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  2. A New Test Post, please Delete. Just Replying for Test Purposes.
  3. i liked to much these two method, we could gett thoses ideias and put in one method: binary tree with two builds. I hope HOPLON bring upgrade soon, we need some changes to have fun back again playing heavy metal machines!
  4. I've gotten about halfway for my idea... I want to hear others' thoughts about it, as the idea can pose to be rather conflicting. So I've been thinking that there's a scrap marsh at the east of Metal City, according to the lore. Considering that Cursed Necropolis is at the west, the north is really cold, and the people of the north can't handle HMM's competition well, and that the south is radioactive, their best bet would probably be to make an arena at the east, if they really wanted to. Additionally, it is said that the scrap marsh is a place for others to get their metal for their machines, so you can't just claim the land there. However, it would be really nice if you could get quick jolts of inspiration without it trickling away on the way there, where you may have lost that beautiful idea you just had. Looking at ColdHands's setting suggestions, another concept that I would find could make the game feel more like a racing game, and just feeling a bit off from the rather slow seasons, I figured that it would be nice to test the waters on how a one-way racing track would fare as a gameplay option, twisting the game's basic principles to become something that is different and the same, with various concepts on the track to add to it! The map is designed to feel like a race down the hills to the floor (or shore), where the audience and pilots witness the finish line in person together (though at vastly different angles). I also wanted to add a bit to it that would remind the people of their triumph against the wild beasts of the apocalypse, and the concept of bringing the bomb to the goal was a beautiful way to connect one and one together; the finish area is the circle at the top left corner, where whichever side that brings the bomb there takes the point home for being the team that completed the fight, while also giving the competition to be first in line. Given that there was a marsh west of the arena, I came up with the idea of a river, where the team flows with or clashes against it over certain moments of the race; I didn't want it to just go straight down, as it would feel rather unnatural. Bodies of water work like conveyor belts, but you can't use any weapons when in the water and have their weapons cancelled if they were to hit the water while charging up a weapon. There is a stream of water that not only shows its effects right from the get go, it will also guide the bomb to that whirlpool ahead; at the beginning, the bomb will fly to that swirl (it just pulls things to its center without much strength) at a speed that Black Lotus would need pixel perfection to get. I would imagine that the zeppelin that carries the bomb will drop it into a hole, where it will shot out from that tube like a cannon, and the machines fighting over each other to get it before the other. The water does not deal damage; only at the beach it will, but only of you go way too deep in there (and the waves to the shore naturally try to push you away a little. Think of it like a reverse Cursed Necropolis acid bank). The walls can seem oppressive, which is a rather difficult thing to adjust; I want people to race through this track (they're in automobiles, after all. pretty sure those round things on each and every machine isn't part of their body), but I don't want them to just skip ahead so far that they can wait for a while for the carrier to catch up and snatch it from there; that would be a really bad case of progress theft, and that wouldn't really be racing to those players at all. With the way the ultimate weapons work, jungling is just not a thing. The only case where it may be would be with the box shapes (actually just an obstacle of any particular shape (just needs to be a destroyable object) that can only be passed by jumping or by destroying them), as the allies can try to clear the way for them, if they feel obliged to; if they do jump over it, they would have to break it anyway, as the bomb would tether them in place, though it would serve as a potential means to get around the rather disadvantageous situation Dirt Devil and Little Monster would have to cope with (as they do not have the close combat tools to stand competent). The reason why there are the symbols of the sect near the little finish strips is simple: whatever team passes over it has all the droppers until the next finish line side with theirs. The Metal Sect symbol will open up, where a metal god emerges with spotlights of the team's color; there is a dropper zone nearby for one to understand how it works right away, though not entirely. At the top, I would like to add a volcano, or the lava pools it makes. Maybe even a geyser... eh, that's pushing it a little far. Either way, a volcano would definitely be there, and that's where I want things to get even more heated. I would wish to add traffic lights, but I think that's definitely best seen in the unamusement park. I think the map definitely does not favor damage machines all that much, and the volcano's definitely the best place for that... and maybe a conveyor and dropper at the end can make things more favorable for them, too. Not really sure how the spawn mechanics would work, but then my idea seems rather cramped; I think Hoplon could make it more spread out, so the camera for spawning in could get limited to a certain extent. If I missed anything, let me know; it is merely a concept, after all!
  5. CAR NAME: Magnavox PILOT NAME: Lucas P.G. Baer CLASS: Transporter Descrição do Piloto: Seria uma criança um pouco mais velha que a Little Monster. Teria 4 braços mecanicos alem dos 2 humanos e seria bastante baixinho. Sua roupa pensei no estilo de Tron. Description of the Pilot: It would be a kid older than the Little Monster. It would have 4 mechanical arms in addition to the 2 humans and would be very short. Your outfit was in the style of Tron. Description du pilote: il serait un peu plus ancien que la Little Monster. Il aurait 4 bras mécaniques en plus des 2 humains et serait très court. Votre tenue était dans le style de Tron. Descripción del piloto: sería un niño un poco más viejo que la Little Monster. Tendría 4 brazos mecánicos además de los 2 humanos y sería muy corto. Tu atuendo estaba al estilo de Tron. Descrição da Maquina: O carro dele seria todo pixealizado estilo Voxel, pareceria um carro de corrida de rua. Machine Description: His car would be all pixelized Voxel style, it would look like a street racing car Description de la machine: Sa voiture serait entièrement de style Voxel pixelisé, elle ressemblerait à une voiture de course de rue Descripción de la máquina: Su automóvil sería todo estilo Voxel pixelado, se vería como un automóvil de carreras callejeras THEME: LORE Um garoto genio enviado pela cidade dos ciborgues para poder investigar a tecnologia de Artificer e das grandes empresas de Metal City. Hacker de carteirinha, adora causar confusões e irritar pessoas com pegadinhas. Está nas arenas como disfarce para seu trabalho real A genius boy sent by the city of cyborgs to be able to investigate the technology of Artificer and the big companies of Metal City. Card hacker, loves to cause confusion and annoy people with pranks. It's in the arenas as a cover for your real work Un garçon de génie envoyé par la ville de cyborgs pour pouvoir enquêter sur la technologie d'Artificer et les grandes entreprises de Metal City. Pirate de cartes, aime causer de la confusion et ennuyer les gens avec des farces. C'est dans les arènes comme couverture pour votre vrai travail Un niño genio enviado por la ciudad de los cyborgs para poder investigar la tecnología de Artificer y las grandes compañías de Metal City. Hacker de tarjetas, le encanta causar confusión y molestar a las personas con bromas. Está en las arenas como una tapadera para tu trabajo real PASSIVE - Breakout 3D: Quando é atingido, deixa pixels no chão que causam dano nos inimigos que passarem por cima. 2D: Fica desativado 3D: When hit, leaves pixels on the ground that damage enemies that pass over. 2D: It is disabled 3D: lorsqu'il est touché, laisse des pixels au sol qui endommagent les ennemis qui passent. 2D: il est désactivé 3D: cuando se golpea, deja píxeles en el suelo que dañan a los enemigos que pasan. 2D: está deshabilitado 1st SKILL - Insert the Coin 3D: Lança uma esfera eletrica lenta a frente do carro, a esfera dispara raios eletrocutando carros inimigos proximos a ela durante o percurso. 2D: A esfera fica parada eletrocutando carros inimigos proximos a ela. 3D: Throws a slow electric sphere in front of the car, the sphere fires rays by electrocuting enemy cars near it during the course. 2D: The sphere is stopped by electrocuting enemy cars near it. 3D: lance une sphère électrique lente devant la voiture, la sphère tire des rayons en électrocutant les voitures ennemies près d'elle pendant le parcours. 2D: La sphère est arrêtée en électrocutant des voitures ennemies près d'elle. 3D: arroja una esfera eléctrica lenta frente al automóvil, la esfera dispara rayos electrocutando automóviles enemigos cerca de él durante el curso. 2D: la esfera se detiene electrocutando coches enemigos cerca de ella. 2nd SKILL - Game Over 3D: Solta 3 minas magneticas que grudam no inimigo que passar por elas, as minas explodem 2s depois de presas. Caso o player se chocar com a parede numa velocidade muito alta, as minas se soltam. 2D: As minas explodem assim que um carro inimigo passar por cima delas. 3D: Drop 3 magnetic mines that stick to the enemy that passes through them, the mines explode 2s after being trapped. If the player hits the wall at a very high speed, the mines are released. 2D: Mines explode as soon as an enemy car passes over them. 3D: Lâchez 3 mines magnétiques qui collent à l'ennemi qui les traverse, les mines explosent 2s après avoir été piégées. Si le joueur frappe le mur à très grande vitesse, les mines sont libérées. 2D: les mines explosent dès qu'une voiture ennemie les survole. 3D: suelta 3 minas magnéticas que se adhieren al enemigo que las atraviesa, las minas explotan 2 segundos después de quedar atrapadas. Si el jugador golpea la pared a una velocidad muy alta, se liberan las minas. 2D: las minas explotan en cuanto un coche enemigo pasa sobre ellas. 3rd SKILL - ↑↑↓↓→←→←BA O carro fica 2D diminuindo sua largura por alguns segundos, suas armas e passiva mudam seus efeitos quando estiver no modo 2D. The car is 2D decreasing its width for a few seconds, its weapons and passive change its effects when in 2D mode. La voiture est en 2D en diminuant sa largeur pendant quelques secondes, ses armes et passives changent ses effets en mode 2D. El automóvil es 2D disminuyendo su ancho durante unos segundos, sus armas y pasivo cambian sus efectos cuando está en modo 2D. ULTIMATE - Malware 3D: Ativa um virus onde todos os carros inimigos sofrerão silence durante 1s. 2D: A area de ação do virus fica reduzida a uma area circular em volta do carro. 3D: Activates a virus where all enemy cars will be silenced for 1s. 2D: The area of action of the virus is reduced to a circular area around the car. 3D: active un virus où toutes les voitures ennemies seront réduites au silence pendant 1 seconde. 2D: La zone d'action du virus est réduite à une zone circulaire autour de la voiture. 3D: activa un virus donde todos los autos enemigos serán silenciados por 1s. 2D: el área de acción del virus se reduce a un área circular alrededor del automóvil.
