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  2. Guys, thank you for this recommendation here. You know, I love playing in this game from time to time too as it helps me to relax a little. Besides, sometimes I prefer to watch dota 2 tournaments here on https://tips.gg/dota2/tournaments/ because it's fascinating for me to do it there. And what about you all here?
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  4. The new Haiduk album - Diabolica [2021]
  5. Hello KeithAlston! Welcome to HMM! Have you joined our Discord server yet? It's a great way to meet other players and find others to play together! Just click on the link here: https://discord.gg/VW4At95R You can claim a free Model when joining our Discord in #hmm-links, so don't miss out! Edit: Just noticed you have been part of the forum for a while, but I haven't seen you on Discord yet! So come join! See you in the Arena! Xanthos
  6. Hello 13m3, In order to change your username in-game you must fill out this request: https://forms.gle/J5r8hqQmUcBHYiYq7 Also, have you joined our Discord Server yet? It's the best way to get in touch with us and the rest of the HMM Community! Join here: https://discord.gg/heavymetalmachines See you in the Arena! Xanthos
  7. I did that, but my ingame nick didn't change at all! It's still the old one (GzUz). How can I fix that?
  8. Character: Nanotron skill set reference: smite, hel) life: 500 passive: Nanotek protection Allies affected by nanobot takes 20% less damage.(round up) life stance weapon 1: Life shoot (3 second cooldown) shoot a homing projectile at nearest ally(old arti Q/W), add regen of 150 over a 15 second total. (max 3 stacks) timer of nanobot can run out max heal: 5 stack at same time total: 3000 per min. 50 per second. weapon 2: Art of creation (10 second cooldown) Place a mine on the floor that ally can pick to gain 200 armor. max armor: 1200 per min. weapon 3: Nanobot Overload(life) (20 second cooldown) area of effect instantly heal allies for 100, add 1 stack of nanobots. max heal: 3 target 900 heal per min + 1350 per min. nanobots death stance weapon 1: Death shoot (4 second cooldown) shoot a homing projectile at nearest enemy, deal 80 damage instantly. max damage: 960 per min. weapon 2: Art of destruction (8 second cooldown) shoot a straight line projectile that deal 50 damage and slow for 1 second, if target have armor if takes an additional 50 damage. max damage: 750 damage per min + slow. weapon 3: Nanobot Overload(death) (20 second cooldown) area of effect around dealing 150 damage, slow enemies hit by 50% for 1 seconds. max damage: 1800 per min + slow. weapon 4 : Life and Death (3 second cooldown) switch between life stance and death stance. passive: 20% lower damage on max 3 allies: exemple vs 6000 damage per min(total other team) protect 1200 per min. total healing: 5250 per min. (mostly heal over time) total armor: 1200 per min. total max damage: 3510 per min. + slow(cc) character is able to switch to damage while some slow heal over time is happening(max 30 heal per second) and armor mine is on cooldown(10 sec) armor is used to make the slow heal effective a bit more.
  9. New machine concept: Cheetah. Description: An interceptor that can drift around enemies making them dizzy. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a Cheetah zoomorph who would be the same age as Stingray. And would sound very outgoing. Machine's appearance: Something like this but would be yellow and have cheetah spots. Lore: Yuri Spotrunner always loved drifting through the streets of the City Of Manfall cause she looks up to Stingray and hopes to be just like him someday! One day while she was racing, something or someone blew her left rear tire out and she almost crashed if it weren't for her pro driving skills. Stingray witnessed this and after helping fix Yuri's tire, invited her to the arena for some real racing action! (The one who blew out her tire was FMJ) Abilities. Passive: Flexible. Yuri is constantly drifting whenever she turns. This comes in handy when dodging attacks. Q: Thunder Zap. Releases a lightning bolt from the machine dealing damage to enemies. W: Spoiler Alert! The wing on the rear of her machine extends itself damaging enemies who touch it. E: Peel Out. Yuri slams the gas and leaps forward. But if the E key is held down, she brakes and does a burnout without moving. When released, she leaves skid marks on the ground which slow down enemies. R: She enters a drifting frenzy and begins slicing at her enemies which deals immense damage.
