Last Tips

  • You should strive to pick characters that make a balanced team, that has transporters, interceptors and supports.
  • Talk with your team! During the selection process, you can discuss strategies and pick machines that will make a great composition.
  • Playing with friends is better! You can make a party with your friends on Steam that are also online on HMM and face your enemies as a group.
  • Remember that the arena is a circuit and anyone that is carrying the bomb must run through it entirely, but if you do not have it, the shortcuts are open for you. Use them to get right into the action.
  • Avoid dying. When at low health, you can just run away from the action. When you stay a few seconds without taking damage, your vehicle will start to repair.
  • Pass the bomb! You can press space to pass it over to your allies. Avoid letting the enemy intercept it.
  • Don’t forget to throw your enemies into the lava, or the one transporting the bomb into the bomb droppers.
  • Don’t forget that the goal of the game is not to kill your enemies (that’s just part of the fun), you win by delivering the bomb!