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Found 28 results

  1. General Performance improvements on the network layer. Dev Notes: In our last effort to improve the network performance we got a positive result for players with high latency and/or low-performance computers. This is one more step to make these players get a better experience with the game.
  2. General Added feedback for when the player is experiencing connection issues The feedback will be displayed whenever the following information is not loaded: Daily Missions News Window Teams Tool Player’s Cash and Fame values Automatic Training Training will be automatically initiated for all new players It is possible to exit the training at any time by selecting the option in the ESC menu Some texts have been altered, with the goal of improving new players’ initial experience Upon exiting or finishing training for the first time, a window will pop-up and offer the player to look for a match Added a loading status bar in the training loading screen Developer Notes: We’ve decided to do it this way so we can ensure that the new player learns the primary functions of the game and how it operates as a whole. This way, the chances for the player to have a better experience in their first match are considerably larger. Want to give your opinion on this update? Tell us what you think Click here.
  3. Thursday [18/01/2018] at 5:00am EST [11:00 CET] we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 12:00am EST [18:00 CET].
  4. We know a lot of our players are curious about what’s going on with Heavy Metal Machines. We know that, and we think it’s important to give an answer about it. For this reason, Panda and A’ly recorded a video to explain some of the most frequent questions we receive every day: Why didn’t we update new content so far? What would be our next steps? Check out and learn more about it: We know a lot of our players are curious about what’s going on with Heavy Metal Machines. We know that, and we think it’s important to give an answer about it. For this reason, Panda and A’ly recorded a video to explain some of the most frequent questions we receive every day: Why didn’t we update new content so far? What would be our next steps? Check out and learn more about it:
  5. Thursday [11/01/2018] at 5:00am EST [11:00 CET] we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 12:00am EST [18:00 CET].
  6. Hello everyone, With the recently announced Combat Test, the upgrade shop from the matches will be deactivated, as the character's upgrades will be integrated with each character, so you don't need to choose what to buy during the match. However, this does not mean we will not bring it back. We are 100% open to hear all your suggestions about possible changes for this feature in the future. This topic will be used exclusively to collect new ideas and suggestions about the upgrade shop, so don't hesitate to post it here. All ideas are welcome!
  7. Hi guys, Yesterday we had an update, bringing back four more characters to the game: Killer J, Metal Herald, Windrider and Dirt Devil. Now we have a total of 8 reworked pilots in less than 15 days, and all the changes made on them are based on all we learned on the past weeks, including tunning made on the first four characters from the combat test. We'd like to hear from all of you, once again, your thoughts about the changes: What is positive? What should we continue working? And also what can we can make new or different? More details about this update are available on the patch notes on our blog: http://heavymetalmachines.com/blog/en/2018/03/06/patch-notes-beta-0-0-0-627-06-03-2018/
  8. On this version, we have fixed 91 bugs. This Patch Notes contains the 22 most relevant for players, and that were noticeable by them. The others 69 didn’t affect the player’s experience at a level that can be noticed, but were fixed as well. Check it out: Major Bugs: Pick Screen Player picked Artificer instead the chosen pilot. Custom Match Players were automatically banned from Custom Matches. Matchmaking Player was automatically removed from the queue. Bots Stingray BOT suddenly stopped to work. Metal Herald Players got Special Weapon charge even without hitting targets. Social Player’s status shown “In Group” even after the player leaving the group. System chat was open, and no message was shown. Wasn’t possible to cancel a group invitation. Some players were shown with incoherent status. Minor Bugs: Interface Machines’ aim lines passed through the Temple of Sacrifice’s center circle. Team’s icons were dislocated in the stats screen. Stats icons were shown wrong. Minimap showed a previously removed blocker. Founder’s Pack’s borders weren’t shown in some situations. Avatar’s loading picture was shown wrong. Friend’s list tooltip was inconsistent. Voice Over Pilot’s voice wasn’t played after a victory or loss. Pilot’s voice wasn’t played after player’s death. Clunker Clunker’s respawn icon was shown wrong. Artificer Visual feedback was incorrect when Artificer hits a target. Little Monster The visual effect of Little Monster’s Weapon 2 was shown in the wrong position. Windrider The visual effect when Windrider hit an ally was incoherent.
  9. Привет, ребята! На прошлой неделе мы обсуждали с Вами в нашем Discord навыки героев, и нам бы хотелось услышать больше идей и пожеланий от вас, чтобы вы хотели увидеть в будущем, касательно текущих персонажей, а также тех, которые вернутся в игру. Вы можете заполнить анкету и написать нам о своих предложениях - по поводу одного конкретного героя или даже всех из них, если хотите!