  6. Someone posted an old picture of upgrade screen from before the Combat Test if you wanted to see it again:
  7. Bem-vindo ao MANUAL DE INTRODUÇÃO AO HEAVY METAL MACHINES. Aqui você vai conhecer sobre os pilotos, os carros, jogabilidade, como se posicionar, o que fazer e quando fazer. Se você pretende melhorar sua jogabilidade e chegar nas rankeds rebentando a morróida, isso aqui é para você, jovem gafanhoto. Esse é o vídeo nº1 e o foco é, SOU UM INTERCEPTADOR, EM QUEM EU FOCO DURANTE O ATAQUE DO MEU TIME? Uns dos grandes obstáculos quando se joga sério, uma ranqueada e não se tem experiência são: como me posicionar/ o que fazer e em quem focar durante o ataque do meu time. Isso no cenário em que você está jogando de interceptador.* Assim que você sabe o que fazer nessa situação, a sua visão de jogo muda drasticamente. Com essa playlist/ post de Manual de introdução ao Heavy Metal Machines a sua visão de jogo vai mudar bastante, lembre-se de que esse jogo é um MOBA, não pense somente em você e jogue em equipe. Vamos lá! Hoje nós temos a classe de interceptador onde os carros são focados em causar dano, matar, limpar o caminho para o seu time passar E derrubar a bomba do inimigo. Em resumo, sua missão é tocar o zaralho. A composição básica, o arroz com feijão das partidas do HMM é: um suporte, transportador, um dano massivo e o dano focado em interceptar a bomba. Agora, em quem eu foco durante o ataque? O responsável pela entrega da bomba espera passar pelas dificuldades sem a preocupação de ser “dropado”. É nessa hora que ele conta com você, o dano, o interceptador. Então a sua atitude é, limpar o caminho por onde ele tem que passar, foque à princípio no inimigo que pode fazer com que ele (seu amigo) perca a bomba. O que normalmente é o interceptador inimigo, onde muita das vezes ele só está de tocaia esperando o momento certo pra dropar a bomba. Nesses segundos é bem possível que ele não te veja chegar, pois ele estará atento e de olho no mapa pra tentar dar o bote no seu parceiro. Conseguiu eliminar ou afastar a ameaça do interceptador inimigo que quer roubar a bomba? Maravilha! Essa é a hora que tu fica de olho no mapa quem está vivo do outro lado. Dos que estão vivos, quais podem impedir seu time de levar a bomba? (É ali que você fica atento) Se os inimigos não estiverem passeando ou mortos, vai ter adversário no gol para impedir que a bomba passe. É para lá que você deve ir nesse caso, foque nele, dê trabalho, mate, tire do gol e se ele conseguir pegar a bomba, tente empurrá-lo para dentro, com bomba e tudo. O que mais pode prejudicar seu transportador são os danos do outro time, foque neles e divirta-se destruindo tudo. Esse é o Manual de introdução ao HMM episódio #1 Lembrando, este vídeo/ post é uma introdução, o que significa que é para os candangos com menos experiência e querem levar as partidas à sério no nível competitivo ou apenas melhorar sua jogabilidade. Meu nome é Capone, Discord (Capone#3061) caso queira conversar ou ajudar de alguma maneira, e eu peço à vocês o seguinte: me apoie como criador de conteúdo, isso ajuda bastante, o meu objetivo é sempre ajudar o próximo. Mas ser ajudado facilita o trabalho e é de grande apreciação. Acompanhe o canal, curta e se você conhece alguém que precise desse conteúdo, mostre à ele ou ela, compartilhe a palavra. Beijo no olho e até o próximo. Segue o link do vídeo em meu canal. https://youtu.be/O_SfdwuYwuY
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  9. To be honest I thought it was a mix of random upgrades for each ability that you can choose from. Well, let´s wait and see then. As you mentioned "Anything could be created as an upgrade system" and I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you again for the warm welcoming and keep in touch my friend
  10. Opinion on the map: The start is very interesting; I like it very much. It introduces the concept of pushing the bomb around and creates a fighting ground that is more than just space, makes the player have map awareness with traffic lights, and maintains a feel of things being closely knit together. However, it pays the price where you have to turn around by more than 90 deg. right at the start, which wouldn't feel quite right. There also comes the issue where you get a lot of stalling (as you can wait out what timing you want when you have the bomb), and getting blocked untimely can get infuriating, especially for new players. Something that you notice throughout the map is that it lacks chokepoints. All around the edge, there is no way to shortcut to them; even the temple of sacrifice gives players the chance to catch up to them. Metal God Arena has incredibly compact regions at both ends to compensate. Yes, there are droppers, but just having dropper circles at the side does not slow down anyone. The compulsory walls at the middle do not help, either. Newer players will inevitably be fated to be goalkeepers, in fear of leaving it defenseless and not being able to do a thing to stop that classy transporter. Even then, the goal is somewhat odd; machines like Peacemaker and Stargazer can easily cheese it with wall-passing skills, while other machines like Icebringer and Rampage, as the place is so awkwardly broad. broad goals are good, but not that good when there is nothing behind the finish lines. Slow machines (and peacemaker, only since the edges are wide and open) would be penalized harshly in that map, and Vulture would become even more imbalanced. I can't say that I like the map, but the concepts can definitely be inherited somewhat; I can think of a few ways to dance around the drawback myself. I'll see if I have the competence to design a map myself, where I probably can't due to sheer incompetence.
  11. Well of course, but many veterans like me have almost 3000 hours total on the game and still have fun with it, upgrades definitely could add even more spice, especially for more strategy and a way turn the tide of a match, just as you pictured with Battlerite. And yes, I played Awesomenauts for some time, that's actually how the upgrades were in HMM too before, choose a few between many for every weapon/skill along with general upgrades. Anything could be created as an upgrade system, but still would need to test and see if it adds something or not, and possibly move onto another one.
