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  1. New Machine Concept: Meltdown. Description: An enemy melting transporter. Pilot's appearance: He would be a fireman but his face would be so burnt that all you can see is his skull. Machine's appearance: A Burnt down fire truck with a magma cannon on top. Lore: A former member of the MCFD (Metal City Fire Department.) Goes violently psychotic after his partner was killed in a accident while rescuing people from a burning building He now fights in the arena to avenge his fallen comrade. Abilities: Passive: Magma Glow. Whenever enemies get too close they get burnt for 15 damage. Q: Magma shot. Shoots a Ball of Magma out at enemies dealing low damage. (When it lands where there's no enemies it instead splatters enemies that are near.) W: Molten wall. Creates walls out of molten rock on both sides of his machine protecting himself from enemy fire. E: Lava trail. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of hot lava behind which not only damages enemies but can heal him for 15%. R: 5 alarm eruption. Aims his magma cannon up and then shoots magma streams everywhere dealing high damage to all enemies.
  2. New Machine Concept: Whirlwind. Description: A transporter who can push away enemies with ease while delivering the bomb. Pilot's appearance: She would be in a avian motif suit complete with wings on her helmet, and would have a long ponytail. Machine's appearance: It would be a Lotus Exige with a giant fan in the back. Lore: A pilot who follows the winds to the arena so she can live up to her deceased uncle's name. Abilities: Passive: Gentle Breeze. Her fan is always spinning which heals allies. Q: Blown away. Spins her fan rapidly pushing enemies back and dealing damage. W: Cloud coverage. Summons a cloud around her machine which protects her from enemy fire. E: Wingspan. Two wings extend from the sides of her machine and she rotates her fan backwards which propelles her forward. R: Cyclone. Summons a gigantic cyclone which deals immense damage and throws enemies back.
  3. New Machine Concept: Hunter X. Description: An interceptor that can track enemies. Pilot's appearance: A Scorpion mutant designed in a zoomorph lab, but is not a zoomorph. Machine's appearance: A scorpion motifed tank which has giant claws and a stinger cannon. Lore: The City of Manfall wanted a super being, so they selected a scorpion for the experiment. It was a success! Then he rebelled against his creators and entered the arena to find his purpose. Abilities: Passive: Venom. Gives a damage nerf to enemies. Q: Tail strike. Attacks enemies with the tail of his tank dealing low damage. W: Clawtrap. Fires the claws of his tank forward which grabs enemies and pulls them back to him which deals damage. E: Spike tracks. Spikes appear on his tank's tracks which can crush enemies if they get to close. R: Guillotine. A camera deploys from his machine which can track enemies and the nearest enemy found gets crushed by a more powerful version of Clawtrap.
  4. New Machine Concept: Streetwise. Description: An interceptor that specializes in flanking. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a golden retriever zoomorph in a hitwoman's outfit. Machine's appearance: A 78 Corvette stingray with two guns in the front and would have spikes on the wheels. Lore: A hitwoman from the City Of Manfall enters the arena not out of greed or money but to sabotage and kill everyone cause she thinks everyone is beneath her. Abilities: Passive: Criminal mastermind. Allows Streetwise to target enemies' weak spots. Q: Leadpumper. Fires machine guns from the front of her machine dealing low damage to enemies. W: Headshot. She sticks her arm out her window holding a pistol and shoots at enemies. (May cause skid.) E: Forced getaway. Accelerates forward dropping tire spikes popping enemies' tires and dealing damage. R: Blacklist. When this is activated a picture of the next target is shown, and gives a damage boost to weapons Q and W when they are used on the chosen enemy.
  5. Quotes: Pick Quote: "The doctor is in!" Kill quote: "Sick yet? Good..." Low life: "(Coughing uncontrollably.)" Ult: "I'm addicted to you cause you know that i'm toxic!" Win quote: "Another successful experiment!" Lose quote: "My results are never wrong! This is all your fault!"
  6. Quotes: Pick Quote: "Love, pick, and kill!." Kill quote: "How does it feel to be dead amigo?" Low life: "No.. I'm not ready to die!" Ult: "Reanimate!" Win quote: "That's what amigas are for!" Lose quote: "When the dead finds out you'll be sorry!"
  7. New machine concept: Onslaught. Description: An interceptor that can keep enemies close. Pilot's appearance He would wear a menacingly iron mask and would be extremely tall. Machine's appearance: It would be a rusted monster truck with a harpoon on the top and a plow in the front. Lore: A mysterious man who kills anyone who opposes him arrives in metal city after hearing about the arena and enters to kill Stingray and Photon cause he hates them for getting him arrested. Abilities: Passive: Madman. Damage increases for every enemy he's totaled but makes him venerable for 5s. Q: Rotary Missiles. Shoots 3 missiles from his rotary missile launchers dealing medium damage to enemies. W: Bloodpoon. Launches a harpoon from the top of his machine hooking on to anyone and dragging them towards him damaging them. E: Killstreak. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with his plow. (Damage may vary. 50 for head on, 75 for into wall.) R: Bodycount. Flamethrowers appear on both sides of his machine, a buzzsaw appears on the back, and machine guns fire everywhere dealing high damage to enemies all around him.
