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  2. New machine concept: Devastator. Description: A Interceptor that can deal very high damage and has melee abilities. Pilot's appearance: A man in a prison jumpsuit who appears to be menacing but is very innocent and sweet. Machine's appearance: A armored pick up truck that looks like it came straight out of Death Race with lots of guns and a plow on the front. Lore: A innocent man who used to run a gym was arrested for a crime he tried to prevent from happening. He escaped with the help of Rampage and Stingray who told him that the cops were wrong and he was just trying to help. He enters the arena to prove his innocence and tell the truth for all to hear! Abilities: Passive: Kind soul. Whenever he saves an ally from being killed he gets healed by 15% and gets a damage buff. Q: Gunshot. Shoots the guns on his machine at enemies dealing low damage and causing skid. W: Gas tank. He grabs a tank of gas and throws it at enemies exploding and burning them. E: Prison break. Devastator hits the accelerator of his machine which causes him to surge forward ramming enemies with his plow. R: Wreck it Rocket. Shoots a gigantic missile at enemies which explodes among contact dealing high and splash damage.
  3. Conjunction Junction what's your function? 😎 Conjunction Junction what's your function? 😎
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  5. Quotes: Pick quote: "I'll just get straight to the point!" Pick 2: "To the arena my sister!" Kill quote: "You've just took a arrow to the knee!" Low life: "Sister help me please...." Boost: "Get over it!" Ult: "Danger from above!" Win quote: "I new i could count on you sis." Lose quote: "I better not tell her about this.."
  6. CAR NAME: Aim'n Shoot PILOT NAME: Hansel S. Gundahar CLASS: Transport/Intercep Descrição do Piloto: Um homem alto, corpulento, usando roupas pretas. teria cabelo preto e olhos castanhos. Ficaria com duas bestas. Teria sotaque alemão. Pilot Description: A tall, burly man, wearing black clothes. he would have black hair and brown eyes. He would have two beasts. He would have a German accent. Descrição da Maquina: Uma caminhonete 6x6 com suspensão hidraulica, ao lado de cada porta teria uma besta que dispara um tipo de projetil diferente. Machine Description: A 6x6 pickup truck with hydraulic suspension, next to each door would have a crossbow that fires a different type of projectile. THEME: A musica dos dois irmãos se completariam se vc sobrepor, no caso dela teria maior uso do baixo. The music of the two brothers would be complete if you overlap, in case she would have more use of the bass. LORE Gemeo mais novo, veio com sua irmã para Metal City devido a um pedido de um cliente misterioso que os contratou para participar do torneio. Mestre no tiro, ele vai usar suas habilidades incapacitantes para cumprir o seu contrato. Younger twin, he came with his sister to Metal City due to a request from a mysterious client who hired them to participate in the tournament. Master of shooting, he will use his disabling skills to fulfill his contract. PASSIVE - Rune Mark Toda vez que acertar um inimigo marca ele. Todo inimigo marcado se atingido novamente passa a dar 25% do dano tomado como cura. Every time you hit an enemy it marks it. Every enemy marked if hit again starts to deal 25% of the damage taken as a cure. 1st SKILL - Barbed Arrows Atira uma flecha pelo lado direito do carro que causa pouco dano porem causa slow nos inimigos por 1s. Shoot an arrow from the right side of the car that does little damage but slows enemies for 1s. 2nd SKILL - PEM Arrow Atira uma flecha pelo lado esquerdo do carro que causa dano por segundo e reduz o ataque do inimigo em 20% por 2s. Shoots an arrow from the left side of the car that deals damage per second and reduces the enemy's attack by 20% for 2s. 3rd SKILL - All Terrain Ativa a suspensão especial do carro enquanto avança pra frente, passando por cima de qualquer carro causando slow nos carros que passar Activates the special suspension of the car while advancing forward, going over any car causing slow cars that pass ULTIMATE - Purple Rain Dispara para cima e causa uma chuva de flechas em uma area média circular, causando dano por segundo e slow nos inimigos. Shoots upwards and causes a shower of arrows in a medium circular area, causing damage per second and slow to enemies.