  12. Oh Hi Dream 🙂 Thank you for the warm welcoming amigo <3. Indeed I didn´t know about the GPS option (Silly me 😜). As for the point I mentioned about making the game repetitive and boring due to the removal of RPG elements, you need to think long-term. I know, we still have these little mechanics, interaction and such but this is not gonna hold for too long. Take Battlerite as an example, one of my favorite games and easily comparable to HMM (Moba, Fast-paced, Skilled Based etc.) Failed to retain its player base due to the lack of tournaments and customization. They implemented some pre-build Rites (abilities upgrades) that you can only choose at the beginning of a match but it didn't do the job. "Why?!" you may ask? Well because there´s no more "Mini-Chess" and experimenting with different builds anymore. For example, I want to choose A in order to counter your B or choose C in order to avoid your D (see what I did there XD ) and it should be in-game and not before. Like some kind of pre-build. A real-time customization option available between rounds in order to adapt to the current situation, counterplay, turn the table, you name it. In addition to all the Upgrades ideas and weapon choice mentioned in your thread, I will suggest a shop/upgrade system identical/similar to the one used in "Awesomenauts" game (give it a look) And last but not least, I hope that one of the game devs will explain or justify the removal of the awesome victory/end scene/sequence. The MVP machine drifting around the statue while playing the end game beautiful theme song. Hey Devs, hook me up with a link for this song 😍 Please 🙃 For the sake of our last encounter at Gamescom (2017) Indie MEGABOOTH 😘
  13. I added my thoughts in bold to the points I left, welcome back, I didn't say it on the Discord, but I do it here now (I'm Dreem 😘) Yep, found my thread: https://www.heavymetalmachines.com/forum/en/index.php?/topic/64152-upgrades-ideas-and-weapon-choice/&tab=comments#comment-64769
  14. Dear Dev-Team, I´m a returning player (I played back then in early 2017) and I´m also a game developer myself. I started playing yesterday again and to my surprise, the game feels way too different from what I played originally back then. I would love to share my feedback with you guys which will be split into three-part in order to make it easy and clear. First "the good", then "the bad" and finally "the ugly". I hope you will find it constructive and helpful. Let´s start with the good first: - Better bomb/machines physics - Different machines sizes and the body blocking (still not perfect but I love it) - No more annoying scenes/sequences like the one played on the match start or after each round. - The new respawn system (add depth to the game I like it) - The new UI/UX: you guys did a great job. Looks clean and fits the game theme. - The addition of different effects and items: like the score effect, death effect, etc. it adds a lot of flavor to the game. - The Battlepass: the Grind I know I know, some do like them and some do not. But I think it´s a good addition to the mix. Now let´s dive to the bad: - The pace of the game: way too fast and this is due to increasing damage/burst. I get the idea behind adding more Risk/Reward by increasing the lethality and adding longer cast times for some abilities in order to make skill shots harder to hit. But IMHO there is no more back and forth during team-fights and it feels like rushing the bomb carrier (zergs swarming) and bursting him instantly without giving a chance/time for a reaction or a counterplay. Especially when you´re trying to heal or CC someone. The game still a MOBA. I know it is more than that but still, the one-shot or burst mechanic should not be the norm for this game. - the removal of the path indicator (the arrows drawn on the ground) toward the goal. It might be distracting but was really helpful especially in the Metal God Arena. Maybe add some permanent drawing/signs on the ground in the middle section to show the direction in order to guide the player toward the enemy goal? And lastly the ugly: - The removal of the upgrade shop/system: But WHY? Enough with the typical excuses like: "it might not be balanced or hard to balance" or even worst "It might confuse new players" etc. No one wants to hear those excuses. Removing the RPG elements from the game it´s like turning it into a one-dimensional game, boring and repetitive. Customization is the bread and butter of every MOBA game. Take it out and you take the MOBA identity with it. - The removal of the awesome victory/end scene/sequence. Yes, I´m talking about the MVP machine drifting around the statue. It was a beautiful way to showcase your machine skin and giving credit to a good player. And the damn good End music theme. I spent hours searching like a maniac on the internet for that particular song with no luck. I demand to have it back into the game (like please please At least can we have a link to listen to that song again? At last, I would say that the game still feels awesome and it's a pleasure to play. Your passion and dedication can be seen through the work you did put on it. Thank you for developing such a great game. keep up the good work and looking forward to playing more. Cheers, A Big fan
  15. CAR NAME: Bone Puppeteer PILOT NAME: Edgar McCarthy CLASS: Transporter Descrição do Piloto: Ele é um mutante magro de olhos fundos, teria a aparencia idosa e ossos amostra em certas partes do corpo, usaria preto e mascara com estilo dos medicos da praga. Description of the Pilot: He is a skinny mutant with deep eyes, he would have the old appearance and sample bones in certain parts of the body, he would wear black and mask with the style of the plague doctors Description du pilote: C'est un mince mutant aux yeux profonds, il aurait l'apparence ancienne et des échantillons d'os dans certaines parties du corps, il porterait du noir et un masque avec le style des médecins nuisibles Descripción del piloto: es un mutante flaco con ojos profundos, tendría la apariencia antigua y muestras de huesos en ciertas partes del cuerpo, usaría negro y una máscara con el estilo de los médicos de plagas Descrição da maquina: Usaria uma Ferrari Spider preta com ossos presos em certas partes, em cima da parte de trás do carro teria um design de uma aranha esqueleto, teria um design velho e enferrujado . Description of the machine: It would use a black Ferrari Spyder with bones stuck in certain parts, on top of the back of the car it would have a design of a skeleton spider, it would have an old and rusty design. Description de la machine: Elle utiliserait une Ferrari Spyder noire avec des os coincés dans certaines parties, sur le dessus de l'arrière de la voiture, elle aurait un design d'une araignée squelette, elle aurait un design ancien et rouillé. Descripción de la máquina: usaría un Ferrari Spyder negro con huesos pegados en ciertas partes, en la parte superior del automóvil tendría el diseño de una araña esqueleto, tendría un diseño viejo y oxidado. Theme: LORE A muito tempo, quando ocorreu o Apocalipse, alem dos humanos sobreviventes, uma raça acabou se formando devido a radiação. Essa nova raça eram humanos de aparencia deformada e com habilidades especiais. Devido ao medo desses seres, chamados de Grotescos, por causa de alguns usarem essas habilidades para matar humanos e outros da mesma especie, muitos foram caçados e eles tiveram que se isolar. Anos depois, um novo Grotesco chega a Metal City, representando o seu povo e mostrar que não são monstros e que podem viver em harmonia com outros seres. E agora está na arena usando suas habilidades especiais de controlar ossos para competir no torneio. A long time ago, when the Apocalypse occurred, in addition to the surviving humans, a race ended up forming due to radiation. This new race were deformed-looking humans with special abilities. Due to the fear of these beings, called Grotesques, because of some using these skills to kill humans and others of the same species, many were hunted and they had to isolate themselves. Years later, a new Grotesque arrives in Metal City, representing its people and showing that they are not monsters and that they can live in harmony with other beings. And now you're in the arena using your special bone-controlling skills to compete in the tournament. Il y a longtemps, lorsque l'Apocalypse s'est produite, en plus des humains survivants, une race a fini par se former en raison des radiations. Cette nouvelle race était composée d'humains déformés aux capacités spéciales. En raison de la peur de ces êtres appelés Grotesques, certains utilisant ces compétences pour tuer des humains et d'autres de la même espèce, beaucoup ont été chassés et ont dû s'isoler. Des années plus tard, un nouveau Grotesque arrive à Metal City, représentant ses habitants et montrant qu'ils ne sont pas des monstres et qu'ils peuvent vivre en harmonie avec les autres êtres. Et maintenant, vous êtes dans l'arène en utilisant vos compétences spéciales de contrôle des os pour participer au tournoi. Hace mucho tiempo, cuando ocurrió el Apocalipsis, además de los humanos sobrevivientes, una raza terminó formándose debido a la radiación. Esta nueva raza eran humanos de aspecto deformado con habilidades especiales. Debido al miedo a estos seres, llamados grotescos, debido a que algunos usaron estas habilidades para matar humanos y otros de la misma especie, muchos fueron cazados y tuvieron que aislarse. Años después, un nuevo Grotesco llega a Metal City, representando a su gente y mostrando que no son monstruos y que pueden vivir en armonía con otros seres. Y ahora estás en la arena usando tus habilidades especiales de control de huesos para competir en el torneo. PASSIVE - Afterlife Quando mata um inimigo, cria um morcego esqueleto que fica voando proximo ao carro preso por cordas, com o maximo de 4, se um inimigo tocar no morcego, o morcego explode causando dano. Caso mate um inimigo tendo 4 morcegos, o morcego mais antigo explode onde estiver e um novo ocupa seu lugar. When it kills an enemy, it creates a skeleton bat that is flying close to the car attached by ropes, with a maximum of 4, if an enemy touches the bat, the bat explodes causing damage. If you kill an enemy with 4 bats, the oldest bat explodes where it is and a new one takes its place. Quand il tue un ennemi, il crée une chauve-souris squelette qui vole près de la voiture attachée par des cordes, avec un maximum de 4, si un ennemi touche la chauve-souris, la chauve-souris explose causant des dégâts. Si vous tuez un ennemi avec 4 chauves-souris, la plus vieille chauve-souris explose où elle est et une nouvelle prend sa place. Cuando mata a un enemigo, crea un murciélago esqueleto que vuela cerca del auto atado con cuerdas, con un máximo de 4, si un enemigo toca el murciélago, el murciélago explota causando daño. Si matas a un enemigo con 4 murciélagos, el murciélago más viejo explota donde está y uno nuevo toma su lugar. 