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  2. Pick quote: "Did someone call for a doctor?" Kill quote: "Another patient has been cured!" Low life: "*Coughs* I feel so sick...." Ult: "CDM NOW!" Win quote: "Can i get a promotion now?" Lose quote: "Why can't this stupid glass eye look in the right direction?"
  3. Pick quote: "It's about time for me to shine!" Kill quote: "I have no time for you." Low life: "Stop messing with the timeline!" Ult: "Here's the power of the time continuum!" Win quote: "Time for a celebration yes?" Lose quote: "I must turn back the clock to right my wrongs."
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  5. New machine concept: Headlock. Description: A interceptor who can do high damage in a big area similar to Rampage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a ex Maximatics employee just like Rampage. Machine's appearance: A crawler crane with a HUGE wrecking ball bigger than normal cranes would have. Lore: It turns out that Rampage wasn't the only Maximatics worker who was betrayed. Bethany Ironsburg Maximatics' crane operator was stripped of her freedom too. After questioning Solomon Lorde of his actions he imprisoned her along with Rampage who told her it was revenge time. Using a hammer, she armored up her crane for destruction (With some help from Rampage.) and when she was finished, she destroyed the main office using her crane's wrecking ball! Nowadays she's at the Metal City demolition site helping to bring a new meaning to "Demolition". And when she heard about the arena, she joined to thank Rampage for his help. (And to reunite with him.) Abilities: Passive: Swinging Ball. Headlock's ball swings back and forth dealing damage to enemies that get too close. Q: Gyro Spin. She rotates her machine 360* hitting enemies with her wrecking ball. W: Hammerton. She throws her ball forward which causes a shockwave pushing enemies back and dealing damage. E: Boom boost. She throws her ball behind her taking slight damage but propelling her forward. (Enemies take damage if they get to close.) R: Wrecking Revolution. Headlock swings 360" just like with weapon Q, but she does it 3 times dealing high damage to enemies and pushing them back.
  6. New theme suggestion: Magic show of Mayhem. Idea: A theme centered around magic. Machine that that comes with the theme would be Mysticat, It would have new emojis which are magic related, and would have new magic themed skins. Skins: Wildfire: Mystifying flame. It would be like her old model from the beta but with mystical fire decals. Metal Herald: Magician of the sect. It would have a top hat on the roof and streamers coming out the rear. Killer J: Knave of hearts. It would have two giant jack of hearts cards on either side of the machine. Photon: Sparkling magic. It's multicolored windows would be different and would have a tiara on the top.
  7. New machine concept remake: Mysticat. Description: An interceptor that confuses enemies instead of dealing damage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a young feline zoomorph who's a magician. Machine's appearance: A van like this but it would be sparkly complete with cat ears, a top hat, catlike headlights, and a cape. Lore: Elvina the magnificent is a famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on shows for the residents! She has a loyal fanbase dedicated to her "Because i'm just amazing!" she would say. Despite her young age she knew every magic trick from the book. One day while she was preparing for her next show, she got a letter from Killer J who wanted her to preform in his Unamusement Park. So she accepted and drove in her machine called the Mysticat over to the park to do her show, not knowing it was all just a trick and when she found out about KJ's true motives she took action! She fought off KJ's gang one by one, and he was so shocked that he sped off in fear! Not bothering to pursue him Elvina saw a billboard for the Metal Arena in Metal City. She decided then and there that her next show will be in the arena. And that's where it truly was! Abilities: Passive: Magician's Assistant. One truly lucky ally gets his or her damage boosted by 15%. Q: Spellcaster. Shoots a sparkling projectile at enemies dealing low damage but it messes with their steering. W: Hypnosis. She casts a spell which can make enemies fall asleep and disable their weapons. E: You can't see me! Elvina opens her van's rear doors and releases smoke propelling her forward. R: Now I disappear! 1st tap: Elvina disappears into a cloud of smoke. 2nd tap: She reappears instantly dealing high damage to enemies and affecting their steering. Pick quote: "It's a magical world!" (giggles) Kill quote: "Now for my next trick..." Low life: "Hey i'm not supposed to disappear!" Ult: "POOF!" 2nd activation: "Here I am!" (giggles) Win quote: "Thanks for coming to see my show!" Lose quote: "WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE A CRITIC?!"
