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Found 22 results

  1. In this update, we are releasing the last character missing in the line-up: Rampage. The store is also back in its full shape. Let’s check it out: Rampage Weapon 1 - Minimum Wage Smashes and pushes back the opponents Damage: 150 Critical Hit: 250 Cooldown: 2,25 s Weapon 2 - Harassment The bulldozer hits the ground and opens a gap that damages the enemies Damage: 200 Cooldown: 10,75 s Weapon 3 - Traffic Jam Accelerates and smashes opponents against the walls Damage (against walls): 200 Damage per second: 50 Cooldown: 6,75 s Special Weapon - Saturday Shift Charges a big hit with the bulldozer’s shovel and deals damage around it. Critical Hit: 400 Damage: 20 Passive Weapon - Anger Management While the shovel is down, all the damage dealt on it are reduced. It works like a shield. General Added the option menu the ping indicator switch. This tool will help you to see what is your latency during any match. To improve the visual feedback, it was added a background color on the HP bar. It follows the color of the team (Blue or Red) The bomb now can bounce back when hit the wall. All the remaining skins (Rockstar and Metal Legend) are back into the store. Wildfire and Stingray (previously presented with a new visual (for their basic model) have received visual update to all the skins: Windrider basic model has received new visual assets: Audio improvements for Full Metal Judge Visual improvements on the interface of the group/party session Added a highlight and new icon for the Cash button Dev Notes: “Since the beginning of the Combat Test, we did several tests on the physics of the game and its behavior, so we are going to keep working hard to always deliver the best experience to the players. In order to implement Rampage’s weapon 3, we did some changes in this version and we will continue to work on it after this release. We ask the patience and help for all the players to report behaviors that are different or not coherent. The affected points: Every weapon that involves acceleration (usually the weapon 3). Every weapon that pushes the opponents The treadmills on Cursed Necropolis The collision and moving of the machines” Balance Black Lotus Weapon 3 The machines is no more controllable when using this weapon. Clunker General Added a disruption meter to Clunker’s weapons Weapon 2 Increased the initial damage from 100 to 200. Removed the final damage Dirt Devil Weapon 3 Increased the initial damage from 100 to 200 Removed the continuous damage. Full Metal Judge Weapon 1 Decreased the gain of shield per shot from 60 to 50 Decreased the gain of charge to the special weapon in 15% Weapon 2 The shield received in the defensive mode has been reduced in 33%. In the offensive mode, the self damage has been reduced in 25% Weapon 3 The shield for using this weapon has been removed Added the gain of shield when hitting the enemies Little Monster Weapon 2 and Special The warm-up has been removed Known Issues Full Metal Judge receives shield even when hitting Rampage’s lift Photon’s weapon 1 cross through Rampage’s lift
  2. General Performance improvements on the network layer. Dev Notes: In our last effort to improve the network performance we got a positive result for players with high latency and/or low-performance computers. This is one more step to make these players get a better experience with the game.
  3. General Visual enhancements on the minimap to better identify who is carrying the bomb. Before After Interface’s optimization during a match. Dev Notes: We’ve just started to use a new tool to implement the interface, which will optimize the game’s performance. We started this job first with the minimap, being the first feature to receive it. This optimization is another step in our goal to improve the game’s interface performance that we are working on.
  4. General Round-start mini game has been automated. All vehicles will boost automatically as long as the player is accelerating. The function for selecting a position on the starting grid has been removed Players will be automatically set in their ideal position depending of the pilots that they choose. Visual and usability enhancements on the in-game stats screen (Tab). Visual enhancements on the help screen (F1). All the icons of the pilots’ weapons have been redesigned. Added an icon in some buttons to indicate that it leads to an external website. Visual enhancements on the match winners animation. Visual enhancements on weapons interface. Visual enhancements on the minimap. Visual enhancements on the score bar. The tug of war has been removed from the interface. Visual enhancements on the Main Menu. A poll button has been added to the Match End Screen. The match rating system has been added to the Match End Screen. The store has been disabled during the test period. Skins’ selection have been disabled during the test period. Wildfire has a temporary new model. Visual enhancements on the game’s objective arrow. Visual enhancements on general messages screen. The game audio has been adjusted. Gameplay redesigned General The possibility of colliding with allies has been added. The weight difference between cars has been added. The size of some pilots has been changed. The nomenclature for the “Dazed” effect has been changed. The new name is “Skid” The negative effect upon activating the bomb grabber has been changed: Removed: Weapons disabled Added: “Skid” The in-game upgrades store has been removed. The driveability has been adjusted. Added a new interaction with the Blockers. Now, the link between bomb and carrier can be broken if it was forced. Dev notes: After analyzing the data, we noticed that players who made more action in a match had the tendency to stay more in the game. From that, we changed the gameplay to make it faster and more lethal, rewarding more the manual skills of the players. Artificer Weapon 1: Ride the Lightning Shoots a lightning that repairs allies and causes damage to enemies. It will only be destroyed if it collides with the scenario and/or gets its maximum range. Damage: 120 Repair: 120 Reloading time: 1,5 seconds. Weapon 2: Thunderstruck Creates a lightning that causes damage to enemies around. Opponents who are directly on her front will get the double of the damage. Damage: 120 (240) Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Electric Engine Boosts her machine forward. Reloading time: 6 seconds. Special Weapon: Thunderdome. Creates a magnetic field that causes damage and skid to all enemies around. Damage per second: 150 Duration: 4 seconds Passive: Metallic Bond Repairs allies around. Repair per second: 45 Little Monster Weapon 1: Syphon of Destruction Vacuums opponents in front of her machine, pulling them and causing a total damage of 50 Damage per second: 50 Duration: 1 second Reloading time: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Mosh Pit Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again and reload the Weapon 3. Damage: 125 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Stampede Accelerate abruptly, getting the impulse even if she is on the air. Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Iron Maiden Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing and repair Little Monster. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again. Damage: 150 Repair per second: 88 Duration: 5 seconds Passive: Trash Metal Crushes enemies in touch with her front part, causing damage and auto-repairing. Damage per second: 180 Stingray Weapon 1: Discs of Doom Shoots discs that cause damage to enemies. The lateral discs cause 60 of damage and the middle one causes 80. If it is shot from a point-blank position, causes just 80 of damage. Lateral discs damage: 60 Central disc damage: 90 Point blank damage: 80 Reloading time: 2.5 seconds Weapon 2: Power Wave Shoots a wave that causes damage to enemies. The wave doesn’t pass through opponents. Damage: 300 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Powerslide Boosts himself causing damage and pushing the enemies Damage: 75 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Ultra Final Blaster Shots a frontal longshot laser that causes damage to enemies. The laser has four different areas and each one of them cause a specific damage. Damage: 200 ~ 800 Wildfire Weapon 1: Flaming Sphere Shoots a fireball that causes damage to enemies. Explosion damage: 80 Projectile damage: 80 Reloading time: 1,75 second Weapon 2: Blast of Fire Creates a fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 125 Explosion damage: 200 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Volcanic Road Accelerate leaving a fire trail behind that causes damage. Damage per second: 80 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Hellfire Creates a big fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 200 Explosion damage: 200 Passive: Through the Fire and Flames Wildfire is immune to lava damage. New respawn mechanic A new respawn has been added to the arenas. After being destroyed, the player will have to wait for a reconstruction time. During this time, the camera will focus only in the bomb. After this time, the player will be able to choose a spot of the arena to go back, marking the spot with a counter. When the players go back to the arena, they get invulnerable for a certain time and enemies that are in the respawn spot are instantaneously destroyed. Dev notes: We notice that, with the old respawn mechanic, players spent a lot of time out of the action. This happened due to the need to move from the respawn point to the bomb. Aiming to fix this problem, we developed a new reconstruction mechanic which allows players to go back right into the combat again. Overtime Each round has a maximum time. At the end of this time, the match will enter Overtime. During the Overtime: The two delivery points (blue and red) are going inwards in same speed through the track getting closer to the middle of the arena. Dev notes: After a data analysis, we noticed that matches with excessive duration had a worse retention than quick ones. Keeping this in mind, we developed a new mechanic which makes it harder for matches to have an excessive duration, turning the final minutes more exciting. Known bugs When the commands are customized on “B” button, there are still some messages about the store. In some occasions, the bomb goes visually inside the Little Monster pilot when she grabs the bomb. In some occasions, the reconstruction interface got stuck in the screen after coming back from the automatic pilot. Sometimes, when you are reconstructing, the audio fails for a moment. When the player joins a match in the Spectator Mode, the TAB button with the stats won’t work. In some occasions, when a player reconnects with the game, his/her car becomes invisible.
  5. We’d like to correct a piece of information that we announced some days ago. The Metal Christmas update will be available until January 4th, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope you continue enjoying this update to the fullest. Thank you for your understanding. Heavy Metal Machines Team
  6. We’re changing - and for the better! Heavy Metal Machines received an update of their graphics engine, moving from Unity 4 to the version 5. This change brings a lot of benefits, such as stability gain, performance improvement on low specs computers, RAM and VRAM usage, in addition to a reduced loading time, textures and lighting. The new graphics engine will also allow us excellent agility in the content development processes for the game, which will directly impact the volume of original content that we will receive in the future! This update also brings another change: from now on, only machines with a 64-bit operating system will be able to run Heavy Metal Machines. In practice, only 2.69% of players who have played at least one game in the last 90 days will not be able to play the game. It’s important to remember that if you have any problems with our update, you can get in touch with our Support Channel . You can also get more information on Microsoft Website .
  7. About this Update This update is a lil bit smaller than the others, and sooner! It comes with a few important adjustments the Community has been requesting and we are back with the Leaderboard's fourth Season - reviewed and featuring the rounds won category for now. We're still collecting feedback on the new arena and balancing, so keep it coming! We also have an adjustment made regarding the servers that is fully explained below. Merging of European and North American Servers The North American and European servers have been merged, both now are located in Amsterdam and share a queue. We are always striving to make our players' experience better. After the feedback of our Community, and the game being in early access, we've opted to merge the North American and European servers starting on 10/08. This will benefit the European community with new players, and a North Americans will see an even bigger improvement, the queue times should go from 10 minutes to 2. It's important to note that our North American players had a match find rate of less than 25%, this number should go up to more than 70% now. Being fully transparent, we are aware that some NA players can face lag due to the change. We are always open on our support page and communities for your feedback so we can take appropriate measures if the problem is significant. We thank you for your support and trust in us. Daily Rewards Upon logging in to the game for 7 consecutive days, you can get 6 boosters and 850 of Fame for free! 1 Day XP Booster on the 1st day. 1 Day Fame Booster on the 2nd day. 150 Fame on the 3rd day. 1 Day XP Booster on the 4th day. 300 Fame on the 5th day. 1 Day Fame booster on the 6th day. 1 Day Fame & XP Booster and 500 Fame on the 7th day. Store Killer J price has been reduced from 15.000 to 10.000 Fame. Balance General Nitro now starts on cooldown. The velocity bonus for hitting the green space has been adjusted - it now should be more noticeable the difference between hitting it or not. The initial push forward has been reduced. The gained acceleration has been increased.
