just like he does in Swing, but he releases the chain that holds it at a certain point in it's course in order to throw it forward. The energized ball falls down several meters ahead (middle range) or whenever it hits a wall, dealing high damage to every enemy on a medium area around it and stunning them for 0,5s. (Wrecking Boss gira sua Wrecking Ball assim como em Swing, mas quando ela chega num certo ponto de sua trajet√≥ria ele solta a corrente que a segura a fim de dispar√°-la √† frente. A esfera energizada cai alguns metros √† frente (m√©dio alcance) ou ao atingir uma parede, causando um alto dano a todos os inimigos numa √°rea m√©dia ao seu redor e atordoando-os por 0,5s.) Quotes: Pick quote: Call me a hammer cause all of you look like nails to me! Kill quote: Stop slacking at work! Low life quote: I'm getting wrecked! Special weapon quote: Bring it down! Win quote: Days without a lost time accident: 0! Hahaha! Lose quote: One of these days I will bring this whole place down...
  9. Name: Bodyguard Role: Support Graphic concept: Something like this, but more tightly closed and square-like. Also, it'd be huge, even bigger than Icebringer. (Algo assim, por√©m mais fechado e quadrado. Al√©m disso, seria enorme, ainda maior que o Icebringer.) Concept: A support designed to shield his teamates with his own body. (Um suporte feito para escudar seus aliados com o pr√≥prio corpo.) Lore: A kind giant. As a child, he worked in a junkyard to sustain his sick mother. But Metal City was no place for kind souls like him. Vandals and outlaws usually posed as friends and took advantage of his innocence, making him do "favors" for them. One day they asked him to play runnaway driver for them in his Bodyguard, the machine he completelly fixed over the years after finding it in the junkyard. He did it without even knowing what he was getting into. He got arrested in the end, by the private guards of a patron who he was unknowingly helping to steal from, but not before giving them one hell of a race for it, helping all of his "friends" to escape in the process. The patron, however, saw him in action and later decided to endorse a career at the arenas for him. (Um gigante gentil. Quando crian√ßa trabalhava num ferro velho para sustentar sua m√£e doente. Mas Metal City n√£o era lugar para almas boas como ele. Bandidos e delinquentes se passavam por amigos e se aproveitavam da inoc√™ncia dele, fazendo-o de capacho e mandando-lhe fazer "favores". Um dia pediram que ele bancasse o piloto de fuga em seu Bodyguard, a m√°quina que ele tinha encontrado no ferro velho e consertado completamente ao longo dos anos. Ele aceitou sem saber no que estava se metendo. Acabou sendo preso pelos guardas privados do patrono de quem ele estava inadvertidamente ajudando a roubar, mas n√£o sem antes lhes dar uma boa persegui√ß√£o, ajudando todos os seus "amigos" a escaparem no processo. O patrono, no entanto, viu seus dotes em a√ß√£o e decidiu patrocinar uma carreira para ele nas arenas.) HP: 1000 Mobility lvl: 3/6 Passive: Friendship Allied machines get slowly repaired and receive 50% less area damage (explosions) while they're "inside" of Bodyguard. (M√°quinas aliadas s√£o reparadas lentamente e recebem 50% menos de dano em √°rea (explos√Ķes) enquanto estiverem "dentro" de Boduguard.) Q: Good Friend Bodyguard suddenly grows in a linear expansion from his front and rear (he goes from cube to paralellepiped, to put it simple), harshly pushing and damaging enemies touched by the expansion. He can stay in that elongated form as long as he wants, but Good Friend's cooldown only starts when the 2nd activation gets triggered. 2nd activation: Bodyguard gets back to his original size. (Bodyguard subitamente se prolonga √† frente e atr√°s numa expans√£o linear (ele passa de um cubo a um paralelep√≠pedo, pra simplificar), empurrando bruscamente e causando dano a inimigos tocados pela expans√£o. Ele pode ficar nessa forma alongada por tanto tempo quanto desejar, mas o cooldown de Good Friend s√≥ √© iniciado quando a 2¬™ ativa√ß√£o √© acionada. 