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  9. New machine concept: Armorhide. Description: An heavily armored interceptor that's very hard to push and to rival Peacemaker. Pilot's appearance: He would be a rhinoceros zoomorph in an solider outfit. Machine's appearance: Picture this armored truck with two rocket launchers on top, and a ram in the front. Lore: A high ranking solider from the City of Manfall discovers that his former college Brian Steele is in the arena in Metal City. He enters to sort out their differences. Abilities: Passive: Rhino Guard. Whenever he is near allies they gain an armor boost. Q: Missile Blast. Shoots out a missile at enemies which deal low damage on contact. (If it misses and enemies are near it causes splash damage.) W: Grenade Dropper. Two hatches open up on both sides of his machine and two grenades launch out both sides dealing direct damage when near, and splash damage if missed. E: Rhino Charge. Armorhide surges forward ramming enemies dealing high damage. (Instantly kills them if you push them into a wall.) R: Magnetic Mine. Launches a magnetic bomb onto an enemy and begins a countdown. (2nd activation: The mine explodes instantly destroying all enemies that are caught in the blast.)
  10. New machine concept: Mixmiser. Description: A trail laying support. Pilot's appearance: He would be an ex Maximatics employee much like Rampage. Machine's appearance: It would be a modified cement truck whose mixing drum acts as a cannon. Lore: A former college of Rampage who once made beautiful roads with his cement mixer enters the arena to get revenge on those who tore them up. Abilities: Passive: Rotating drum. Damage used by the weapons increases the longer it turns. Q: Cementoss. Lobs a ball of cement at enemies dealing low damage and gets them stuck. W: Stone cold. Two walls of dried up cement appear on both sides of his machine which reflect projectiles back at enemies. E: Trailmaker. Lays down a trail of cement which heals allies and renders enemies unable to move. R: Concrete geyser. Raising his drum up high Mixmiser unleashes a massive eruption of cement which deals high damage and renders enemies stuck.
  11. New machine concept: Grave Raider. Description: An Interceptor that can heal himself from the enemies that he destroys. Pilot's appearance: A armored deadman in a trenchcoat. Machine's appearance: A hearse decorated with skulls and junk. Lore: Dick Gravestone a man who walks the wastelands in his armored hearse seeks out new souls to take to the underworld. He enters the arena to seek out new victims whose souls are waiting to be taken! (Also he's the one who created Vulture.) Abilities: Passive: Walking with death. Enemies' damage is reduced by 25% from a curse. Q: Tormented Souls. Fires two ghosts from the front of his machine dealing low damage. W: Tombstone. Summons a grave which drops onto enemies. E: Deadman Running. Opens the door on the back of his hearse and accelerates forward while ghosts come out to attack enemies. R: Fear the Reaper. Millions of scythes surround GR and launch out dealing immense damage to enemies.
  12. New machine concept: Raven Lord. Description: An Interceptor that's the complete opposite of Black Lotus. Pilot's appearance: He would wear a black hood with a cloak and would have feathers on his outfit. Machine's appearance: A bird styled race car complete with a raven head on the front and would have six wheels. Lore: A racer who Black Lotus killed during a race because of his questionable motives returns from the dead as a vengeful spirit with the powers of a raven enters the arena to seek payback. Abilities: Passive: Spirit of the raven. whenever he attacks a enemy with his Q he gets a temporary speed boost for his E. Q: Night Shadow. Sends out a projectile of black matter that deals low damage. W: My feathered friend. Summons a pet raven that attacks enemies but whenever the raven gets hit it automatically disappears. E: The raven takes flight! Two enormous raven wings appear on both sides of his machine which propel him forward. R: Talons of the raven. Raven Lord flies up and two big talons appear from below his machine which can grab enemies and crush them.
