Account Progression

Account Level

Every time you play a match, you obtain XP points. These points go towards your Metal Pass. Keep in mind that you are not able to get XP in Custom Matches. On the Metal Pass, your account will only reach the max level determined for each season.

Metal Pass

The Metal Pass is the progression structure of Heavy Metal Machines. You will level up your account by accomplishing weekly missions, which will grant you rewards -- the further you go, the more valuable are the items.

This structure is set in seasons, always carrying a unique theme. Rewards, such as items or characters, may be themed after the season.

Heavy Metal Machines gives lots of rewards for free during the seasons, but there is also the Premium version, where you’ll get amazing and even more valuable rewards, and you’ll certainly reach the top faster.

Finally, the weekly mission: there are 3 slots of missions for free, every week, and one additional slot for Premium, which also have additional missions every week.

Check out the detailed FAQ about the Metal Pass here. FAQ

Machine Level

Machine levels will unlock the ability to purchase exclusive skins for that machine, so you can show everyone your mastery with your favorite pilot. You must play with that determined character to level up the machine.