  10. New machine concept: Silver Arrow. Description: An interceptor that uses long ranged attacks to strike foes from afar. Pilot's appearance: She'd be an elf archer with a Patrons symbol on her outfit. Machine's appearance: Something like this with a crossbow on the front and would have a patron symbol somewhere on it. Lore: A loyal member of the patrons, Skye Arrowsmith never misses her target. One day while practicing her aim, She witnessed some innocents being attacked by FMJ. Quickly she jumped into her machine the Silver Arrow, and raced to the rescue, quickly chasing the Sect outlaw away shooting arrows at him. The people thanked her by offering her a invitation to the arena and that's where she went. Abilities: Passive: Precise Aim. Her weapons never miss making them tough to outrun. Q: Shining Arrow. Fires a sparkling arrow at enemies dealing damage and popping their tires. W: Exploding Arrow. Fires a arrow that attaches to enemies. 2nd activation: The arrow detonates causing splash damage. E: Swift Sprint. Accelerates forward surrounded in a silver aura. R: Arrow Storm. Releases multiple arrows into the sky which rain down on enemies causing high damage, and popping tires.
  11. New machine concept: Nurse Bloodlust. Description: A support that trades health with enemies. Pilot's appearance: A crazed nurse with blood all over her clothes, and would wear smeared makeup. Machine's appearance: An armored ambulance that has blood splattered all over it. It would be as big as Icebringer. Lore: Nurse Rebecca Redheart wasn't always the crazed psychopathic nurse that she is today. She was once a humble worker at a hospital who always made sure her patients were all healed up and feeling better! But one day a annoying patient arrived and started berating her while she was operating on his knee. She suddenly snapped and amputated his leg and head, she realized how killing that jerk must've felt and has since devoted her life to killing her "patients" if they disobey her. And that includes a certain Killer J who doesn't want to take his medicine. The arena will be her hospital! Abilities. Passive: Bleed. This is triggered when her weapons damage enemies which slowly drains their health. Q: Scornful Syringe. Shoots a syringe at enemies damaging them and making them bleed. W: Maniacal Medication. Bloodlust opens the back doors of her machine and dumps medicine which damages enemies and heals allies. E: Ambulance Chaser. With her sirens blaring NB accelerates at breakneck speeds ramming enemies out of her way. R: Blood transplant. When activated, NB switches health with the selected enemy's health. (Can come in handy when facing an Icebringer.)
  12. New machine concept: Chessmaster. Description: A transporting interceptor that can lay down turrets. Pilot's appearance: He would look like a literal chess piece that came to life with a long cape with chess patterns on it. Machine's appearance: A Packard with a knight head on the front, bishop symbols on the sides, and two rooks on the back. Lore: A member of the patrons who's a excellent chess player enters the arena to test his new style of combat. Abilities. Passive: Stalemate. Enemies can't move when his weapons hit them. Q: Pawn. Places 3 pawns on the ground which enemies bounce off of. 2nd Activation: The pawns attack enemies. W: Bishop. places 2 bishops on the ground which act like turrets, and block enemies' way. E: Knight. Jumps over enemies with the power of the knight pieces. R: Queen. Places a queen on the ground that has all the abilities of the other 3 pieces.
  13. Ouroboros is a sister of vipers and unlike snakes, it does not hide its presence leaving its trail of poisonous gas wherever it passes. Its intention is only one: See your enemies suffocated as yours cars melt. Passive: Cars hit by their skills receive poisoning effect. Soundtrack : Alice Cooper - Poison
  14. New machine concept: Dark Widow. Description. A Interceptor designed around trapping enemies rendering the, venerable. Pilot's appearance: A Spider zoomorph with 4 legs on her back, and would wear a tiara. Machine's appearance: A spider looking car with 6 legs that extend. Lore: The City of Manfall has it's fare share of oddballs and this spider girl is no exception. She is a skilled assassin and interrogator who never mercy for her foes. One day Stingray was racing through the city and she caught him in one of her webs and started to question him about the patrons. Of course he thought of an excuse to get him out of his sticky situation, so she decided to head to the arena to gather more info about the patrons so she can overthrow them! Abilities. Passive: Venom. All her weapons poison enemies slowly draining their health and healing her. Q: Web shot. Shoots balls of silk at her enemies damaging and trapping them. W: Widow's bite. DW chomps down on enemies which damages and poisons them. E: Tarantula. The legs on her machine extend outward and she gains acceleration. R: Web of Woe. DW spins a giant web which traps enemies for 3s, and poisons them.