  13. New machine concept: Nightclaw. Description: A stealthy interceptor that uses the power of darkness. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a wolf zoomorph in gothic hip clothing. Machine's appearance: A concept race car as the two pictured below but it would have fangs on the grill. Lore: When the moon is full in the City of Manfall, this young wolf comes alive! She loves racing around in her stealthy machine the Nightclaw and having fun singing near the moon! One night while she was cruising she saw Stingray who was examining the city cause it was his first time visiting there. Immediately the two saw each other and had a race in which she won. Stingray was so impressed that he invited her to the arena to participate and have fun. And that's what she did! Abilities: Passive: Full Moon. Whenever she uses her weapon E her attack gets increased. (It's a very very VERY rare occurrence though.) Q: Dark Arrow. Shoots a arrow surrounded in a dark aura which deals low damage to enemies but it can be charged to deal higher damage the long the Q key is held down. W: Smoke Bomb. Lobs a smoke bomb which attaches itself onto enemies. 2nd activation: the bomb detonates blinding all enemies near effecting their steering wheels. E: Midnight Run. Nightclaw accelerates forward at blistering speed surrounded in a dark aura and leaving a dark trail behind. R: Wolf's Bite. Nightclaw uses the teeth on the grill of the machine to bite down on enemies damaging them and healing herself by 15%.
  14. New machine concept: Black Phoenix. Description: An interceptor that can act as a transporter depending on the situation. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a avian zoomorph in a superhero outfit. Machine's appearance: It be similar to the car from The Wraith. (As pictured below.) But with fire decals. Lore: This bird is the City of Manfall's guardian angel who protects the citizens from those who try to destroy it. She inspired herself to become a superhero after witnessing Black Lotus save some members of her flock. Ever since then, she swore to protect the city from evil and from some encouraging from BL. Now she fights in the arena to uncover who he is and thank him for what he's done! Abilities: Passive: Power of the Phoenix. Allies get a speed boost by her flaming aura. Q: Phoenix Fire. Shoots a ball of black fire which bounces off the walls and when it explodes it leaves the floor on fire for a few seconds. W: Firestorm. Calls down a rain of flaming meteors dealing damage to enemies. E: Flight of the Phoenix. Engulfing her machine in the shape of a phoenix she speeds forward. R: Rising Phoenix. Same as E but the only difference is that she becomes invulnerable. (And the phoenix shape is black.)
  15. UMA IDEIA DE PERSONAGEM! / UMA IDÉIA DE PERSONAGEM! / ¡UNA IDEA DE CARÁCTER! Fantoche de Metal - Uma alma abandonada pelo Secto do Metal, mas que curada por uma força misteriosa, agora busca vingança através de uma arte antiga, pertencente ao mundo antes do apocalipse! Seu carro exala magia negra, e em seu banco traseiro, diversas marionetes vazias gerar por um novo ar de vida! Metal Puppet - Uma alma abandonada pelo Metal Secto, mas curada por uma força misteriosa, agora busca vingança por meio da arte milenar, pertencente ao mundo antes do apocalipse! Seu carro exala magia negra e, no banco de trás, vários bonecos vazios aguardam um novo ar de vida! Marioneta de metal: uma alma abandonada por el setor del metal, pero curada por una fuerza misteriosa, ahora busca venganza a través del arte antiguo, ¡que pertenece al mundo antes del apocalipsis! ¡Tu auto exuda magia negra y en tu asiento trasero, varias marionetas vacías esperan un nuevo aire de vida! --x --- Passiva - A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO: Próximos OS Próximos Fazer metais Puppet São marcados com Uma Linha de Inspiração. Essa linha fica presa a adversários enquanto se mantém os próximos, ao se afastar, a linha é desfeita. Passivo - A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO: os inimigos próximos ao Metal