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  2. Alight Motion: Alight Motion Mod Apk helps to make videos and create the Animation you can craft professional pieces of motion graphics and video clips with your smartphone and tablet using Alight Motion Pro

  3. The GB Instagram Apk Download 2022 has the same feature as normal Instagram and Gb Instagram Latest Version in addition to it having its own features like we can download the videos and stories without any 3rd party Application and it is available without any cost and it saves compared to other applications.

  4. Dear Metal Gladiators. It is with heavy hearts that we announce the ending of Heavy Metal Machine’s life cycle. HMM’s dedicated servers will be shutting down on the 30th of August, 2022. This means the game and all its related features will no longer be available after the servers are shut down, including all game modes, and the in-game Store. This applies to all platforms, including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. Please read the full statement for further information: https://bit.ly/3yb4iMW Discontinuing HMM was a difficult decision. The Hoplon team has put a lot of work and passion into HMM, and we are very proud of what the game has become and the community we have nurtured. We feel we have accomplished our vision of bringing a really unique experience within the MOBA genre. We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all the Metal Gladiators who have been a part of the HMM family over the years. We truly appreciate all the love we have seen for this game. May HMM live on in our hearts and minds!
  5. There are many ways to spend free time, but, as for me, I usually rest. In this situation, I consume cannabis products from this source and know more about rolling trays as it keeps any weed crumbs from falling and can be used as sort of a mini table me to make the sleep process much more stable. I advise you to use it for yourself too.
  6. The new Haiduk album - Diabolica [2021]
  7. Hello KeithAlston! Welcome to HMM! Have you joined our Discord server yet? It's a great way to meet other players and find others to play together! Just click on the link here: https://discord.gg/VW4At95R You can claim a free Model when joining our Discord in #hmm-links, so don't miss out! Edit: Just noticed you have been part of the forum for a while, but I haven't seen you on Discord yet! So come join! See you in the Arena! Xanthos
  8. Hello 13m3, In order to change your username in-game you must fill out this request: https://forms.gle/J5r8hqQmUcBHYiYq7 Also, have you joined our Discord Server yet? It's the best way to get in touch with us and the rest of the HMM Community! Join here: https://discord.gg/heavymetalmachines See you in the Arena! Xanthos
  9. I did that, but my ingame nick didn't change at all! It's still the old one (GzUz). How can I fix that?
  10. Character: Nanotron skill set reference: smite, hel) life: 500 passive: Nanotek protection Allies affected by nanobot takes 20% less damage.(round up) life stance weapon 1: Life shoot (3 second cooldown) shoot a homing projectile at nearest ally(old arti Q/W), add regen of 150 over a 15 second total. (max 3 stacks) timer of nanobot can run out max heal: 5 stack at same time total: 3000 per min. 50 per second. weapon 2: Art of creation (10 second cooldown) Place a mine on the floor that ally can pick to gain 200 armor. max armor: 1200 per min. weapon 3: Nanobot Overload(life) (20 second cooldown) area of effect instantly heal allies for 100, add 1 stack of nanobots. max heal: 3 target 900 heal per min + 1350 per min. nanobots death stance weapon 1: Death shoot (4 second cooldown) shoot a homing projectile at nearest enemy, deal 80 damage instantly. max damage: 960 per min. weapon 2: Art of destruction (8 second cooldown) shoot a straight line projectile that deal 50 damage and slow for 1 second, if target have armor if takes an additional 50 damage. max damage: 750 damage per min + slow. weapon 3: Nanobot Overload(death) (20 second cooldown) area of effect around dealing 150 damage, slow enemies hit by 50% for 1 seconds. max damage: 1800 per min + slow. weapon 4 : Life and Death (3 second cooldown) switch between life stance and death stance. passive: 20% lower damage on max 3 allies: exemple vs 6000 damage per min(total other team) protect 1200 per min. total healing: 5250 per min. (mostly heal over time) total armor: 1200 per min. total max damage: 3510 per min. + slow(cc) character is able to switch to damage while some slow heal over time is happening(max 30 heal per second) and armor mine is on cooldown(10 sec) armor is used to make the slow heal effective a bit more.
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