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  1. General Round-start mini game has been automated. All vehicles will boost automatically as long as the player is accelerating. The function for selecting a position on the starting grid has been removed Players will be automatically set in their ideal position depending of the pilots that they choose. Visual and usability enhancements on the in-game stats screen (Tab). Visual enhancements on the help screen (F1). All the icons of the pilots’ weapons have been redesigned. Added an icon in some buttons to indicate that it leads to an external website. Visual enhancements on the match winners animation. Visual enhancements on weapons interface. Visual enhancements on the minimap. Visual enhancements on the score bar. The tug of war has been removed from the interface. Visual enhancements on the Main Menu. A poll button has been added to the Match End Screen. The match rating system has been added to the Match End Screen. The store has been disabled during the test period. Skins’ selection have been disabled during the test period. Wildfire has a temporary new model. Visual enhancements on the game’s objective arrow. Visual enhancements on general messages screen. The game audio has been adjusted. Gameplay redesigned General The possibility of colliding with allies has been added. The weight difference between cars has been added. The size of some pilots has been changed. The nomenclature for the “Dazed” effect has been changed. The new name is “Skid” The negative effect upon activating the bomb grabber has been changed: Removed: Weapons disabled Added: “Skid” The in-game upgrades store has been removed. The driveability has been adjusted. Added a new interaction with the Blockers. Now, the link between bomb and carrier can be broken if it was forced. Dev notes: After analyzing the data, we noticed that players who made more action in a match had the tendency to stay more in the game. From that, we changed the gameplay to make it faster and more lethal, rewarding more the manual skills of the players. Artificer Weapon 1: Ride the Lightning Shoots a lightning that repairs allies and causes damage to enemies. It will only be destroyed if it collides with the scenario and/or gets its maximum range. Damage: 120 Repair: 120 Reloading time: 1,5 seconds. Weapon 2: Thunderstruck Creates a lightning that causes damage to enemies around. Opponents who are directly on her front will get the double of the damage. Damage: 120 (240) Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Electric Engine Boosts her machine forward. Reloading time: 6 seconds. Special Weapon: Thunderdome. Creates a magnetic field that causes damage and skid to all enemies around. Damage per second: 150 Duration: 4 seconds Passive: Metallic Bond Repairs allies around. Repair per second: 45 Little Monster Weapon 1: Syphon of Destruction Vacuums opponents in front of her machine, pulling them and causing a total damage of 50 Damage per second: 50 Duration: 1 second Reloading time: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Mosh Pit Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again and reload the Weapon 3. Damage: 125 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Stampede Accelerate abruptly, getting the impulse even if she is on the air. Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Iron Maiden Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing and repair Little Monster. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again. Damage: 150 Repair per second: 88 Duration: 5 seconds Passive: Trash Metal Crushes enemies in touch with her front part, causing damage and auto-repairing. Damage per second: 180 Stingray Weapon 1: Discs of Doom Shoots discs that cause damage to enemies. The lateral discs cause 60 of damage and the middle one causes 80. If it is shot from a point-blank position, causes just 80 of damage. Lateral discs damage: 60 Central disc damage: 90 Point blank damage: 80 Reloading time: 2.5 seconds Weapon 2: Power Wave Shoots a wave that causes damage to enemies. The wave doesn’t pass through opponents. Damage: 300 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Powerslide Boosts himself causing damage and pushing the enemies Damage: 75 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Ultra Final Blaster Shots a frontal longshot laser that causes damage to enemies. The laser has four different areas and each one of them cause a specific damage. Damage: 200 ~ 800 Wildfire Weapon 1: Flaming Sphere Shoots a fireball that causes damage to enemies. Explosion damage: 80 Projectile damage: 80 Reloading time: 1,75 second Weapon 2: Blast of Fire Creates a fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 125 Explosion damage: 200 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Volcanic Road Accelerate leaving a fire trail behind that causes damage. Damage per second: 80 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Hellfire Creates a big fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 200 Explosion damage: 200 Passive: Through the Fire and Flames Wildfire is immune to lava damage. New respawn mechanic A new respawn has been added to the arenas. After being destroyed, the player will have to wait for a reconstruction time. During this time, the camera will focus only in the bomb. After this time, the player will be able to choose a spot of the arena to go back, marking the spot with a counter. When the players go back to the arena, they get invulnerable for a certain time and enemies that are in the respawn spot are instantaneously destroyed. Dev notes: We notice that, with the old respawn mechanic, players spent a lot of time out of the action. This happened due to the need to move from the respawn point to the bomb. Aiming to fix this problem, we developed a new reconstruction mechanic which allows players to go back right into the combat again. Overtime Each round has a maximum time. At the end of this time, the match will enter Overtime. During the Overtime: The two delivery points (blue and red) are going inwards in same speed through the track getting closer to the middle of the arena. Dev notes: After a data analysis, we noticed that matches with excessive duration had a worse retention than quick ones. Keeping this in mind, we developed a new mechanic which makes it harder for matches to have an excessive duration, turning the final minutes more exciting. Known bugs When the commands are customized on “B” button, there are still some messages about the store. In some occasions, the bomb goes visually inside the Little Monster pilot when she grabs the bomb. In some occasions, the reconstruction interface got stuck in the screen after coming back from the automatic pilot. Sometimes, when you are reconstructing, the audio fails for a moment. When the player joins a match in the Spectator Mode, the TAB button with the stats won’t work. In some occasions, when a player reconnects with the game, his/her car becomes invisible.
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