The Arenas

The layout of the arenas

The arenas are mirrored circuits. You'll have to grab the bomb at the middle and follow the dashed line all the way through your enemies' side of the map (red) until you reach their base. They'll be trying to do the same, but in your side of the map (blue)!

Special Zones inside the arenas


There are several shortcuts in the circuits. Anyone not carrying the bomb can pass through them to get ahead of the transporter and intercept them! The person carrying the bomb will have the shortcuts blocked by energy barriers, and must race through the whole circuit.

Bomb Droppers

The arenas also feature bomb droppers. If the person carrying the bomb passes through (or is thrown into) one of these, the bomb will be ejected from their car. The red ones will defend the enemy team, so be careful around those. The blue ones will defend your base, so throw your enemies into them to make sure they lose the bomb, then grab it! You can pass freely in the blue ones, they won't drop the bomb from you.

Lava & Acid

Oh… the sweet, sweet lava. It melts everything it touches. Throw your enemies in there and watch them burn with fiery damage. But do avoid racing through it!
Not all arenas have lava, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Instead, you’ll find the Acid, which acts similarly to the lava (by causing damage over time), but causes more damage.

The Treadmills

If you are the type of person who tends to run away from treadmills, you already know what to do. These objects are placed in the boundaries of the Arena. While driving over them, they'll start moving your machine towards the acid, becoming a sacrifice to the Sect. To avoid it, make sure to keep driving and don't stand still while on top of them, no matter what. Oh, and keep in mind: some weapons can be handy for sacrificing enemies using these treadmills.

The Ritual Circle

Upon developing the Treadmills, an idea came up to use that technology as a way to increase the efficiency of rituals, by making objects move circularly, repeatedly. Once they were used for offerings and chanting, but the Sect decided to keep it as it could be an exciting device for messing around with the pilots and make the HMM matches even more interesting.
Their use is straightforward: if you move in the direction of the circular flow, your speed will increase, but the path will be longer, as well as if you run against it, you'll move slower, but have a shorter route. Which one is the best? The one that'll keep you alive, so select the path wisely, according to the positioning of other players.

The Repellers

Take these seriously! Upon seeing them, forget about just tossing the bomb and do your best to aim and score. The reason being that if the bomb touches these objects, they'll reflect it away, making sure that it'll only go through if your shot is deserving.

The GPS and mirror-like effect

If you grab the bomb, arrows will light up under your car to guide you to the delivery point. Just follow them and make sure not to die. The arenas are completely mirrored, which means your base is the same as your enemies', so whatever you see, they see. Just inverted. You will always defend the blue side and deliver on the red side.

Piloting in the Arenas ↪