Puppet são marcados com uma linha de inspiração. Esta linha está presa aos oponentes enquanto eles ficarem próximos, conforme eles se afastam, a linha é rompida. Pasiva: LA MARCA DE LA CREACIÓN: los enemigos cercanos a Metal Puppet está marcados com uma linha de inspiração. Esta línea está unida a los oponentes siempre que se mantengan cerca, mientras se alejan, la línea se rompe. --x-- Q - UMA NOVA IDEIA: Metal Puppet dispara um projetil de maldição a sua frente. O primeiro inimigo atingido pelo projetil, e que estiver sob a passiva "A marca da criação", recebe dano adicional, e parte do dano acionado e convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Q - UMA NOVA IDÉIA: Metal Puppet atira um projétil maldito na sua frente. O primeiro inimigo atingido pelo projétil, que está sob o passivo "A Marca da Criação", sofre dano adicional, e parte do dano infligido é convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Q - UNA NUEVA IDEA: Metal Puppet dispara un proyectil de maldición frente a ti. El primer enemigo golpeado por el proyectil, que está debajo de la pasiva "La Marca de La Creación", sufre daño adicional e parte do daño recibido se convierte en vida para Marioneta de metal. --x-- W - BONECA VODOO - (Apenas pode ser ativa se houver um oponente afetado pela passiva "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): Fantoche de metal cria uma nuvem Voodoo em seu entorno. Se a nuvem atingir um oponente, Metal Puppet criará uma Boneca Voodoo daquele piloto. Pode haver apenas um piloto adversário sobre esse efeito. ° EFEITOS DA BONECA: Todo dano que o Metal Puppet recebe, será redirecionado ao piloto adversário (boneca), e convertido em vida a Metal Puppet.Além disso: O carro afetado vai replicar / imitar por 2,5 segundos os movimentos de Metal Puppet - Contando com aumentos de velocidade e sabotagen. W - BONECA DE VODOO - (Só pode ser ativo se houver um oponente afetado pelo passivo "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): O Fantoche de Metal cria uma nuvem Voodoo ao seu redor. Se a nuvem atingir um oponente, o Metal Puppet criará uma Voodoo Doll para esse piloto. Só pode haver um driver oposto neste efeito. ° EFEITOS DO BONECO: Todo dano que o Metal Puppet recebe, será redirecionado para o piloto adversário (boneco), e convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Além disso: o carro afetado irá replicar / imitar os movimentos do Metal Puppet por 2,5 segundos - com aumento de velocidade e sabotagem. W - BONECA DE VODOO - (Solo puede estar activo si feno un oponente afectado por la pasiva "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): Fantoche de metal crea una nube de Voodoo a su alrededor. Si la nube golpea um oponente, Metal Puppet cria um Voodoo Doll para ese piloto. Solo puede haber um driver opuesto a este efecto. ° EFECTOS DE LA MUÑECA: Todo o daño que reciba Metal Puppet, será redirigido al piloto contrario (muñeca) e convertido para a vida em Metal Puppet. Además: el coche afectado replicará / imitará los movimientos de Metal Puppet durante 2,5 segundos, con aumentos de velocidad y sabotaje. --x-- E - ESTRADAS DE LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avança em minha retomada uma nuvem Voodoo para trás, consumindo parte de sua vida.Para cada inimigo atingido pela nuvem a duração de Boneca Voodoo (W) é prolongada em 1 segundo. E para cada segundo que eles se mantiverem na nuvem, o Boneca Voodoo recebe 0,4 segundos de redução de tempo de recarga. Entretanto, o Metal Puppet não pode se curar enquanto houverem inimigos na névoa. E - ESTRADAS PARA LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avança na minha linha deixar uma nuvem Voodoo para trás, consumindo parte de sua vida. Para cada inimigo atingido pela nuvem, a duração do Voodoo Doll (W) é estendida em 1 segundo. E para cada segundo que eles permanecem na nuvem, o Voodoo Doll recebe 0,4 segundos de redução do resfriamento. No entanto, o Metal Puppet não pode se curar enquanto houver inimigos na névoa. E - CAMINOS A LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avanza