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  1. New machine concept: Cheetah. Description: An interceptor that can drift around enemies making them dizzy. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a Cheetah zoomorph who would be the same age as Stingray. And would sound very outgoing. Machine's appearance: Something like this but would be yellow and have cheetah spots. Lore: Yuri Spotrunner always loved drifting through the streets of the City Of Manfall cause she looks up to Stingray and hopes to be just like him someday! One day while she was racing, something or someone blew her left rear tire out and she almost crashed if it weren't for her pro driving skills. Stingray witnessed this and after helping fix Yuri's tire, invited her to the arena for some real racing action! (The one who blew out her tire was FMJ) Abilities. Passive: Flexible. Yuri is constantly drifting whenever she turns. This comes in handy when dodging attacks. Q: Thunder Zap. Releases a lightning bolt from the machine dealing damage to enemies. W: Spoiler Alert! The wing on the rear of her machine extends itself damaging enemies who touch it. E: Peel Out. Yuri slams the gas and leaps forward. But if the E key is held down, she brakes and does a burnout without moving. When released, she leaves skid marks on the ground which slow down enemies. R: She enters a drifting frenzy and begins slicing at her enemies which deals immense damage.
  2. New machine concept: Silver Arrow. Description: An interceptor that uses long ranged attacks to strike foes from afar. Pilot's appearance: She'd be an elf archer with a Patrons symbol on her outfit. Machine's appearance: Something like this with a crossbow on the front and would have a patron symbol somewhere on it. Lore: A loyal member of the patrons, Skye Arrowsmith never misses her target. One day while practicing her aim, She witnessed some innocents being attacked by FMJ. Quickly she jumped into her machine the Silver Arrow, and raced to the rescue, quickly chasing the Sect outlaw away shooting arrows at him. The people thanked her by offering her a invitation to the arena and that's where she went. Abilities: Passive: Precise Aim. Her weapons never miss making them tough to outrun. Q: Shining Arrow. Fires a sparkling arrow at enemies dealing damage and popping their tires. W: Exploding Arrow. Fires a arrow that attaches to enemies. 2nd activation: The arrow detonates causing splash damage. E: Swift Sprint. Accelerates forward surrounded in a silver aura. R: Arrow Storm. Releases multiple arrows into the sky which rain down on enemies causing high damage, and popping tires.
  3. New machine concept: Nurse Bloodlust. Description: A support that trades health with enemies. Pilot's appearance: A crazed nurse with blood all over her clothes, and would wear smeared makeup. Machine's appearance: An armored ambulance that has blood splattered all over it. It would be as big as Icebringer. Lore: Nurse Rebecca Redheart wasn't always the crazed psychopathic nurse that she is today. She was once a humble worker at a hospital who always made sure her patients were all healed up and feeling better! But one day a annoying patient arrived and started berating her while she was operating on his knee. She suddenly snapped and amputated his leg and head, she realized how killing that jerk must've felt and has since devoted her life to killing her "patients" if they disobey her. And that includes a certain Killer J who doesn't want to take his medicine. The arena will be her hospital! Abilities. Passive: Bleed. This is triggered when her weapons damage enemies which slowly drains their health. Q: Scornful Syringe. Shoots a syringe at enemies damaging them and making them bleed. W: Maniacal Medication. Bloodlust opens the back doors of her machine and dumps medicine which damages enemies and heals allies. E: Ambulance Chaser. With her sirens blaring NB accelerates at breakneck speeds ramming enemies out of her way. R: Blood transplant. When activated, NB switches health with the selected enemy's health. (Can come in handy when facing an Icebringer.)
  4. New machine concept: Chessmaster. Description: A transporting interceptor that can lay down turrets. Pilot's appearance: He would look like a literal chess piece that came to life with a long cape with chess patterns on it. Machine's appearance: A Packard with a knight head on the front, bishop symbols on the sides, and two rooks on the back. Lore: A member of the patrons who's a excellent chess player enters the arena to test his new style of combat. Abilities. Passive: Stalemate. Enemies can't move when his weapons hit them. Q: Pawn. Places 3 pawns on the ground which enemies bounce off of. 2nd Activation: The pawns attack enemies. W: Bishop. places 2 bishops on the ground which act like turrets, and block enemies' way. E: Knight. Jumps over enemies with the power of the knight pieces. R: Queen. Places a queen on the ground that has all the abilities of the other 3 pieces.
  5. New machine concept: Dark Widow. Description. A Interceptor designed around trapping enemies rendering the, venerable. Pilot's appearance: A Spider zoomorph with 4 legs on her back, and would wear a tiara. Machine's appearance: A spider looking car with 6 legs that extend. Lore: The City of Manfall has it's fare share of oddballs and this spider girl is no exception. She is a skilled assassin and interrogator who never mercy for her foes. One day Stingray was racing through the city and she caught him in one of her webs and started to question him about the patrons. Of course he thought of an excuse to get him out of his sticky situation, so she decided to head to the arena to gather more info about the patrons so she can overthrow them! Abilities. Passive: Venom. All her weapons poison enemies slowly draining their health and healing her. Q: Web shot. Shoots balls of silk at her enemies damaging and trapping them. W: Widow's bite. DW chomps down on enemies which damages and poisons them. E: Tarantula. The legs on her machine extend outward and she gains acceleration. R: Web of Woe. DW spins a giant web which traps enemies for 3s, and poisons them.
