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  1. New Arena: Cursed Necropolis The story behind the new Arena is mainly related to Windrider and her tribe. They were living in peace on the tribe fields until the dark day that Full Metal Judge made his foray to eliminate all living beings there. He was succeeding but was not expecting such strong defensive line, a divine protection called by the tribe ancients: the Divine Serpents. Even so, Full Metal Judge overcame the defenses… and in a desperate final move, the Serpents called an ancient curse that almost killed FMJ and transformed his life forever. The same curse, however, also reawakened the Windrider spirit! Layout The arena has wider roads which is good for passes and spread out battles. The goals are wider and it is less difficult to score. The arena doesn’t have sharp turns, so the player doesn’t drift around and hold more control of the vehicle. The starting point is closer to the spawn point of the bomb, so the new players don’t run the wrong way in the beginning. Acid The acid works similar to the lava in the other two arenas. Before getting to it, the player will face a blocker and treadmills. The blocker has the same mechanic from the other arenas. The treadmills are a new feature: it slowly pushes the player to the acid. Yet, the wide road gives the player enough space to maneuver and avoid death. The acid deals 600 of damage per second to the players -- which is pretty much “instakill” Ritual Circle The Ritual Circle is the final obstacle before the goal line. Here, the player can either run over the outer lanes and get sped up or choose the inner lanes and slow down. In one case, you could end up in the Acid. In the other, detained by the enemies. The circle is empty in the center, but there are blockers around it. It serves as a third option to the players that are not carrying the bomb. The circles spins in the counterclockwise way, so when the enemy retrieves the bomb, the there is a shorter and safer way to counter attack. Bomb Reflectors The Bomb Reflectors work as posts to the goal. If a player throws the bomb and hit of them, it bounces back with spin mode activated. The reflectors main objective is to prevent the bomb from staying still on the dropper and accidentally crosses the goal. Returning Characters Black Lotus Weapon 1: Astral Projection This weapon projects a copy of the Lotus to hit enemies. It decreases the cooldown of the Weapon 2 when successfully performed. The area around the projectile deals damage. Damage: 120 Area damage: 40 Cooldown: 2,75 seconds “Weapon 2 cooldown” effect: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Karma The Karma weapon makes Black Lotus invulnerable. All the received damage is block and dealt back in the dealer. Blocking an attack decreases the cooldown of it. Duration: 0,6 of second Cooldown: 10 seconds Reflected damage: 100% Cooldown decrease: 5 seconds Weapon 3: Soul Pilgrim The Soul Pilgrim pushes Black Lotus forward. It has three charges: you can either hold the button or press three times separately. If you go through any opponent while pressing, the Lotus get sped up. Charges: 3 Cooldown (for each charge): 6 seconds Damage: 100 Ultimate Weapon: Nirvana When the Black Lotus reach the Nirvana, it lasts for 10 seconds and instantly recharges every weapon. During this 10 seconds apex, all weapons’ cooldown drops to 50% and Lotus gets sped up. Duration: 10 seconds Cooldown decrease (of weapons 1, 2 and 3 during the ultimate): 50% Full Metal Judge Weapon 1: Triple Tap This is the good ol’ classic Full Metal Judge 3-missiles burst Damage per missile: 60 Cooldown: 2 seconds Defensive mode: receives a 60 of protection when hit the targets Weapon 2: Dead or Alive The Dead or Alive weapon is a switch to activate defensive or offensive mode. By default, the FMJ starts the match on defensive mode. Defensive mode: receives shield constantly and when hit enemies Offensive mode: receives constant damage (6 per second), but all the weapons deal more damage. Cooldown: 1,5 second Defensive mode: 15 (shield per second) Offensive mode: 6 (self damage) Offensive mode: 50% more damage in all the weapons Weapon 3: Relentless Plague Speeds up and deals damage while hitting enemies. Cooldown: 6 seconds Damage: 300 per second Duration: 2 seconds Defensive mode: Receives 60 of shield when hitting enemies Ultimate