en mi linea dejando atrás de um nube de Voodoo, consumindo parte de sua vida. Por cada enemigo golpeado pelo nube, uma durabilidade de Voodoo Doll (W) se estende por 1 segundo. Y por cada segundo que permanecen en la nube, Voodoo Doll recibe 0.4 segundos de reducción de enfriamiento. Sin embargo, Metal Puppet no puede curarse a sí mismo mientras haya enemigos en la niebla. --x-- R - MESTRE DAS MARIONETES: Fantoche de metal libera uma enorme nuvem voodoo a sua volta. Essa nuvem entrega a Metal Puppet bonecos voodoo de todos os pilotos adversário atingidos, assim, o controle de seus carros.Os adversários irão imitar / replicar os movimentos de Metal Puppet, como também, iram replicar / imitar o uso de suas habilidades, mas cada um com seu equivalente (EX: se Metal Puppet utilizar o Q, os seus adversários iram usar, cada um, seus próprios Q's). Durante esse tempo, ou seja, o adversário recebe fogo aliado. Essa habilidade dura 3 segundos. R - MESTRE DOS FANTOCHES: Fantoche de Metal libera uma enorme nuvem de vodu ao seu redor. Esta nuvem entrega bonecos de vodu do Metal Puppet de todos os motoristas adversários afetados, controlando assim seus carros. Os oponentes irão imitar / replicar os movimentos do Metal Puppet, bem como, irão replicar / imitar o uso de suas habilidades, mas cada um com seu equivalente (EX: se Metal Puppet usar o Q, seus oponentes usarão, cada um, seus próprios Q's). Durante este tempo, uma equipe adversária recebe o fogo aliado. Essa habilidade dura 3 segundos. R - MESTRE DOS FANTOCHES: Fantoche de metal lanza una enorme nube vudú a su alrededor. Esta nube entrega um boneco de metal muñecos vudú de todos los condutores adversarios afectados, controlando así sus coches. Los oponentes imitarán / replicarán los movimientos de Metal Puppet, así como, replicarán / imitarán el uso de sus habilidades, pero cada una con su equivalente (EX: si Metal Puppet usa la Q, sus oponentes usarán, cada una, sus propias Q's) . Durante este tempo, el equipo contrario recibe fuego aliado. Esta habilidad tiene una duración de 3 segundos.
  16. New Machine Concept: Meltdown. Description: An enemy melting transporter. Pilot's appearance: He would be a fireman but his face would be so burnt that all you can see is his skull. Machine's appearance: A Burnt down fire truck with a magma cannon on top. Lore: A former member of the MCFD (Metal City Fire Department.) Goes violently psychotic after his partner was killed in a accident while rescuing people from a burning building He now fights in the arena to avenge his fallen comrade. Abilities: Passive: Magma Glow. Whenever enemies get too close they get burnt for 15 damage. Q: Magma shot. Shoots a Ball of Magma out at enemies dealing low damage. (When it lands where there's no enemies it instead splatters enemies that are near.) W: Molten wall. Creates walls out of molten rock on both sides of his machine protecting himself from enemy fire. E: Lava trail. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of hot lava behind which not only damages enemies but can heal him for 15%. R: 5 alarm eruption. Aims his magma cannon up and then shoots magma streams everywhere dealing high damage to all enemies.
  17. New Machine Concept: Whirlwind. Description: A transporter who can push away enemies with ease while delivering the bomb. Pilot's appearance: She would be in a avian motif suit complete with wings on her helmet, and would have a long ponytail. Machine's appearance: It would be a Lotus Exige with a giant fan in the back. Lore: A pilot who follows the winds to the arena so she can live up to her deceased uncle's name. Abilities: Passive: Gentle Breeze. Her fan is always spinning which heals allies. Q: Blown away. Spins her fan rapidly pushing enemies back and dealing damage. W: Cloud coverage. Summons a cloud around her machine which protects her from enemy fire. E: Wingspan. Two wings extend from the sides of her machine and she rotates her fan backwards which propelles her forward. R: Cyclone. Summons a gigantic cyclone which deals immense damage and throws enemies back.
