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Found 4 results

  1. 35. Sheriff: (interceptor) A hybrid damaging and sabotaging interceptor. (Um interceptador híbrido de dano e sabotagem.) 34. Gladiator: (transporter) A transporter who would reward players skilled at handling the bomb. (Um transportador que recompensaria jogadores habilidosos no manuseio da bomba.) 33. Ghost: (support) A support that steals HP from enemies and gives it to allies. (Um suporte que rouba vida de inimigos para dar a aliados.) 32. Slaughterhouse: (interceptor) A close combat interceptor designed to keep enemies close. (Um interceptador de curto alcance feito para manter seus inimigos próximos.) 31. Harvester: (transporter) A transporter that would create repairing items for himself with his weapons. (Um transportador que criaria itens reparadores para si com suas armas.) 30. Maestro: (interceptor) A dropper interceptor who'd be able to take control of enemy vehicles. (Um interceptador dropper capaz de assumir o controle de veículos inimigos.) 29. Crawler: (transporter) A transporter who'd use single-shot shields to protect itself from damage. (Um transportador que usaria escudos de ativação única para se proteger de dano.) 28. Password: (support) A support that's able to help while staying far away from the fights. (Um suporte capaz de ajudar seus aliados de longe, posicionando-se fora do combate.) 27. Thunderbird: (transporter) A transporter that rewards risk-taking. (Um transportador que recompensa riscos.) 26. Dropout: (interceptor) An obstacle on wheels, focused on bodyblocks and getting in the way of enemy transporters. (Um obstáculo ambulante, especializado em bodyblocks e em ficar no caminho de transportadores inimigos.) 25. Mama Magnet: (support) A dropper-support who'd drop repairing itens on the way of allies. (Um suporte-dropper que deixaria itens reparadores por onde passasse.) 24. Burnout: (transporter) A transporter that rewards skillful players with speed. (Um transportador que recompensa jogadores habilidosos com velocidade.) 23. Hurricane: (interceptor) A light and quick machine with pushing skills. (Uma máquina leve e rápida com habilidades de empurrar.) 22. Godfather: (support) A support who'd focus on aiding and shielding specific targets. (Um suporte focado em auxiliar e escudar alvos específicos.) 21. Frostbite: (interceptor) An intercepting-focused freezing machine. (Uma máquina congeladora focada em interceptação.) 20. Unholy Engine: (support) A transporter who'd be able to extend his maximum HP while dealing high damage. (Um transportador capaz de aumentar seu HP máximo e causar um bom dano.) 19. Hourglass: (Support) A time-bending support who'd manage allies' and enemies' autorepair, cooldowns and overall speeds. (Um suporte dobrador do tempo que trabalharia com autorreparo, cooldowns e velocidades em geral de aliados e inimigos.) 18. Bombshell: (Interceptor) An area-damage-dealing interceptor. (Um interceptador focado em dano em área.) 17. Chancellor: (Transporter) A dropper-transporter who'd be able to rush through the fighting crowds and score points more easily. (Um transportador-derrubador capaz de investir através do tumulto do combate e marcar pontos mais facilmente.) 16. Tool Box: (Support) A hybrid support who'd focus on shortening the way for allies and lengthening it for enemies. (Um suporte híbrido que focaria em encurtar o caminho para aliados e alongá-lo para inimigos.) 15. Spotlight: (Interceptor) An interceptor that focuses on dealing damage indirectly, rendering enemies more vulnerable. (Um interceptador que foca em causar dano indireto ao tornar inimigos mais vulneráveis.) 14. Devil's Wheelchair: (Transporter) A versatile transporter, with a diversity of battle modes that fit different moments in the match. (Um transportador versátil, com uma diversidade de modos de combate que se adequam a diferentes momentos da partida.) 13. Scrapper: (Transporter) A transporter-interceptor that gets repaired by destroying enemies. (Um transportador-interceptador que se repara ao destruir inimigos.) 12. Question Mark: (Support) A support that confuses enemies. (Um suporte que confunde inimigos.) 11. Ladykiller: (Transporter) A transporter that's able to protect himself from damage as well as push enemies away from him. (Um transportador capaz de se escudar de dano, bem como afastar interceptadores.) 