  15. New machine concept: Bone Warrior. Description: An interceptor of two worlds. Offence and Defense. Pilot's appearance: An undead barbarian with nightmarish armor. Machine's appearance: A Buggy made out of bones from the undead. (The bones are made of titanium) Lore: Maximus Skullduggery was the worlds most feared warrior who died in a battle in conquering the metal kingdom. He rose from the dead after Metal Herald revived him as a skeleton. Now with his newfound immortality he enters the arena to continue his conquest. Abilities. Passive: Bonesplosion. Whenever he gets destroyed, the usual death animation doesn't occur. Instead he explodes scattering his parts everywhere enemies who get hit by his parts suffer low damage. Q: Bone throw. Lobs bones at enemies dealing low damage. W: Reform. When activated BW calls all his bones back to his machine. Enemies who get hit by the moving bones suffer medium damage. E: Use your head! BW accelerates at breakneck speeds ramming into enemies and dealing medium damage. R: Sturdy Bones. BW's machine's bones become solid titanium and cannot be damaged for 5s.
  16. I can't seem to like it, I actually slept throughout the whole film the first time I watched it, but I can see why people like it that much, the plot twist!!!
  17. I'm happy cuz I just ate some broccoli pizza
  18. Do you guys like broccoli pizza? I do! omg I do too!! it's amazing isn't it?
  19. Hello subl1me89vision! Thank you for writing to us, and sorry to hear about this bad experience you had! It sounds like these players were definitely displaying Unpsorting Behavior, which is punishable according to our Rules of Conduct. Did you report them using our in-game tool? If so, the match will be reviewed and if applicable these players will receive their punishment. If you didn't report them in-game we would need some more infomration from you in order to review what happened exactly. You can write me a direct message here with your PlayerTag, contact me directly on Discord or create a ticket here, https://www.heavymetalmachines.com//support/ in order for us to look into it further. Again sorry for that experience you had, and we hope this won't happen again to you. Let's stay in touch & have a great week, Xanthos
  20. The desert army came from a distant, long-forgotten land, from an old military base. With a team of three scouts they reached Metal City. Colonel Spencer is the commander of the scouts and commands a military machine, Captain Lery Arter commands a semi-caterpillar with an artillery cannon, shooting behind the defense lines at his enemies, Sergeant Carter commands an equipped battle armor with a machine gun following enemies and firing their dangerous blasts.. (O exército do deserto veio de uma terra distante, há muito tempo esquecido, de uma antiga base militar. Com uma equipe de três batedores eles chegaram até Metal City. O Coronel Spencer é o comandante dos batedores e comanda uma maquina militar, o capitão Lery Arter comanda uma Semilagarta (Veja a Foto) com um canhão de artilharia, atirando atrás das linhas de defesa nos seus inimigos, Sargento Carter comanda um blindado de batalha equipado com uma metralhadora seguindo os inimigos e disparando suas perigosas rajadas.) Spider Machine Name: Spider Machine Role: Intercept (Notes: It does not have a machine gun, but a pull rope on the chelicerae of the machine.) (Notas: Não possui uma metralhadora e sim uma corda de tração nas quelíceras da maquina.) Concept: A combat machine specialized in immobilizing enemies and fixing them in a specific location. (Uma maquina de combate especializada em imobilizar os inimigos e fixa-los em um local especifico.) History: Spencer lived for many years in a city that settled after the apocalypse on an abandoned military base. Using military machinery, the city prospered, looking for new places to expand the territory, Spencer was sent with a team of scouts to explore the unknown, after much wandering he and his team arrived in Metal City. Spencer runs his group with an iron hand, and is the only one capable of piloting the Spider Machine, which he himself built using military designs. (Spencer viveu por muitos anos em uma cidade que se estabeleceu após o apocalipse em uma base militar abandonada. Utilizando o maquinário militar a cidade prosperou, buscando novos locais para expandir o território, Spencer foi enviado com uma equipe de batedores para explorar o desconhecido, depois de muito vagar ele e a sua equipe chegaram a Metal City. Spencer comanda o seu grupo com mãos de ferro, e é o único capaz de pilotar a Spider Machine, que ele mesmo construiu usando projetos militares.