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  1. Well i can change the e for example double speed boost if an near enemy is damaged? Or double speed boost when an enemy is near to you? How about that?
  2. A new a idea of transporter Names Viperbiter ( or Viper) Its a half snake half human man who tricks enemies with his green model snake motorcycle. His abilities are based on put pressure on enemies like making a lot harder to shot him or damage him 600 hp Passive ( Snake agility): when ever Viperbiter's health is lower than 30%, he gains a small boost of speed for 1,5 second. This will not been activated if Viperbiter regains a small amount of hp and been damaged again and its still lower than 30% ( lower than 250 health). Q - Venomous Bite: Viperbiter bites with his motorcycle in front of him ( short range) the machines and inflicts on them poison which lasts 3 seconds dealing 30 damage every second. This damage is lethal. Cooldown of 3,5 seconds W - hunter sign: releases from behind a support snake (smaller) who sign the place you activate it . After placed, the sign will last for 4 seconds. Double activation will drive your machine path ( where did you drive ) back on the sign place. Cooldown of 9 seconds. It will not drive your machine backwards until you activate it again. E - Adrenaline: Viperbiter rushes forward to a short destination and gain 70 hp back. The boost of speed is doubled when the bomb is near to him and boost right to it, even if the enemy is carring the bomb. Cooldown of 5 seconds. R - Death Curse Viperbiter releases 4 snakes around him which goes in circle around his machine for 6 seconds. In the same time all his abilities except for his passive will not be able to use them in that time. Circle of snakes is at a medium range from the machine. Who ever will try to get closer to the viperbiter in that time it will be damaged by every snake it touches ( 200 damage on every snake touch) and applies bigger poison for 2 seconds ( 100 damage on every second, does not stack with his Q)
  3. Passive Increase the healing action to allies by 5% for every miss health of the new support. Q : shots wraps what follow allies to heal and enemies to damage ,cooldown ( 1 second ) Heal per wrap ( 89 ) Damage per wrap ( 23 ) !!! NOT SKILLSHOT ABILITY !!! Medium range W : all allies nearby to him have boost speed for 2-3 seconds ( even him ) Cooldown: ( 6 seconds ) Range: medium to small Boost speed: 10%-20% E: shots a wrath space ball where the cursor is what forces nearby machines it to get into it and been damaged per second Duration : 3 Cooldown: 11 Range : small Damage : 50 per second R: calls his little 4 ships / drones what one every Drone follow the machine ( even him) and keep repair it for 7 second Range : all the map Heal: 100 per second
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