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  1. New machine concept remake: Gasskunk. Description: An intercepting support that intoxicates enemies with his weapons. Pilot's appearance: A well dressed skunk zoomorph in a lab coat who would have a thick goatee, wear a gas mask, and would speak in a French accent. Machine's appearance: An RV with two big tanks on the sides which house poisonous liquid and would have smoke coming from the top hatch on the roof. Lore: A scientist who works at the City of Manfall power plant making new gases and liquids for doctors to use in vaccines. But he's secretly a chemical weapons dealer who wants to use his toxicology for questionable motives. In order to escape the authorities and not get arrested he escapes to Metal City where he joins the arena to test out his new gases. Abilities: Passive: Intoxicate. Exactly what is says on the tin. Enemies get intoxicated slowly lose health over time. Q: Toxic Liquid. Sprays out poisonous liquid at enemies which not only damages them but intoxicates them as well. W: Stinkbomb. Throws out a capsule which damages and intoxicates enemies and heals allies. E: Flying Stench. Accelerates forward leaving gas in the air that damages enemies and heals allies. R: Sprayed Smelly. Sprays his enemies with a powerful cloud of toxic gas that intoxicates enemies and heals all allies around him.
  2. New machine concept: Mr. Bling. Description: A heavily armored support that heals allies with his shining style. Pilot's appearance: A rich man who wears glittery clothing all over his body. Machine's appearance: A Hummer H2 covered entirely in gold diamonds. Lore: Gerald Gleamington one of Metal City's richest individuals enters the arena not for the money, or the fame, but in pure vanity just because he loves watching his jacket glow. Abilities: Passive: All that glitters. His machine shines so bright that it messes with enemies' steering. Q: Prism Beam. Shoots a gold beam at enemies which deals low damage. (Basically a weaker version of Stingray's Q.) W: Prism Wave. Shoots a wave of gold which deals damage to enemies, and heals allies. E: Running in style. Accelerates quickly forward leaving a golden trail on the ground which heals allies and damages enemies. R: Stylish Gambit. the prisms on his machine glow brightly healing allies and trapping enemies inside crystals.
  3. New machine concept: Ray O' Light. Description: A fragile Interceptor that uses the power of light to damage enemies and heal allies. Pilot's appearance: He'd be an angel with an anti sect of metal symbol. Machine's appearance: A Motorcycle which is constantly shining underneath the light. Lore: An angel arrives in Metal City to defend it from any Sect of Metal activity that stirs up. One day while he was riding on his lightcycle, he found Photon who was severely damaged by Full Metal Judge after a match. So he decided to help her by using his illuminating light to heal her up and fix her machine. Photon thanked him for his assistance and invited him to the arena for his gratitude. Now he fights in the arena with his new allies and together, they fight against the forces of the Sect! Abilities: Passive: Illuminate. A aura of heavenly light heals allies when near, and heals himself faster than the usual healing time. Q: Sun Arrow. Shoots an arrow of light from his bow at enemies which damages enemies, and heals allies. W: Shield of light. A golden shield appears at the front of his cycle which blocks enemy fire. E: Ride of the Valkyries. Ray O' Light spreads his wings which propel him forward. R: Heavenly Blessing. A light from the heavens shines down upon him healing himself and allies instantly. (Basically the same as Metal Herald's ult but opposite.)
  4. New machine concept: Specter. Description: A transporter that can phase through enemies. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a ghost woman in a long white dress with heels to match. Machine's appearance: A futurized Phantom Corsair. Lore: The spirit of a rich woman who died in a car accident enters the arena to find who's responsible for her murder. Abilities: Passive: Wandering spirit. Puts the enemy projectile through but does damage if to not OP. Q: Will o wisp. Shoots forward a haunting light not only damaging enemies but messing with their steering. W: Life Cycle. A ring of mist appears around her machine protecting her from enemy fire. E: Phase. Specter disappears into a cloud of mist while accelerating forward. R: Poltergeist. Specter releases millions of dead souls which deal high damage to enemies, and automatically repairing her.
  5. Pick quote: "I'm not crazy, YOU'RE CRAZY!" Kill quote: "(Mimics thunder zap)" Low life: "NEED.....MORE.... LIGHTNING!" Ult: "THUNDER!!!!!!!!!" Win quote: "(Laughs happily)" Lose quote: "Where's my medication?!"
  6. Pick quote: "Am I just glistening?" Kill quote: "You can't shatter this diamond!" Low life: "I'm very fragile y'know sweetie." Ult: "Gaze into the crystal eye and meet your doom!" Win quote: "Another successful getaway!" Lose quote: "Look what you did to my dress!"
  7. Pick quote: "Ten HUT!" Kill quote: "How can you survive during a war?" Low life: "Mayday, mayday!" Ult: "Release the Captor!" Win quote: "Just one eye is better than two!" Lose quote: "Next time Brian.... Next time."
  8. Pick quote: "My life is an open book." Kill quote: " You should read more often." Low life: "No..... I can't die yet." Ult: "SILENCE!" Win quote: "That closes the book." Lose quote: "Forgive me metal god."
  9. Pick quote: "Did someone call for a doctor?" Kill quote: "Another patient has been cured!" Low life: "*Coughs* I feel so sick...." Ult: "CDM NOW!" Win quote: "Can i get a promotion now?" Lose quote: "Why can't this stupid glass eye look in the right direction?"
  10. Pick quote: "It's about time for me to shine!" Kill quote: "I have no time for you." Low life: "Stop messing with the timeline!" Ult: "Here's the power of the time continuum!" Win quote: "Time for a celebration yes?" Lose quote: "I must turn back the clock to right my wrongs."