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Resume: Q: Fires a projectile that causes damage and slows enemies hit. W: Spider Machine charges its web increasing its speed, damage and duration the longer the ability is loaded by holding down the button. When hitting enemies, the web sticks to the enemy and the shooting location, when pressing W again, the enemy is pulled to the shooting location and immobilized for 2 seconds E: The Spider Machine leaps forward, pushing enemies away, dealing extra damage to those located in the center. R: Creates a large area around the machine. After a fixed period, the area explodes, causing damage and pushing and paralyzing enemies within the area. (Q: Dispara um projétil que causa dano e causa lentidão nos inimigos atingidos. W: Spider Machine carrega sua teia aumentando sua velocidade, dano e duração quanto mais tempo a habilidade é carregada mantendo pressionado o botão. Ao atingir os inimigos, a teia gruda no inimigo e no local de tiro, ao pressionar W novamente, o inimigo é puxado para o local de tiro e imobilizado por 2 segundos E: A Máquina Aranha salta para frente, empurrando os inimigos para longe, causando dano extra àqueles localizados no centro. R: Cria uma grande área ao redor da máquina. Após um período fixo, a área explode, causando danos e empurrando e paralisando os inimigos dentro da área.) Q: Small Web The main weapon of the Spider Machine is the "Small Web", the web is produced in industries with a hollow found in the desert, the web is super resistant. The weapon causes damage and slows enemies, and can be used to delay transporters and paralyze enemies over acid or lava. (A principal arma da Spider Machine é a "Teia Pequena", a teia é produzida em indústrias com caborno encontrado no deserto, a teia é super resistente. A arma causa dano e lentidão nos inimigos, podendo ser utilizada para atrazar transportadores e paralizar inimigos sobre o ácido ou lava.) W: Paralyzing web Spider Machine can create a web that you can shoot at your enemies, the longer you hold the weapon key [W], the more the web increases its damage, duration and launch speed. When it hits enemies the web sticks to the spot of the shot and the enemy and after 2 seconds pull the enemy to the location, causing paralysis for 2 seconds after the pull, you can activate the weapon manually by pressing the weapon key [W] again. the enemy for lava, acid, knockers or blockers can also be used to delay the arrival of interceptors. (Spider Machine pode criar uma teia que você pode atirar em seus inimigos, quanto mais você segura a tecla de arma [W], mais a teia aumenta o seu dano, duração e a velocidade de lançamento. Ao atingir inimigos a teia gruda no local do disparo e no inimigo e após 2 segundos puxa o inimigo para o local, causando paralisia por 2 segundos após o puxão, pode-se ativar a arma manualmente pressionando a tecla da arma [W] novamente. Pode-se utilizar a arma para puxar o inimigo para a lava, ácido, derrubadores ou bloqueadores. pode-se ser usada também para atrasar a chegada de interceptadores) E: Aerial jump The aerial jump throws the machine forward over its enemies, where the machine is unviable. On the way down, it pushes enemies away from the machine, causing damage to the opponents located in the center of the Impact. The ability can be used to ward off enemies from the carrier and dodge enemies. (O pulo aéreo joga a máquina para a frente por cima dos seus inimigos, onde a máquina fica invulnerável. Na descida afasta os inimigos da máquina causando dano nos adversários localizados no centro do Impacto. A habilidade pode ser utilizada para afastar inimigos do transportador e se esquivar de inimigos.) R: Spider Trap Its special weapon creates an area around the machine, which after a while launches webs all over the place, causing damage and paralyzing the affected enemies. The skill is useful when the target of the bomb is close to being dropped or when there is lava or dropper close to enemies. (A sua arma especial cria uma área ao redor da maquina, que após um tempo lança teias para todos os lados causando dano e paralisando os inimigos atingidos. A habilidade é útil quando o objetivo da bomba está perto de ser lançado ou quando há lava ou conta-gotas perto dos inimigos.) Quotes: Pick: We will trap them in their own trap Kill: You could improve your armor Low life: Speed or Armor, I have to decide. Special weapon: Follow me if you are