  8. New machine concept: Sour Note. Description: A transporter who gains Shield or repair whenever her health is below 50%. Pilot's appearance: She would be a possum zoomorph in a classical music outfit with some colorful twists. Machine's appearance: It would be like the old Metal Herald vehicle but as a Plymouth Fury. Lore: An uptight scornful zoomorph who's a famous musician from the City of Manfall is visited by MH who grants her with the sect of metal's power so she could enter the arena to uphold the sect's name. Abilities: Passive: Sinergy flow. Whenever SN's health is below 50% she gains either Shield or repair which lasts for 5%. Q: Trombone shot 2 trombones appear on both sides of the speaker on top of her machine which shoot out musical notes that damage enemies and repair her by 15%. W: Musical guard. Shields in the form of piano keys appear on both sides of the vehicle that reflect enemies' projectiles back at them. E: Flow of the Rhythm. SN accelerates forward leaving a trail of musical lines on the ground which notes from Q can be fired on increasing the damage of the trail but can be destroyed with weapons like Killer J's passive. R: Metal Orchestra. SN sings a disrupting song which is a damaging area dealing high damage to enemies around her and repairing her by 25%.
  9. New machine concept: Quickstop. Description: An interceptor that uses speed to his offence. Pilot's appearance: He would be a race car driver with flames on his suit. Machine's appearance: It would be a stock car (As pictured below.) But with a huge wing and have blue flames on it. Lore: A famous racer from the Metal City Speedway goes to the arena after hearing about Black Lotus and decides to challenge him. Abilities: Passive: Burning Rubber. With every activation of weapon E he gets a speed boost for each. Q: Boomerang blast. Shoots a boomerang out which deals damage and comes back to him. Multiple boomerangs can be fired but when all of them are used up the cooldown starts. W: Spoiler Blade. Quickstop's spoiler extends out the sides slicing enemies and dealing damage. E: Adrenaline Rush. Quickstop accelerates at immense speed leaving a trail of burnt rubber. R: Victory Lap. A finish line appears in front of Quickstop which lasts for 7s when he crosses it enemies take high damage but when he fails to he takes damage himself.
  10. New machine concept: Stinkbomb. Description: A support who can turn damage into repair. Pilot's appearance: He would be a skunk zoomorph who would be well dressed and wear a lab coat. (And he would have a French accent.) Machine's appearance: Take this Military truck for example, It would have tanks on both sides and the interior would be glowing. Lore: A scientist who works at the City Of Manfall power plant developing a new gas that can heal the sick and injured. However his experiment was deemed illegal and too deadly for making a vaccine out of. But Brian Steele was hopeful for the skunk's gas and told him that he should enter the Metal arena to prove that it wasn't illegal enough to be banned. So that's what he just did! Abilities: Passive: Gamma Charge. When Stinkbomb receives damage the fluid in his tanks start glowing and getting brighter and brighter with every hit taken. When they are fully charged the longer he can keep his weapon keys held down. Q: Gamma Missiles. Fires 3 gamma bombs forward 3 from each cylinder which stick onto enemies dealing damage when they explode. W: Healing Gas. Opens up his tanks releasing gas that heals allies. E: Toxic stream. Accelerates forward releasing a stream of toxic gas damaging and confusing enemies. R: The power of science. Heals allies with a giant plasma aura.
  11. New machine concept: Candy Queen. Description: A Interceptor that uses candy themed weapons to battle enemies. Pilot's appearance: She would be a girl in brightly colored clothes reminiscent of candy. Machine's appearance: It would be a kart made out of candy akin to that of Sugar Rush from Wreck It Ralph. Lore: A sugar addict who loves sweets! Any kind of sweets from gumdrops to peppermints. One day while she was chewing her gum she found a flyer for the metal arena and she gladly entered to sweeten up the competition! Abilities: Passive: Tasty treat. The candy tastes so good that cooldowns are faster. Q: Powermint. Shoots out a peppermint that deals damage to enemies. W: Taffy stream. releases a stream of taffy that sticks to enemies. 2nd activation: the taffy reals the enemy in dealing damage. E: Bubblegum boost. A bubble inflates from the back of her machine. When it bursts she is propelled forward. R: Jawbreaker. Shoots out a giant Jawbreaker which rolls at enemies dealing immense damage.
  12. New machine concept: Shellgame. Description: A transporter that can is incredibly sturdy making him a good obstacle for when the enemy team has the bomb. Pilot's appearance: He would be a cyberpunk knight in futuristic armor. Machine's appearance: It would be a 6 wheeled armored truck with a railgun on top. Lore: A cyberpunk knight and partner of Mainframe enters the arena to prove that the future is now! Abilities: Passive: Indestructible. Damage is reduced by 15%. Q: Trip wire. Shoots out a horizontal line shaped projectile that deals damage to enemies. W: Armadillo. Extra armor is deployed around Shellgame that reflects enemy projectiles back at them. E: Body bash. Accelerates forward slamming his sturdy body into enemies dealing high damage. R: Riot plow. Shellgame gains 6 full activations of Body bash and deploys a plow from the front of his machine.
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