1st SKILL - Spit Out the Bone Cria um circulo de ossos em volta do carro que causam dano em quem tocar, depois de um tempo solta os ossos para varias direções. Segunda Ativação: Dispara os ossos mais cedo. Creates a circle of bones around the car that damage anyone who touches it, after a while loosens the bones in various directions. Second Activation: Shoot the bones earlier. Crée un cercle d'os autour de la voiture qui endommage toute personne qui la touche, après un certain temps, desserre les os dans différentes directions. Deuxième activation: tirez sur les os plus tôt. Crea un círculo de huesos alrededor del automóvil que daña a cualquiera que lo toque, después de un tiempo afloja los huesos en varias direcciones. Segunda activación: dispara a los huesos antes. 2nd SKILL - Osteokinetic Sacrifice Ativado apenas se tiver pelo menos um morcego "vivo". Explode todos os morcegos que estiverem "vivos" no local, causando dano nos inimigos que estiverem na area de explosão. Ele é curado o tanto de dano causado pelas explosões. Activated only if you have at least one "live" bat. Explode all bats that are "alive" in the location, damaging enemies in the blast area. He heals the damage caused by the explosions. Activé uniquement si vous avez au moins une chauve-souris "vivante". Explosez toutes les chauves-souris qui sont "vivantes" dans l'emplacement, endommageant les ennemis dans la zone d'explosion. Il guérit les dégâts causés par les explosions. Se activa solo si tiene al menos un murciélago "vivo". Explota todos los murciélagos que están "vivos" en la ubicación, dañando a los enemigos en el área de la explosión. Él cura el daño causado por las explosiones. 3rd Skill - Skull Wings Protection Habilidade de Carga. Invoca asas de ossos que protegem as laterais do carro de uma porcentagem de dano enquanto o botão estiver pressionado, se soltar o botão as asas se abrem, empurrando os inimigos, e dando um boost de velocidade ao carro. Quanto mais o botão é segurado maior o boost, caso chegue no limite de tempo o boost se ativa automaticamente. Charge Ability. Summons bone wings that protect the sides of the car from a percentage of damage while the button is pressed, if the button is released, the wings open, pushing enemies, and giving the car a speed boost. The longer the button is held the greater the boost, if it reaches the time limit the boost is automatically activated. Capacité de charge. Invoque des ailes d'os qui protègent les côtés de la voiture contre un pourcentage de dégâts lorsque le bouton est enfoncé, si le bouton est relâché, les ailes s'ouvrent, repoussant les ennemis et augmentant la vitesse de la voiture. Plus le bouton est maintenu enfoncé, plus le boost est important, s'il atteint la limite de temps, le boost est automatiquement activé. Capacidad de carga. Invoca alas de hueso que protegen los lados del automóvil de un porcentaje de daño mientras se presiona el botón, si se suelta el botón, las alas se abren, empujan a los enemigos y aumentan la velocidad del automóvil. Cuanto más tiempo se mantenga presionado el botón, mayor será el impulso, si alcanza el límite de tiempo, el impulso se activa automáticamente. ULTIMATE - The Real Master of Puppets Ativa a aranha esqueleto presa na parte de trás do carro por alguns segundos, se um carro inimigo se aproximar do carro ela pula e começa a causar dano nesse carro. Se o botão for pressionado novamente ela volta para o carro sendo puxada pela corda que segura ela, quando ela volta para o carro ela da para o Puppeteer todo o hp que retirou do inimigo, se sobrar tempo da ultimate quando ela voltar para o carro, ela ataca novamente o inimigo mais proximo, exceto os que ela ja atacou. Activates the skeleton spider stuck in the back of the car for a few seconds, if an enemy car approaches the car it jumps and starts to damage that car. If the button is pressed again she goes back to the car being pulled by the rope that holds her, when she goes back to the car she gives the Puppeteer all the hp she took from the enemy, if there is time left for the ultimate when she gets back to the car, she attacks the nearest enemy again, except those she has already attacked. Active l'araignée squelette coincée à l'arrière de la voiture pendant quelques secondes, si une voiture ennemie s'approche de la voiture, elle saute et commence à endommager cette voiture. Si le bouton est à nouveau enfoncé, elle retourne à la voiture tirée par la corde qui la tient, lorsqu'elle revient à la voiture, elle donne au Puppeteer tous les chevaux qu'elle a pris à l'ennemi, s'il reste du temps pour l'ultime quand elle revient à la voiture, elle attaque à nouveau l'ennemi le plus proche, sauf ceux qu'elle a déjà attaqués. Activa la araña esquelética atrapada en la parte trasera del automóvil durante unos segundos, si un automóvil enemigo se acerca al automóvil, salta y comienza a dañarlo. Si se presiona el botón nuevamente, regresa al auto que tira de la cuerda que la sujeta, cuando regresa al auto le da al Puppeteer todo el HP que le quitó al enemigo, si queda tiempo para lo último cuando regrese al auto, ella ataca al enemigo más cercano nuevamente, excepto a aquellos que ya ha atacado.
  16. Gostei da ideia do carro mas vou ajustar com minhas ideias de carro que faz clones e as skills para um transportador menos overpower rs I liked the idea of that car but I will adjust it with my car ideas that make clones and put the skills to be a transporter less overpower Health: 500 Passiva: Quando tiver com vida baixa a 150 Fate deixa um clone seu parado para trás que usa o Q mas não causa dano (cooldown de 10 segundos) Passive: When you have a low health of 150, Fate leaves a clone behind you that uses Q but does no damage (10 second cooldown) Arma 1 (Q): Um choque de plasma empurra carros encostados em sua volta numa pequena area causando 50 dmg (cooldown 2,5 segundos) Weapon 1 (Q): A plasma crash that pushes cars close to you in a small area causing 50 dmg (cooldown 2.5 seconds) Arma 2 (W) Fate cria dois carros clones, um que avança para frente e outro que da ré para trás. (os clones copiam a arma 1 sempre que Fate usar, causando o mesmo dmg) (cooldown 10 segundos) Weapon 2 (W) Fate creates two clones, one that moves forward and one that moves backwards. (clones copy weapon 1 whenever Fate uses it, causing the same dmg) (cooldown 10 seconds) Arma 3 (E) Fate lança um clone que faz o percurso correto para o gol inimigo, esse clone tambem copia sua arma 1 quando ativada, o clone fica vivo por 4 segundos (cooldown 6 segundos) Weapon 3 (E) Fate launches a clone that makes the correct path to the enemy goal, that clone also copies your weapon 1 when activated, the clone stay alive only 4 seconds (cooldown 6 seconds) Ultmate (R): Fate pode trocar com qualquer clone que seu cursor estiver apontado, ele tem ganho de ultmate ao acertar os Q, se algum clone acerta o Q ele recebe o dobro de ultmate. Ultimate (R): Fate can switch with any clone that your cursor is pointing at, he has a ultmate gain when hitting the Q, if any clone hits the Q he gets double of ultmate charge. obs: Os clones nao recebem buffs nem escudos, e apenas o clone do nitro tem uma IA que percorre o caminho correto da pista igual bots; Os clones recebem o dobro de dano dos inimigos; Ao trocar com qualquer clone Fate tem a troca instantânea (igual Stargazer ultmate) junto com os buffs que tiver (menos da windraider que pode parar esse processo e deixar inativo durante a ult) ps: Clones do not receive buffs or shields, and only the nitro clone has an AI that travels the correct path on the track like bots; Clones take twice of damage from enemies; When exchanging with any Fate clone you have an instant exchange (like Stargazer's ultmate) along with the buffs you have (less than the windraider that can stop this process and leave it inactive during the last one)