  10. Cześć! W zeszłym tygodniu na Discord odbyła się dyskusja o umiejętnościach obecnych i nowych postaci. Chcielibyśmy usłyszeć jeszcze więcej waszych sugestii o tym, jakie umiejętności chcielibyście zobaczyć u obecnych postaci, jak również u postaci, które powrócą do gry. Musisz uzyskać dostęp do tego formularza i wpisać swoje sugestie — dla jednej postaci lub wszystkich, jeśli chcesz!
  11. Hello guys, Last week we had a very good discussion on our Discord about the current and upcoming characters skills, and we'd like to hear even more from you, to get any suggestions that you would like to see on the current characters, and also on the next ones that will return to the game. You must access this form and type your suggestions - for one specific character, or even all of them if you want!
  12. Have been trying to download this game for a few weeks. The Steam store has it listed as EAG but every time I click download it just refreshes the page, both in the app and in web browsers.
  13. Hey guys, We've made a live stream recently, the Community Afternoon, with Panda and Pitcher talking about the Combat Test news, and also replying to questions and commenting the suggestions coming from the community. We summarize in this topic the main points covered, and also the link to the live stream. It's mostly in Portuguese due to the majority of the audience on this occasion were Brazilian players, but we will always reply any comments and questions from English and other languages the best we can, so feel free to comment and ask anything here. Topics discussed during the Livestream: Metal Herald's balancing We are aware that the character is too strong in the hands of experienced players, and we are studying the adjustments E-sports scene and new competitive content After all the hard work being put on the Combat Test, we'll come back with the official championships, such as the European and South American Championships Still in March two other characters will return to the game (already adjusted) Other than that, content for veteran players are also in our development plans, such as Ranked Matches Character and gameplay changes We are making changes to the characters so that they become more intuitive, and not necessarily easier Effects regarding Killer J.'s abilities Abilities' effects are being analyzed for improvements Defense mechanics in the Arena We are working on improvements for the goal's defense, such as the recent adjustment made in the Temple of Sacrifice New content development After the Combat Test adjustments, we'll work on content for both veterans and new players Music tracks during the match Was removed due to improvements research, and our goal is to bring them back Improvements to the Overtime track, to provide a more frenetic feeling Bots The four characters released in the last week's patch aren't available as bots yet, and they'll be added as soon as some improvements in the AI are completed Return to the skin shop Until the end of March, the bronze skins will make their return to the game, and during April all skins will be available again All players that purchased any content from the skin shop, or Founder's Pack, will have everything back as soon as they come back to the game Character abilities in a single direction The upcoming characters being worked on will include abilities that use other directions, other than just forward About the controller support removal The controller was being used by a small percentage of our community, and because its experience wasn't the best possible, we decided to remove this functionality so that we can dedicate time for it after the Combat Test content is done. Overtime We are looking into ways to improve the defense when the Overtime is active, which can also include exclusive droppers just for this feature Changes in the bomb's weight The change made had the goal of making it more intuitive for the players, but we are open to suggestions and will continue to study possible changes Bomb getting stuck in the Arena We are working so that this issue can be resolved by the next update, on 20/03 Community Suggestions A tutorial to teach players how to use upgrades for each character (in case it comes back), and also for other features that have been added to the game Training Mode for the characters Improve the precision regarding the bomb's weight Upon releasing the bomb, the speed shall be set according to the state of the car (stopped, for example)
  14. Hey, metalheads! We wanted to bring you an update on the In-Game Skin shop status, so here comes some news on that: The skin shop is scheduled to be partially back on 27/3, along with all Metal Idol level skins; The skin shop is scheduled to be completely available on 17/04 You'll hear more from us in the upcoming weeks!
  15. General Visual enhancements on the minimap to better identify who is carrying the bomb. Before After Interface’s optimization during a match. Dev Notes: We’ve just started to use a new tool to implement the interface, which will optimize the game’s performance. We started this job first with the minimap, being the first feature to receive it. This optimization is another step in our goal to improve the game’s interface performance that we are working on.