  6. New machine concept: Bone Warrior. Description: An interceptor of two worlds. Offence and Defense. Pilot's appearance: An undead barbarian with nightmarish armor. Machine's appearance: A Buggy made out of bones from the undead. (The bones are made of titanium) Lore: Maximus Skullduggery was the worlds most feared warrior who died in a battle in conquering the metal kingdom. He rose from the dead after Metal Herald revived him as a skeleton. Now with his newfound immortality he enters the arena to continue his conquest. Abilities. Passive: Bonesplosion. Whenever he gets destroyed, the usual death animation doesn't occur. Instead he explodes scattering his parts everywhere enemies who get hit by his parts suffer low damage. Q: Bone throw. Lobs bones at enemies dealing low damage. W: Reform. When activated BW calls all his bones back to his machine. Enemies who get hit by the moving bones suffer medium damage. E: Use your head! BW accelerates at breakneck speeds ramming into enemies and dealing medium damage. R: Sturdy Bones. BW's machine's bones become solid titanium and cannot be damaged for 5s.
  7. New machine concept: Taxicab 47Z. Description: A transporter that uses his weapons to score points more easily while delivering the bomb. Pilot's appearance: A man about 28 years old would have a cool haircut, a spiffy taxi driver suit, and would speak with a new jersey accent. Machine's appearance: A taxicab modified for the arena. It would be just as big as FMJ. Lore: A hardworking taxi driver who's company that he works for is on the verge of bankruptcy enters the arena to win the money to save it. Abilities. Passive: Tip please! Whenever he destroys an enemy, a speed boost is rewarded. Q: Wipe your south! Shoots flaming toilet paper from his hand made toilet paper launcher at enemies damaging and burning them. W: Lighten the load. Drops suitcases filled with explosives that detonate and damage enemies. E: Rush Hour. Accelerates forward at breakneck speeds scattering money and healing allies. R: Reckless driving. He begins speeding out of control ramming into enemies and dealing high damage.
  8. New machine concept: Dreamcatcher. Description: A support that heals allies with pleasant dreams and gives enemies nightmares. Pilot's appearance: A fairy with a tiara that has a diamond in the middle and would have a long flowing dress. Machine's appearance: Something like this with a giant crescent moon on the tip of the hood and would have large fairy wings. Lore: When night falls upon Metal City and everyone falls asleep, this fairy will make sure everyone will have pleasant dreams! One night while she was casting out dreams, her magic became corrupted by the sect and Metal Herald is responsible. She enters the arena to purify the sect and make it good. Abilities. Passive: Hypnosis. DC has a aura glowing from her machine and enemies that get too close get stalled for 2s. Q: Pixie blast. Shoots a magical projectile forward which deals damage. W: Dream Eater. Absorbs enemy health and heals her by 15%. (Works best with with the passive) E: Twinkle twinkle!. Accelerates forward leaving a trail of pixie dust which stalls enemies instead of damaging them. R: Soothing Lullaby. DC's aura expands healing allies with wonderful dreams. (Same as MH but opposite)
  9. New machine concept: Copycat. Description: An interceptor that can mimic enemies' passives all while dealing damage with her weapons. Pilot's appearance: A young feline zoomorph in a mime outfit with a two toned barite, and unmatching Mary jane shoes. Machine's appearance: A Mini Cooper with two different colors. left side is black, right side is white. Lore: This young zoomorph loves to mimic the behavior of those around her! One night while she was practicing for her show, she noticed Killer J and his gang approaching her stage. Immediately she went to see what they were up to. While Killer J was explaining the plan to the other members, she started to mimic him, so much that he felt creeped out! So creeped out that he nervously gave her an invitation to the arena and scurried away. Now he feels disturbed whenever she competes! Abilities. Passive: Mime. Copycat can mimic her enemies' passives and skills all while doing damage with her own weapons. Q: Mimic Orb. She shoots out a glass ball which damages enemies and grants her their 1st skill. W: Mirror Shield. A giant mirror appears in front of her machine which can absorb enemy fire, and grants her their 2nd skill. E: Quick Copying. Copycat leaves accelerates forward leaving 3 mimic orbs on the ground and whenever an enemy runs over them, they deal damage and grant her their 3rd skill. R: Me, myself, and I! Two reflections appear and copy her every move. (Perfect for confusing enemies)
  10. New machine concept: Hailstorm. Description: An interceptor that can create explosions to clear large areas of enemies. Pilot's appearance: A brachiosaurs zoomorph in a general's outfit, would be INSANELY tall and would speak in a low Slavic accent. Machine's appearance: A half track style army truck with a huge missile on top accompanied by smaller missile launchers. Lore: The scientists from the City of Manfall wanted to create the perfect patriotic zoomorph to help Peacemaker in the arena. So they found a skeleton of a brachiosaurs from the prehistoric times and restored it to her original state. It was a success! But her idea of an free world is a few centuries out of date, and she heads to the arena to begin a rebellion. Abilities: Passive: Short fuse. If Hailstorm gets destroyed she explodes destroying all enemies around her but the blast is much stronger than Killer J's passive. Q: Homing missiles. Shoots three missiles at enemies dealing low damage but they're extremely hard to evade. W: Sticky Grenade. Shoots a grenade at enemies which sticks onto them and counts down. The longer the bomb stays on, the stronger the damage will become. E: Rocket push. The missile on her machine propels her forward and this pushes enemies aside. R: Nitro Zeus. Launches the giant missile which creates a huge explosion on impact instantly killing all enemies in the area it explodes in.