2¬™ ativa√ß√£o: Bodyguard retorna ao seu tamanho original.) W: Close Friend Bodyguard suddenly sticks his side pannels into the ground, stopping still all of a sudden and dealing damage to every enemy too close to his sides. The pannels cover his tires completelly and he becomes almost like a perfect cube, staying still until the 2nd activation gets triggered. While in this form, Bodyguard can't be moved. Also, every ally inside of him becomes untangible as long as they stay in there. 2nd activation: Pulls back Bodyguard's side pannels and ceases the effects of Close Friend. (Bodyguard subitamente finca seus pain√©is laterais no ch√£o, parando de repente onde estiver e causando dano a todo inimigo muito pr√≥ximo de suas laterais. Os pain√©is cobrem seus pneus completamente e ele fica praticamente sob a forma de um cubo, permanecendo im√≥vel at√© que a 2¬™ ativa√ß√£o seja acionada. Enquanto estiver sob essa forma, Bodyguard n√£o pode ser movido. Al√©m disso, todo aliado em seu interior fica intang√≠vel por tanto tempo quanto permanecer l√° dentro. 2¬™ ativa√ß√£o: Puxa de volta os pain√©is laterais de Bodyguard e cessa os efeitos de Close Friend.) E: True Friend Bodyguard accelerates forward passing through walls (the bomb cannot pass through walls). (Bodyguard acelera √† frente atravessando paredes (a bomba n√£o pode atravessar paredes).) R: Best Friend Bodyguard expands transformers-style to all sides, getting about twice as large for 6s. During that time, he can pass through walls. Also, all damage received by himself and every ally inside of him gets reduced in 25% for each ally inside of him (which means it can reach 75% of damage reduction if all 3 allies are inside). (Bodyguard se expande no estilo transformers para todos os lados, praticamente dobrando seu tamanho por 6s. Durante esse tempo ele pode atravessar paredes. Al√©m disso, todo dano recebido por ele e por todo aliado dentro dele √© reduzido em 25% por cada aliado dentro dele (o que significa que o dano reduzido total pode chegar a 75% se todos os aliados estiverem dentro dele).) Quotes: Pick quote: I'll be there for you! Kill quote: You thought I couldn't throw punches as well? Huh? Low life quote: I'm defenseless! Special weapon quote: Find someone your size! Win quote: ALRIGHT! Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to yell... Lose quote: No... I couldn't... Protect them...
  10. Name: Void Breacher Role: Transporter Graphic concept: Concept: A slippery transporter, designed to fool enemies with the different usages of his similar weapons. (Um transportador evasivo, feito para enganar inimigos com os diferentes usos de suas semelhantes armas.) Lore: A stunt racing performer who was in action centuries before the apocalypse. He was addicted to breaking speed records of all kinds. One day, though, he managed to drive so fast that he vanished in thin air. Since then he's been reappearing every now and then over the decades only to vanish again. Nowadays he does so at the arena, disappearing before he can even get the prizes for his won matches. (Um piloto radical que fazia shows s√©culos antes do apocalipse. Ele adorava quebrar recordes de velocidade. Um dia, entretanto, ele conseguiu dirigir t√£o r√°pido que desapareceu no ar. Desde ent√£o ele tem reaparecido de vez em quando ao longo das d√©cadas apenas para sumir novamente. Hoje em dia ele o faz na arena, desaparecendo antes mesmo de poder receber pr√™mios pelas partidas que vence.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Passive: Fade In When marking a spot on the map to get Void Breacher rebuilt on after having waited the usual 15s, the player may drag the mouse cursor on a chosen direction to make Void Breacher get rebuilt instantly (instead of having to wait 3 more seconds) at maximum speed on that direction. If he does so, his rebuilding effect vanishes without dealing damage. (Ao marcar um local no mapa para reconstruir Void Breacher ap√≥s ter esperado os 15s habituais, o jogador pode arrastar o cursor do mouse numa dire√ß√£o para fazer com que Void Breacher seja instantaneamente reconstru√≠do (sem precisar esperar mais 3s) com velocidade m√°xima naquela dire√ß√£o. Caso ele o fa√ßa, o efeito de reconstru√ß√£o some sem causar dano.) Q: Phaze 1 Void Breacher