  18. Nouveau Perso HMM Catégorie : Soutien Nom :Ghost Description Personnage : Prodigue de son Metal et frère cadet de « Metal Herald », personne ne le c’est mais il reste un grand danger et mystère de l’arène d’Heavy Metal Machines. Ces capacités restent aussi mystérieuses que son apparence. Son entourage l’a surnommé ... The Ghost, et tant qu’il est de votre côté vous avez deux ans... Machine de description (Rapide): Ghost est un personnage très stratégique avec beaucoup d’impact sur l’équipe, il a pour but de mis c’est coéquisers en mauvaise posture pour par la suite leur faire bénéficiaires d’avantages. Machine de description (Approfondisie): -PV : 400 Passif : (lueur d’espoir)Ce réparation de 150 PV progressivement quand c’est le moins de 350 points de dégât ou plus par un adversaire 1er Arme : (Funeral)crée un cercle de brume qui absorbe 100 PV aux alliés et 50 points de dégât à l’adversaire se trouvant dans la zone délimitée par le cercle {Permiss de recharger « l Am Ghost !"} 2eme Arme : (Résurrection des Fantômes)Tir un projectile qui se prépare les alliés de 100 PV et les rendent invisibles pour les ennemis sur une durée de 3 sec {Ghost se réparation de 40% des réparations fait aux alliés} 3eme Arme : (Mort subite)Se rend invisible sur une durée de 3,5 secs {ne peut pas être en possession de la bombe sous l’effet « Mort subite"} ULT GHOST : (I Am Ghost !) « Hahaha » Ghost pousse un crient appelant les esprits pour pouvoir utiliser leur faculté mystérieuse. Ghost crée une zone de sécurité, plus de 150 PV a la fin de son ULTI} Refroidissement des capacités : Passif : Aucun 1er Arme : 10sec 2eme Arme : 7sec 3eme Arme : 6sec ULT : 5min de rechargement (Chaque alléée touchée par le « Funeral - Arme 1 » diminution le temps d’Ulti de 15 secs) Défaut : Le personnage « Ghost » de grands avantages mais il posède aussi son plus grand défaut « Windrider », c’est condensat n’ont aucun effet sur l’arme 2 de Windrider (Bull Rush), elle est alors la seule à pouvoir repousser les machines adverses en possession de l’Ulti de Ghost (I Am Ghost !) Style Musical : Ghost B.C. - Séculier Haze
  19. New Machine Concept: Hunter X. Description: An interceptor that can track enemies. Pilot's appearance: A Scorpion mutant designed in a zoomorph lab, but is not a zoomorph. Machine's appearance: A scorpion motifed tank which has giant claws and a stinger cannon. Lore: The City of Manfall wanted a super being, so they selected a scorpion for the experiment. It was a success! Then he rebelled against his creators and entered the arena to find his purpose. Abilities: Passive: Venom. Gives a damage nerf to enemies. Q: Tail strike. Attacks enemies with the tail of his tank dealing low damage. W: Clawtrap. Fires the claws of his tank forward which grabs enemies and pulls them back to him which deals damage. E: Spike tracks. Spikes appear on his tank's tracks which can crush enemies if they get to close. R: Guillotine. A camera deploys from his machine which can track enemies and the nearest enemy found gets crushed by a more powerful version of Clawtrap.
  20. New Machine Concept: Streetwise. Description: An interceptor that specializes in flanking. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a golden retriever zoomorph in a hitwoman's outfit. Machine's appearance: A 78 Corvette stingray with two guns in the front and would have spikes on the wheels. Lore: A hitwoman from the City Of Manfall enters the arena not out of greed or money but to sabotage and kill everyone cause she thinks everyone is beneath her. Abilities: Passive: Criminal mastermind. Allows Streetwise to target enemies' weak spots. Q: Leadpumper. Fires machine guns from the front of her machine dealing low damage to enemies. W: Headshot. She sticks her arm out her window holding a pistol and shoots at enemies. (May cause skid.) E: Forced getaway. Accelerates forward dropping tire spikes popping enemies' tires and dealing damage. R: Blacklist. When this is activated a picture of the next target is shown, and gives a damage boost to weapons Q and W when they are used on the chosen enemy.
  21. Esse é outro teste é
  22. Quotes: Pick Quote: "The doctor is in!" Kill quote: "Sick yet? Good..." Low life: "(Coughing uncontrollably.)" Ult: "I'm addicted to you cause you know that i'm toxic!" Win quote: "Another successful experiment!" Lose quote: "My results are never wrong! This is all your fault!"
  23. Quotes: Pick Quote: "Love, pick, and kill!." Kill quote: "How does it feel to be dead amigo?" Low life: "No.. I'm not ready to die!" Ult: "Reanimate!" Win quote: "That's what amigas are for!" Lose quote: "When the dead finds out you'll be sorry!"