able Win: The victory was won by our actions Lose: I need to improve my driving if I want to win (Pick: Vamos aprisiona-los na sua própria armadilha Kill: Você podia melhorar sua blindagem Low life: Velocidade ou Blindagem, tenho que decidir. Special weapon: Siga-me se for capaz Win: A vitória foi conquistada pelas nossas ações Lose: Preciso melhorar minha direção se desejo vencer) King Artillery Name: King Artillery Role: Intercept tes: Observations: The “King Artillery” has Half-Track wheels and is completely closed, with no visible occupants Observações: A “King Artillery” tem rodas com lagartas e é totalmente fechada, sem ocupantes visíveis History: Lery Arter enlisted in the army to blow things up, when she had the opportunity to join the artillery division she did not hesitate. When the exploration mission began, he volunteered with his team to pilot the "King Artillery", a prototype designed to hit long-range targets behind the lines of defense. Equipped with a 200mm cannon, the "King Artillery" has a low blading which makes it an easy target if found. (Lery Arter se alistou no exército para explodir coisas, quando teve a oportunidade de entrar para a divisão de artilharia não hesitou. Quando a missão de exploração se iniciou ele se voluntariou junto com a sua equipe para pilotar a "King Artillery", um prótotipo desenhado para acertar alvos a longa distância atrás das linhas de defesa. Equipada com um canhão de 200mm, o "King Artillery" tem uma baixa blidagem o que o torna um alvo fácil se for encontrado. ) HP: 500 Mobility lvl: 3/6 Resume: Q: "King Artillery" charges his weapon, creating a crosshair that gains range over time. When Q is pressed again, the weapon is fired, if it is not fired before reaching the distance limit, the weapon is automatically fired. Once fired, the target area explodes, causing extra damage to those located in the center. W: "King Artillery" charges his weapon, creating a crosshair that gains range over time. When pressing Q again, the weapon is fired, if it is not fired before reaching the distance limit, the weapon is automatically fired. Once fired, the target area receives boxes with parachutes that explode when they come into contact with enemies causing them to slow down. Only one area can receive loads at a time. E: "King Artillery" accelerates forward, receiving a shield for a short period. R: "King Artillery" charges his weapon, creating a crosshair that gains range over time. When pressing Q again, the weapon is fired, if it is not fired before reaching the distance limit, the weapon is automatically fired. After being fired, a large area takes damage, shields are ignored. (Q: "King Artillery" carrega sua arma, criando uma mira que ganha alcance com o tempo. Ao se pressionar Q novamente a arma é disparada, caso não seja disparada antes de chegar ao limite de distância a arma é disparada automaticamente. Depois de disparada, a área alvo explode, causando dano extra àqueles localizados no centro. W: "King Artillery" carrega sua arma, criando uma mira que ganha alcance com o tempo. Ao se pressionar Q novamente a arma é disparada, caso não seja disparada antes de chegar ao limite de distância a arma é disparada automaticamente. Depois de disparada, a área alvo recebe caixas com paraquedas que explodem ao entrarem em contato com inimigos causando lentidão. Apenas uma área pode receber as cargas de uma vez. E: "King Artillery" acelera para frente, recebendo escudo por um curto periódo. R: "King Artillery" carrega sua arma, criando uma mira que ganha alcance com o tempo. Ao se pressionar Q novamente a arma é disparada, caso não seja disparada antes de chegar ao limite de distância a arma é disparada automaticamente. Depois de disparada, uma grande área recebe dano, escudos são ignorados. Q: Bombardment of the King The main weapon of the pilot machine by Lery Arter is his 200mm cannon that allows him to hit enemies behind the combat zone. This weapon projects a sight moving on the ground, firing the bomb when the maximum sight is reached. The weapon has a second activation: press [W] a second time to choose the best time to fire the bomb and hit your enemies. (A principal arma da maquina pilota por Lery Arter é o seu canhão de 200mm que o permite acertar inimigos atrás da zona de combate. Esta arma projeta uma mira movendo-se no chão, disparando a bomba quando se atinge a mira máxima. A arma possui um segunda ativação: pressione [W] uma segunda vez para escolher o melhor momento para disparar a bomba e acertar os seus inimigos.) W: Trojan