shoots forward several projections of himself, which line up in front of him and mimic his movements for 1s. All of his projections and himself become translucid, but only the projections are untangible. Then, after 1s, all of the projections come back to him in a flash, dealing damage to every enemy touched on the way back and rendering Void Breacher untangible for 0,25s. (Void Breacher dispara algumas proje√ß√Ķes de si mesmo em fila √† sua frente. Tanto ele como as proje√ß√Ķes ficam transl√ļcidos, mas apenas as proje√ß√Ķes s√£o intang√≠veis. Ent√£o, ap√≥s 1s, todas as proje√ß√Ķes retornam a ele num flash, causando dano a todos os inimigos tocados no caminho de volta e tornando Void Breacher intang√≠vel por 0,25s.) W: Phaze 2 Visually, Phaze 2 is identical to Phaze 1. Several translucid projections get shot forward. In this case, however, instead of staying at the back of the line, Void Breacher (his tangible form) takes place in front of the line, leaving a projection in his original position. After 1s, just as it happens on Phaze 1, the line of projections get sent back to it's rear in a flash, Void Breacher himself included, dealing damage to enemies on it's path. However, when Void Breacher gets back to his original position, he gets inverted, facing backwards at maximum speed. (Visualmente, Phaze 2 √© id√™ntica a Phaze 1. Algumas proje√ß√Ķes transl√ļcidas s√£o disparadas √† frente. Neste caso, no entanto, ao inv√©s de ficar no fim da fila, Void Breacher (sua forma tang√≠vel) se pociciona √† frente da fila, deixando uma proje√ß√£o em sua posi√ß√£o original. Ap√≥s 1s, assim como em Phaze 1, a fila de proje√ß√Ķes retorna √† sua parte de tr√°s num flash, inclusive Void Breacher, causando dano a inimigos em seu caminho. Entretanto, quando Void Breacher chega √† sua posi√ß√£o original no fim da fila, ele se inverte, acelerando para tr√°s em velocidade m√°xima.) E: Phaze 3 Just like Phaze 1 and Phaze 2, a line of projections is created in front of Void Breacher. As in Phaze 2, the tangible form of Void Breacher takes place in front of the line. The difference here is that, after 1s, the projections don't go back to the rear of the line. Instead, they go forward, coming back to Void Breacher at the front of the line, dealing damage to enemies in their path and rendering Void Breacher untangible for 0,25s and at maximum speed forward. (Assim como Phaze 1 e Phaze 2, uma fila de proje√ß√Ķes √© criada √† frente de Void Breacher. Assim como em Phaze 2, a forma tang√≠vel de Void Breacher se posiciona √† frente da fila. A diferen√ßa aqui √© que, ap√≥s 1s, as proje√ß√Ķes n√£o voltam ao fim da fila. Ao inv√©s disso, elas avan√ßam √† frente, retornando a Void Breacher na frente da fila, causando dano a inimigos em seu caminho e deixando Void Breacher intang√≠vel por 0,25s e em velocidade m√°xima √† frente.) R: Quantum Leap Imagine an infinite line from one side of the map to the other, passing through Void Breacher. Quantum Leap shoots forward a high speed untangible projection of Void Breacher along that invisible line, which deals low damage to enemies touched. It vanishes at the end of the line and reappears at the back, repeating this cicle over and over for 5s, going faster and faster every time it reappears until a line of projections can be seen passing through Void Breacher non-stop. After 5s, the line vanishes and Void Breacher vanishes with it. He reappears 1s later going forward at high speed (the speed of the first projection shot) and untangible for 0,75s, after which time he goes back to his usual maximum speed. (Imagine uma linha infinita de um canto do mapa ao outro, passando por Void Breacher. Quantum Leap dispara √† frente uma proje√ß√£o em alta velocidade sobre essa linha invis√≠vel, que causa um pequeno dano a inimigos tocados. Ela some no fim da linha e ressurge em sua retaguarda, repetindo esse ciclo de novo e de novo ao longo de 5s, acelerando mais e mais toda vez que ressurge at√© que uma linha de proje√ß√Ķes possa ser vista passando sobre Void Breacher ininterruptamente. Ap√≥s 5s, a linha some e Void Breacher some junto com ela. Ele reaparece 1s depois acelerando em alta velocidade √† frente (na velocidade da primeira proje√ß√£o disparada) e intang√≠vel por 0,75s, tempo ap√≥s o qual ele volta √† sua velocidade m√°xima habitual.) Quotes: Pick quote: You choose me? What do you mean? I'm not even here... Kill quote: Where did you go? Low life quote: I'm phazing out... Special weapon quote: Leap! Win quote: I must've set a new record this time! Lose quote: So this is what losing feels like... I don't like it.