10. Vulcan: (Interceptor) An interceptor that would create damaging obstacles for the enemy team, forcing them to change their routes. (Um interceptador que criaria obstáculos causadores de dano para o time inimigo, forçando-os a alterar suas rotas.) 9. Stubborn Steel: (Transporter) A big and heavy transporter that would be easy to hit, but hard to push, which would also make him a good obstacle when the enemy team has the bomb. (Um transportador grande e pesado que seria fácil de acertar, mas difícil de dropar, o que também o tornaria um bom obstáculo quando o time inimigo estivesse com a bomba.) 8. Free Speech: (Support) A support that deals no damage at all, but helps mess with enemy weapons and transform enemy damage into repair. (Um suporte que não causa qualquer dano, mas mexe com as armas inimigas e transforma dano inimigo em reparo.) 7. Road Rage: (Interceptor) An interceptor that's pure firepower. Designed to deal ranged damage and that's it. (Um interceptador que é puro poder de fogo. Feito para causar dano a distância e só.) 6. Alchemist: (Support) A "tanker support" that turns received damage into repair for allies. (Um "suporte tanque" que transforma dano recebido em reparo para aliados.) 5. Bumper King: (Interceptor) An interceptor that specializes in pushing away enemies and messing with their steering wheels. (Um interceptador que se especializa em empurrar inimigos e bagunçar seus controles de direção.) 4. Spring Breaker: (Transporter) A transporter with better mobility to make turns and dodges. (Um transportador com mobilidade melhor para fazer curvas e esquivas.) 3. Hell Shell: (Support) A support that gives shield to allies, but becomes very vulnerable when doing so. Tricky to play. (Um suporte que dá escudo a aliados, mas se torna bastante vulnerável ao fazê-lo. Difícil de masterizar.) 2. Agent #0: (Transporter) A defensive "hard-to-hit" transporter. (Um transportador defensivo, difícil de atingir.) 1. Tree Hugger: (Interceptor) An interceptor that focuses on stunning enemies rather than dealing damage. (Um interceptador que foca em dar stun ao invés de causar dano)
  2. the dragon’S kiss Info about the project: · I’m a begginer artist,and please forgive me the errors.(bad lines,colors etc..) · One of my favourites car was the main inspiration,an 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner/Satellite. I love her lines. · The gun: The main idea was a big gun with big range and damage with style therefore I chose a Railgun. · I will make for her a driver soon.(I think after the Holidays.) Wheels of fury (passive) When she doesn’t under attack, she can move faster than her team mates. Dragon Blood She load 8 bullet into the railgun.When she hit the enemies cause damage,and the ratio of damage she refill her HP. Dragon wings She cause an EMP impulse in her around and she cripples every enemies a few seconds in her range. The Dragon’s kiss (ultimate) She load 3 bulet into the railgun, what she can shoot a big range.When she hit the target cause a big damage and slow the enemy car.
  3. Hi guys, so here i will present you my character concept. It would be a support. His car could look like an old rats trash truck, really f***ed up, drived by a very old and thin one-eyed redneck. Passive : Randomly throw garbage behind him (bouncing away) , slowing ennemies and giving metal to allies Wep 1 - Smoke : Blow a smoke cloud, healing allies and blinding ennemies for a small amount of time. - upgrade : AOE increased, cooldown... Wep 2 - Slick : Spread oil (Could be puddle or trail ) making cars behind him loose control, loosing HP if hits walls - upgrade : Oils burn damaging more hp Ult - Plutonium : High speed effect, garbage can push allies. Tell me what you think of it Thanks for reading. Graabz
  4. Would it be possible to add an ability to the game, that forces the player to lock into the position they are, get a high amount of resistances and enable a turret-ish form/mode where they can shoot a further distance than before? Or even more, an ability that allows the pilot to take on another form / appearance which then gives them the opportunity to get one new ability or alters the effects of his previous abilities?
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