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  1. death

    Questions about the arenas

    Cursed Necropolis and Legacy: Temple of Sacrifice are only available in Custom Mode as of now.
  2. death

    car idea life bringer

    Please stop it now already. Everyone is free to give any ideas they want, as long as it's just not pure plagiarism, which in the current case, isn't at all.
  3. death

    car idea life bringer

    And so what? Chancellor asked the community to give ideas, that's what he's doing, it doesn't harm if people come up with the same theme multiple times, and besides, he didn't copy your concept, so.
  4. Please make it so when you return damage, the receiver(s) has his/their regen reset/stopped.
  5. death

    Icebringer is overpowered

    Just make Icebringer drop the bomb, or use good firepower to kill him, he's not even close to be OP. He's slow when turning around, and pretty hard to miss since he's so big.