  8. About this Patch We're pretty happy to present the new Heavy Metal Machines Arena! The Temple of Sacrifice waits for you in the game. The goal behind this patch is to showcase to you a new idea for an arena, and we're looking forward to hearing what you think of it! Do keep sending your feedback, mainly about the new arena and the random selection of map when entering the queue. Our art team brought along it some visual improvements to the game, and it's also valid to note that we didn't push any Balance changes yet because we wanted to see how the Championship played out. Now that it is over, we can go over the data and make the necessary changes. So expect a few adjustments in the next patches and do comment on what you think is needed too! New Arena: Temple of Sacrifice The new Arena - Temple of Sacrifice - will be available for all players. The Metal God Arena will now be unlocked when reaching level 2 in your account. It will be possible for anyone to select and play any Arena in the Custom Match. Mud: While driving through the Mud, machines are much harder to control and drive. Shredder: All machines are instantly destroyed in all situations when stepping into the Shredder. Daily missions are now unlocked on Level 3. Kill Feed Now players can know who destroyed who during the game, this will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Machines icons are now positioned in the upper center of the screen. Pick Screen Tips We've added a system that will help players make a balanced team in the pick screens. It'll suggest at least 1 transporter, 1 support and 1 interceptor for the team. When the roles are filled, the warning should go away. Improvements on other Screens: Changes: Main menu background. Visual improvements on the Screens. 2 new buttons have been added to invite people to groups. When hovering over the time on the queue a tooltip is shown. When hovering over the game mode, the region and ping are shown. PvP mode has been renamed to Casual. PvE mode has been renamed to Cooperative. Removed Player name. Upper and Lower bars. Position changes: News button - now it's on the upper right corner of the screen. Heavy Metal Machines logo - now on the upper part of the screen. Additions Buttons on the lower right corner of the Screen: Support Facebook VK Titles on all screens.
  9. About this Patch We're always trying to deliver the best gaming experience to you guys - our players. Your Feedback is extremely important to us; we believe that together we can build a truly competitive game. We know that the bomb changes altered significantly the way HMM is played, and we didn't get everything right at first. Nor will we always Since then we've been listening to several issues you've been raising - and took a few steps to remedy that in the last patch. But not everything was addressed. We're very very close to the beginning of the Championship, but we believe that the changes we are bringing in this Patch are beneficial to the game and are aligned with what the Community has been requesting. That's why we chose to release this now, before the Championship. It's an attempt to respond to the Feeback that we receive. We hope that you enjoy the changes, and as always, keep on commenting and giving us suggestions! Only then can we deliver the best competitive experience. Pause! Emergencies happen, we know. With the Championship approaching, and this being a feature already requested by the Community, we're introducing Pausing in the game! How to Pause: Any player can press F8 to pause the game. In normal matches, players can pause once every 3 minutes, and in Custom Lobbies, once every 2 minutes. In normal matches, there will be a countdown of 3 seconds for both Pausing and Unpausing so everyone knows what's going on. On Custom Lobbies, pausing is instantaneous, but there'll be the countdown for unpausing. If there are any players disconnected from the match, their allies can pause anytime they want. The opposing team has to wait at least 30 seconds after a pause to unpause. While Paused: You can view the TAB Screen. Open and change game options. Write on chat. Unpause. Nitro! Some players from the Community have said to us that the new Nitro would make more sense if it was always on - holding E all the time. They also felt that the old quick speed burst of the old Nitro was missing, since it made advanced players possible. So we've made the following changes: Engine acceleration - speed bonus: The endless nitro, activated by holding E, has now become automatic. It has been translated into an Engine acceleration concept. Machines take 5 seconds to reach maximum speed bonus. If you turn too sharply, the speed bonus is lost - this way we also bring back some of the feelings from racing games, if you pilot correctly, you'll run faster. The speed bonus is diminished if you're carrying the bomb. The Nitro: The Machine goes forward with a burst of speed. Has 15 seconds of cooldown. Balance Out of Combat Repairs This is another point that has been heavily commented on by the Community. We understand that this has made defense harder, and so we've tweaked how it works a little bit: Machines now need to spend 10 seconds out of combat to begin repairs (up from 5). The time spent repairing has been reduced from 15 to 5 seconds to reach full health. With this change, the timing you have to deal damage to carriers and stop their regen has been doubled. At the same time, we've made it quicker for interceptors to run away from combat, regen to full health and come back to intercepting! Making it harder to carry. Droppers We know that the droppers have lost a bit of their impact because of the bomb now being a physical object and following Newton's laws of motion. We believe that this change brings back their efficiency in the defense. Some have changed positions. New droppers have been added. Now there's a continuous line of droppers, so even if the bomb goes forward after being lost, it'll be much harder for the attacking team to retrieve the bomb right after losing it on a dropper - because it'll still be on top of the droppers' area. A new one has been added right before the delivery point, this opens up a new defending position. If the attacking team comes running with the bomb, they'll lose it - making it possible for a quick Defensor to grab it before it crosses the line. Artificer Advantage - Swift Thrusters: The advantage now applies to the acceleration/engine speed. Black Lotus Advantage - Perpetual Motion: The advantage now applies to the acceleration/engine speed. General Improvements Minor improvements to the Nitro visual effect. Minor improvements to the visual effect of when someone loses the bomb to a dropper. Logo before and after the replay changed. Updated the visuals on the banners of teams. The character selection screen has been greatly improved - clarity enhanced. New names for Skins categories: "Bronze" model is now "Idol" "Silver" model is now "Rockstar". "Gold" model is now "Metal Legend".