  24. CAR NAME: Deep Brain PILOTE NAME: NT (at least that's what is written in his identification) CLASS: Intercept Descrição do Piloto: Um homem com uma camisa de força, cabelos eletrificados e que não fala nada alem de gritos aleatórios e a palavra Thunder. Pilot Description: A man with a straight jacket, electrified hair and who speaks nothing but random shouts and the word Thunder. Description du pilote: Un homme avec une veste droite, des cheveux électrifiés et qui ne dit rien d'autre que des cris aléatoires et le mot Thunder. Descripción del piloto: Un hombre con una chaqueta recta, cabello electrificado y que no habla más que gritos al azar y la palabra Thunder. Descrição do Veiculo: um veiculo pequeno sem volante com apenas 2 rodas, ele é movido a eletricidade e o piloto a dirige usando um capacete. Vehicle description: a small vehicle without steering wheel with only 2 wheels, it is powered by electricity and the driver drives it wearing a helmet Description du véhicule: un petit véhicule sans volant avec seulement 2 roues, il est propulsé à l'électricité et le conducteur le conduit avec un casque Descripción del vehículo: un vehículo pequeño sin volante con solo 2 ruedas, funciona con electricidad y el conductor lo conduce usando un casco THEME: LORE Um louco fugido do hospício ou uma experiencia cientifica que deu errado? Ninguem sabe. As unicas coisa que sabem é que esse insano e pirado piloto apareceu na arena, nunca foi pego pelas autoridades e que tem um fascínio por eletricidade . Ele é tão maluco que até o proprio Killer J tenta ficar longe dele. A madman escaped from the madhouse or a scientific experiment that went wrong? Nobody knows. The only thing they know is that this insane and crazy pilot appeared in the arena, was never caught by the authorities and has a fascination with electricity. He's so crazy that even Killer J himself tries to stay away from him. Un fou s'est échappé de la maison des fous ou une expérience scientifique qui a mal tourné? Personne ne sait. La seule chose qu'ils savent, c'est que ce pilote fou est apparu dans l'arène, n'a jamais été attrapé par les autorités et a une fascination pour l'électricité. Il est tellement fou que même Killer J lui-même essaie de rester loin de lui. ¿Un loco escapó del manicomio o un experimento científico que salió mal? Nadie sabe. Lo único que saben es que este piloto loco apareció en la arena, nunca fue atrapado por las autoridades y está fascinado con la electricidad. Está tan loco que incluso el propio Killer J intenta mantenerse alejado de él. PASSIVE - Battery Charge Suas habilidades não possuem cooldown (apesar de terem recarga global e Warm-Up) porem toda vez que usa elas ele diminui uma carga de uma bateria que está no carro. Se o gasto da habilidade for maior que a carga que possui na bateria ela não pode ser ativada. His abilities have no cooldown (although they have global recharge and Warm-Up), but every time he uses them he decreases the charge of a battery in the car. If the skill spend is greater than the charge on the battery, it cannot be activated. Ses capacités n'ont pas de temps de recharge (bien qu'elles aient une recharge globale et un Warm-Up ), mais chaque fois qu'il les utilise, il diminue la charge d'une batterie dans la voiture. Si la dépense de la compétence est supérieure à la charge de la batterie, elle ne peut pas être activée. Sus habilidades no tienen enfriamiento (aunque tienen recarga global y Warm-Up), pero cada vez que las usa disminuye la carga de una batería en el automóvil. Si el gasto de habilidad es mayor que la carga de la batería, no se puede activar. 1st SKILL - Electroshocked Habilidade de Superaquecimento. Gasta a carga da bateria por segundo enquanto o botão estiver pressionado. Solta raios numa curta distancia em volta do carro, o raio começa em formato de + depois alterna pra formato de X e vice versa causando dano nos inimigos. Overheating ability. It drains the battery charge per second while the button is pressed. Lightning strikes a short distance around the car, the lightning starts in the shape of + then switches to the shape of X and vice versa causing damage to enemies. Capacité de surchauffe. Il draine la charge de la batterie par seconde lorsque le bouton est enfoncé. La foudre frappe à une courte distance autour de la voiture, la foudre commence en forme de + puis passe à la forme de X et vice versa causant des dégâts aux ennemis. Capacidad de sobrecalentamiento. Drena la carga de la batería por segundo mientras se presiona el botón. Los rayos caen a corta distancia alrededor del automóvil, los rayos comienzan con la forma de +, luego cambian a la forma de X y viceversa, causando daño a los enemigos. 