  17. Name: Fate Juggler Role: Transporter Graphic concept: Concept: A transporter with the ability to produce clones for multiple purposes. (Um transportador com a habilidade de criar clones com múltiplas funcionalidades.) Lore: A blind 6 armed lizard man. He was a failed zoomorph experiment made by the armies of Manfall and he knew it. He knew he would be sacrificed soon and decided to take action before that. He managed to flee from his cell and found his way around the labs guided only by the keen sense of smell of his tongue, as his eyes were useless. In there, he found a prototype machine that the engineers had been working on: The Fate Juggler. They had been trying to make the commands simpler, as they were too complicated for a single human to manage, but the many buttons and switches weren't a problem for the lizard's 6 arms. He used the machine to run away from Manfall and into Metal City. (Um homem lagarto cego e com 6 braços. Um experimento falho dos exércitos de Manfall. Sabendo que era uma falha e que seria sacrificado em breve, ele decidiu agir antes. Fugiu de sua cela e se aventurou pelos laboratórios guiado apenas pelo olfato aguçado de sua língua, já que seus olhos eram inúteis. Lá ele encontrou um protótipo de máquina no qual os engenheiros locais estavam trabalhando: O Fate Juggler. Eles estavam tentando tornar os comandos mais simples, pois eles eram muito complicados para um único humano manusear, mas os numerosos botões e interruptores não eram um problema para os 6 braços do lagarto. Ele usou a máquina para fugir de Manfall para Metal City.) HP: 500 Mobility lvl: 5/6 Passive: 100-Toothed Croc Fate Juggler's weapons create clones: The clones move autonomously. Their standard behavior is that of a bot, only they tend to come back once they've left a wide area around Fate Juggler (the original). Clones don't create other clones, don't pick up the bomb and never autorepair. If a clone gets destroyed, nothing happens, but if the original does, every clone explodes, dealing some damage to enemies in it's very small range. If a clone gets created while Fate Juggler carries the bomb, they carry a fake bomb. When a clone carrying a fake bomb explodes, it deals double damage. When Fate Juggler drops the bomb, every clone carrying a fake bomb explodes. Enemy droppers desintegrate fake bombs. Fate Juggler may have up to 4 clones at once (himself excluded). (As armas de Fate Juggler criam clones: Os clones se movem autonomamente. Eles se comportam como bots, mas retornam sempre que saem de uma grande área ao redor do Fate Juggler original. Clones não criam outros clones, não pegam a bomba e nunca se autorreparam. Se um clone for destruído, nada acontece, mas se o original for destruído, todos os clones explodem, causando algum dano a inimigos muito próximos. Se um clone for criado enquanto Fate Juggler carrega a bomba, ele leva uma bomba falsa. Quando um clone com uma bomba falsa explode, ele causa dano dobrado. Quando Fate Juggler perde a bomba, todo clone que estiver carregando uma bomba falsa explode. Derrubadores inimigos desintegram bombas falsas. Fate Juggler pode ter um máximo de 4 clones simultaneamente (além do original).) Q: 2-Headed Snake Fate Juggler shoots a clone forward, which goes through enemies on a medium range dealing damage: When Fate Juggler creates a clone, he splits his HP in half (which does not affect his autorepair cooldown), but he gets repaired in a third of the lost HP for each enemy hit. If the number of clones in the arena has reached it's limit, the clone shot explodes when it reaches the maximum range of the weapon. If Fate Juggler is carrying the bomb, the clone it creates carryes a fake bomb. When a clone uses 2-Headed Snake, it doesn't split his HP, but the clone it creates explodes when it reaches maximum range regardless of the amount of clones in the arena. If Fate Juggler uses 2-Headed Snake with his mouse cursor over a clone, the said clone simply explodes (nothing else happens). (Fate Juggler dispara um clone à frente, que atravessa inimigos num alcance médio causando dano: Quando Fate Juggler cria um clone, ele divide seu HP em 2 metades (o que não afeta o cooldown de seu autorreparo), mas ele se repara em um terço do HP perdido para cada inimigo atingido. Se o número de clones na arena tiver atingido o limite, o clone disparado explode ao atingir o alcance máximo da arma. Se Fate Juggler estiver carregando a bomba, o clone criado carrega uma bomba falsa. Quando um clone usa 2-Headed Snake ele não divide seu HP, mas o clone criado explode ao atingir o alcance máximo independentemente da quantidade de clones na arena. Se Fate Juggler usar 2-Headed Snake com o cursor do mouse sobre um clone, esse clone simplesmente explode (nada mais acontece).) W: 6-Eyed Camaleon Fate Juggler has a round area displayed around his mouse cursor just like Stargazer's (which is also used for his other weapons). 6-Eyed Camaleon commands Fate Juggler's clones depending on the mouse cursor's position: 6-Eyed Camaleon doesn't have a cooldown. If the mouse cursor is over a clone, that clone comes back to Fate Juggler and fuses back with him, repairing him in half of the clone's current HP. If the mouse cursor is over an enemy, all clones on the map head to that enemy and target him with their attacks until the target gets destroyed or until another order is given by 6-Eyed Camaleon. If the mouse cursor is over Fate Juggler, all clones on the map come back to him and fuse back with him, repairing him in a third of each clone's current HP. If the mouse cursor is anywhere else on the map, the nearest clone to that point heads to it and explodes when it gets there. Since there's no cooldown, 6-Eyed Camaleon may be used again before the clone explodes to redirect it to another point on the map. This may be done multiple times over. (Fate Juggler tem uma área redonda marcada ao redor do cursor de seu mouse similar à de Stargazer (que também é usada para suas outras armas). 6-Eyed Camaleon comanda os clones de Fate Juggler de acordo com a posição do cursor do mouse: 6-Eyed Camaleon não possui cooldown. Se o cursor do mouse estiver sobre um clone, esse clone retorna a Fate Juggler e se funde com ele, causando-lhe reparo igual a metade do HP atual do clone. Se o cursor do mouse estiver sobre um inimigo, todos os clones no mapa focam o inimigo selecionado, atacando-o até que ele seja destruído ou até que outra ordem seja dada por 6-Eyed Camaleon. Se o cursor do mouse estiver sobre Fate Juggler, todos os clones no mapa retornam a ele e se fundem com ele, causando-lhe reparo igual a um terço do HP atual de cada clone. Se o cursor do mouse estiver em qualquer outro ponto do mapa, o clone mais próximo daquele ponto vai até lá e explode. Já que não há cooldown, 6-Eyed Camaleon pode ser usado novamente antes da explosão para redirecionar o clone a outro ponto no mapa. Isso pode ser feito múltiplas vezes.) E: 9-Tailed Lizard Fate Juggler leaps ahead shortly, dealing damage to every enemy it goes through. However, if the mouse cursor is over a clone, Fate Juggler swaps places with the clone instead of leaping forward: For all effects the clone becomes Fate Juggler (the machine controlled by the player) and the original Fate Juggler becomes a clone. That exchange goes visualy unseen by other players. HP are not swapped. Also, Fate Juggler's autorepair's cooldown gets reset. If Fate Juggler is carrying the bomb and swaps places with a clone carrying a fake bomb, the bomb also swaps places with the fake bomb (clones never get to carry the actual bomb). If Fate Juggler is carrying the bomb and swaps places with a clone that's not carrying anything, the bomb gets shot to the swapping target (just like it does when Stargazer teleports with it). If that happens, every clone carrying a fake bomb explodes instantly. (Fate Juggler dá um curto salto à frente, causando dano a todo inimigo atravessado. No entanto, caso o cursor do mouse esteja sobre um clone, Fate Juggler troca de lugar com esse clone ao invés de dar o salto: Para todos os efeitos, o clone se torna Fate Juggler (a máquina controlada pelo jogador) e o Fate Juggler original se torna um clone. Os efeitos visuais dessa troca são invisíveis a outros jogadores. Pontos de vida não são trocados. Além disso, o cooldown do autorreparo de Fate Juggler é reiniciado. Se Fate Juggler estiver carregando a bomba e trocar de lugar com um clone carregando uma bomba falsa, a bomba também é trocada pela bomba falsa (clones nunca carregam a bomba verdadeira). Se Fate Juggler estiver carregando a bomba e trocar de lugar com um clone que não esteja carregando nada, a bomba é disparada na direção do alvo da troca (assim como acontece quando Stargazer se teletransporta com a bomba). Se isso acontecer, todos os clones carregando uma bomba falsa explodem instantaneamente.) R: 8-Winged Dragon Every clone on the map explodes instantly. Then, Fate Juggler shoots 8 clones ahead as in 2-Headed Snake, 1 at a time: He does not lose HP by doing so. Every clone is born with HP equal to Fate Juggler's currently missing HP (If he only has 100 HP,for example, each clone will have 400 HP) from a minimum of 100 HP each. Every clone created remains on the map regardless of the limit amount of coexisting clones (until they get destroyed, of course). (Todo clone no mapa explode instantaneamente. Então, Fate Juggler dispara 8 clones à frente, como em 2-Headed Snake, 1 de cada vez: Ele não perde HP ao fazê-lo. Todo clone nasce com HP igual ao atual HP perdido de Fate Juggler (Se ele tiver apenas 100 de HP, por exemplo, cada clone terá 400 de HP) até um mínimo de 100 de HP cada um. Todo clone criado permanece no mapa independentemente do limite de clones coexistentes (até que sejam destruídos, é claro).) Quotes: Pick quote: A seven nation army couldn't hold me back! Kill quote: You should've killed me whe you had the chance! Low life quote: I'm being outnumbered... Special weapon quote: You should've brought an army! Win quote: Next time you create a monster, make sure you kill it before it lays eggs! Lose quote: They were right. I'm a failure after all...