  10. Fixed Bugs: Fixed a bug that could cause the bomb to get stuck between Blockers. Fixed a bug that allowed Windrider to keep Nitro on while carrying the bomb. Fixed a bug that allowed Little Monster to keep Nitro on while carrying the bomb. Fixed a bug that allowed Dirt Devil to keep Nitro on while carrying the bomb. Fixed a bug that could make Droppers not work correctly. Balance Artificer Weapon 2 - Electroblaster: Damage increased from 75 to 90. Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Upgrade - Lightning Coils: Increases slow duration from 1.5 to 2 seconds. Black Lotus Weapon 1 - Quantum Leap: Damage increased from 50 to 55. Upgrade - Reverberation: Damage increased from 15 to 22. Weapon 2 - Spectre, Upgrade - Hunger for Action: Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Clunker Weapon 2 - Thunder Tow, Upgrade Runaway Retarder: Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Dirt Devil Weapon 1 - Land Mines: Number of Mines increased from 4 to 5. Upgrade - All-Father: Now makes all mines bigger. Weapon 2 - Harpoon and Chain: Cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds. Second activation - jumping to enemy - now applies Dazed for 1 second. Distance for the Harpoon to break when attached to the ground increased by 30%. Special Weapon - Hit'em Hard Mates!: Increased the energy gain other Weapons contribute to the Special Weapon by 25%. The duration has been reduced from 9 to 5 seconds. Damage per second has been increased from 65 to 100. Upgrade - Put more Gas in it!: Increases the duration from 5 to 7 seconds. Killer J Weapon 2 - Friendly Rockets, Upgrade - Tire Puncher: Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Photon Weapon 1 - Stellar Track: Damage per tick increased from 15 to 17. Weapon 2 - Cosmic Concord: Photon now becomes Phased for its duration. Metal Herald Weapon 2 - Melodic Vessel: Size has been increased by 50%. The collision effect with enemies and allies has been removed. Now it explodes automatically 0.5 seconds after being launched, hitting all enemies inside it. Upgrade - Gospel Disseminator: Increases the damage per tick from 25 to 31. Upgrade - Hurtful Truth: Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Upgrade - Immense Faith: Removed the size increase effect. Now gives Metal Herald 40 temporary hit points for each target it hits. Windrider Weapon 1 - Ghostly Avenger: Damage increased from 55 to 60. Upgrade - Hunter of Foes: Damage increased from 15 to 24. Rampage Weapon 2 - Demolition Engine, Upgrade - Wounder Wall: Slow duration increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Little Monster Weapon 1 - Devourer's Maw: Upgrade - Gigantic Gut: Cost reduced from 800 to 600. Upgrade - Feeding the Pack: Cost reduced from 600 to 400. Upgrade - Ravenous Coiler: Cooldown reduction for Weapon 2 removed. Now it increases Weapon's 1 Lifesteal from 50 to 75%.
  11. New Community Feature - Teams Now it's possible to run with your crew with the Teams feature! Team: Group created with a defined name (unchangeable), tag (unchangeable) and icon picture (changeable). You can create and check your team's info by clicking on a flag in the game main screen. Team Leader: It's the player who creates the team, can invite Steam's friends to join it, remove players and pass the leadership. They can't leave the team before passing the leadership to another member. Joining the Team: You could only join the team if you received the leader's invitation. Teams can have up to 5 members. New Game mode - Custom Match Now it's possible to create an all-customized match! Just click on Custom Match in the game main screen and become the room's creator to play with your friends! Creator's skills: move a player to the other team, ban, close lobby, start a match and send Access Codes. Access Code: the creator can copy and send the Access Code to any player he wants to invite to play along. Players can use the Access Code to play a Custom Match. Other changes Ping and server information will now be displayed when hovering the mouse on "Finding Match". Players won't be able to see other team's characters choice before the match starts. So now you no longer need to wait until the last second to pick. Improvements on veteran skins have been made. Balance General Temporary hit points now start to decay after 0.25 seconds instead of 0.5. Out of combat regeneration now will only be stopped if the player takes damage. Previously it was stopped on using weapons as well. Black Lotus Weapon 2 (Spectre): Damage increased from 50 to 70 Upgrade - Eerie Veil: No longer affects allies. New effect: Black Lotus receives recovery of 50%. Wildfire Weapon 1 (Whirling Dragon), Upgrade - Hell is for Everyone: Removed the damage gain for each enemy in the area. New effect: Overheat time increased from 5 to 7 seconds. Full Metal Judge Weapon 1 (Missile Gun): Temporary hit points reduced from 40 to 35. The advantage no longer affects the weapon fire rate. Weapon 2 (Blockade Breach): Removed the jump forward when the player uses the weapon. Resistance to pushes and pulls reduced from 100% to 75%. New effect: Machine receives speed and acceleration bonus during the entire use of the weapon. All effects of the weapon now have the standard duration of 2 seconds. Upgrade - Black Engine: Increase the duration of the effects from 2 to 2.7 seconds. Upgrade - Old Wild Wheel: Increases the Dazed effect from 0.5 to 1 second. Special Weapon (Iron Storm), Upgrade - Rattlesnake Bullets: Temporary hit points maximum is reduced from 70 to 65 (Interface will still say 70, but it's 65). Little Monster Weapon 1 (Devourer's Maw): Weapon range has been increased by 30%. Enemies hit by Little Monster are now dragged towards her. Weapon 2 (Crushing Pouce): Cool down reduced from 10 to 7.5 seconds. Area of effect increased by 40%. Jump duration increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds. Rampage Special Weapon (Wrathquake): Damage reduced from 250 to 100. Now applies Dazed to enemies for 3 seconds. Warmup increased from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds. Dirt Devil Weapon 2 (Harpoon and Chain): Now deals 10 damage per second. Upgrade - Electric Chain: Increases damage per second by 30%. Stingray Weapon 2 (Power Wave), Upgrade - Power Feedback: Effect duration increased from 5 to 7.5 seconds. Special Weapon (Double Kienzan), Upgrade - Explosive Kienzan: Extra damage removed Area explosion that pushes enemies removed New effect: Increases the sphere's area by 50% Killer J Weapon 1 (Round-a-Blast) Cooldown increased from 2.5 to 3 seconds Upgrade Spinning Wheel cost reduced from 800 to 600 Upgrade Fire-Cracker cost increased from 400 to 800 Upgrade Mountebank cost reduced from 600 to 400 Weapon 2 (Friendly Rockets) Upgrade Kaboom! cost increased from 400 to 800 Upgrade Tire Puncher cost reduced from 800 to 600 Upgrade Higher Caliber cost reduced from 600 to 400 Clunker Advantage (Repulsive Machine): Pull strength slightly increased.
