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  1. It's really nice to see that nobody replied to this post ^^ whatever..
  2. Hi, i'm an old player. I recently redownload HHM and convinced my friends to do the same (both old and new player). The game is different and it feels that way, the old players were a bit off while the new were doing great. It was a lot of fun to relearn the game and see all the old cars redone. The visual effects are really great. We are currently getting good and prepare to play the ranked mode, really hyped up for that ^^. by the way... one of the biggest change was the lack of the shop, we did not miss that much but what we miss is the lack of customization. One of our first tought was that the skills were different because you could swap them out of mach, like the stingray could get is main ray back and it would be really cool (by the way i miss the stingray... it was by far my best car and now i cant aim the discs.. T.T). anyway we left the game when you removed the controller support, so please do not remove that now! The thing were you respawn in the middle of the battle is really cool but i feel like you should be able to respawn only nearby allyes so if our interceptors take all the enemy cars away the only one that died should not be able to after us with the ball falling from the sky, and this will reward doing team kills and chaising low health cars. My main complaint is the lack of custom skills, being able to choose what skill to use wold be really great even if i can undestand that it could bring balance issues (really want the stingRAY back T,T) the other cars that i can speak for are the lotus and the photon, the other cars that i used and use. The lotus looks gourgeous, whith all the effects.. even if it feels a little bit OP (i feel unstoppable). i find a big problem with the photon.. i dont know how much healing i'm doing! the TAB screen combines heals with self heals. and the photon does a lot of self heals, i dont know if i'm playing good. One last thing, the game still feels awesome and its a pleasure to play. Your passion can be seen trought your game! keep up the good work.
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