  11. Name: Metal Mistress Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: Concept: A damaging interceptor that uses shield offensively. (Um interceptador de dano que usa escudo ofensivamente.) Lore: A sadistic nun from the Sect of Metal. She believes that one reaches purification through pain and suffering. She takes joy in cleansing the souls of her fellow pilots at the arena, bringing them closer to the Metal God. (Uma freira s√°dica do Secto do Metal. Ela acredita que dor e sofrimento s√£o as fontes da purifica√ß√£o do ser, e se enche de alegria ao purgar as almas de outros pilotos na arena, aproximando-os do Deus do Metal.) HP: 550 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Passive: Faith Right after Metal Mistress takes damage, she gains shield equal to the number of HP she lost. (Logo ap√≥s receber dano, Metal Mistress ganha uma quantidade de escudo igual ao HP perdido.) Q: Mercy Metal Mistress shoots forward a sect-of-metal-emblem-shaped disk with unlimited range, which goes through enemies, dealing damage, and sticks to the first wall it hits. She spends all of her current shield to shoot the disk. The more shield she spends, the wider the disk (it goes from the size of Dirt Devil's weapon 1 to that of his weapon 2 at most). (Metal Mistress dispara √† frente um emblema do secto do metal em forma de disco com alcance ilimitado, que atravessa inimigos, causando-lhes dano, e se prende √† primeira parede em seu caminho. Ela gasta todo seu escudo atual para fazer o disparo. Quando mais escudo for gasto, mais largo fica o disco (vai desde o tamanho da arma 1 do Dirt Devil at√© o de sua arma 2 no m√°ximo).) W: Regret All of the disks shot by Mercy stay stuck on walls. When Regret gets triggered, they enter spirit form and go back to Metal Mistress, passing through walls and machines just like Vulture's blades. Every enemy hit by a spirit disk takes a small amount of damage and sends some shield to Metal Mistress. Then, when each disk reaches Metal Mistress, it goes back to solid form and continues moving in it's current direction just as if it had been shot again in that direction, dealing damage and sticking to a wall at the end. (Todos os discos disparados por Mercy ficam presos em paredes. Quando Regret √© acionado, eles entram em forma espiritual e retornam a Metal Mistress atravessando paredes e m√°quinas assim como as l√Ęminas do Vulture. Todo inimigo atingido por um disco em forma espiritual recebe um pequeno dano e envia escudo para Metal Mistress. Ent√£o, quando cada disco alcan√ßa Metal Mistress, ele volta √† forma s√≥lida e continua se movendo na dire√ß√£o √† qual est√° indo, como se tivesse sido disparado novamente naquela dire√ß√£o, causando dano a inimigos atravessados e se prendendo a uma parede no fim.) E: Penance Metal Mistress gains shield and a purple aura around her which connects her to the last disk shot by Mercy. This aura stays active for as long as the E key remains pressed down. While the aura is active, Metal Mistress gets pulled to the disk, regardless of it's position (stuck to a wall or still flying midair). During that time, she also receives continuous damage. (Metal Mistress ganha escudo e uma aura roxa ao seu redor que a conecta ao √ļltimo disco disparado por Mercy. Essa aura fica ativa por tanto tempo quanto a tecla E permanecer pressionada. Enquanto essa aura est√° ativa, Metal Mistress √© puxada pelo disco, independentemente da posi√ß√£o dele (preso a uma parede ou ainda voando). Durante esse tempo ela tamb√©m recebe dano cont√≠nuo.) R: Indulgence Indulgence gets charged according to the amount of disks currently in the arena. It gets fully charged when the 9th disk gets shot. From that moment on, Mercy becomes unavailable for