  12. New Shiny Things: If a player disconnects from a match or goes afk, an AI controller bot will replace them - which means not more cars standing still at the base doing nothing! This was a heavily requested feature by the Community, and we're happy to have implemented it! Both the voice and the text chat should now be visible and usable during the pick screen, as well as during the statue scenes - its layout was slightly adjusted to better accommodate the chat. You'll also be able to talk to people after the end of the match - some screens also had their layouts slightly adjusted for it! This is another feature that was requested by the Community, so do keep your feedback coming! Fame Bug: We have also fixed the Fame issue in this version, now everyone who levels up in a match should get their deserved and hard won fame - we are now getting ready and writing the code to give everyone who missed a Fame gain everything that they are due. You won't need to do anything about it, it will show up in your account soon
  13. New Shiny Things: We made some minor adjustments to the Golden (Veteran) Skins! We made some minor adjustments to the Tutorial - some players were having issues playing the videos. Besides that, some improvements have also been made to the windows. We changed some fonts and colors of in-game chat, this should make it better looking. We improved the visibility of the Voice Chat! It comes complete with a new visual, new sound effects and an alert on the text chat, this way everyone knows they can speak to people! Performance Improvements: This HMM update continues focusing on improving the game's performance. This time, besides attacking the RAM consumption we have also made great improvements to the average FPS. On low end (closer to the minimum requirements) machines, we have improved the average FPS from 20 to 35! Known Bug: We're aware of a bug that can cause a player to, randomly, not gain FAME when leveling up after a match. We know how frustrating the experience is when this happens and are working hard to fix this particular issue, however, it wasn't possible to do so in this update. We will keep working on this issue so we can resolve it as soon as possible - and as soon as we do, we will give everyone who missed a Fame gain everything that they are due. Please rest assured that you will receive all the Fame that you deserve directly in your accounts when we fix this, and no action on your part will be required so that happens.
  14. the dragon’S kiss Info about the project: · I’m a begginer artist,and please forgive me the errors.(bad lines,colors etc..) · One of my favourites car was the main inspiration,an 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner/Satellite. I love her lines. · The gun: The main idea was a big gun with big range and damage with style therefore I chose a Railgun. · I will make for her a driver soon.(I think after the Holidays.) Wheels of fury (passive) When she doesn’t under attack, she can move faster than her team mates. Dragon Blood She load 8 bullet into the railgun.When she hit the enemies cause damage,and the ratio of damage she refill her HP. Dragon wings She cause an EMP impulse in her around and she cripples every enemies a few seconds in her range. The Dragon’s kiss (ultimate) She load 3 bulet into the railgun, what she can shoot a big range.When she hit the target cause a big damage and slow the enemy car.
  15. New Shiny Things: We made some minor improvements to the game Interface - some items should be more visible. We fixed some display problems regarding languages and some localization errors. We fixed an error that was preventing some people from buying items in the game store. Performance Improvements: This HMM update is a little different from what we are used to: We decided to focus on the optimization of the game performance, made several changes and code improvements that considerably reduced the RAM memory usage of the game, it now uses 15% to 40% less memory. With that, we've noted the following improvements: Loading before the Main Menu 20% faster on average. Loading of Matches 21% faster on average. Loading after the Match 57% faster on average. On computers closer to the Minimum requirements, it represents an even bigger improvement: General reduction of loading times from 50% to 60%, including matches. With that, several crash issues regarding loading times should be fixed, the game itself should be more fluid and HMM should stop responding much less frequently during the match loading screen - one thing to test is not to click anxiously with the mouse on the loading screen (We know it's hard) Known Bug: We're aware of a bug that can cause a player to, randomly, not gain FAME when leveling up after a match. We know how frustrating the experience is when this happens and are working hard to fix this particular issue, however, it wasn't possible to do so in this update. We will keep working on this issue so we can resolve it as soon as possible - and as soon as we do, we will give everyone who missed a Fame gain everything that they are due. Please rest assured that you will receive all the Fame that you deserve directly in your accounts when we fix this, and no action on your part will be required so that happens. A video should be up on the next few days with more details on why we decided to do this update and what is next in the near future. As always, thank you for playing HMM and helping us make it the game we want it to be - we'll see you in the Arena!
