The Machines

How do I pilot my machine?

By default, the left mouse button makes your car go forward, the right mouse button makes it go backwards. If you release both buttons, the car will halt to a stop. Q activates your Weapon 1, W your Weapon 2, E is your Weapon 3 and R is your special.

So, I'll have weapons?

Yes! Every machine has 3 standard weapons and one special. Some machines have a passive weapon. The standard Weapons will enter cooldown after they've been activated, and you must wait to use them again. The Special won't be available at the start of the round, it will charge slowly over time and when you cause damage to enemies with your other weapons, as well as repairing colleagues! Once you use it, it'll have to be recharged again by the same methods.

Which machine should I choose?

There are three basic roles inside HMM: the Interceptors, the Transporters, and the Supports.

  • The Interceptors are specialized in preventing enemies from taking the bomb. They have strong push capacity or good damage. Their goal is to take the bomb from the enemy and protect your carrier by killing enemies!
  • The Transporters are experts in delivering the bomb to the enemy base. Resistance, speed, and agility are some of their skills.
  • The Supports are focused on helping carriers deliver the bomb by repairing and protecting them while also disrupting the enemy.

Each team will benefit from having machines from different roles.