The Basics

What is HMM?

Heavy Metal Machines is a 4x4 multiplayer game that blends vehicular combat with the best of MOBAs' competitiveness. There are no lanes, towers, or minions. It's fast-paced and action-packed, as well as having depth, strategy, and a clear goal. In HMM, you'll battle to grab the bomb and deliver it to the enemies' base, while being chased to death by opponents who need to do the same.

How do I play HMM?

By selecting Casual mode (PvP), you'll be placed in a queue where the matchmaking system will pick other players to compose a balanced team. Upon finding a match, you must select a pilot. Each vehicle is unique and has its weapons (skills), so choose wisely. You can press F1 at the character selection screen while playing, or inside the in-game store to find out more about each of the machines. Another game mode that you are also able to play is the Custom Match, which is explained in more detail on the Socializing section.

What's the goal of the game?

Once inside the arena, you must work with your team to grab the bomb that spawns in the center of the track and deliver it to your enemy's base. However, they will be trying to do the same. If the bomb drops and your enemy grabs it, make sure to steal it away from them before they can deliver it to your base. The first team to score 3 points wins the match.