Weapon: Sentence: Death This is classic: the Death Sentence keeps the “triple tap” unloading 30 missiles on the enemies. Duration: 4,2 seconds Arena Selection update As the Cursed Necropolis arena comes to the Heavy Metal Machines, the maps selection behavior changes a little bit. Now, level 1 and 2 players will play in the Cursed Necropolis automatically. The other two arenas will be available as those players reach level 3. From the level 3 above, the arenas will be selected randomly, with 33% of chance for each one of the 3 maps. General The “quick chat” (or chat wheel) has been removed from the game Gameplay Bomba The damage dealt when the bomb was thrown has been removed New efect: Throwing the bomb will push the players and clear the path Dev Notes: “After several internal tests, we noticed that the damage dealt by the bomb was affecting the fast-paced gameplay. There were moments the players didn’t understand where the damage was coming from. For now, this damage is off, but it is subject to changes in the future. Added strength to the bomb when it hits the wall Minor adjustments in the bomb throwing mechanics Overtime Overtime has been temporarily removed Dev Notes: “We decided to removed this feature temporarily based on the feedback provided by the community. We realized this feature isn’t well shaped enough to fulfill our expectations. We are going to keep working on it so it will be part of a better and greater experience to the players. Camera The camera point of view is about 10% higher Dev Notes: “Changing the camera is one of the ways to make the game more ‘understandable’. It will increase the field of view and make the game a little bit slower without changing the real speed of the machines” Interface New background screen in the main menu Visual upgrade in the loading screen Characters Balance Metal Herald Weapon 2 Decreased the cost of life from 180 to 90 Weapon 3 Decreased the duration of 1 second to 0,75 second Decreased the received shield from 240 to 180 Intangibility removed Little Monster Passive Weapon Self repair increased from 70% to 100% Stingray General Decreased the unarmed time after using the weapons Weapon 2 Adjusted the distance and speed to improve the gameplay Increased the warmup from 0,25 second to 0,5 second Photon Weapon 1 Decreased the maximum damage from 180 to 120 Weapon 3 Decreased the damage per second from 75 to 60 Ultimate Intangibility removed Bug Fixes The bug that didn’t allow the machines to reach top speed before using the nitro for the first time has been fixed. It reached 95% of the total speed before using the Nitro, and afterwards it stabilized to 100% after its first use.
  2. Atention Metalheads!! This Tuesday [10/04/2018] at 7:00am EDT [13:00 CEST] we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 14:00pm EDT [20:00 CEST].
  3. On this version, we have fixed 91 bugs. This Patch Notes contains the 22 most relevant for players, and that were noticeable by them. The others 69 didn’t affect the player’s experience at a level that can be noticed, but were fixed as well. Check it out: Major Bugs: Pick Screen Player picked Artificer instead the chosen pilot. Custom Match Players were automatically banned from Custom Matches. Matchmaking Player was automatically removed from the queue. Bots Stingray BOT suddenly stopped to work. Metal Herald Players got Special Weapon charge even without hitting targets. Social Player’s status shown “In Group” even after the player leaving the group. System chat was open, and no message was shown. Wasn’t possible to cancel a group invitation. Some players were shown with incoherent status. Minor Bugs: Interface Machines’ aim lines passed through the Temple of Sacrifice’s center circle. Team’s icons were dislocated in the stats screen. Stats icons were shown wrong. Minimap showed a previously removed blocker. Founder’s Pack’s borders weren’t shown in some situations. Avatar’s loading picture was shown wrong. Friend’s list tooltip was inconsistent. Voice Over Pilot’s voice wasn’t played after a victory or loss. Pilot’s voice wasn’t played after player’s death. Clunker Clunker’s respawn icon was shown wrong. Artificer Visual feedback was incorrect when Artificer hits a target. Little Monster The visual effect of Little Monster’s Weapon 2 was shown in the wrong position. Windrider The visual effect when Windrider hit an ally was incoherent.