use until Indulgence gets triggered. When it does, every disk in the arena shatters and explodes. The range of the explosion is wider according to the disk's size. Solid disks deal damage when exploding, but a disk in spirit form gives shield to every ally in range. In both cases, though, every enemy within the small critical area of the explosion gets silenced for 2s. (Indulgence se carrega de acordo com a quantidade de discos na arena. Ele fica totalmente carregado quando o 9¬ļ disco √© disparado. A partir desse momento, Mercy fica indispon√≠vel at√© que Indulgence seja acionado. Quando isso acontece, todo disco na arena trinca e explode. O alcance da explos√£o depende do tamanho do disco. Discos s√≥lidos causam dano ao explodir, mas um disco em forma espiritual d√° escudo a todo aliado em alcance. Em ambos os casos, no entanto, todo inimigo dentro da pequena √°rea cr√≠tica da explos√£o √© silenciado por 2s.) Quotes: Pick quote: Punnish? Oh no... I'll give them a chance to be reborn for the Metal God! Kill quote: Go, poor soul, you're free! Low life quote: No... I'm not ready to meet the Metal God! Special weapon quote: Take me to church! Win quote: And so, the prophecy is fulfilled! Lose quote: The Metal God... He'll never forgive you for this!
  12. Name: Fate Juggler Role: Transporter Graphic concept: Concept: A transporter with the ability to produce clones for multiple purposes. (Um transportador com a habilidade de criar clones com m√ļltiplas funcionalidades.) Lore: A blind 6 armed lizard man. He was a failed zoomorph experiment made by the armies of Manfall and he knew it. He knew he would be sacrificed soon and decided to take action before that. He managed to flee from his cell and found his way around the labs guided only by the keen sense of smell of his tongue, as his eyes were useless. In there, he found a prototype machine that the engineers had been working on: The Fate Juggler. They had been trying to make the commands simpler, as they were too complicated for a single human to manage, but the many buttons and switches weren't a problem for the lizard's 6 arms. He used the machine to run away from Manfall and into Metal City. (Um homem lagarto cego e com 6 bra√ßos. Um experimento falho dos ex√©rcitos de Manfall. Sabendo que era uma falha e que seria sacrificado em breve, ele decidiu agir antes. Fugiu de sua cela e se aventurou pelos laborat√≥rios guiado apenas pelo olfato agu√ßado de sua l√≠ngua, j√° que seus olhos eram in√ļteis. L√° ele encontrou um prot√≥tipo de m√°quina no qual os engenheiros locais estavam trabalhando: O Fate Juggler. Eles estavam tentando tornar os comandos mais simples, pois eles eram muito complicados para um √ļnico humano manusear, mas os numerosos bot√Ķes e interruptores n√£o eram um problema para os 6 bra√ßos do lagarto. Ele usou a m√°quina para fugir de Manfall para Metal City.) HP: 500 Mobility lvl: 5/6 Passive: 100-Toothed Croc Fate Juggler's weapons create clones: The clones move autonomously. Their standard behavior is that of a bot, only they tend to come back once they've left a wide area around Fate Juggler (the original). Clones don't create other clones, don't pick up the bomb and never autorepair. If a clone gets destroyed, nothing happens, but if the original does, every clone explodes, dealing some damage to enemies in it's very small range. If a clone gets created while Fate Juggler carries the bomb, they carry a fake bomb. When a clone carrying a fake bomb explodes, it deals double damage. When Fate Juggler drops the bomb, every clone carrying a fake bomb explodes. Enemy droppers desintegrate fake bombs. Fate Juggler may have up to 4 clones at once (himself excluded). (As armas de Fate Juggler criam clones: Os clones se movem autonomamente. Eles se comportam como bots, mas retornam sempre que saem de uma grande √°rea ao redor do Fate Juggler original. Clones n√£o criam outros clones, n√£o pegam a bomba e nunca se autorreparam. Se um clone for destru√≠do, nada acontece, mas se o original for destru√≠do, todos os clones explodem, causando algum dano a inimigos muito pr√≥ximos. Se um clone for criado enquanto Fate Juggler carrega a bomba, ele