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Found 2 results

  1. (General idea from @Birikita, reworked by me with some additions and updates as it was an old one) When you click on "Custom Match", two options would show up: Create Custom Match Browse Custom Matches Create Custom Match When you click on "Create Custom Match", the following parameters would be available to the player: Which Arena you want to play on (would still be able to switch with other ones in custom lobby, as it is right now) Also the ability to choose which theme for the map you want to play on (Season 4 map with the military theme, Season 5 with the beach theme, etc...) (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN) And also a checkbox that asks you if you want the map to be random, along with random map theme (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN) Choose the name of your Custom (good for public ones) Allow spectators or not Type of Custom: Open Custom (Public) Only friends Closed Custom (Private) If it is a Closed Custom -> Create a Code (either default or allow the creator to make his own) Choose the server it will take place on Other things to customize your custom match with gameplay elements like: Draft Bans Goals required to end the match (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN) Overtime, and possibility to adjust the timer (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN) Possibility to pick the same car multiple times in the same team All random (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN) Adjust recharge rate of special weapons (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN) Choose your position on the grid Bomb damage Garage Bots Possibility to start the game on other forms than 4v4 Browse Custom Matches When you click on "Browse Custom Matches", open a list of all current Custom Matches. (You could use the Spectator screen as a base for this new feature.) The list would show: Name of the Custom/Arena/Type of the Custom (Open Custom/Only Friends/Closed Custom)/Server/Other parameters (this would show symbols that would tell what extra parameters have been enabled or not) Add filtering options. About the symbols, there could be a legend to explain each one of them. (There could be a simple explanation for each symbol and one "?" to put the cursor over and display a complete explanation for each customization.) Spectator Menu With this rework of Customs, you could have both spectators from the Custom lobby and also people joining from this menu.
  2. Hi, i have a request: please give players the option to checkout opponents builds & see characteres build/skills before outside of a match inside the menu ! Thank you.
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