  16. New Shiny Things: We have updated the looks of the Veteran Skin on Dirt Devil, Little Monster and Rampage. They should be shinier now! [Thanks for the feedback!]. New 3D Models have been released for Metal Herald and Clunker, check out their trailers: Metal Herald Clunker The news screen in game will now allow you to see 5 news. Make sure to check them out! Pro-tip: It can be opened by clicking the red bell on the bottom of the main menu screen. Heavy Metal Machines is now available in French, German and Spanish! New Mechanic: Leaderboards will open on the 31st of March at exactly midnight [UTC-0]! We're very excited to let you all experience some competitivity inside Heavy Metal Machines - as well as win cool stuff. You can check all the rules directly in the Leaderboard website: http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/leaderboard Winners will take home a HMM Swag Kit [T-Shirt, Mouse Pad, Mug and a Pendrive with the Soundtrack] as well as be immortalized in our Hall of Fame, forever!
  17. New Shiny Things: Players who bought the Founder's Packs will now be properly identified with borders to their avatars. Players who bought the Golden and Silver editions of the Founder's Packs will now receive the bonus XP listed on them. The Soundtrack has not yet been released in this update, but will be by the end of the month. A new button has been added to the main menu "Leaderboard", more details will come soon. A new news window has been added to main menu, to open it, all you gotta do is click the bell on the center of the bottom section of the window. A player that opens Heavy Metal Machines again after disconnecting from a match will automatically reconnect to it. Several bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made towards reducing the number of problems faced by less stable connections, this is however still a work in progress. New Mechanic: Weekly Challenge Players will now be able to complete challenges on a weekly basis to gain rewards. We will announce a new challenge every week from now on. This starts today! This week we will be rewarding players who get the most medals at the end of a match. We will be giving 1500 Fame to the player who gets the most medals in each region [Europe, SA and NA] and 750 Fame to everyone who gets at least 10 golden medals or 15 silver medals. You have until 23h59 UTC of next Thursday [23/03/17] to do this. Only PvP Games will count towards completing the challenge. Balance Dirt Devil Weapon 1 - Land Mines: Damage has been reduced from 50 to 40. The duration of dazed has been increased from 0.35 to 0.5 seconds. The mines now recharge in 1.3 instead of 1.5 seconds. The mines now deal AOE damage in the same area as its visual size. Weapon 1, Upgrades: All-Father: The mines now deal AOE damage in the same area as its visual size. Concussion Mines: Dazed increased from 0.525 to 0.75 seconds. Incremental Explosive: The maximum damage bonus has been reduced from 75 to 60, however now you only need to hit 3 mines instead of 5. King of the Dunes: Increased the cool down recharge bonus from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds. Weapon 2: The Harpoon and Chain duration has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds. Special Weapon: Now follows Dirt Devil automatically without the need to press the hotkey again. Photon Weapon 1 - Stellar Track: Damage per second has been reduced from 100 to 75. The duration of Stellar Track has been increased from 0.8 to 1 second. The duration of the energy trail has been increased from 0.5 to 0.6 seconds. It now gives fast 20% [There was a bug that caused it to give slightly more]. Intangible removed. Reduced the Special recharge gain in 5%. Weapon 1, Upgrade - Irradiation: Now increases the duration of Stellar Track to 1.33 instead of 1.06 seconds. Weapon 2 - Cosmic Concord: Duration has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds. Allies that leave the repair area will still be repaired for 3 seconds after doing so. Reduced the Special recharge gain in 5%. Weapon 2, Upgrade - Xanthium It now gives fast 10% [There was a bug that caused it to give slightly more]. Fixed Bugs Fixed a bug that could prevent a character from being picked in the pick screen. Fixed a bug that could prevent the game from going past the initial splash screen. Fixed a bug that could make the game follow another machine during the match. Fixed a bug that could cause the XP gained not being added to the profile after a match. Fixed a bug that could prevent players from connecting to the match. Fixed a bug that could cause the voice chat to be activated if you pressed the hotkey while text chatting. Fixed a bug that could cause the button to exit the match after the stats screen to not work. Fixed a bug that could cause Photon to re spawn with her passive on after dying. Fixed a bug that could prevent the Main Menu buttons from showing up. Fixed some bugs that could prevent players from Reconnecting to matches. Fixed some bugs in the interaction between Metal Herald's passive and other machine's abilities. 276 bugs have been fixed in Total.