leva uma bomba falsa. Quando um clone com uma bomba falsa explode, ele causa dano dobrado. Quando Fate Juggler perde a bomba, todo clone que estiver carregando uma bomba falsa explode. Derrubadores inimigos desintegram bombas falsas. Fate Juggler pode ter um m√°ximo de 4 clones simultaneamente (al√©m do original).) Q: 2-Headed Snake Fate Juggler shoots a clone forward, which goes through enemies on a medium range dealing damage: When Fate Juggler creates a clone, he splits his HP in half (which does not affect his autorepair cooldown), but he gets repaired in a third of the lost HP for each enemy hit. If the number of clones in the arena has reached it's limit, the clone shot explodes when it reaches the maximum range of the weapon. If Fate Juggler is carrying the bomb, the clone it creates carryes a fake bomb. When a clone uses 2-Headed Snake, it doesn't split his HP, but the clone it creates explodes when it reaches maximum range regardless of the amount of clones in the arena. If Fate Juggler uses 2-Headed Snake with his mouse cursor over a clone, the said clone simply explodes (nothing else happens). (Fate Juggler dispara um clone √† frente, que atravessa inimigos num alcance m√©dio causando dano: Quando Fate Juggler cria um clone, ele divide seu HP em 2 metades (o que n√£o afeta o cooldown de seu autorreparo), mas ele se repara em um ter√ßo do HP perdido para cada inimigo atingido. Se o n√ļmero de clones na arena tiver atingido o limite, o clone disparado explode ao atingir o alcance m√°ximo da arma. Se Fate Juggler estiver carregando a bomba, o clone criado carrega uma bomba falsa. Quando um clone usa 2-Headed Snake ele n√£o divide seu HP, mas o clone criado explode ao atingir o alcance m√°ximo independentemente da quantidade de clones na arena. Se Fate Juggler usar 2-Headed Snake com o cursor do mouse sobre um clone, esse clone simplesmente explode (nada mais acontece).) W: 6-Eyed Camaleon Fate Juggler has a round area displayed around his mouse cursor just like Stargazer's (which is also used for his other weapons). 6-Eyed Camaleon commands Fate Juggler's clones depending on the mouse cursor's position: 6-Eyed Camaleon doesn't have a cooldown. If the mouse cursor is over a clone, that clone comes back to Fate Juggler and fuses back with him, repairing him in half of the clone's current HP. If the mouse cursor is over an enemy, all clones on the map head to that enemy and target him with their attacks until the target gets destroyed or until another order is given by 6-Eyed Camaleon. If the mouse cursor is over Fate Juggler, all clones on the map come back to him and fuse back with him, repairing him in a third of each clone's current HP. If the mouse cursor is anywhere else on the map, the nearest clone to that point heads to it and explodes when it gets there. Since there's no cooldown, 6-Eyed Camaleon may be used again before the clone explodes to redirect it to another point on the map. This may be done multiple times over. (Fate Juggler tem uma √°rea redonda marcada ao redor do cursor de seu mouse similar √† de Stargazer (que tamb√©m √© usada para suas outras armas). 6-Eyed Camaleon comanda os clones de Fate Juggler de acordo com a posi√ß√£o do cursor do mouse: 6-Eyed Camaleon n√£o possui cooldown. Se o cursor do mouse estiver sobre um clone, esse clone retorna a Fate Juggler e se funde com ele, causando-lhe reparo igual a metade do HP atual do clone. Se o cursor do mouse estiver sobre um inimigo, todos os clones no mapa focam o inimigo selecionado, atacando-o at√© que ele seja destru√≠do ou at√© que outra ordem seja dada por 6-Eyed Camaleon. Se o cursor do mouse estiver sobre Fate Juggler, todos os clones no mapa retornam a ele e se fundem com ele, causando-lhe reparo igual a um ter√ßo do HP atual de cada clone. Se o cursor do mouse estiver em qualquer outro ponto do mapa, o clone mais pr√≥ximo daquele ponto vai at√© l√° e explode. J√° que n√£o h√° cooldown, 6-Eyed Camaleon pode ser usado novamente antes da explos√£o para redirecionar o clone a outro ponto no mapa. Isso pode ser feito m√ļltiplas vezes.) E: 9-Tailed Lizard Fate Juggler leaps ahead shortly, dealing damage to every enemy it