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Essas são sugestões para futuras arenas do HMM, algumas minhas outras de outros players. Como não sei desenhar irei pegar imagens de outros jogos, desenhos, animes, etc para exemplificar minha ideia.

These are suggestions for future HMM arenas, some my other from other players. As I do not know how to draw I will take pictures of other games, drawings, anime, etc. to exemplify my idea.



Ideia: A Arena seria construida em cima de um lago congelado, teria buracos no gelo onde quem caisse sofreria o efeito de Congelamento por 1 segundo, montes de neve que diminuem a velocidade e o atrito em certas partes seria muito pequeno devido o gelo na pista. Teria varias partes em madeira alem de esqueletos de criaturas monstruosas por debaixo do gelo, poderia ficar na Cidade do Icebringer.

Idea: The Arena would be built on top of a frozen lake, would have ice holes where freezing would suffer for 1 second, snowdrifts that slow down and friction in some parts would be very small due to the ice on the track. . It would have several pieces of wood besides skeletons of monstrous creatures under the ice, could stay in Icebringer City.

File:Icebound Citadel 1.pngFile:Ice Pit screen.png



Ideia: (@Phelx idea) : A arena seria nas ruinas do canteiro de obras de Maximatics, teria esteiras rolantes que levariam a trituradores, bate estacas gigantes, bolas de demolição, vigas, guindastes, alem de bastante sucata de maquinas de trabalho como tratores e betoneiras.

Idea: (@Phelx idea): The arena would be in the ruins of the Maximatics construction site, it would have moving walkways that would lead to crushers, bumps giant piles, wrecking balls, beams, cranes, plus plenty of junk working machines like tractors and concrete mixers.
Resultado de imagem para canteiro de obras



Ideia: Arena tematica para o Killer J, nela teria poços de acido (ja que dizem que é afetado pela radiação), brinquedos quebrados, bumpers para a bomba como mesas de pinball (ideia do @Soyer), canhões, etc. Seria um parque de diversões mortal

Idea: Thematic arena for Killer J, there would be acid pits (since they say it is affected by radiation), broken toys, bomb bumpers like pinball tables (@Soyer idea), cannons, etc. It would be a deadly amusement park



Ideia: O mapa seria meio que o inverso do design da Metal God Arena, teria bastante verde e um design medieval, teria cachoeiras e poços de lava, alem de varias armadilhas como espinhos, barricadas entre outras coisas

Idea: The map would be kind of the reverse of the Metal God Arena design, it would have a lot of green and a medieval design, it would have waterfalls and lava pits, as well as several traps like thorns, barricades among other things

File:Forbidden Jungle (race track) 1.png



Ideia: Teria inspirações nas versões antigas da Metal God arena, com muita areia, poeira, teria trechos com lava, poços de petroleo e oleo espalhado pela arena, teria um locais com areia movediça que daria slow nas maquinas, esqueletos de vermes de areia tambem poderia estar no mapa

Idea: It would have inspiration from the old versions of the Metal God arena, with a lot of sand, dust, sections with lava, oil wells and oil scattered throughout the arena, a place with quicksand that would slow the machines, sandworm skeletons. could be on the map

File:Canyon Run 2.png



Ideia: Baseado na tematica da quinta temporada do Metal Pass, teria trechos com agua e poços sem fundo, em algumas areas a maré poderia subir de tempos em tempos, alem de lava

Idea: Based on the theme of the fifth season of Metal Pass, there would be stretches of water and bottomless wells, in some areas the tide could rise from time to time as well as lava.
Resultado de imagem para rockaway beach HEAVY METAL MACHINES



Ideia:  Baseado na tematica da Quarta temporada, seria um campo militar cheios de minas terrestres que possuiriam um respawn de tempos em tempos, canhões atirariam em certos pontos, etc

Idea: Based on Fourth Season theme, it would be a military camp full of land mines that would have a respawn from time to time, cannons would fire at certain points, etc.
Resultado de imagem para Heavy metal machines metal pass season 4

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I'm adding this idea to the list. The concept is that of a urban map, with functional light poles and traffic lights. Here are the important details:

Black lines for walls;

White lines for ground marks indicating the way;

Yellow lines for track edges, those that the bomb cannot pass through;

Blue areas for allied droppers (which drop the bomb from the enemy team);

Red areas for enemy droppers (which drop the bomb from allies);

Purple areas for starting and finnish (goal) areas;

Light yellow and orange lines for traffic lights (explained bellow).


There'd be 2 types of traffic lights. The first one is in the middle of the map:

-It displays a dropper area, which changes color every 15s (affecting a different team each time);

-The bomb starts the match in the middle of this area;

-At the beginning of the match (first 30s) the traffic light is tilted so that no team can grab the bomb at first (they have to push it outside).


The 2nd type of traffic light if found once in each side of the map:

-It displays a track edge line that works like the others, stopping the bomb from passing.

-Each 15s the active line changes position, stopping the bomb from passing from one way and enabling it to do so from the other.