paratroopers Using special techniques, a bomb filled with boxes of explosives lands on the Arena. This weapon projects a sight moving on the ground, firing the bomb when maximum aim is reached. The weapon has a second activation: press [W] a second time to choose the best time to fire the boxes. Explosives are activated when they come into contact with enemies causing damage and slowness. Only one area can receive charges at a time. (Usando técnicas especiais, uma bomba repleta de caixas com explosivos pousa sobre a Arena. Esta arma projeta uma mira movendo-se no chão, disparando a bomba quando se atinge a mira máxima. A arma possui um segunda ativação: pressione [W] uma segunda vez para escolher o melhor momento para disparar as caixas. Os explosivos são ativados ao entrarem em contato com os inimigos causando dano e lentidão. Apenas uma área pode receber as cargas de uma vez.) E: Strategic Escape Because it does not have a high blidation, sometimes a strategic escape may be the best option. "King Artillery" is propelled and shielded for a short period of time, allowing escape (Por não possuir uma alta blindagem, ás vezes uma fuga estratégica pode ser a melhor opção. "King Artillery" recebe propulsão e escudo por um curto período de tempo, permitindo a fuga) R: Super Heavy Bomber Using the machine's largest available bomb, Lery uses her weapon to hit a large area with huge damage while ignoring the machine's shields. This weapon projects a sight moving on the ground, firing the bomb when maximum aim is reached. weapon has a second activation: press [W] a second time to choose the best time to fire the bomb and hit all your enemies. (Usando a maior bomba disponível da maquina, Lery usa sua arma para acertar uma grande área com um enorme dano ignorando os escudos da maquina. Esta arma projeta uma mira movendo-se no chão, disparando a bomba quando se atinge a mira máxima. A arma possui um segunda ativação: pressione [W] uma segunda vez para escolher o melhor momento para disparar a bomba e acertar todos seus inimigos.) Quotes: Pick: My aim will not fail Kill: You can't run from my cannon Low life: Cowards are the ones who survive Special weapon: Look at the explosion, oh didn't you see? What a pity. Win: Everyone was reduced to dust Lose: I failed in my mission, I cannot fail again. (Pick: Minha mira não irá falhar Kill: Não pode-se fugir do meu canhão Low life: Os covardes são os que sobrevivem Special weapon: Olha a explosão, ah você não viu? Que pena. Win: Todos foram reduzidos a pó Lose: Falhei na minha missão, não posso falhar novamente.) Lord of the Heavy Machine Gun Name: Spider Machine Role: Intercept Carter is a tough sergeant who trained thousands of soldiers for war, when he was assigned to explore the desert, he readily accepted his designation. Using an armored machine equipped with a Heavy Machine Gun, which was nicknamed Lord of the Heavy Machine Gun, Carter uses his weapon to grind his enemies by firing dangerous bursts after his enemies. (Carter é um sargento durão que treinou milhares de soldados para a guerra, quando foi designado para explorar o deserto, aceitou prontamente a sua designação. Usando um blindado equipado com um Pesada Metralhadora, que recebeu o apelido de Lord of the Heavy Machine Gun, Carter usa sua arma para triturar os seus inimigos disparando perigosas rajadas atrás dos seus inimigos.) HP: 750 Mobility lvl: 2/6 Resume: Q: Fires a quick burst of 10 shots. (Note: the damage of each shot is low, but if the 10 shots are accurate, they do good damage) W: Use the armored cannon to destroy enemy armor. E: Fires a small disc that disables the opponent's shield allowing the vehicle to hit the enemy more easily. R: Fires a super burst of 25 shots with your machine gun and after a short period fires your cannon causing damage in the area and hitting grouped enemies. (Q:Dispara uma rápida rajada de 10 tiros. (Nota: o dano de cada tiro é baixo, mas caso os 10 tiros forem certeiros, causam um bom dano) W: "Utiliza o canhão do blindado para destruir a blindagem inimiga. E: Dispara uma pequeno disco que desabilita o escudo do adversário permitindo que o veículo consiga acertar o inimigo com maior facilidade. R: Dispara uma super rajada de 25 tiros com a sua metralhadora e após uma curto período dispara seu canhão causando dano em área e acertando inimigos agrupados. ) Q: Killing Gust Using the heavy machine gun of his armor, Carter fires a blast and can hit several enemies with a blast. Usando a Metralhadora Pesada do seu blindado, Carter dispara uma rajada podendo