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  1. death

    Black Lotus' Karma

    You can close this now, I guess. Loving the all-powerful Lotus now!
  2. Customs update, where did it go in the roadmap?
  3. Please use "skin" in french as well, "peau" is weird in this context. 😂 Good work nonetheless!
  4. death

    New kid in town

    Hello and welcome Rub, welcome aboard! Grab a seat and unleash some carnage on the arenas!
  5. death


    Hello and welcome to the forums, Mary. I'm death and I will now collect your soul. 😈 Just kidding haha, you should also join the discord if you didn't.
  6. If you didn't find a team yet, have a go at the official discord, they recently created channels for that purpose.
  7. death

    Forum design

    The search bar and advanced research has black text in black background.
  8. death

    Forum design

    Thanks, will do.
  9. death

    [Event] HMM 2019 KICK-OFF

    Please make the events in-game in the future, track progress (be it community goal or personal) and see rules and all.
  10. death

    hello everyone

    Hello and welcome!
  11. death

    Black Lotus' Karma

    Yes, no, maybe?
  12. death

    Forum design

    Also: that's when you stay above a thread title to show the contents, it's written in white font on white background.
  13. death


    The new tutorial is still incomplete. -To start off, disable the "skip tutorial" button. You want the newcomers to actually do it, not skip it and don't understand a thing in the process of a match. -It doesn't tell the player that they can drive in reverse (and doesn't let them do it either). -It doesn't talk about dying and respawning. -It doesn't talk about the droppers/barriers and dropping mechanics (which are pretty important points to understand). -Nor does it talk about environmental hazards on the different maps (Lava/acid, sacrifice goal, bomb reflectors and treadmills). -You should encourage the newcomers to finish it (even more if you don't plan to disable the "skip tutorial" button) by offering them a pilot of their choice (out of the 3 starters, which are Stingray, Artificer and Little Monster). -To make a link with the above point, make tutorial missions, you should have 5 of them at most I guess, one for the basics (like now, but still need some additions), one that follows the basics to tell about the other aspects (the hazards, etc...), one for the interceptor gameplay, one for the support gameplay and one for the transporter gameplay. -The second mission could also put the player in a real match but 1v1 against Little Monster. The bot should be slower than usual or something to not make it too hard, because it's a tutorial after all. -After all is well, you should probably just think about also adding a free mode where you can train with any pilot (owned or not) to try them, you would be able to spawn enemies and the like too for real testing. Please, in hope you consider this.
  14. death

    Forum design

    Oh very nice, now that's pretty clean, thanks! So, all I see that is still unreadable are the hovercards and also the quick search bar on top, you can type but can't see what you typed.
  15. death

    Forum design

    I've asked this so many times and I always get an answer telling me it will be taken care of soon. Never happened. The forums are unreadable because of all that white, be it on member hovercards, when signing up, and a lot of other places. Yes you can do Ctrl + A or just highlight what you want to read, but it's unnecessary, so please, finally do something about that.