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  8. New machine concept: Hunter. Description: An Interceptor that can sabotage. Pilot's appearance: He'd be a Australian man that wears a hunter's outfit with a helmet plus a jackaroo hat. Machine's appearance: A jeep with a giant sniper rifle coming out of the passenger side. Lore: A hunter who loves to hunt animals for sport. While he was hunting FMJ witnessed what he was doing and tried to assainate him for killing the animals but he escapes to the arena to carry on hunting season. Abilities: Passive: Keen eye. Hunter's weapons never miss due to him being one of the greatest snipers around. Q: Snipe shot. Shoots his rifle at enemies dealing low damage but never missing. W: Net. Tosses out a net that traps enemies but doesn't damage them. E: Deer charge. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with the horns on the front of his machine dealing medium damage. R: Lock on. When activated, Crosshairs appear on an enemy targeting them. 2nd activation: Hunter shoots at the targeted enemy dealing high damage.
  9. New machine concept: Shadow Knight. Description: An interceptor that has impressive armor and reduces damage. Pilot's appearance: He'd be a Knight in shining armor and would carry a sword, shield, and mace. (He'd also speak in a medieval voice with a echo) Machine's appearance: A medieval looking car that would be shaped like a tank and has a helmet modeled canopy. Lore: Sent from an unknown kingdom on the outskirts of Metal City to battle in the arena and learn the secrets of the sect, this knight will prove to his king and queen that he will succeed! He also respects Artificer who helped him build his machine centuries ago and sees the potential in Stingray to become a noble warrior. Abilities: Passive: Forged armor. Made from the Metal kingdom workshops, the armor on his machine reduces damage by 15%. Q: Cannonball. Fires three cannonballs from the three cannons on the front of his machine dealing low damage to enemies. W: Mace swing. Swings his mace at enemies dealing medium damage and pushing them to the sides. E: Ride into battle! SK surges forward pointing his sword and damages nearby enemies. R: Catapult toss. A catapult comes out from the machine's rear and throws a fireball at enemies dealing high damage and burning them.
  10. New machine concept: Splat. Description: An Interceptor that uses different types of paints with effects to dispatch enemies with. Pilot's appearance: A Chameleon zoomorph who's an artist that wears a beret and a dress with paint stains. Machine's appearance: Envision this race car with a paint cannon on the side and three tanks which house paint. Lore: A young artist who resides in the City of Manfall is looking to reveal her latest picture but no one's interested... that is until Icebringer who was delivering some food saw her painting and complemented her skills then he asked "If you're a good artist, can you be a good pilot?" She replied "Sure i am!" and showed him her driving skills. She then followed him to the arena and once she arrived, she reveled her latest piece of art to eveyone! Now she fights in there using her paints to their full use! Abilities: Passive: Refill. Whenever she runs out of paint the tanks begin to refill themselves. (There is a meter that depicts this) Q: Red fire. Shoots out a glop of red paint which turns into fire that deals damage and burns enemies. W: Blue ice. Shoots out a glop of blue paint which turns into ice and freezes enemies but not damaging them. E: Green speed. Splat activates a booster in her machine which causes it to accelerate forward and lay out a trail of green paint which slows enemies. R: All mixed up. The colors in Splat's tanks mix together which releases a stream of rainbow paint consisting of red, blue, and green which deals high damage to enemies.
  11. New machine concept: Astroblast. Description: A transporter that can deliver the bomb at high speeds but requires to be always on the move forward. Pilot's appearance: He would be an astronaut so his outfit is explains itself. Machine's appearance: A rocket car like the two pictured below but more cyberpunk. Lore: A friend of Stargazer who was lost during a mission but was saved and brought back to earth. He enters the arena to reunite with her and catch up on old times. Abilities: Passive: Entering the atmosphere. Surrounds the machine in a reddish/orange layer that protects himself while pushing away enemies. Q: Proton Ray. Shoots out a green laser that deals low damage. W: Repair unit: When activated two drones come out and start repairing the machine. E: Blast off! Accelerates forward which instantly triggers the effects of the passive. R: To infinity and beyond! Same as E but is WAY more powerful and creates a shockwave that deals high damage to enemies.
  12. New machine concept: Knockout. Description: A boxing interceptor that rewards the player with speed after using the ult successfully. Pilot's appearance: He would be a boxer with spiked gloves. Machine's appearance: Take this dune buggy. Now envision it with two arms with gigantic metal boxing gloves. Lore: Metal City's Boxing champion is bored cause he keeps knocking out every opponent with one punch, but after hearing the arena is having sign ups he goes there to join. (And hopefully experience the thrills of a real match) Abilities: Passive: Prize fighter. Rewards the player who's skilled enough when using the ult with a speed and power boost. Q: Slugger. Extends the arms outward and punches the opponents dealing low damage with each hit. (Q key can be held down and only stops after releasing) W: Cross Punch. Performs a cross punch that pushes enemies to the side and deals slightly higher damage than Q. E: Dash straight. Accelerates forward and does a drill punch into enemies dealing medium damage. R: Pulverizing power punch. Charges up and releases a power blow instantly killing enemies. (Tricky to use)
  13. Quotes. Pick quote: "I've got the edge!" Pick 2: "Sharp as a razor!" Kill quote: "You've been cut down to size." Low life: "My blade... It's being dulled!!!" Boost: "Slice and dice baby!" Ult: "DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS!" Win quote: "I knew i could count on my blade." Lose quote: "No! There's got to be some mistake!"