  16. General Round-start mini game has been automated. All vehicles will boost automatically as long as the player is accelerating. The function for selecting a position on the starting grid has been removed Players will be automatically set in their ideal position depending of the pilots that they choose. Visual and usability enhancements on the in-game stats screen (Tab). Visual enhancements on the help screen (F1). All the icons of the pilots’ weapons have been redesigned. Added an icon in some buttons to indicate that it leads to an external website. Visual enhancements on the match winners animation. Visual enhancements on weapons interface. Visual enhancements on the minimap. Visual enhancements on the score bar. The tug of war has been removed from the interface. Visual enhancements on the Main Menu. A poll button has been added to the Match End Screen. The match rating system has been added to the Match End Screen. The store has been disabled during the test period. Skins’ selection have been disabled during the test period. Wildfire has a temporary new model. Visual enhancements on the game’s objective arrow. Visual enhancements on general messages screen. The game audio has been adjusted. Gameplay redesigned General The possibility of colliding with allies has been added. The weight difference between cars has been added. The size of some pilots has been changed. The nomenclature for the “Dazed” effect has been changed. The new name is “Skid” The negative effect upon activating the bomb grabber has been changed: Removed: Weapons disabled Added: “Skid” The in-game upgrades store has been removed. The driveability has been adjusted. Added a new interaction with the Blockers. Now, the link between bomb and carrier can be broken if it was forced. Dev notes: After analyzing the data, we noticed that players who made more action in a match had the tendency to stay more in the game. From that, we changed the gameplay to make it faster and more lethal, rewarding more the manual skills of the players. Artificer Weapon 1: Ride the Lightning Shoots a lightning that repairs allies and causes damage to enemies. It will only be destroyed if it collides with the scenario and/or gets its maximum range. Damage: 120 Repair: 120 Reloading time: 1,5 seconds. Weapon 2: Thunderstruck Creates a lightning that causes damage to enemies around. Opponents who are directly on her front will get the double of the damage. Damage: 120 (240) Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Electric Engine Boosts her machine forward. Reloading time: 6 seconds. Special Weapon: Thunderdome. Creates a magnetic field that causes damage and skid to all enemies around. Damage per second: 150 Duration: 4 seconds Passive: Metallic Bond Repairs allies around. Repair per second: 45 Little Monster Weapon 1: Syphon of Destruction Vacuums opponents in front of her machine, pulling them and causing a total damage of 50 Damage per second: 50 Duration: 1 second Reloading time: 3 seconds Weapon 2: Mosh Pit Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again and reload the Weapon 3. Damage: 125 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Stampede Accelerate abruptly, getting the impulse even if she is on the air. Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Iron Maiden Jumps causing damage to enemies when landing and repair Little Monster. Falling above an enemy makes Little Monster jump again. Damage: 150 Repair per second: 88 Duration: 5 seconds Passive: Trash Metal Crushes enemies in touch with her front part, causing damage and auto-repairing. Damage per second: 180 Stingray Weapon 1: Discs of Doom Shoots discs that cause damage to enemies. The lateral discs cause 60 of damage and the middle one causes 80. If it is shot from a point-blank position, causes just 80 of damage. Lateral discs damage: 60 Central disc damage: 90 Point blank damage: 80 Reloading time: 2.5 seconds Weapon 2: Power Wave Shoots a wave that causes damage to enemies. The wave doesn’t pass through opponents. Damage: 300 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Powerslide Boosts himself causing damage and pushing the enemies Damage: 75 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Ultra Final Blaster Shots a frontal longshot laser that causes damage to enemies. The laser has four different areas and each one of them cause a specific damage. Damage: 200 ~ 800 Wildfire Weapon 1: Flaming Sphere Shoots a fireball that causes damage to enemies. Explosion damage: 80 Projectile damage: 80 Reloading time: 1,75 second Weapon 2: Blast of Fire Creates a fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 125 Explosion damage: 200 Reloading time: 10 seconds Weapon 3: Volcanic Road Accelerate leaving a fire trail behind that causes damage. Damage per second: 80 Reloading time: 6 seconds Special Weapon: Hellfire Creates a big fire area that explodes after a certain time. Damage per second: 200 Explosion damage: 200 Passive: Through the Fire and Flames Wildfire is immune to lava damage. New respawn mechanic A new respawn has been added to the arenas. After being destroyed, the player will have to wait for a reconstruction time. During this time, the camera will focus only in the bomb. After this time, the player will be able to choose a spot of the arena to go back, marking the spot with a counter. When the players go back to the arena, they get invulnerable for a certain time and enemies that are in the respawn spot are instantaneously destroyed. Dev notes: We notice that, with the old respawn mechanic, players spent a lot of time out of the action. This happened due to the need to move from the respawn point to the bomb. Aiming to fix this problem, we developed a new reconstruction mechanic which allows players to go back right into the combat again. Overtime Each round has a maximum time. At the end of this time, the match will enter Overtime. During the Overtime: The two delivery points (blue and red) are going inwards in same speed through the track getting closer to the middle of the arena. Dev notes: After a data analysis, we noticed that matches with excessive duration had a worse retention than quick ones. Keeping this in mind, we developed a new mechanic which makes it harder for matches to have an excessive duration, turning the final minutes more exciting. Known bugs When the commands are customized on “B” button, there are still some messages about the store. In some occasions, the bomb goes visually inside the Little Monster pilot when she grabs the bomb. In some occasions, the reconstruction interface got stuck in the screen after coming back from the automatic pilot. Sometimes, when you are reconstructing, the audio fails for a moment. When the player joins a match in the Spectator Mode, the TAB button with the stats won’t work. In some occasions, when a player reconnects with the game, his/her car becomes invisible.
