Colosseum: Battle for Prestige!

  • 10 / 09 / 2020

The Colosseum is where the Metal City Gladiators battle for prestige and supremacy! An online tournament that takes place within the game every Sunday.

Join in! All matches are worth double the Fame, so you can buy that Model or Machine that is missing from your account.

Beginner’s Colosseum Rewards:

– 1st Place: 1.500 Fame per player
– 2nd Place: 1.250 Fame per player
– 3rd Place: 1.000 Fame per player

Veteran’s Colosseum Rewards:

– 1st Place: Prestige Badge + 1.500 Fame per player
– 2nd Place: 1.250 Fame per player
– 3rd Place: 1.000 Fame per player

Prestige Badge:

The Team players who achieve 1st place in the Veteran’s Colosseum will receive a prestige point in their Badge.

Every edition your Team wins in the Veteran’s Colosseum will be awarded 1 prestige point, and every 5 points earned, the Badge evolves into the next level. So keep playing and winning the Veteran division to collect points and make your Badge unique!

Your Badge and prestige points are permanent and individual. Therefore, you can change your Team with each edition of the Colosseum. Also, they don’t depend on the Ranked Mode level or Metal Pass Seasons.

Tournaments Schedule:

The Tournaments take place every Sunday, lasting 3 hours.

EU – 1 pm to 4 pm (GMT-0)
SA – 4 pm to 7 pm (GMT-0)

Each weekend we’ll have an event completely separate from the other. In other words: everything is resolved on the same day. You assemble a Team, play, discover your final placement, and the prize pool will go straight to your account within 48 hours!


How are we going to separate who plays Beginner and Veteran?

On Sundays, during the period of the tournament, just enter the game and press “Play” in the Colosseum queue; the system will then analyze all Team members to decide whether the Team will participate in the Veteran or Beginner division.

To participate in the Veteran division, at least one player of the Team must have 500 total victories or more (not counting custom matches) in their account OR must be Gold division (2.000 points or more) in Ranked Mode. Teams that don’t match one of these requirements will be placed in the Beginner division. 

The system will analyze the status of each member at the moment the Team captain officially clicks to participate in the tournament. If a Team member surpasses one of these criteria during the competition, the placement won’t change – what counts is the moment of registration. For this reason, changes in the Team (substitution, inclusion or removal of members) will not be allowed during the tournament. Teams can leave the tournament, create a new Team, and then register again if they choose – but this will result in that Team losing any points they’ve gained up to that point.


Check out all the Colosseum Rules.

Remember: registration is completely free, just click on “Play” in the Colosseum queue in South America and Europe servers (you can play on both servers if you want)!

Now that you know everything, assemble your team on our Teammates Finder (also known as Teamder), and start training!

See you in the Arenas!