Metal League X is coming with a new look: Understand what has changed.

  • 11 / 09 / 2020

Hello Metal Gladiators! Metal League X is coming soon, completely renovated!


The Metal League is the Official Tournament of the highest competitive level of Heavy Metal Machines. Starting this season, with a cash prize pool, it will take place outside the game, twice a year, alternating between the South American and European servers. This edition will be on the South American server.


👉 The Metal League is an official HMM Tournament

👉 The tournament is semiannual and online. Participate from anywhere! – New!

👉 Total prize money of 2,500 Euros

👉 8 teams form the Elite of the championship – New!

👉 Cash prizes for ALL Elite Teams – New!

👉 Free registration

👉 Players of any level can participate

👉 The event is 100% broadcasted, with wide announcement of the matches – New!

👉 Teams with up to 6 members – New!


How will it work?

Starting this Season, the Metal League will take place every six months. The top eight Teams on the server will play Bo2 clashes in the all-against-all format to generate a leaderboard. The top four Teams move on to the Playoffs and fight it out for the Grand Champion of the Season title.


The bottom two Teams in this ranking need to compete in a Promotion / Relegation Tournament with the other ranked Teams (coming from parallel qualifying championships, which take place during the off-season).


For this reason, whenever there is a Metal League Season, we will also have qualifying championships for the other Teams that wish to participate in the competition next semester.



Metal League Seasons will alternate between servers from now on. Therefore, we will start this next Tournament on the South American server, and the European edition will be for next year, while it is off-season in SA.


The Metal League will be formed by an elite of 8 Teams. For this first Tournament (South America), we will define the eight classified as follows:

2 vacancies – SPL 2020.1 Finalists

6 places – Best placed in the qualifying Tournament


All teams can participate in the qualifying Tournament, regardless of game level or Team experience. And the Team’s squad can count on up to 6 players.



Qualifying Tournament registration end date: 07/10/2020  – UPDATED

Metal League X qualifying Tournament date: 10/10/2020 – UPDATED

Metal League X start date: 17/10/2020 – UPDATED

Metal League X Final Date: 12/12/2020 – UPDATED


Competitors participating in the qualifying Tournament must register via Battlefy and enter the official Discord server for the Tournament.

After we have defined the 8 participating teams, we will have an exclusive environment with them to organize the matches.


And how about Tournaments in the game?

If you haven’t seen it yet, we just announced the launch of the Colosseum, a new in-game Tournament format, to replace the old Metal League in-game. It will be a Tournament every Sunday, with Beginner and Veteran divisions, with game items as prizes, and will take place simultaneously on the two servers: Europe and South America. It is worth checking out, click here to learn more.


Any questions?

Send an email to or talk to us through Discord or our Social Networks, that we’ll answer right away!


Now that you know everything, assemble your team on our Teammates Finder (also known as Teamder), and start training!