goes through. However, if the mouse cursor is over a clone, Fate Juggler swaps places with the clone instead of leaping forward: For all effects the clone becomes Fate Juggler (the machine controlled by the player) and the original Fate Juggler becomes a clone. That exchange goes visualy unseen by other players. HP are not swapped. Also, Fate Juggler's autorepair's cooldown gets reset. If Fate Juggler is carrying the bomb and swaps places with a clone carrying a fake bomb, the bomb also swaps places with the fake bomb (clones never get to carry the actual bomb). If Fate Juggler is carrying the bomb and swaps places with a clone that's not carrying anything, the bomb gets shot to the swapping target (just like it does when Stargazer teleports with it). If that happens, every clone carrying a fake bomb explodes instantly. (Fate Juggler d√° um curto salto √† frente, causando dano a todo inimigo atravessado. No entanto, caso o cursor do mouse esteja sobre um clone, Fate Juggler troca de lugar com esse clone ao inv√©s de dar o salto: Para todos os efeitos, o clone se torna Fate Juggler (a m√°quina controlada pelo jogador) e o Fate Juggler original se torna um clone. Os efeitos visuais dessa troca s√£o invis√≠veis a outros jogadores. Pontos de vida n√£o s√£o trocados. Al√©m disso, o cooldown do autorreparo de Fate Juggler √© reiniciado. Se Fate Juggler estiver carregando a bomba e trocar de lugar com um clone carregando uma bomba falsa, a bomba tamb√©m √© trocada pela bomba falsa (clones nunca carregam a bomba verdadeira). Se Fate Juggler estiver carregando a bomba e trocar de lugar com um clone que n√£o esteja carregando nada, a bomba √© disparada na dire√ß√£o do alvo da troca (assim como acontece quando Stargazer se teletransporta com a bomba). Se isso acontecer, todos os clones carregando uma bomba falsa explodem instantaneamente.) R: 8-Winged Dragon Every clone on the map explodes instantly. Then, Fate Juggler shoots 8 clones ahead as in 2-Headed Snake, 1 at a time: He does not lose HP by doing so. Every clone is born with HP equal to Fate Juggler's currently missing HP (If he only has 100 HP,for example, each clone will have 400 HP) from a minimum of 100 HP each. Every clone created remains on the map regardless of the limit amount of coexisting clones (until they get destroyed, of course). (Todo clone no mapa explode instantaneamente. Ent√£o, Fate Juggler dispara 8 clones √† frente, como em 2-Headed Snake, 1 de cada vez: Ele n√£o perde HP ao faz√™-lo. Todo clone nasce com HP igual ao atual HP perdido de Fate Juggler (Se ele tiver apenas 100 de HP, por exemplo, cada clone ter√° 400 de HP) at√© um m√≠nimo de 100 de HP cada um. Todo clone criado permanece no mapa independentemente do limite de clones coexistentes (at√© que sejam destru√≠dos, √© claro).) Quotes: Pick quote: A seven nation army couldn't hold me back! Kill quote: You should've killed me whe you had the chance! Low life quote: I'm being outnumbered... Special weapon quote: You should've brought an army! Win quote: Next time you create a monster, make sure you kill it before it lays eggs! Lose quote: They were right. I'm a failure after all...
  13. Name: Siege Breaker Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: It would be an all-in-1 medieval siege weapon, with a battering ram at the front and a catapult at the back. (Seria uma m√°quina de certo medieval multifuncional com uma ar√≠ete na frente e uma catapulta na traseira.) Concept: An interceptor designed to find a way around enemy defenses. (Um interceptador feito para driblar as defesas inimigas.) Lore: A heretic who denied the authority of the Sect of Metal, preaching that they manipulated masses by telling them fantasy stories about how their "Metal God" saved the world from the apocalypse when truly it had been nothing more than a natural event from which humanity survived though their own efforts. The Metal Herald sent a crusade to arrest him and, after he finally managed it, sentenced him to spend his days at the arena until he decided to change his mind and stop scarring the people of Metal City with his nonsense. (Um herege que negava a autoridade do Secto do Metal, pregando