  4. General Option for modifying the weapon activation mode has been removed. “Combat Test” subtitle has been removed from the Main Menu. “Learn More” button has been removed from the Main Menu. Game’s logo has been updated on the Main Menu. Visual enhancements to the tutorial interface. Turkish language has been added. Skin store access has been unlocked. Only Idol skins will be available for now. Dev Notes: Due to all the changes that we’ve made in our pilots, some skins needed to be updated both on visual aspects and animation mechanics. We started this work with the Idol skins, which we are releasing initially, and after this, we will make the adjustments in the other to release them as fast as they are ready to go live. In-Game Interface Updates In-game interface elements have been repositioned. Chat and Weapons have swapped places on the in-game interface. Chat has been repositioned on game mode screen and end of match screen. Visual effects enhancements in weapons ready to shoot. Visual effects enhancements in weapons during the cooldown time. Specific colors have been added to each weapon. Cooldown Indicators Cooldown indicators have been added to the game. Mouse pointer indicator. Indicator on the top of the player’s HP bar. Option to turn on or turn off these indicators has been added. Option can be changed in the “Interface” tab. Gameplay and Balance Overtime A dropper has been added to the front of the delivery line when the Overtime initiates. Dev Notes: After analyzing the matches performance after the Overtime’s been introduced, we noticed we needed to bring, along to the delivery line, the final dropper to keep the competitivity during the Overtime. Bomb Maximum launching speed has been reduced. Weight has been increased. Collision of the bomb has been removed while it is in possession of anyone. Dev Notes: Due to some unwanted interactions between bomb and weapons, when it’s in possession of a player, we decided to remove the collision on this situation for now. Windrider Weapon 1: Wind Hunter Damage has been increased from 120 to 150. Projectile’s slowdown has been reduced by 12.5% Weapon 2: Bull Rush Effect area has been increased by 60%. Devs Notes: We have made some change in Weapon 2 to make the damage more consistent. The damage caused wasn’t working as we planned before. Little Monster Special Weapon: Iron Maiden Now, when Little Monster lands above an enemy, she jumps again using the special weapon. This recharges part of her auto-repair effect. Clunker Weapon 1: Shock Away Expands a magnetic field that pushes the enemies and causes damage to them. Damage: 100 Cooldown: 2.25 seconds Weapon 2: Death Magnet Shoots a magnet tow that keeps the enemies attached. Double activation: stops the magnet effect immediately. Initial Damage: 100 Final Damage: 100 Duration: 2.5 seconds Cooldown: 10.5 seconds Weapon 3: Electric Rush Magnetize his machine gaining speed and pushing away the enemies. Causes a little damage if he collides with some opponent. Duration: 1.5 seconds Cooldown: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Singularity Explodes a magnetic field around him, attracting opponents to his direction. Damage: 200 Duration: 3 seconds Photon Weapon 1: Harder Projects disintegrators lasers. After hitting an opponent, the damaging effect still affects the target for a while. Damage per Second: 170 Area Duration: 1 second Duration of the damaging effect on the target: 0.5 seconds Cooldown: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Better Projects sidelights that repairs allies for an extended duration. After hitting an ally, the repair effect still affects the target for a while. Repair per Second: 300 Area Duration: 3 seconds Duration of the repair effect on the target: 3 seconds Cooldown: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Faster Speeds up leaving a laser and light track repairing the allies and causing damage to enemies. Repair per Second: 150 Damage per Second: 75 Duration: 1 second Cooldown: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Stronger Activates “Better” and “Faster” for an extended duration Duration: 8 seconds Passive: Lights on Me Hitting targets with her weapons trigger auto repair Repairing percentage by damage caused: 100% Repairing percentage by repair made: 100% Known Bugs Damage and repair numbers of Photon’s Weapon 1 and 2 are inconsistent.