  18. New Machine: Killer J Full Character Page: http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/killerj/ Weapon 1 - Round-a-Blast: Shoots projectiles forward that deal 10 damage per projectile and forces the enemies' vehicles to turn. Weapon 2 - Friendly Rockets: Shoots a frontal missile. When it hits, it deals 75 damage and accelerates the enemy while locking his direction. Deals 25 area damage when the effects ends. Special Weapon - The Big Joke: Launches an area-exploding barrel forward. Enemies hit spin out of control and take 50 damage per second for 3 seconds. Advantage - A Compliment: Killer J reflects 50% of all damage taken back to his attackers - this has a 3 seconds cooldown. Gameplay Changes We changed how the Cooldown Reduction mechanic works, upgrades that reduce cooldown now do that for a period of time, instead of instantaneously. It works pretty much like a buff that accelerates your cooldown by the same duration that the buff stays on, so a one second reduction will reduce one second of the cooldown over one second, and not instantaneously. We've added a new server. Asia now has it's own place to play HMM! All items in the store can now be purchased with CASH. CASH is now sold for all the currencies accepted by Steam directly in the game store. Killer J has not been added to the Free Rotation and must be purchased with Fame or Cash before being played. Two new items have been added to the store: Fame Boost: Doubles your fame gain in all your matches while the boost is active. XP Boost: Doubles your XP gains in all your matches while the boost is active. Balance Windrider Weapon 1, Upgrade - Ancestral Emissary: Now reduces the cooldown of Road Wraiths by 1 second over 1 second. Rampage Weapon 1, Upgrade - Wreckage Master: Now reduces the cooldown of Demolition Engine by 1 second over 1 second. Clunker Weapon 1, Upgrade - Tow charger: Now reduces the cooldown of Thunder Tow by 1 second over 1 second. Full Metal Judge Weapon 1, Upgrade - Warning shot: Now reduces the cooldown of Blockade Breach by 0,2 seconds over 0,2 seconds. Dirt Devil Weapon 1, Upgrade - King of the Dunes: Now reduces the cooldown of Devil's Harpoon by 0,2 seconds over 0,2 second. Server Problems We have deployed the fix for the issues the European server was facing during the Weekend, that should not happen again. We have greatly improved the connection code so that players will not get disconnected from the match due to minor internet/connection issues. This should make the game more stable for everyone.
  19. New Machine: Photon Full Character Page: http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/photon/ Weapon 1 - Stellar Track: Photon activates an energy trail that follows her movement. Enemies touching the trail receive damage per second. While the trail is activated, Photon moves 20% faster and gains Phasing. Weapon 2 - Cosmic Concord: Photon creates an area around herself, repairing allies inside at a rate of 20 Hit Points per second, during 5 seconds. Special Weapon - Empyreal Pod: When Empyreal Pod is activated Photon receives the following modifiers for12 seconds: - Fast 10%. - All repair done is increased by 50%. - Cleanse (when passing through allies while Refulgent Core is activated, Photon removes all negative effects from them and herself). Advantage - Refulgent Core: If Photon remains at top speed for 2 seconds, her Refulgent Core is activated, causing the following effects: - When passing through an ally, Photon repairs him by 15 hit points per second during 5 seconds, while receiving a small speed boost and repairing herself for 5 seconds. If Photon remains at a reduced speed for more than 2 seconds, Refulgent Core is deactivated. Gameplay Changes All slow effects now apply 40% slow. The life bar visual has been improved. The chat visual in the main screen has been improved. The buttons X and A have been swapped for the Xbob 360 controller. Voice chat You can now talk with your team over voice chat. The default button is K [L3]. Balance Stingray Weapon 1: The overcharge rate has been increased by 50%. The connection angle has been increased from 45 to 60. Weapon 1, Upgrade - Canhão Ocular: The connection angle has been increased from 60 to 80. Weapon 2: The range is now the same regardless of the speed of the car. Enemies hit will be pushed in the same direction. Advantage: Overcharge will now start to decrease after 7.5 seconds [Was 5]. Weapon 1 will now cool down in 3 seconds if it overheats. Slow is now applied accordingly when enemies are hit. Special Weapon: The special shoots now launch closer to one another and will collide only once. Full Metal Judge Weapon 1: Damage has been increased from 20 to 25. Weapon 1, Upgrade - Full lead hat: Damage has been increased from 25 to 32. Metal Herald Weapon 1, Upgrade - Bless from Beyond: Metal Herald now receives Recovery 33% when healing or dealing damage.
  20. New Machine: Stingray Full Character Page http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/stingray Weapon 1 - Laser Drill: Fires a frontal laser beam that deals continuous damage on the enemy it hits. Overcharge lowers the overheat rate. Weapon 2 - Power Wave: Shoots a frontal energy wave that increases in width as it travels its distance, dealing damage and Dazed effect on enemies hit. Overcharge increases the Dazed effect. Special Weapon - Double Kienzan: Fires two energy discs that go to two different paths. Each disc deals damage on enemies hit. Overcharge increases the damage of each discs. Advantage - Overcharge: Your weapons will increase damage and other effects as long as you hit your enemies in a short time. Gameplay Changes The damage caused by the bomb has been reduced when in high speed. Some improvements have been made regarding deceleration and pushing enemies. A brief delay has been added when a character already has temporary hit points and gain more until they start to decay. Interface Game menus have been improved. New audio options have been added. Screen transitions have been improved. Group chat has been improved. Art Visual improvements have been made in the arena and characters. Christmas has invaded the Heavy Metal Machines arena.. Balance Artificer Weapon 1: Repair per second has been increased from 35 to 40. Special Weapon: Duration has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Special Weapon, Upgrade - Directed Shutdown: Duration has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds. Black Lotus Hit points have been reduced from 500 to 450. Weapon 1: Cooldown time increased from 2 to 2.4 seconds. Weapon 1, Upgrade - Stillness: Disarm time has been reduced from 1.5 to 1 second. Special Weapon, Upgrade - Touch of Damnation: No longer increases damage return. Dirt Devil Hit points have been reduced from 500 to 450. Weapon 1 Damage from each Land Mine has been increased from 40 to 50. Land Mines stock capacity reduced from 5 to 4. Recharge time increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds. Special Weapon: Duration reduced from 15 to 9 seconds. Special Weapon, Upgrade - Fill the Tank!!: Duration reduced from 20 to 12 seconds. Full Metal Judge Weapon 1: Increased the temporary hit points gained for each scrap from 30 to 40. Weapon 1, Upgrade - Train of Steel: It now only gives allied machines 50% of the temporary hit points acquired by Full Metal Judge. Special Weapon: Duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds. Special Weapon, Upgrade - Rattlesnake Bullets: Maximum hit points per scrap increased from 60 to 70. Metal Herald Weapon 1: Improved visual effect. Weapon 2: Upgrade - Gospel Disseminator: The explosion area of the grenade has been reduced by 50%. Upgrade - Hurtful Truth: Now properly gives enemies Slow. Wildfire Weapon 2, Upgrade - Scorched Earth: Damage per second reduced from 100 to 50. Duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds. No longer activates Wildfire Advantage. Special Weapon: If Wildfire is destroyed during the warm up time, the special will no longer be cast. The special charge will still be consumed. Windrider Weapon 1: Recharge time reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that could cause players to be stuck in the loading screen. Fixed a bug that could cause machines to start playing before the green light. Fixed several bugs related to the group and friends features. 347 fixed bugs in total.
