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  1. mnm

    Whats your favorite character?

    Also, Windrider. Love to push the others players!
  2. Can you talk about it?
  3. mnm

    How are you feeling today?

    Today I'm hungry, very hungry...
  4. Lembra um pouco a Quadrilha da Morte. Gostei da ideia de máfia. Imagina a musica dele, ficaria massa.
  5. I'm a bit blue today 😕
  6. What are you watching now that it's worth watching?
  7. mnm

    Whats your favorite character?

    Rampage looks good
  8. mnm

    Comprei um quebra-cabeça

    Espero que a Marisa Monte
  9. mnm

    Wich is the best waifu in the game?

  10. mnm

    Power Metal

    Can anyone recommend some power metal bands? Listening to Rhapsody of Fire right now. 🤘