que eles manipulavam massas divulgando hist√≥rias fantasiosas sobre como seu "Deus do Metal" salvara o mundo do apocalipse, quando na verdade tudo n√£o havia passado de um evento natural do qual a humanidade sobrevivera com seu pr√≥prio suor. O Metal Herald enviou uma cruzada para prend√™-lo e, ap√≥s finalmente conseguir, sentenciou-o a passar seus dias na arena at√© que ele decidisse mudar de ideia e parar de assustar o povo com suas balb√ļrdias.) HP: 800 Mobility lvl: 2/6 Passive: Heresy All of Siege Breaker weapons ignore enemy shield. (Todas as armas de Siege Breaker ignoram escudo inimigo.) Q: Ram Siege Breaker's ram projects itself ahead of him with a very short range, dealing damage and abruptly pushing away an enemy it hits. The damage is proportional to the relative speed between Siege Breaker and the target. If Ram hits a wall, it throws rubble at the opposite side of the wall, which spreads on an area proportional to Siege Breaker's speed the moment he hits the wall. The rubble deals damage to enemies, only without the effects of Heresy. (A ar√≠ete de Siege Breaker se projeta √† frente com alcance muito curto, causando dano e empurrando bruscamente um inimigo atingido. O dano √© proporcional √† velocidade relativa entre Siege Breaker e o alvo. Caso Ram atinja uma parede, ela atira escombros no lado oposto da mesma, que se espalham numa √°rea proporcional √† velocidade de Siege Breaker no momento que ele atinge a parede. Os escombros causam dano a inimigos, por√©m sem os efeitos de Heresy.) W: The Twins Siege Breaker throws a long ranged spinning sling ahead, which is composed of a pair of spiked metal spheres tied together by a thick rope. The rope doesn't deal damage, but it gets wrapped around the target, making the spheres hit them from the sides. At impact, the spheres stick to the spot for up to 3s, after which time both of them explode, dealing damage on a very small area. 2nd activation: Explodes the spheres immediately. (Siege Breaker dispara uma funda com longo alcance √† frente, composta por um par de esferas met√°licas espinhadas ligadas por uma corda grossa. A corda n√£o causa dano, mas se enrola ao redor do alvo, fazendo com que as esferas o atinjam pelos lados. No impacto, as esferas grudam no local. Ap√≥s 3s elas explodem, causando dano numa √°rea muito pequena. 2¬™ ativa√ß√£o: Detona as esferas imediatamente.) E: Thorn Apart Siege Breaker rushes ahead, leaving a trail of rubbish behind which lasts 2s. The moment an enemy touches the trail, spikes emerge from all of it's lenght, dealing damage to all enemies hit and locking the target on spot for 1s. (Siege Breaker acelera √† frente, deixando um rastro de escombros para tr√°s que dura 2s. No momento que um inimigo tocar o rastro, espinhos emergem de toda sua extens√£o, causando dano a todos os inimigos atingidos e prendendo-os no local por 1s.) R: Catapult Siege Breaker catapults a fire ball on a parabole ahead of him, which explodes on the ground, dealing damage on a medium-small area and leaving the ground burning and dealing continuous damage for 2s (just like Peacemaker's special weapon). The R key may be pressed down for up to 1s to extend the range of the shot. After the 1st shot is taken, Catapult stays available for 6s, which allows Siege Breaker to take successive shots with a 0,5s cooldown. (Siege Breaker dispara de sua catapulta uma bola de fogo em par√°bola √† frente, que explode no ch√£o, causando dano numa √°rea m√©dia-pequena e deixando o ch√£o queimando e causando dano cont√≠nuo por 2s (como a arma especial do Peacemaker). A tecla R pode permanecer pressionada por at√© 1s para aumentar o alcance do disparo. Ap√≥s o 1¬ļ disparo, Catapult permanece ativa por 6s, o que permite que Siege Breaker efetue m√ļltiplos disparos com apenas um cooldown de 0,5s entre cada um.) Quotes: Pick quote: In a world of lies, he who holds the truth... Is nobody! Kill quote: Where's your god now? Low life quote: I'm going back to dust... Special weapon quote: Wanna know what hell looks like? Win quote: Your crusade... Lacks faith! Lose quote: There's no justice after all...
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