  21. New Machine: Dirt Devil Full Character Page http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/dirtdevil Weapon 1 - Land Mines: You drop land mines behind your car that deal damage and a quick Dazed effect on enemies hit. You can have up to 5 mines loaded. Weapon 2 - Harpoon and Chain: Shoots a frontal harpoon with chains that deals damage and hooks enemies for 4 seconds. You can interfere with the enemy’s movement by moving in an opposite direction. Activating a second time will pull yourself to the harpoon. If the harpoon misses an enemy, it will hook to the ground. Special Weapon - Hit’em Hard Mates!: You call your crew who attacks an area, dealing damage and applying a Slow effect on enemies. This attack lasts for 15 seconds. You can relocate the attack by calling your crew to you. Advantage - Off Road: Whenever Dirt Devil collides with enemies from the front of his car at high speed, he jumps over them, landing on the other side. While in the air, Dirt Devil is invincible. Gameplay Changes There is now a delay between death and the camera moving to another machine. The rate in which temporary hit points decay is now the same for all machines. You can now open the garage at any point during the game [Community Request!] The PvP Queue will only create a match when there are at least 4 human players in queue. Balance Little Monster Weapon 1: Damage increased from 35 to 40. Weapon 1: Fixed bugs related to the reach of the weapon and applying damage. Weapon Special: Recharge rate from weapons has been increased. Advantage: No longer causes damage when running over other cars, but now properly slows them. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused Artificer's Weapon 2 not to apply slow. Fixed a bug that could prevent players from receiving daily quests. Fixed a bug that could make players stay in the match loading game screen while the game was already underway. Fixed a bug that could cause Full Metal Judge to keep firing while inside Windrider's Special Weapon. Fixed several bugs related to audio. 208 Bugs fixed in total.
  22. New Mechanic - Temporary Hit Points If a machine already has temporary hit points and gains more, it will stack. So, if you have 10 temporary hit points and gain 10 more, you will then have 20. Temporary hit points will decrease over time. New Machine: Full Metal Judge Full Character Page http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/judge/ Weapon 1 - Missile Gun: Shoots a missile forward. When it hits an enemy, it deals damage and drops a pick-up on the ground. If Full Metal Judge picks it, he receives temporary HP for a few seconds. The Missile Gun can have up to 3 missiles ready. Weapon 2 - Blockade Breach: The car quickly thrusts forward, dealing damage and pushing enemies. Full Metal Judge receives resistance to pushes and collisions for a few seconds. Special Weapon - Iron Storm: Full Metal Judge fires multiple shots from his Missile Gun in a short time. The missile effects are the same as the Missile Gun's. Advantage - Relentless Chaser: The fewer hit points Full Metal Judge has, the faster his Missile Gun and Blockage Breach cools down. Visual Improvements We have greatly improved light and shadow in the arena. The main menu has been improved. The store and profile layouts have been improved. The character selection screen has been improved. Balance Clunker Weapon 1: Damage reduced from 60 to 50. Weapon 2, Upgrade - Hauling Might: Temporary hit points changed to 125. Little Monster Hit points increased by 50 (from 650 to 700). Special Weapon: Now repairs Little Monster by 65 hit points per second for 8 seconds (520 hit points total). Rampage Weapon 1, Upgrade - Safety First: Now gives 50 temporary hit points per target. Special Weapon: It now takes 0.25 seconds to cast. Wildfire Weapon 1: Doesn't get reduced damage per extra target anymore. Weapon 1, Upgrade - Hell is for Everyone: It now increases damage by 8% for each additional target. Weapon 2: Cooldown increased from 7.5 to 10 seconds. Weapon Special: Cast time increased from 0.5 to 1 second. Windrider Weapon 2, Upgrade - Shell from Hell: Now grands 100 temporary hit points. Weapon Special: Cast time increased from 0.1 to 0.25 seconds. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that prevented some players from finishing loading. Fixed a bug that prevented some players from getting daily quests. Fixed a bug that prevented the bomb from exploding at the end of a round. Fixed a bug that allowed players to use overheated weapons. Fixed a bug that prevented Rampage's Weapon 2 from causing initial damage. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect values to be shown at the statistics page. 223 Bugs fixed in total.
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