  5. Here is another Combat Test update! In this version, we bring back four adjusted pilots already designed to fit the new gameplay vision. They were projected according to the community feedback we received about the first four characters and everything that we’ve learned on what players think it’s the ideal for Heavy Metal Machines. With these four, we got eight reworked characters in less than 15 days. And here's a spoiler: we’ll have more pilots coming back in March! We hope that you guys like this update and keep sharing your feedback with us to build a great game together! General Visual enhancements to the search interface Visual enhancements on the match found screen New background art for the Main Menu Visual enhancements to the contextual menu Visual enhancements on the end of match screen Terminology for “Temporary HP” has been altered to “Shield” Compatibility with joystick has been removed Dev Notes: We decided to remove the compatibility between game and joystick in this version. The removal occurred due to its current usability and behavior, considering that, on average, only 5% of the players started the match using it. For this reason, the feature will be disabled until we get the usability at a good enough place to provide a great experience for the users as we think is the ideal. Visual update on Wildfire’s machine model Current model will be redefined as a skin (cash) based on the community’s suggestion New model will serve as the base skin (default) for the character Dev Notes: We made this update to make her machine more visually attractive and to better fit her new weapon mechanics. The previous model will still be available, but will be a skin acquired through Arenas Temple of Sacrifice Last Blocker on the final stretch of the track has been removed Shape of the last Dropper in front of the delivery line has been changed Dev Notes: We noticed that it was common for players to miss the bomb throw in this arena, even without enemies to intercept. This happened due to the final Dropper’s format. The change made aims to ease the bomb delivery when the player is alone, but without getting rid of the challenge when close to enemies. This happens, mainly, due to the rest of the arena already have a satisfactory level of difficulty for the users’ experience. Bomb The scale of the bomb has been reduced to ease its manipulation. Now, the bomb can be thrown more efficiently, farther and more unpredictably to the opposing defenses - you didn’t think we were just making things easier, right? This makes it visually easier for the players to understand. Out of combat repair The time needed to start out of the combat repair has been reduced from 7 to 6 seconds Characters Balance Wildfire Weapon 2: Blast of Fire Explosion damage has been reduced from 200 to 100. Dirt Devil Weapon 1: Trap! Drops three land mines which cause damage to enemies that pass through them Damage per mine: 55 Cooldown: 2.5 seconds Weapon 2: Get’em Boyz! Calls a helicopter that attacks a certain area. The helicopter moves forward slowly during its entire duration. Damage per second: 200 Cooldown: 10 seconds Duration: 5 seconds Weapon 3: Ride On! Shoots a harpoon with chains that sticks to the target. Double activation: pulls yourself to the target at great speed Impact damage: 100 Damage per second: 25 Cooldown: 8 seconds Special Weapon: Release the Devil! Shoots a flare gun that fixes on walls. When it fixes, creates an whirlwind that pulls the enemies to its center and explodes after a certain time. Double activation: fixes the marker on the current position. Damage on the center: 800 Damage on the edges: 200 Duration: 1.5 second Dev Notes: For this weapon, specifically, we feel that we weren't able to get it exactly where we wanted yet. In the next updates, we will make some changes to improve its experience for the players. Passive: Kick the Dirt! When he collides frontally with enemies, Dirt Devil jumps above them. During the jump, he’s immune to damage. Killer J. Weapon 1: Twist the Metal Shoots fireworks that make opponents go haywire. Damage per firework: 13.3 Cooldown: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Wait for it… Throws a trinket that fixes itself on the target. After 2 seconds, the target is forced to accelerate out of control. Double activation: Forces the target to accelerate out of control instantaneously. Impact damage: 130 Explosion damage: 50 Cooldown: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Punchline Lights rockets that boosts himself forward and then explodes after a certain time. Explosion damage: 150 Cooldown: 6 seconds Special Weapon: The Big Joke Shoots fireworks on the enemies’ tires, making them spin around out of control. Damage per second: 75 Duration: 3 seconds Passive: Clownmikaze When he is almost dying, Killer