  18. Todas as características de um interceptador. Muito dano, nenhuma proteção ou escape e o W meio OP, concerteza será sempre melhor carregar ate a terceira carga. Uma lotus com wildfire com nitro de um fmj. OMFG Sem comentar q ainda tem controle de drop no W, ta longe de ser transportador. Esse seria o melhor intercep do jogo
  19. Car Name: Phoenix BOOM Pilot Name: Captain Douglas B. Phoenix Class: Interceptor Descrição do Piloto: Seria um ciborgue piloto, ele teria um visor no lugar dos olhos e usaria uma armadura que cobrisse todo seu corpo exceto a cabeça, teria uma barba branca, seria um pouco velho e bastante cabeça dura. Description of the Pilot: It would be a cyborg pilot, he would have a visor instead of eyes and he would wear armor that covered his whole body except his head, he would have a white beard, he would be a little old and very hardheaded. Description du pilote: Ce serait un pilote cyborg, il aurait une visière au lieu des yeux et il porterait une armure qui couvrait tout son corps sauf sa tête, il aurait une barbe blanche, il serait un peu vieux et très dur. Descripción del piloto: Sería un piloto cyborg, tendría una visera en lugar de ojos y usaría una armadura que cubría todo su cuerpo excepto su cabeza, tendría una barba blanca, sería un poco viejo y muy testarudo. Descrição do carro: O carro dele seria uma nave que ficasse flutuando baixo, como os veiculos de F-zero, seria bastante rapido. Car description: His car would be a ship that would float low, like F-zero vehicles, it would be very fast. Description de la voiture: Sa voiture serait un navire qui flotterait bas, comme les véhicules F-zéro, ce serait très rapide. Descripción del auto: Su auto sería un barco que flotaría bajo, como los vehículos F-zero, sería muy rápido. Theme: Speed Metal LORE Vindo da mesma cidade de CopyPaste, ele era um dos pilotos mais famosos de lá. Se encantou com os dados enviados por CopyPaste sobre o torneio e resolveu participar para mostrar que é o melhor piloto do mundo. Coming from the same city as CopyPaste, he was one of the most famous pilots there. He was delighted with the data sent by CopyPaste about the tournament and decided to participate to show that he is the best driver in the world. Issu de la même ville que CopyPaste, il était l'un des pilotes les plus célèbres du pays. Il était ravi des données envoyées par CopyPaste sur le tournoi et a décidé de participer pour montrer qu'il est le meilleur pilote du monde. Proveniente de la misma ciudad que CopyPaste, fue uno de los pilotos más famosos allí. Estaba encantado con los datos enviados por CopyPaste sobre el torneo y decidió participar para demostrar que es el mejor piloto del mundo. PASSIVE - Phoenix Rising Todo começo de round ou quando se reconstroi via meteoro ele fica com uma marca em cima do carro, caso morra com essa marca, ele volta das cinzas imediatamente com o HP pela metade e perde a marca, se morrer sem a marca morre normalmente. Caso esteja com a bomba, ele a perde quando morre. Every start of the round or when you rebuild via meteor he has a mark on the car, if he dies with that mark, he returns from the ashes immediately with the maximum HP by half and loses the mark, if he dies without the mark he dies normally. If he has the bomb, he loses it when he dies. Chaque début de manche ou lorsque vous reconstruisez via un météore, il a une marque sur la voiture, s'il meurt avec cette marque, il revient immédiatement de ses cendres avec le maximum de HP de moitié et perd la marque, s'il meurt sans la marque, il meurt normalement. S'il a la bombe, il la perd à sa mort. Cada inicio de la ronda o cuando reconstruyes a través de meteorito, tiene una marca en el auto, si muere con esa marca, regresa de las cenizas inmediatamente con el HP máximo a la mitad y pierde la marca, si muere sin la marca, muere normalmente. Si tiene la bomba, la pierde cuando muere. 1st SKILL - Phoenix Fist Solta uma explosão de fogo na frente do carro a curta distancia. A fire explodes in front of the car at close range. Un incendie explose à bout portant devant la voiture. Un incendio explota frente al automóvil a corta distancia. 2nd SKILL - Triple BOOM Habilidade de carga em 3 niveis, precisa segurar o botão para carregar cada nivel. Nivel 1: ele causa uma pequena explosão em area que causa um leve dano nos inimigos. Nivel 2: Causa uma segunda explosão em volta do carro que causa mais dano e empurrão. Nivel 3: Causa uma terceira explosão maior ainda que alem de dano e empurrão deixa os inimigos com burn. Ability to load in 3 levels, you need to hold the button to load each level. Level 1: it causes a small area explosion that deals light damage to enemies. Level 2: Causes a second explosion around the car that causes more damage and pushing. Level 3: Causes a third bigger explosion, in addition to damage and pushing, leaving enemies with burn. Possibilité de charger en 3 niveaux, vous devez maintenir le bouton pour charger chaque niveau. Niveau 1: il provoque une petite explosion de zone qui inflige de légers dégâts aux ennemis. Niveau 2: provoque une deuxième explosion autour de la voiture qui provoque plus de dégâts et de poussées. Niveau 3: provoque une troisième explosion plus importante, en plus des dégâts et des poussées, laissant les ennemis brûlés. Capacidad para cargar en 3 niveles, debe mantener presionado el botón para cargar cada nivel. Nivel 1: causa una explosión de área pequeña que causa daño leve a los enemigos. Nivel 2: Causa una segunda explosión alrededor del automóvil que causa más daño y empuje. Nivel 3: Causa una tercera explosión más grande, además de daño y empuje, dejando a los enemigos con quemaduras. 3rd SKILL - Rapid Fire Cria uma espiral de fogo a frente do carro e da um boost de velocidade causando dano em quem estiver na frente Creates a spiral of fire in front of the car and gives a speed boost causing damage to those in front Crée une spirale de feu devant la voiture et augmente la vitesse causant des dégâts à ceux qui sont devant Crea una espiral de fuego frente al auto y aumenta la velocidad causando daño a los que están enfrente ULTIMATE - Phoenix Spirit Envolve o carro em chamas por alguns segundos que causam dano em todo inimigo que tocar. Alem disso aumenta o poder de suas habilidades. Phoenix Fist tem o dano aumentado. Triple BOOM passa a ter apenas a segunda e terceira carga, com essa ultima deixando o solo pegando fogo. Rapid Fire tem o alcance aumentado. It engulfs the car in flames for a few seconds that damage every enemy it touches. It also increases the power of your abilities. Phoenix Fist has increased damage. Triple BOOM now has only the second and third charges, with the latter leaving the ground on fire. Rapid Fire has increased range. Il engloutit la voiture en flammes pendant quelques secondes qui endommagent tous les ennemis qu'elle touche. Cela augmente également la puissance de vos capacités. Phoenix Fist a augmenté les dégâts. Triple BOOM n'a désormais que les deuxième et troisième charges, cette dernière laissant le sol en feu. Le tir rapide a augmenté la portée. Envuelve el automóvil en llamas durante unos segundos que dañan a cada enemigo que toca. También aumenta el poder de tus habilidades. Puño de fénix ha aumentado el daño. Triple BOOM ahora solo tiene la segunda y la tercera carga, y esta última deja el suelo en llamas. Fuego rápido ha aumentado el alcance.
