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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Metal Gladiators! As we already shared during our live streams, we have the road map of new contents coming this year to Heavy Metal Machines. This list was made based on the development of the game and priorities were decided with the help of the community. However, we know that new things might show up during this journey and we will do our best to keep you updated about it. So here's the roadmap: May Bug Fixes (May 22) Metal League SA (May 25) July Metal Pass Season 5 (July 10) Pilot 17 (July 10) Ranked Mode (second half of July) Gamepad/Controller (second half of July) August Metal League NA (August 10) September Metal Pass Season 6 (September 25) Pilot 18 (September 25) About next week's update, we expect to fix the following bugs: Fixed a bug where Black Lotus incorrectly accelerated forward when combining reflected damage from weapon 2 and using weapon 3 (also known as Super Dash for some community members). Fixed a bug where Black Lotus' weapon 2 reflected the damage from enemies but canceled its own out of combat self-repair. Fixed a bug where Black Lotus' weapon 2 did not cancel enemies' self-repair. Fixed a bug where Black Lotus' weapon 2 made enemies start their out of combat self-repair earlier than expected. Fixed a bug where Wildfire's passive was activated even when hitting a barrier (i.e., Rampage's passive). Fixed a bug where Wildfire's weapon 1 was triggering its impact and area damage at different times. Fixed a bug where Wildfire's weapon 2 explosion wasn't being blocked by barriers (i.e., Rampage's passive and Icebringer's weapon 2). Fixed a bug where Wildfire's weapon 3 didn't activate the trail animation. Fixed a bug where Icebringer could not be pushed while using weapon 3. Fixed a rare bug where Clunker's weapon 2 dealt damage but didn't pull the enemy. Fixed a bug where Clunker's weapon 2 sometimes crossed walls, improperly dealing damage and/or grabbing enemies on its way back. Fixed a bug where VFX from different characters were improperly activated during matches, getting stuck to the arena or even to the machines. Fixed a bug where it was possible to rebuild the machine inside the stones at the center of Metal God Arena. Fixed a bug on the Temple of Sacrifice arena, where a collider at the delivery point was improperly positioned. Fixed a bug where exiting a match during the last score, while the victory/defeat animation is running caused the client to crash. We also are working to fix these other known bugs: Rampage's weapon 3 behavior is inconsistent in some situations. Dirt Devil's weapon 3 randomly getting stuck during the match, forcing the machine to get back to where the harpoon is attached. Bomb fights not triggering in some situations. Bomb getting through blockers in some situations. If you have any questions or need any help, talk to one of our Community Managers here on our Discord channel! See you all in the arenas!
  2. General The Christmas theme has been removed from the Temple of Sacrifice arena; The Christmas bomb has been removed; The Christmas-themed background picture has been removed from the Main Menu. Bugs Fixed Fixed bugs in this version: Endgame cards were misaligned; Casual Match and Custom Match cards were misaligned; Some cards’ edges had irregular black pixels; Private messages feedbacks got stuck on the screen; Inconsistent rewards icons in the end screen after the player leveled up; Help screen (F1) didn’t open in some cases during the match; Stats screen (Tab) didn’t open in some cases during the match; Game menu (ESC) didn’t open in some cases during the match; Players got stuck on end screen if they finished the match AFK (away from keyboard) Bomb’s texture got checkered; “Copy Access Code” and “Select an Arena” buttons didn’t work in some cases; Last chat line doesn’t appear when the chat is opened; Complete Mission window overlayed the Daily Rewards window; The “Alt+Tab” command closed the game in some cases; Some friends didn’t appear available on the friend’s list in some situations; Machine’s level didn’t get updated in the profile screen; Sprites and textures don’t load after the purchase of Cash by a player and the game’s restart; Cash purchase button was working only in the Main Menu; When the player buys a model, the store doesn’t show the model as already purchased in some cases; Fade out from Game Mode screen to the Main Menu partially overlays the buttons’ animation. Skill rate bar in the pick screen appears with low graphics quality; Social media tooltip overlayed the other buttons in the bottom of the Main Menu; Stingray appeared for a short time as the pre-selected pilot in the pick screen instead of Little Monster in some cases; Player goes to an endless loading when quickly clicks in a model on the store and tries to open the Settings menu after this; In the pick screen, “Caster” still appears as “Narrador” doesn’t matter the player’s language; Mouse scroll didn’t move at the right speed (slower); Clunker’s advantage has some graphic effects issues in some cases.
  3. Bugs fixed Fixed bugs in this version: Camera got out of the character after the respawn in Temple of Sacrifice Machine’s model got stuck in the scenario after being destroyed Friend’s list shortcut doesn’t open after completing the tutorial Metal Herald’s Weapon 2 doesn’t hit players at medium or high speed News window doesn’t open for some players Chat group tab remains opened even after the player’s exiting Randomly the players respawn at the place where they were destroyed and then are teleported directly to the base Spectator got the same treatment on the pause chat given to regular players Game would randomly not generate the arena’s foliage Reduced the tooltip’s activation area in the pilot’s role inside the store Game would randomly close when utilizing the Alt+Enter command Game would randomly close upon accepting a match Game would randomly close upon entering a match Game would randomly close upon finishing a match Game would randomly close while loading a match Game would randomly close during the splash screen Game would randomly close when the player changed the client between monitors Game would randomly close upon changing the Full-Screen mode for the Windowed Mode, and vice-versa. The social media tooltip was overlaying other buttons from the lower menu Group feedback would randomly get stuck on the screen Black Lotus’ card appears for a second before loading the correct character that the player has chosen
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