  17. Connection stability improvements The connection issues that some players had with our servers have been resolved. The side effects were: Visual bug on the loading of some information in the game’s client, such as Fame and Cash. Instability on accepting a match, which could cause client crashes. Dev Notes: We’ve adjusted our network settings, making it more stable and resilient to connection issues. ??
  18. General The level requirement to play in the Metal God Arena has been removed Every player has a 50% chance to play on Metal God Arena and Temple of Sacrifice, no matter their level Dev Notes: At the beginning, we believed that the Temple of Sacrifice was the more suitable arena for the new players. However, after analyzing the data, we realized that the best thing is the constant variation between the two arenas. Interface’s performance improvements 11% average improvement of FPS on low-performance machines. Dev Notes: We’ve made a lot of performance tests to find out which points we must solve first. After these tests, we realized that our tool used to develop the game’s interface was causing performance problems. For that reason, we’ve made a lot of code improvements in order to get a better FPS during the matches. This is a small step for what we want as a final result, but also is a path that now we know we have to follow. Want to give your opinionabout this update? Tell us what you think on this link. Want to give your opinion about this update? Tell us what you think on this link.
  19. Thursday [04/01/2018] at 5:00am EST [11:00 CET] we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 12:00am EST [18:00 CET].
  20. We’d like to correct a piece of information that we announced some days ago. The Metal Christmas update will be available until January 4th, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope you continue enjoying this update to the fullest. Thank you for your understanding. Heavy Metal Machines Team
  21. “Metallophobia” event All the Halloween contents have been removed Halloween special skins from the in-game store Main menu background art Loading screen art Halloween special bomb 3D art Bugs fixed Fixed bugs in this version: Bomb passes through the blockers in some cases Players don’t get Fame rewards in some cases Difficulties in collecting pick-ups with Full Metal Judge Bomb gets stuck between blockers at Temple of Sacrifice Bomb gets stuck on unreachable spots at Metal God Arena Tutorial unavailable in some cases Pilots cannot be picked in some cases Team tags flipped in the Champions Monument at Temple of Sacrifice Controllers preference doesn’t save when the player reconnects Friends list doesn’t appear in some cases Troubles in the code creation for Custom Matches Custom Matches codes with “I” (vertical bar) caused endless loading Endless loading when a player joins a Custom Match at the same time the leader starts the match Restore default audio settings doesn’t restore the voice chat and announcer settings Last used skin automatically picked when the time runs out at the pick screen Standard skin picked even if the player chooses another specific skin in some cases Enemy Clunker’s weapon 1 becomes blue when used Player gets stuck in endless loading when joining a Custom Match in some cases New Brazilian caster - Detonator, the “Filhinho do Deus Metal” A new caster option has been added to the game Caster Detonator (PT-BR) Places where you can change casters: Character’s pick screen Audio settings in the main menu
  22. Ello Metalheads! With the newest map, Temple of Sacrifice, being out for a while now... What is everyone's thoughts on the style of the new map, along with the new obsticals (Such as the mud)? Also, Which map do you all prefer with your play-styles? Temple or the Arena? Anything you, personally, think should be improved, changed, or maybe you think you would have done differently? (For those of you that want just an image to look at to kinda help base stuff off of, attached is image of Temple of Sacrifice Map, with Goal on Right Side)
  23. General We made some improvements on our network structure, increasing the stability for all players and mainly for those who have a poor connection and lag problems. This will result in: 75% fewer disconnections 150% more car control in lag peaks
  24. We'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance. We expect everything will be back online by 1:00pm EDT [18:00 CET].
  25. Metallophobia Added the “Heavy Metal” skin category . Skins of this category will not only have visual changes but also changes on the special effects of its skills. Added 4 Halloween skins to the Metallophobia event. Little Monster skin: Name: It’s Alive! Cost: 915 Cash Category: Heavy Metal Rampage skin: Name: Arachnophobia Cost: 915 Cash Category: Heavy Metal Black Lotus skin: Name: Curse of Nefertem Cost: 915 Cash Category: Heavy Metal Artificer skin: Name: 71st Witchcraft Cost: 915 Cash Category: Heavy Metal Standard bomb has been replaced by the Halloween bomb (Bombkin) New background image for the Main Menu. New images for the loading and round transition (splash) screens Launched a DLC, which contains a bundle with the 4 Halloween skins plus the “Simply the Best” Black Lotus’ skin.
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