  20. Lore: Por algum motivo os animais não são afetados pelo novo vírus que vem se espalhado em Metal City, o Corona Virus. Eis que surge o mais novo transportador queridinho da galera, a raposa piadista Rocket, cheia de humor durante suas batalhas. Lore: For some reason the animals are not affected by the new virus that has been spreading in Metal City, the Corona Virus. Here comes the newest darling of the metalheads, the witty fox Rocket, full of humor during his battles. Health: 420 Classe: Transportador/Transporter Arma 1 (Q) - Amaciador: Lança um missel de longa/media distancia que ao acertar causa 30 dmg e uma explosão de 20 dmg (cooldown 2 segundos após explodir projétil) (dupla ativação para controlar a explosão) Fala ao matar com o Q: "baba baby baba" "QUACK" Weapon 1 (Q) - Softener: Launches a long / medium distance missile that hits 30 dmg and a 20 dmg explosion (2 seconds cooldown counted after explosion) (double activation to control the explosion) Speaks when killing with Q: "baba baby baba "" QUACK " Arma 2 (W) - Misseis Teleguiados: Solta 10 misseis teleguiados muito rápidos que seguem os inimigos que estiver mais próximos de Rocket, cada missel causa 18 de dano. Os misseis só seguem quem estiver em uma pequena área perto de Rocket, caso saia dessa área os misseis param de seguir. (cooldown 10 segundos) Falas: " é melhor você sair de perto " " trrrr é o cão chupando manga " Weapon 2 (W) - Guided Missiles: Drop 10 very fast guided missiles that follow the enemies closest to Rocket, each missile deals 18 damage. Missiles only follow anyone in a little area near Rocket, if they leave that area, the missiles stop following. (cooldown 10 seconds) Speaks: "you better get away" "trrrrr im the devil sucking mango" Arma 3 (E) - Pega Rex! : Solta três armadilhas pequenas no chão que prende o inimigo por 1 segundo, gerando um boost de 15% velocidade para Rocket a cada inimigo atingido, podendo aumentar sua velocidade 45% durante 3 segundos. (cooldown 7 segundos ) Falas ao acertar 3 inimigos " ao infinito e aléém " acertando 2 inimigos " dois patinhos com uma cajadada só " acertando 1 inimigo " péksksksksks" Weapon 3 (E) - Catch Rex! : Set three little traps on the ground that hold the enemy for 1 second, generating a 15% speed boost to Rocket for each enemy hited, it can increasing your speed by 45% for 3 seconds. (cooldown 7 seconds) You talk when hitting 3 enemies "to infinity and beyond" hitting 2 enemies "two ducklings with one stone" hitting 1 enemy "péksksksksks" Ultimate (R) - Foguetão eu escolho você: Lança um foguete médio que pode percorrer o mapa inteiro em linha reta, quanto maior o percurso maior o dano empurrando os inimigos com o impacto. Dano minimo de 100. Falas ao lançar " Foguete eu escolho vocêê " " Go go POWER ROCKET! (like power rangers)" "CATCHED!!" Ultimate (R) - Rocket I choose you: Launch a medium rocket that can travel the entire map in a straight line, the longer the route the dmg will greater and pushing the enemies with the impact. Minimum damage of 100. You speak when launching "Rocket I choose you" "Go go POWER ROCKET! (Like power rangers)" "CATCHED!!" Vantagens: Ótimo zoneamento, bom dano em área, forte em trocação mano a mano, ultmate pode empurrar bem dependendo da distância, boa fuga Pros: Great zoning, good area damage, strong on 1x1, ultmate can push well depending on the distance, good escape Contras: Pouca vida e fácil de matar, necessita de bom suport, perde pra dano brust, não tem nitro, não tem proteção Cons: Little life and easy to kill, needs good support, loses to brust damage, has no nitro, dont have any self protection Melhores aliados / Best allys: Piores inimigos / Strong foes:
  21. Car Name: Ramblin 'Hunter Pilot Name: Tom "Westwood" McCane Class: Intercept Descrição do Piloto: Ele é um cowboy, podem usar todo esteriotipo de aparencia que quiser. Ele vai ser jovem, penso na idade da Stargazer. A unica coisa que precisa ter é um palito na boca. Pilot's description: He is a cowboy, you can use any type of appearance you want. He's going to be young, I think about Stargazer's age. The only thing you need to have is a toothpick in your mouth. Description du pilote: C'est un cow-boy, vous pouvez utiliser tout type d'apparence que vous souhaitez. Il va être jeune, je pense à l'âge de Stargazer. La seule chose que vous devez avoir est un cure-dent dans la bouche. Descripción del piloto: es un vaquero, puede usar cualquier tipo de apariencia que desee. Va a ser joven, pienso en la edad de Stargazer. Lo único que debe tener es un palillo de dientes en la boca. Descrição da Maquina: Seria uma mistura de um triciclo com uma carroça de carga do velho oeste, pensei no tamanho da photon ou um pouco menor. Description of the Machine: It would be a mixture of a tricycle with an old western cargo wagon, I thought about the size of the photon or a little smaller. Description de la machine: Ce serait un mélange d'un tricycle avec un vieux wagon cargo Western, j'ai pensé à la taille du photon ou un peu plus petit. Descripción de la máquina: sería una mezcla de un triciclo con un viejo vagón de carga Western, pensé en el tamaño del Photon o un poco más pequeño. Theme: Western Rock LORE Vindo de uma cidade pequena proximo de Wasterlands, ele está nas arenas para conseguir pagar o tratamento de sua irmã, que está com uma doença rara. É uma pessoa alegre e muito humilde, adora ajudar os outros. Se precisar de um rim ele daria o dele. Porem quando entra na arena ele vira um caçador feroz. Coming from a small town near the Wasterlands, he is in the arenas to be able to afford treatment for his sister, who has a rare disease. He is a cheerful and very humble person, loves to help others. If you need a kidney he would give you his. However, when he enters the arena, he becomes a fierce hunter. Venant d'une petite ville près des Wasterlands, il est dans les arènes pour pouvoir se permettre de soigner sa sœur, qui a une maladie rare. C'est une personne gaie et très humble, aime aider les autres. Si vous avez besoin d'un rein, il vous le donnera. Cependant, lorsqu'il entre dans l'arène, il devient un féroce chasseur. Procedente de un pequeño pueblo cerca de Wasterlands, se encuentra en las arenas para poder pagar el tratamiento de su hermana, que tiene una enfermedad rara. Es una persona alegre y muy humilde, le encanta ayudar a los demás. Si necesita un riñón, él le daría el suyo. Sin embargo, cuando entra en la arena, se convierte en un cazador feroz. PASSIVE - Roundabout Sua primeira e segunda arma marca os inimigos, caso chegue a um numero especifico (pensei em 5) o inimigo toma um stun de 1 segundo, o simbolo da Stack seria diferente do simbolo do Vulture. Your first and second weapon marks the enemies, if it reaches a specific number (I thought 5) the enemy takes a 1 second stun, the Stack symbol would be different from the Vulture symbol. Votre première et votre deuxième arme marquent les ennemis, si elle atteint un nombre spécifique (je pensais 5), l'ennemi prend un étourdissement d'une seconde, le symbole Stack serait différent du symbole Vulture. Tu primera y segunda arma marca a los enemigos, si alcanza un número específico (pensé que 5) el enemigo recibe un aturdimiento de 1 segundo, el símbolo de Pila sería diferente del símbolo de Vulture . 1st WEAPON - Cowboy Yo-Yo Lança um projetil preso em uma corda que fica parado por um tempo na frente do carro girando e depois volta. Segunda ativação: puxa o projetil mais cedo. Se o projetil bater numa parede ele volta instantaneamente. He launches a projectile attached to a rope that stands for a while in front of the car, spinning and then comes back. Second activation: pull the projectile earlier. If the projectile hits a wall, it returns instantly. Il lance un projectile attaché à une corde qui se tient un moment devant la voiture, tourne et revient ensuite. Deuxième activation: tirez le projectile plus tôt. Si le projectile frappe un mur, il revient instantanément. Lanza un proyectil atado a una cuerda que se coloca un rato frente al auto, gira y luego regresa. Segunda activación: tire del proyectil antes. Si el proyectil golpea una pared, vuelve instantáneamente. 2nd WEAPON - Take It Easy Lança uma boleadeira para frente que sai girando, se acertar o inimigo causa slow. Throws a bola forward that leaves spinning, if it hits the enemy it causes slow. Lance una boleadora en avant qui laisse tourner, s'il frappe l'ennemi, il ralentit. Lanza una boleadera hacia adelante que deja girar, si golpea al enemigo causa lentitud. 3rd WEAPON - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Joga um laço no carro inimigo a frente, se acertar o prende numa estaca que o impede de ir para frente (até o tamanho maximo da corda), a estaca pode ser destruida com o tempo ou pelos inimigos. Throw a noose at the enemy car ahead, if you hit it securely on a stake that prevents you from going forward (up to the maximum length of the rope), the stake can be destroyed over time or by enemies. Lancez un nœud coulant sur la voiture ennemie qui vous précède, si vous la frappez solidement sur un piquet qui vous empêche d'avancer (jusqu'à la longueur maximale de la corde), le piquet peut être détruit au fil du temps ou par des ennemis. Lanza una soga al auto enemigo que está adelante, si lo golpeas de forma segura en una estaca que te impide avanzar (hasta la longitud máxima de la cuerda), la estaca puede ser destruida con el tiempo o por los enemigos. ULTIMATE - Web Trap Solta uma rede atrás do carro preso em duas estacas, a rede some com o tempo. Carros inimigos e a bomba (exceto se ela estiver sendo carregada), ela funcionaria como uma cama elastica e empurra os inimigos e a bomba para trás dependendo da velocidade. Se o inimigo estiver lento ela só vai bloquear o caminho. He drop a web behind the car stuck in two poles, the net disappears with time. Enemy cars and the bomb (unless it is being loaded), it would act as a trampoline and push the enemies and the bomb back depending on the speed. If the enemy is slow it will only block the way. Il desserre un filet derrière la voiture coincée dans deux poteaux, le filet disparaît avec le temps. Les voitures ennemies et la bombe (à moins qu'elle ne soit chargée), elle fonctionnerait comme un trampoline et repousserait les ennemis et la bombe en fonction de la vitesse. Si l'ennemi est lent, il ne fera que bloquer le chemin. Afloja una red detrás del automóvil atrapado en dos postes, la red desaparece con el tiempo. Los autos enemigos y la bomba (a menos que se esté cargando), actuaría como un trampolín y empujaría a los enemigos y la bomba hacia atrás dependiendo de la velocidad. Si el enemigo es lento, solo bloqueará el camino.