acertar diversos inimigos com uma rajada. W: Piercing your armor The armorer fires ammunition with his cannon that ignores shields and damages his enemies (O blindado dispara com o seu canhão uma munição que ignora escudos e causa dano nos seus inimigos) E: Awarded Disc Using the cannon, Carter uses a special disc that breaks the enemy's shield, inhibiting his armor from his shots. (Usando o canhão, carter usa um disco especial que quebra o escudo inimigo, inibindo a sua blindagem aos seus disparos.) R: Destroying you Carter prepares his weapons and fires a super burst with 25 shots and after a short period fires the main cannon causing high damage in the area. (Carter prepare suas armas e dispara uma super rajada com 25 tiros e após um curto período dispara o canhão principal causando alto dano em área.) Quotes: Pick: My weapons are the best Kill: Your armor is no match Low life: Repair would be useful in those hours Special weapon: How dare you challenge me Win: My training was well used Lose: I must train more to win (Pick: Minhas armas são as melhores Kill: Sua blindagem não é párea Low life: Reparo seria útil nessas horas Special weapon: Como ousa me desafiar Win: Meu treinamento foi bem usado Lose: Devo treinar mais para vencer)
  21. The update says to fix 2 known bugs but just yesterday I played agaisnt 2 players that knew a way to pass through the track barrier with the bomb by doing some driving maneuver. They spent most the match just passing the bomb back and forth and showing off how they are cheating. I am not exaggerating they would have the bomb on Metal God Arena and beavlento pass through the track and bypass the RED/BLUE areas where bomb drops. Super fun when people can cheat or find exploits and be absent excute them multiple times by several players in one match. On a side note people that dont play to the best of their abilities by fooling around, bullying and stalling game, passing constantly, playing passive make the game so annoying and no fun. Player names "jok" and "TILICHIDOS" will keep catching their own teammates shots at enemy goals to keep elongating the game and like yesterday "jok" kept catching the goals his teammates shoot so he can go back and show off how he cheats through the track barriers....over...and over....again. they shoot at goal, jok would block for us. Drive it away from their enemy goal...go even further...exploit through the gates...make incredible fast passes back and forth to his buddy. He will go to out goal, shoot, jok blocks for us and runs it away...over....and over.....and over again. Inconsiderate, passive, cowardice, disrespectful and gaming community trolls. Play custom if you wanna goof and bully people do it to your friends not randoms. You cant even quit the match to start a new one. It isnt fair to have to waste 35-50 min in one match just because the opponents refuse to score the last goal. I watched my players slowly disconnect as the time of the match kept increasing. They aren't even helping people get fun matches in, or quick ones before work. Not to mention the other players get NO REAL practice when they are just wondering what in the heck is going on, are they making mistakes? Are they practicing? Are they giving us opportunities? No. They are trolls trying to get you to Disconnect and or waste ALL your time in one match that they will never just win straight forward. Always monkey around. It doesnt help anyone learn or simply play a good average times game.
  22. New machine concept: Taxicab 47Z. Description: A transporter that uses his weapons to score points more easily while delivering the bomb. Pilot's appearance: A man about 28 years old would have a cool haircut, a spiffy taxi driver suit, and would speak with a new jersey accent. Machine's appearance: A taxicab modified for the arena. It would be just as big as FMJ. Lore: A hardworking taxi driver who's company that he works for is on the verge of bankruptcy enters the arena to win the money to save it. Abilities. Passive: Tip please! Whenever he destroys an enemy, a speed boost is rewarded. Q: Wipe your south! Shoots flaming toilet paper from his hand made toilet paper launcher at enemies damaging and burning them. W: Lighten the load. Drops suitcases filled with explosives that detonate and damage enemies. E: Rush Hour. Accelerates forward at breakneck speeds scattering money and healing allies. R: Reckless driving. He begins speeding out of control ramming into enemies and dealing high damage.
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