J. activates a time bomb on his machine. Explosion damage: 1000 Time until the explosion: 2 seconds Metal Herald Weapon 1: Shadow Stroke Shoots metal energy. Causes damage if hits an enemy and gives him shield. Part of the shield is received instantaneously and the other part is received during the following 3 seconds. Damage: 100 Instant shield: 50 Cooldown: 1 second Weapon 2: Runes of Sacrifice Self-flagellates in the name of metal, shooting a wave that causes damage to enemies and gives shield to allies. Damage caused to himself: 70 Rune damage: 150 Rune shield: 150 Area damage: 50 Area shield: 150 Cooldown: 2.25 seconds Weapon 3: Black Metal Transports himself to the metal dimension, boosting himself forward and becoming phased. Upon returning, receives a shield. Shield: 150 Cooldown: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Herald’s Decree Starts the metal symphony, giving shield to all allies around him. Shield per second: 240 Instant shield: 300 Duration: 4 seconds Passive Metal Herald doesn’t have a passive. Windrider Weapon 1: Wind Hunter Summons the eagle spirit that collides with enemies. Damage: 120 Cooldown: 2 seconds Weapon 2: Bull Rush Invokes the herd of spiritual buffaloes, blocking the opponents' path. Damage per second: 200 Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Indomitable Spirit Gets surrounded by the spiritual cavalry, leaving repairing orbs on the way Damage per second: 100 Duration: 2 seconds Cooldown: 6.25 seconds Repair per orb: 15 Special Weapon: Realm of the Ancients Shifts herself and nearby allies to the spiritual dimension. Duration: 1.5 seconds Repair per second: 200 Passive Windrider doesn’t have a passive.
  6. General Round-start mini game has been automated. All vehicles will boost automatically as long as the player is accelerating. The function for selecting a position on the starting grid has been removed Players will be automatically set in their ideal position depending of the pilots that they choose. Visual and usability enhancements on the in-game stats screen (Tab). Visual enhancements on the help screen (F1). All the icons of the pilots’ weapons have been redesigned. Added an icon in some buttons to indicate that it leads to an external website. Visual enhancements on the match winners animation. Visual enhancements on weapons interface. Visual enhancements on the minimap. Visual enhancements on the score bar. The tug of war has been removed from the interface. Visual enhancements on the Main Menu. A poll button has been added to the Match End Screen. The match rating system has been added to the Match End Screen. The store has been disabled during the test period. Skins’ selection have been disabled during the test period. Wildfire has a temporary new model. Visual enhancements on the game’s objective arrow. Visual enhancements on general messages screen. The game audio has been adjusted. Gameplay redesigned General The possibility of colliding with allies has been added. The weight difference between cars has been added. The size of some pilots has been changed. The nomenclature for the “Dazed” effect has been changed. The new name is “Skid” The negative effect upon activating the bomb grabber has been changed: Removed: Weapons disabled Added: “Skid” The in-game upgrades store has been removed. The driveability has been adjusted. Added a new interaction with the Blockers. Now, the link between bomb and carrier can be broken if it was forced. Dev notes: After analyzing the data, we noticed that players who made more action in a match had the tendency to stay more in the game. From that, we changed the gameplay to make it faster and more lethal, rewarding more the manual skills of the players. Artificer Weapon 1: Ride the Lightning Shoots a lightning that repairs allies and causes damage to enemies. It will only be destroyed if it collides with the scenario and/or gets its maximum range. Damage: 120 Repair: 120 Reloading time: 1,5 seconds. Weapon 2: Thunderstruck Creates a lightning that causes damage to enemies around. Opponents who are directly on her front will get the double of the damage. Damage: 120 (240) Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Electric Engine Boosts her machine forward. Reloading time: 6 seconds. Special Weapon: Thunderdome. Creates a magnetic field that causes damage and skid to all enemies around. Damage per second: 150 Duration: 4 seconds Passive: Metallic Bond Repairs allies around. Repair per second: 45 Little Monster Weapon 1: Syphon of Destruction Vacuums opponents in front of her machine, pulling them and causing a total damage of 50 Damage per second: 50 Duration: 1 second Reloading time: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Mosh Pit Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again and reload the Weapon 3. Damage: 125 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Stampede Accelerate abruptly, getting the impulse even if she is on the air. Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Iron Maiden Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing and repair Little Monster. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again. Damage: 150 Repair per second: 88 Duration: 5 seconds Passive: Trash Metal Crushes enemies in touch with her front part, causing damage and auto-repairing. Damage per second: 180 Stingray Weapon 1: Discs of Doom Shoots discs that cause damage to enemies. The lateral discs cause 60 of damage and the middle one causes 80. If it is shot from a point-blank position, causes just 80 of damage. Lateral discs damage: 60 Central disc damage: 90 Point blank damage: 80 Reloading time: 2.5 seconds Weapon 2: Power Wave Shoots a wave that causes damage to enemies. The wave doesn’t pass through opponents. Damage: 300 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Powerslide Boosts himself causing damage and pushing the enemies Damage: 75 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Ultra Final Blaster Shots a frontal longshot laser that causes damage to enemies. The laser has four different areas and each one of them cause a specific damage. Damage: 200 ~ 800 Wildfire Weapon 1: Flaming Sphere Shoots a fireball that causes damage to enemies. Explosion damage: 80 Projectile damage: 80 Reloading time: 1,75 second Weapon 2: Blast of Fire Creates a fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 125 Explosion damage: 200 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Volcanic Road Accelerate leaving a fire trail behind that causes damage. Damage per second: 80 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Hellfire Creates a big fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 200 Explosion damage: 200 Passive: Through the Fire and Flames Wildfire is immune to lava damage. New respawn mechanic A new respawn has been added to the arenas. After being destroyed, the player will have to wait for a reconstruction time. During this time, the camera will focus only in the bomb. After this time, the player will be able to choose a spot of the arena to go back, marking the spot with a counter. When the players go back to the arena, they get invulnerable for a certain time and enemies that are in the respawn spot are instantaneously destroyed. Dev notes: We notice that, with the old respawn mechanic, players spent a lot of time out of the action. This happened due to the need to move from the respawn point to the bomb. Aiming to fix this problem, we developed a new reconstruction mechanic which allows players to go back right into the combat again. Overtime Each round has a maximum time. At the end of this time, the match will enter Overtime. During the Overtime: The two delivery points (blue and red) are going inwards in same speed through the track getting closer to the middle of the arena. Dev notes: After a data analysis, we noticed that matches with excessive duration had a worse retention than quick ones. Keeping this in mind, we developed a new mechanic which makes it harder for matches to have an excessive duration, turning the final minutes more exciting. Known bugs When the commands are customized on “B” button, there are still some messages about the store. In some occasions, the bomb goes visually inside the Little Monster pilot when she grabs the bomb. In some occasions, the reconstruction interface got stuck in the screen after coming back from the automatic pilot. Sometimes, when you are reconstructing, the audio fails for a moment. When the player joins a match in the Spectator Mode, the TAB button with the stats won’t work. In some occasions, when a player reconnects with the game, his/her car becomes invisible.
  7. General Added feedback for when the player is experiencing connection issues The feedback will be displayed whenever the following information is not loaded: Daily Missions News Window Teams Tool Player’s Cash and Fame values Automatic Training Training will be automatically initiated for all new players It is possible to exit the training at any time by selecting the option in the ESC menu Some texts have been altered, with the goal of improving new players’ initial experience Upon exiting or finishing training for the first time, a window will pop-up and offer the player to look for a match Added a loading status bar in the training loading screen Developer Notes: We’ve decided to do it this way so we can ensure that the new player learns the primary functions of the game and how it operates as a whole. This way, the chances for the player to have a better experience in their first match are considerably larger. Want to give your opinion on this update? Tell us what you think Click here.