  11. New machine concept: Blacksand. Description: A transporting interceptor that can tackle large groups of enemies while delivering the bomb. Pilot's appearance: A large buff member of Dirt Devil's crew complete with a menacing mask, and tattered scarf. Machine's appearance: Envision this off road Bel Air with a harpoon, spiked ram, and other Mad Max esque features. Lore: Dirt Devil knew that some of the arena's battles he couldn't handle alone. So he contacts one of his most elite members in his crew to help him with the challenges the arena throws at him. Abilities. Passive: Madman. Whenever he kills an enemy, he gets a damage boost but this makes him venerable. Q: Molotov Cocktail. Throws a flaming projectile at enemies which deals low damage and burns them. (Similar to Wildfire's Q) W: Reel em' in! Blacksand shoots his harpoon out at enemies and drags them in which damages them, but the heavier the machine the slower the reel speed will be. E: Roadkill run over. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with his spiked bumper dealing moderate damage. (Useful with W whenever he's reeling in a heavier enemy) R: Sand trap. leaves out a sand pit which instead of damaging enemies, traps them and renders them immobile.
  12. New machine concept: Shockwave. Description: An electrical transporter that shocks enemies making them venerable. Pilot's appearance: A guy with hair that's shaped like lightning and would have a thunderbolt on his shirt. Machine's appearance: A Tesla roadster with two small generators in the back, and would have lightning patterns on the sides. Lore: A brave and noble man who's in charge of metal city's energy sector enters the arena to find lightning so powerful that it can make a machine travel at the speed of light! Abilities: Passive: Paralysis. All of his weapons have the occasional tendency to paralyze enemies making them immobile. Q: Thunderbolt. Shoots a thunderbolt at enemies dealing low damage but can Paralyze them. W: Electroshield. Surrounds himself in a electrical barrier which can paralyze enemies if they touch it. E Ride the Lightning! Shockwave accelerates forward with lightning surrounding his machine ramming enemies and paralyzing them. R: Thunderstorm. Summons thunder and lightning from the sky which deals high damage to enemies and paralyzes them.
  13. New machine concept: Vulpine Entropy. Description: An Interceptor that specializes in flanking and sabotaging. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a fox zoomorph in all black clothing. Machine's appearance: A Corvette style car with two guns on the front. Lore: A hitwoman from the City Of Manfall who's a huge phenomenon in the criminal underworld. Recently she's set her sights on the arena where she will kill and sabotage anyone she doesn't trust. (And that includes a certain Peacemaker) Abilities. Passive: Sly Fox. VE's Icon doesn't appear on the minimap unless she uses a weapon or gets hit by one. Q: Leadpumper. Shoots her machine guns at enemies dealing low damage for each shot. W: Point Blank. VE sticks her arm out of the window of her machine, and shoots enemies' tires making them skid. E: Book it! She accelerates at breakneck speeds leaving caltrops which slow enemies and damages them. R: I'll be back! When activated, she puts a brick on the accelerator, then jumps out of her machine. If the car collides with a enemy it instantly destroys them if not it deals splash damage. (This works similar to Killer J's passive)
  14. New machine concept: Unit 666. Description: A high damaging interceptor that can hack into enemies and control them. Pilot's appearance: An android with a Maximatics logo on it's chest and would have a sleek appearance. Machine's appearance: A 6 wheeled armored truck that's very futuristic. Lore: Maximatics wanted to make robots to help the citizens of Metal City so they create the perfect android to do so. It's a success! But then it goes rouge, and heads to metal city to exterminate all humans so robots can take over. Abilities. Passive: Virus. Whenever he uses his weapons enemies get a speed nerf. Q: Railgun. Shoots his railgun at enemies dealing low damage. W: Hack. Unit 666 hacks into enemy vehicles so they get stuck in reverse. E: Update. Accelerates forward leaving plasma mines which detonate to damage enemies, and nerf their defenses. R: Error 666. Creates an EMP burst which deals high damage to enemies and nerfing their weapon damage.
  15. Quotes. Pick quote: "Let's get this party started!" Pick 2: "Who wants to party?" Kill quote: "What's the matter? Is my music too loud for ya?" Low life: "Watch it man, you're skipping my music!" Boost: "Let's turn it up!" Ult: "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?" Win quote: "It's the life of the party!" Lose quotes: "Ow my ears...."
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