  22. Name: Siege Breaker Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: It would be an all-in-1 medieval siege weapon, with a battering ram at the front and a catapult at the back. (Seria uma máquina de certo medieval multifuncional com uma aríete na frente e uma catapulta na traseira.) Concept: An interceptor designed to find a way around enemy defenses. (Um interceptador feito para driblar as defesas inimigas.) Lore: A heretic who denied the authority of the Sect of Metal, preaching that they manipulated masses by telling them fantasy stories about how their "Metal God" saved the world from the apocalypse when truly it had been nothing more than a natural event from which humanity survived though their own efforts. The Metal Herald sent a crusade to arrest him and, after he finally managed it, sentenced him to spend his days at the arena until he decided to change his mind and stop scarring the people of Metal City with his nonsense. (Um herege que negava a autoridade do Secto do Metal, pregando que eles manipulavam massas divulgando histórias fantasiosas sobre como seu "Deus do Metal" salvara o mundo do apocalipse, quando na verdade tudo não havia passado de um evento natural do qual a humanidade sobrevivera com seu próprio suor. O Metal Herald enviou uma cruzada para prendê-lo e, após finalmente conseguir, sentenciou-o a passar seus dias na arena até que ele decidisse mudar de ideia e parar de assustar o povo com suas balbúrdias.) HP: 800 Mobility lvl: 2/6 Passive: Heresy All of Siege Breaker weapons ignore enemy shield. (Todas as armas de Siege Breaker ignoram escudo inimigo.) Q: Ram Siege Breaker's ram projects itself ahead of him with a very short range, dealing damage and abruptly pushing away an enemy it hits. The damage is proportional to the relative speed between Siege Breaker and the target. If Ram hits a wall, it throws rubble at the opposite side of the wall, which spreads on an area proportional to Siege Breaker's speed the moment he hits the wall. The rubble deals damage to enemies, only without the effects of Heresy. (A aríete de Siege Breaker se projeta à frente com alcance muito curto, causando dano e empurrando bruscamente um inimigo atingido. O dano é proporcional à velocidade relativa entre Siege Breaker e o alvo. Caso Ram atinja uma parede, ela atira escombros no lado oposto da mesma, que se espalham numa área proporcional à velocidade de Siege Breaker no momento que ele atinge a parede. Os escombros causam dano a inimigos, porém sem os efeitos de Heresy.) W: The Twins Siege Breaker throws a long ranged spinning sling ahead, which is composed of a pair of spiked metal spheres tied together by a thick rope. The rope doesn't deal damage, but it gets wrapped around the target, making the spheres hit them from the sides. At impact, the spheres stick to the spot for up to 3s, after which time both of them explode, dealing damage on a very small area. 2nd activation: Explodes the spheres immediately. (Siege Breaker dispara uma funda com longo alcance à frente, composta por um par de esferas metálicas espinhadas ligadas por uma corda grossa. A corda não causa dano, mas se enrola ao redor do alvo, fazendo com que as esferas o atinjam pelos lados. No impacto, as esferas grudam no local. Após 3s elas explodem, causando dano numa área muito pequena. 2ª ativação: Detona as esferas imediatamente.) E: Thorn Apart Siege Breaker rushes ahead, leaving a trail of rubbish behind which lasts 2s. The moment an enemy touches the trail, spikes emerge from all of it's lenght, dealing damage to all enemies hit and locking the target on spot for 1s. (Siege Breaker acelera à frente, deixando um rastro de escombros para trás que dura 2s. No momento que um inimigo tocar o rastro, espinhos emergem de toda sua extensão, causando dano a todos os inimigos atingidos e prendendo-os no local por 1s.) R: Catapult Siege Breaker catapults a fire ball on a parabole ahead of him, which explodes on the ground, dealing damage on a medium-small area and leaving the ground burning and dealing continuous damage for 2s (just like Peacemaker's special weapon). The R key may be pressed down for up to 1s to extend the range of the shot. After the 1st shot is taken, Catapult stays available for 6s, which allows Siege Breaker to take successive shots with a 0,5s cooldown. (Siege Breaker dispara de sua catapulta uma bola de fogo em parábola à frente, que explode no chão, causando dano numa área média-pequena e deixando o chão queimando e causando dano contínuo por 2s (como a arma especial do Peacemaker). A tecla R pode permanecer pressionada por até 1s para aumentar o alcance do disparo. Após o 1º disparo, Catapult permanece ativa por 6s, o que permite que Siege Breaker efetue múltiplos disparos com apenas um cooldown de 0,5s entre cada um.) Quotes: Pick quote: In a world of lies, he who holds the truth... Is nobody! Kill quote: Where's your god now? Low life quote: I'm going back to dust... Special weapon quote: Wanna know what hell looks like? Win quote: Your crusade... Lacks faith! Lose quote: There's no justice after all...
  23. Desconsiderem este tópico, teste.
  24. METAL CITY SUBURBS I'm adding this idea to the list. The concept is that of a urban map, with functional light poles and traffic lights. Here are the important details: Black lines for walls; White lines for ground marks indicating the way; Yellow lines for track edges, those that the bomb cannot pass through; Blue areas for allied droppers (which drop the bomb from the enemy team); Red areas for enemy droppers (which drop the bomb from allies); Purple areas for starting and finnish (goal) areas; Light yellow and orange lines for traffic lights (explained bellow). There'd be 2 types of traffic lights. The first one is in the middle of the map: -It displays a dropper area, which changes color every 15s (affecting a different team each time); -The bomb starts the match in the middle of this area; -At the beginning of the match (first 30s) the traffic light is tilted so that no team can grab the bomb at first (they have to push it outside). The 2nd type of traffic light if found once in each side of the map: -It displays a track edge line that works like the others, stopping the bomb from passing. -Each 15s the active line changes position, stopping the bomb from passing from one way and enabling it to do so from the other. Also, all droppers in this map would be portrayed by the light bellow common street light poles like this one:
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