Esports Weekly News: Meet SPL winner!

  • 01 / 10 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiators!


Last weekend we had the grand final of the SPL (Semi Pro League) between Rumerus Bala and Hati Blue. The Best of 5 clashes was broadcast on our official Twitch channel and ended with the champion Rumerus Bala team scoring 3×2. The champion team took home

the prize of R$ 750.00 while Hati Blue took second place and R$ 350.00. In addition to the

money prize, both teams are now confirmed as participants in the Metal League X, which is

starting on October 17th.


The Colosseum, our new weekly tournament, which takes place every Sunday at HMM, is still in full swing. All levels can participate, and all matches grant double the Fame and the winners of the Beginner division award Fame and the winners of the Veteran also win an exclusive Prestige Badge. Click here to learn more about the Colosseum.

Check out the winners from last week:

Colosseum South America

Veteran – Hati Yellow

Beginner – RED Zepellin 

Colosseum Europe

Veteran – M.S.Anarchists


And have you and your team signed up for Metal League X – South America? Not yet? Do not waste time!!! Now the Metal League is organized outside the game, and the competition has a closed and predefined calendar. The Tournament has a total cash prize of 2.500 Euros and the top 8 teams will be part of the Elite and will compete for the maximum prize. All Elite teams will be awarded cash, and 100% of their matches will broadcast live. The Qualifying Stage is open to all teams, regardless of their level, and will occur on October 10th. Registration is free and available now! Register here!

And here you can find out more about how the Metal League will work.


See you in the Arena!