Piloting in the Arenas


Losing a battle doesn't necessarily mean you are bound to lose the war, and this is what the Respawn feature is all about. Whenever you get defeated during combat, you’ll start reconstructing your machine (for a certain period of time). The camera will start following the bomb while the Respawn timer is running. When it ends, you'll have a crosshair that enables you to pick a location on the arena to drop your machine, getting right back into the action. After clicking on the desired landing location, a big circle with your machine’s symbol will appear to provide feedback on the landing spot. One pretty exciting action you can take is to attempt to drop the vehicle on one (or more) of your enemies, which will cause a reasonable amount of damage, and possibly send them to the Respawn timer. But keep in mind that this works both ways, so if you see an enemy landing, make sure to be away from their landing circle (red color).

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