  11. New machine concept: Headlock. Description: A interceptor who can do high damage in a big area similar to Rampage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a ex Maximatics employee just like Rampage. Machine's appearance: A crawler crane with a HUGE wrecking ball bigger than normal cranes would have. Lore: It turns out that Rampage wasn't the only Maximatics worker who was betrayed. Bethany Ironsburg Maximatics' crane operator was stripped of her freedom too. After questioning Solomon Lorde of his actions he imprisoned her along with Rampage who told her it was revenge time. Using a hammer, she armored up her crane for destruction (With some help from Rampage.) and when she was finished, she destroyed the main office using her crane's wrecking ball! Nowadays she's at the Metal City demolition site helping to bring a new meaning to "Demolition". And when she heard about the arena, she joined to thank Rampage for his help. (And to reunite with him.) Abilities: Passive: Swinging Ball. Headlock's ball swings back and forth dealing damage to enemies that get too close. Q: Gyro Spin. She rotates her machine 360* hitting enemies with her wrecking ball. W: Hammerton. She throws her ball forward which causes a shockwave pushing enemies back and dealing damage. E: Boom boost. She throws her ball behind her taking slight damage but propelling her forward. (Enemies take damage if they get to close.) R: Wrecking Revolution. Headlock swings 360" just like with weapon Q, but she does it 3 times dealing high damage to enemies and pushing them back.
  12. New theme suggestion: Magic show of Mayhem. Idea: A theme centered around magic. Machine that that comes with the theme would be Mysticat, It would have new emojis which are magic related, and would have new magic themed skins. Skins: Wildfire: Mystifying flame. It would be like her old model from the beta but with mystical fire decals. Metal Herald: Magician of the sect. It would have a top hat on the roof and streamers coming out the rear. Killer J: Knave of hearts. It would have two giant jack of hearts cards on either side of the machine. Photon: Sparkling magic. It's multicolored windows would be different and would have a tiara on the top.
  13. New machine concept remake: Mysticat. Description: An interceptor that confuses enemies instead of dealing damage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a young feline zoomorph who's a magician. Machine's appearance: A van like this but it would be sparkly complete with cat ears, a top hat, catlike headlights, and a cape. Lore: Elvina the magnificent is a famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on shows for the residents! She has a loyal fanbase dedicated to her "Because i'm just amazing!" she would say. Despite her young age she knew every magic trick from the book. One day while she was preparing for her next show, she got a letter from Killer J who wanted her to preform in his Unamusement Park. So she accepted and drove in her machine called the Mysticat over to the park to do her show, not knowing it was all just a trick and when she found out about KJ's true motives she took action! She fought off KJ's gang one by one, and he was so shocked that he sped off in fear! Not bothering to pursue him Elvina saw a billboard for the Metal Arena in Metal City. She decided then and there that her next show will be in the arena. And that's where it truly was! Abilities: Passive: Magician's Assistant. One truly lucky ally gets his or her damage boosted by 15%. Q: Spellcaster. Shoots a sparkling projectile at enemies dealing low damage but it messes with their steering. W: Hypnosis. She casts a spell which can make enemies fall asleep and disable their weapons. E: You can't see me! Elvina opens her van's rear doors and releases smoke propelling her forward. R: Now I disappear! 1st tap: Elvina disappears into a cloud of smoke. 2nd tap: She reappears instantly dealing high damage to enemies and affecting their steering. Pick quote: "It's a magical world!" (giggles) Kill quote: "Now for my next trick..." Low life: "Hey i'm not supposed to disappear!" Ult: "POOF!" 2nd activation: "Here I am!" (giggles) Win quote: "Thanks for coming to see my show!" Lose quote: "WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE A CRITIC?!"
  14. New machine concept: Armorhide. Description: An heavily armored interceptor that's very hard to push and to rival Peacemaker. Pilot's appearance: He would be a rhinoceros zoomorph in an solider outfit. Machine's appearance: Picture this armored truck with two rocket launchers on top, and a ram in the front. Lore: A high ranking solider from the City of Manfall discovers that his former college Brian Steele is in the arena in Metal City. He enters to sort out their differences. Abilities: Passive: Rhino Guard. Whenever he is near allies they gain an armor boost. Q: Missile Blast. Shoots out a missile at enemies which deal low damage on contact. (If it misses and enemies are near it causes splash damage.) W: Grenade Dropper. Two hatches open up on both sides of his machine and two grenades launch out both sides dealing direct damage when near, and splash damage if missed. E: Rhino Charge. Armorhide surges forward ramming enemies dealing high damage. (Instantly kills them if you push them into a wall.) R: Magnetic Mine. Launches a magnetic bomb onto an enemy and begins a countdown. (2nd activation: The mine explodes instantly destroying all enemies that are caught in the blast.)
  15. New machine concept: Mixmiser. Description: A trail laying support. Pilot's appearance: He would be an ex Maximatics employee much like Rampage. Machine's appearance: It would be a modified cement truck whose mixing drum acts as a cannon. Lore: A former college of Rampage who once made beautiful roads with his cement mixer enters the arena to get revenge on those who tore them up. Abilities: Passive: Rotating drum. Damage used by the weapons increases the longer it turns. Q: Cementoss. Lobs a ball of cement at enemies dealing low damage and gets them stuck. W: Stone cold. Two walls of dried up cement appear on both sides of his machine which reflect projectiles back at enemies. E: Trailmaker. Lays down a trail of cement which heals allies and renders enemies unable to move. R: Concrete geyser. Raising his drum up high Mixmiser unleashes a massive eruption of cement which deals high damage and renders enemies stuck.
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