2nd SKILL - High Voltage Dispara uma esfera eletrica lenta para frente que gasta uma quantidade especifica de carga, a bola causa dano em todos os inimigos que tocarem nela. Alem disso ela possui uma area (pensei nessa area do tamanho da segunda habilidade da artificer) que eletrifica os carros inimigos dentro dessa area (metade do dano da esfera normal). Pensei em ela demorar 2s para disparar. Shoots a slow electric sphere forward that expends a specific amount of charge, the ball deals damage to all enemies that touch it. In addition it has an area (I thought of this area the size of the second skill of the artificer) that electrifies enemy cars within that area (half the damage of the normal sphere). I thought it would take 2s to fire. Tire une sphère électrique lente vers l'avant qui dépense une quantité spécifique de charge, la balle inflige des dégâts à tous les ennemis qui la touchent. De plus, il possède une zone (j'ai pensé à cette zone de la taille de la deuxième compétence de l'artificier) qui électrise les voitures ennemies dans cette zone (la moitié des dégâts de la sphère normale). J'ai pensé qu'il faudrait 2 secondes pour tirer. Dispara una esfera eléctrica lenta hacia adelante que gasta una cantidad específica de carga, la bola inflige daño a todos los enemigos que la tocan. Además, tiene un área (pensé en esta área del tamaño de la segunda habilidad del artífice) que electrifica los autos enemigos dentro de esa área (la mitad del daño de la esfera normal). Pensé que tomaría 2 segundos para disparar. 3rd SKILL - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment Essa habilidade fica desabilitada se a bateria estiver cheia. O carro para instantaneamente no lugar que estiver e fica imune a efeitos de empurrão e puxão e volta a andar automaticamente se a bateria estiver cheia alem de criar um campo eletrico que causa dano em qualquer carro inimigo que tocar nele. Segunda ativação: Desativa a recarga e volta a andar antes do tempo. This ability is disabled if the battery is full. The car instantly stops where it is and is immune to the effects of pushing and pulling and automatically starts walking again if the battery is full in addition to creating an electric field that causes damage to any enemy car that touches it. Second activation: Deactivates the recharge and starts walking again ahead of time. Cette capacité est désactivée si la batterie est pleine. La voiture s'arrête instantanément là où elle se trouve et est immunisée contre les effets de la poussée et de la traction et recommence automatiquement à marcher si la batterie est pleine en plus de créer un champ électrique qui endommage toute voiture ennemie qui la touche. Deuxième activation: désactive la recharge et recommence à marcher à l'avance. Esta capacidad se desactiva si la batería está llena. El automóvil se detiene instantáneamente donde está y es inmune a los efectos de empujar y tirar, y automáticamente comienza a caminar nuevamente si la batería está llena, además de crear un campo eléctrico que causa daño a cualquier automóvil enemigo que lo toque. Segunda activación: desactiva la recarga y comienza a caminar nuevamente con anticipación. ULTIMATE - Electric Eye Recarrega a bateria completamente e depois descarrega liberando 4 nuvens eletricas que ficam em volta do carro, essas nuvem perseguem o inimigo mais proximo soltando raios causando dano. It recharges the battery completely and then discharges releasing 4 electric clouds that are around the car, these clouds chase the nearest enemy releasing lightning causing damage. Il recharge complètement la batterie puis se décharge en libérant 4 nuages électriques qui se trouvent autour de la voiture, ces nuages chassent l'ennemi le plus proche en libérant des éclairs causant des dégâts. Recarga la batería por completo y luego descarga liberando 4 nubes eléctricas que están alrededor del automóvil, estas nubes persiguen al enemigo más cercano liberando un rayo que causa daños.
  25. Maneiro demais isso aí! Já é meio caminho andado pros caras. Se fosse eles eu toparia inserir isso no jogo :).
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