  8. General The Christmas theme has been removed from the Temple of Sacrifice arena; The Christmas bomb has been removed; The Christmas-themed background picture has been removed from the Main Menu. Bugs Fixed Fixed bugs in this version: Endgame cards were misaligned; Casual Match and Custom Match cards were misaligned; Some cards’ edges had irregular black pixels; Private messages feedbacks got stuck on the screen; Inconsistent rewards icons in the end screen after the player leveled up; Help screen (F1) didn’t open in some cases during the match; Stats screen (Tab) didn’t open in some cases during the match; Game menu (ESC) didn’t open in some cases during the match; Players got stuck on end screen if they finished the match AFK (away from keyboard) Bomb’s texture got checkered; “Copy Access Code” and “Select an Arena” buttons didn’t work in some cases; Last chat line doesn’t appear when the chat is opened; Complete Mission window overlayed the Daily Rewards window; The “Alt+Tab” command closed the game in some cases; Some friends didn’t appear available on the friend’s list in some situations; Machine’s level didn’t get updated in the profile screen; Sprites and textures don’t load after the purchase of Cash by a player and the game’s restart; Cash purchase button was working only in the Main Menu; When the player buys a model, the store doesn’t show the model as already purchased in some cases; Fade out from Game Mode screen to the Main Menu partially overlays the buttons’ animation. Skill rate bar in the pick screen appears with low graphics quality; Social media tooltip overlayed the other buttons in the bottom of the Main Menu; Stingray appeared for a short time as the pre-selected pilot in the pick screen instead of Little Monster in some cases; Player goes to an endless loading when quickly clicks in a model on the store and tries to open the Settings menu after this; In the pick screen, “Caster” still appears as “Narrador” doesn’t matter the player’s language; Mouse scroll didn’t move at the right speed (slower); Clunker’s advantage has some graphic effects issues in some cases.
  9. Metal Christmas The time-limited Christmas event has been added to the game. It will be available from 12/21/2017 to 01/11/2018. Temple of Sacrifice The Temple of Sacrifice arena has been customized with the Christmas theme, with a lot of replaced or modified elements according to the special holiday decoration Christmas bomb The bomb received a Christmas special skin chosen through votes from the community The bomb will be available in both arenas Background The main menu background has been replaced The pick screen background has been replaced The loading screen background has been replaced
  10. We'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 12:00am EST [18:00 CET].
  11. Bugs fixed Fixed bugs in this version: Camera got out of the character after the respawn in Temple of Sacrifice Machine’s model got stuck in the scenario after being destroyed Friend’s list shortcut doesn’t open after completing the tutorial Metal Herald’s Weapon 2 doesn’t hit players at medium or high speed News window doesn’t open for some players Chat group tab remains opened even after the player’s exiting Randomly the players respawn at the place where they were destroyed and then are teleported directly to the base Spectator got the same treatment on the pause chat given to regular players Game would randomly not generate the arena’s foliage Reduced the tooltip’s activation area in the pilot’s role inside the store Game would randomly close when utilizing the Alt+Enter command Game would randomly close upon accepting a match Game would randomly close upon entering a match Game would randomly close upon finishing a match Game would randomly close while loading a match Game would randomly close during the splash screen Game would randomly close when the player changed the client between monitors Game would randomly close upon changing the Full-Screen mode for the Windowed Mode, and vice-versa. The social media tooltip was overlaying other buttons from the lower menu Group feedback would randomly get stuck on the screen Black Lotus’ card appears for a second before loading the correct character that the player has chosen
  12. Unity 5 HMM’s game engine was changed to Unity 5. In-game impacts - Improvements from a technical point of view Rewrote the way the textures are loaded and used in-game Performance and stability gain Rewrote part of the loading system Loading time performance gain Improvements in the video memory and RAM memory usage Lots of improvements in the internal flow of development In-game impacts - Improvements from the user’s point of view Improvements in the client’s stability, resulting in fewer memory problems and crashes. Performance gain in low-performance machines Arena Lighting Improvements in the arenas’ illumination 32 bits system incompatibility Now the game is compiling in 64 bits, and is no longer supporting the 32 bits operating system format 32 bits representativity in the player’s database Only 2.69% of players who have played at least one match in the past 90 days used the 32 bits system Improvements required to play Heavy Metal Machines again Install a 64 bits operating system Known bugs Small visual elements problems in machines with AMD video card, but nothing that can ruin the player’s experience.
