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  1. New Machine Concept: Boombox. Description: A Support who can heal his allies while also transporting the bomb. Pilot's appearance: He would be a cyberpunk DJ wearing a mask and a neon trenchcoat. Machine's appearance: A Scion XB with big subwoofers in the back. Lore: Dylan Jennesis is one of Metal city's top music artists who loves to party hard every night! One night while he was searching for inspiration for his new song he came across a flyer for the metal arena which said "Sign ups tonight. Come join or rust in hell!" Dylan happily accepted entered so he can blow everybody away with his beats! But once he entered Stingray was surprised to see someone just like him and the two hit it off! Abilities: Passive: Amplify. Allies' health is healed faster than normal. 1st ability: Sound pulse. Boombox shoots a pulse of sound damaging enemies. 2nd ability: Rave wave. Releases colored streams healing allies. 3rd ability: Volume control. Accelerates forward cranking up his music. Ult: Party time! Heals his allies with a sick beat.
  2. New Machine Concept: Agent Surge Description: A transporter who relies on electricity. Pilot's appearance: He would be a secret agent dressed in a lightning bolt patterned tux. Machine's appearance: A Ferrari Enzo with Lightning decals. Lore: Xander Mcbolt is one of the top ranking members of the Metal City agency who has no real friends and unknown motives. One day he received an assignment to arrest Stingray who had been stealing tech at the time. Xander accepted and set off to find him and arrest him. Stingray was cruising along until he noticed the agent pulling up, and quickly floored it to escape but Mcbolt activated his tazer and short circuited his machine. He told Stingray to hand over the tech but Stingray refused and explained that he didn't steal the tech he just discovered it. Then he handed the agent over a flyer for the Metal arena, which he agreed on and now he uses his electricity in the arena! Abilities: Passive: Supercharge. Surge gives his allies a speed boost for 15s. 1st ability: Lightning tazer. Shoots a powerful blast of electricity out damaging enemies. 2nd ability: Electric shield. Surrounds himself in a barrier of electricity shocking enemies and countering projectiles. 3rd ability: Ride the lightning! Surge boosts forward leaving a trail of electricity behind him. Ult: Thunder strike: summons a thunderbolt down from the sky that damages enemies that are near.
  3. New Machine concept: Propane. Description: an interceptor that is hard to push and can melt his enemies. Pilot's appearance: He would wear a hazmat suit and would be very intermediating and disfigured. Vehicle's appearance: It would be a rusted tanker truck complete with chains and a huge cannon on top. Lore: Adam Orange is a worker the Metal City power plant working with different chemicals and oxygens. He loves his job to the bone! One day during his work hour something terrible happened, an earthquake occurred causing the plant to crumble down and get destroyed. Wildfire witnessed this and tried to save him, but accidently burned his face in the process. making things worse, and might've killed him also. Weeks passed and Adam fortunately survived but now he had nowhere to go, had no job, and his life was ruined Until he found the arena. Now with rage in his eyes he now fights in it to get revenge on Wildfire for that incident. Abilities: Passive: Full tank. When he is damaged Propane heals faster. 1st ability: Slime cannon. Shoots a stream of acid from his cannon damaging and burning enemies. 2nd ability: Acid bubble: Creates a bubble of acid that traps enemies and damages them over time. 3rd ability: Slime trail. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of slime damaging any enemy that drives over it. Ult: Acid rain. Shoots a bomb up in the air which detonates releasing acid from it which rain downs on enemies dealing high damage.
  4. New machine concept: Payup Description: A support who heals his allies with a lending wallet! Pilot's appearance: He would be a rich guy in a money tux Machine's appearance: it would be a taxi cab with a chain holding a huge coin down. Lore: Barry Rich is the most wealthiest man in Metal city who is never selfish! One day he was trying to find a way to help people in need until he remembered that the Metal Arena was having tryouts and a tournament offering 1000000000000000 dollars. He hurried over there in his machine and succeed the tryouts. Now he fights in the arena not just for the money but to help others as well. Abilities: Passive: lending Wallet. Machines are healed faster. 1st ability: Burning nickel. Shoots out a nickel engulfed in flames dealing damage. 2nd ability: Dollar wall. Pushes back enemies with a wall that's taken the form of a dollar. 3rd ability: Black Friday. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of coins and dollars which deal damage to enemies that drive over. Ult: Ka ching! Payup Heals his allies with a handy check.
  5. What do you think about this mysterious and playful kitty?
  6. New machine concept: Mystikill. Description: An Interceptor which confuses enemies instead of dealing damage. Pilot's appearance: She would be a feline zoomorph wearing a magician's outfit and would wear a mask. Machine's appearance: It would be a van with banners a cape and catlike headlights. Lore: Elvina otherwise known as Ms Mystery is famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on magic shows for her fans! She has a HUGE fanbase dedicated to her. Why? "Because i'm amazing!" she would say. But one day during one of her shows Killer J and his gang showed up and trashed it with illegal fireworks they stole. Enraged Elvina fought off them one by one, and Killer J was so scared he escaped! This heroic action caught the eye of the Metal Herald who rewarded her with the symbol of the sect of metal. Elvina was so exited and happy she rushed off to Metal City and entered the arena so she could continue her shows and make her enemies disappear! Abilities: Passive: Magician's assistant. Whenever Mystikill touches an ally vehicle she picks them as her "Volunteer" boosting their weapon damage by 10%. 1st ability: Pixie Blast. Mystikill shoots a sparkling projectile forward dealing damage. 2nd ability: Trump card. Similar to Dirt Devil's 2nd ability she lays down 3 cards on the ground not only dealing damage but disabling the enemies' weapons for 7s. 3rd ability: Illusion. Elvina opens her van's doors which release a stream of smoke boosting her forward and blinding enemies. Ult: Now I disappear! When activated Elvina vanishes into thin air for 5s then reappears instantly destroying all enemies nearby.
  7. New machine concept: Splashdown Description: A transporter that skilled in pushing enemies away with water. Pilot's appearance: He would wear sunglasses, fingerless gloves and water shoes. Machine's appearance: it would be a hovercraft with wave decals, and a Enormous fan. Lore: Chase Cooper is one of Metal City's best surfers who's never afraid of any wave! One day while he was surfing a flyer for the metal arena hit him in the face and he fell off his board. Recovering he read the flyer and gladly accepted! Now he makes waves in the arena making his enemies slip and slide! Abilities. Passive: Soak. Absorbs enemy damage turning it into health. 1st ability: Water gun. Shoots a projectile made out of water at enemies dealing damage, and making them slip. 2nd ability: Blown away. Pushes enemies back with the giant fan on the back of his hovercraft. 3rd ability: Surf's up dude! Accelerates forward leaving a trail of water which when enemies drive over slip. Ult: Tsunami. Summons a giant wave which deals heavy damage and makes enemies slip when hit.
  8. This is my new page for ideas for new machines and maps! Hope you all enjoy!" Here are my machine ideas! Mystikill Splashdown
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