  14. CAR NAME: Hack'n Slash PILOT NAME: Gretel S. Gundahar CLASS: Transport/ Intercept Descrição da Piloto: Uma moça alta, de cabelos pretos e olhos castanhos profundos. Usaria uma roupa branca e sempre estaria com sua espada. Teria sotaque alemão. Pilot Description: A tall girl with black hair and deep brown eyes. She would wear a white outfit and would always have her sword. She would have a German accent. Descrição da Maquina: Um triciclo pequeno bastante agil, teria um espaço na frente onde a espada passaria. Teria pouco HP. Description of the Machine: A small, very agile tricycle, would have a space in the front where the sword would pass. There would be little HP. Theme: A musica dos dois irmãos se completariam se vc sobrepor, no caso dela teria maior uso da guitarra. The music of the two brothers would be complete if you overlap, in her case she would have more use of the guitar. LORE Gêmea mais velha, veio com seu irmão para Metal City devido a um pedido de um cliente misterioso que os contratou para participar do torneio. Mestra no uso da espada, o metal dela corta qualquer coisa exceto ela mesma, vai usar suas habilidades rapidas e precisas para cumprir seu contrato. Older twin, she came with her brother to Metal City due to a request from a mysterious client who hired them to participate in the tournament. Master in the use of the sword, her metal cuts anything except herself, she will use her quick and precise skills to fulfill her contract. PASSIVE - When Angels Deserve to Die Toda vez que acerta um inimigo marca ele, inimigos marcados recebem mais 5% x numero de marcas do dano base da habilidade (maximo de 4 marcas). Every time an enemy hits a mark, marked enemies receive an additional 5% x number of marks of the base damage of the ability (maximum of 4 marks). 1st SKILL - Slash Da um corte horizontal na frente da maquina causando dano nos inimigos atingidos Gives a horizontal cut in front of the machine causing damage to enemies hit 2nd SKILL - Sword Dance Fica intangivel (exceto se for uma habilidade em area), da tres cortes no local e depois reaparece. It is intangible (except if it is an area skill), gives three cuts to the site and then reappears 3rd SKILL - Wind Cut Da um pequeno boost pra frente que atravessa inimigos, inimigos atravessados ficam paralisados por 1s e depois tomam um dano massivo. Give a small boost forward that passes through enemies, crossed enemies are paralyzed for 1s and then take massive damage. ULTIMATE - Death By a Thousand Cuts Gira loucamente para frente cortando com a espada causando dano em todo inimigo que atingir. It spins madly forward, cutting with the sword, dealing damage to every enemy it hits.
  15. Quotes: Pick quote: "I'm a wizard. Do you have any offences with that?" Pick 2: "I have a bone to pick with you!" Kill quote: "You are but just bones piled up." Low life: "I'm not getting any younger....." Boost: "Flight of the dead!" Ult: "Go my best creation!" Win quote: "All hail the bone wizards!" Lose quote: "No... Not back to the grave!"
  16. check it https://www.heavymetalmachines.com/forum/en/index.php?/topic/792-tutorial-assorting-players-and-other-things/
  17. Huh. That's understandable since they shouldn't be too unrealistic.
  18. Cause I realized my way of creating these ideas matured a lot in the last months, so I'm trying to redo my oldest concepts applying to them all that I've learned about the "must haves" of a machine, the synergy between the weapons and the precautions I have to take not to make them too unbalanced or unrealistic in terms of gameplay.
  19. Nice rework there! Quotes: Pick quote: "It's Showtime! (Giggles)" Pick 2: "I shall shine like a star!" Kill quote: "Looks like you got an Ouchy! (Giggles)" Low life: "No... The show must go on!" Boost: "(Singing) You spin my heart right round, right round...." Ult: "Block block block!" Win quote: "That one was for you Mr J! (giggles)" Lose quote: "(Crying) WHY?! JUST WHY?!"
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