  13. “Metallophobia” event All the Halloween contents have been removed Halloween special skins from the in-game store Main menu background art Loading screen art Halloween special bomb 3D art Bugs fixed Fixed bugs in this version: Bomb passes through the blockers in some cases Players don’t get Fame rewards in some cases Difficulties in collecting pick-ups with Full Metal Judge Bomb gets stuck between blockers at Temple of Sacrifice Bomb gets stuck on unreachable spots at Metal God Arena Tutorial unavailable in some cases Pilots cannot be picked in some cases Team tags flipped in the Champions Monument at Temple of Sacrifice Controllers preference doesn’t save when the player reconnects Friends list doesn’t appear in some cases Troubles in the code creation for Custom Matches Custom Matches codes with “I” (vertical bar) caused endless loading Endless loading when a player joins a Custom Match at the same time the leader starts the match Restore default audio settings doesn’t restore the voice chat and announcer settings Last used skin automatically picked when the time runs out at the pick screen Standard skin picked even if the player chooses another specific skin in some cases Enemy Clunker’s weapon 1 becomes blue when used Player gets stuck in endless loading when joining a Custom Match in some cases New Brazilian caster - Detonator, the “Filhinho do Deus Metal” A new caster option has been added to the game Caster Detonator (PT-BR) Places where you can change casters: Character’s pick screen Audio settings in the main menu
  14. General Leaderboard, Game Guide, and Teams’ page Now, these screens open directly in-game. Game Guide Updated with more details about each character Champions Monument Two Heavy Metal Machines champions totems have been added to the entrance of the two arenas. Monument: European Championship: KVASDOPIL South American Championship: Zony Gaming Fixed Bugs Fixed bugs in this version: Little Monster’s inconsistent interaction of jumping with the bomb through blockers Bomb getting stuck outside of the arena in some occasions Excessive bomb weight in some circumstances Replay was not focusing the bomb Group invite was not being sent Player respawning on the enemy’s base at the Temple of Sacrifice Player was not able to join a Custom Match in some occasions BOTs that were not focusing on their goal Other 27 smaller issues have also been fixed
  15. “Dear players, We received a complaint coming from our community, where there have been allegations against the winner of the European Leaderboard's 5th Season, notifying us about irregular practices that go against our rules of conduct. After the accusation, we verified information from steamid, chats and logs and the unsportsmanlike conduct was confirmed, showing that the complaint is truthful. Within the technical analysis, we identified that other than having the matches being played with accounts of the same IP, these accounts were quitting matches in an average of 86% to 99% of the times, in more than 130 games played. This practice is not allowed in the 5th Season, where only PVP data is being logged. Hoplon believes that a healthy community is fundamental for everyone's entertainment, and will always act transparently in relation to existing problems in game, as well as its practices, and we feel like it is fair to make the community aware of the issue, as well as to apply the disclosed punishments foreseen in the rules of conduct, that includes blocking the accounts of the users involved, and mainly to correct our mistake by rewarding the truthful winner, the player Byakudark. We thank the community for the report, which allowed us to evaluate not only the player but also our internal procedures. We have added a link to the rules of conduct https://goo.gl/8CS7cD, support link https://goo.gl/DSTfJh for reporting complaints, and the Restricted Players List https://goo.gl/U2x7Vu. The reports will be analyzed and confirmed for everyone's safety. We apologize for the occurrence, and we are available for clarifications and suggestions. Panda”
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