Also, all droppers in this map would be portrayed by the light bellow common street light poles like this one:

Imagem relacionada

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Opinion on the map:
The start is very interesting; I like it very much. It introduces the concept of pushing the bomb around and creates a fighting ground that is more than just space, makes the player have map awareness with traffic lights, and maintains a feel of things being closely knit together. However, it pays the price where you have to turn around by more than 90 deg. right at the start, which wouldn't feel quite right. There also comes the issue where you get a lot of stalling (as you can wait out what timing you want when you have the bomb), and getting blocked untimely can get infuriating, especially for new players. 

Something that you notice throughout the map is that it lacks chokepoints. All around the edge, there is no way to shortcut to them; even the temple of sacrifice gives players the chance to catch up to them. Metal God Arena has incredibly compact regions at both ends to compensate. Yes, there are droppers, but just having dropper circles at the side does not slow down anyone. The compulsory walls at the middle do not help, either. Newer players will inevitably be fated to be goalkeepers, in fear of leaving it defenseless and not being able to do a thing to stop that classy transporter. Even then, the goal is somewhat odd; machines like Peacemaker and Stargazer can easily cheese it with wall-passing skills, while other machines like Icebringer and Rampage, as the place is so awkwardly broad. broad goals are good, but not that good when there is nothing behind the finish lines. Slow machines (and peacemaker, only since the edges are wide and open) would be penalized harshly in that map, and Vulture would become even more imbalanced.

I can't say that I like the map, but the concepts can definitely be inherited somewhat; I can think of a few ways to dance around the drawback myself. I'll see if I have the competence to design a map myself, where I probably can't due to sheer incompetence. 

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I've gotten about halfway for my idea... I want to hear others' thoughts about it, as the idea can pose to be rather conflicting.
So I've been thinking that there's a scrap marsh at the east of Metal City, according to the lore. Considering that Cursed Necropolis is at the west, the north is really cold, and the people of the north can't handle HMM's competition well, and that the south is radioactive, their best bet would probably be to make an arena at the east, if they really wanted to. Additionally, it is said that the scrap marsh is a place for others to get their metal for their machines, so you can't just claim the land there. However, it would be really nice if you could get quick jolts of inspiration without it trickling away on the way there, where you may have lost that beautiful idea you just had. Looking at ColdHands's setting suggestions, another concept that I would find could make the game feel more like a racing game, and just feeling a bit off from the rather slow seasons, I figured that it would be nice to test the waters on how a one-way racing track would fare as a gameplay option, twisting the game's basic principles to become something that is different and the same, with various concepts on the track to add to it! 

The map is designed to feel like a race down the hills to the floor (or shore), where the audience and pilots witness the finish line in person together (though at vastly different angles). I also wanted to add a bit to it that would remind the people of their triumph against the wild beasts of the apocalypse, and the concept of bringing the bomb to the goal was a beautiful way to connect one and one together; the finish area is the circle at the top left corner, where whichever side that brings the bomb there takes the point home for being the team that completed the fight, while also giving the competition to be first in line. Given that there was a marsh west of the arena, I came up with the idea of a river, where the team flows with or clashes against it over certain moments of the race; I didn't want it to just go straight down, as it would feel rather unnatural. Bodies of water work like conveyor belts, but you can't use any weapons when in the water and have their weapons cancelled if they were to hit the water while charging up a weapon. There is a stream of water that not only shows its effects right from the get go, it will also guide the bomb to that whirlpool ahead; at the beginning, the bomb will fly to that swirl (it just pulls things to its center without much strength) at a speed that Black Lotus would need pixel perfection to get. I would imagine that the zeppelin that carries the bomb will drop it into a hole, where it will shot out from that tube like a cannon, and the machines fighting over each other to get it before the other. The water does not deal damage; only at the beach it will, but only of you go way too deep in there (and the waves to the shore naturally try to push you away a little. Think of it like a reverse Cursed Necropolis acid bank). The walls can seem oppressive, which is a rather difficult thing to adjust; I want people to race through this track (they're in automobiles, after all. pretty sure those round things on each and every machine isn't part of their body), but I don't want them to just skip ahead so far that they can wait for a while for the carrier to catch up and snatch it from there; that would be a really bad case of progress theft, and that wouldn't really be racing to those players at all. With the way the ultimate weapons work, jungling is just not a thing. The only case where it may be would be with the box shapes (actually just an obstacle of any particular shape (just needs to be a destroyable object) that can only be passed by jumping or by destroying them), as the allies can try to clear the way for them, if they feel obliged to; if they do jump over it, they would have to break it anyway, as the bomb would tether them in place, though it would serve as a potential means to get around the rather disadvantageous situation Dirt Devil and Little Monster would have to cope with (as they do not have the close combat tools to stand competent). The reason why there are the symbols of the sect near the little finish strips is simple: whatever team passes over it has all the droppers until the next finish line side with theirs. The Metal Sect symbol will open up, where a metal god emerges with spotlights of the team's color; there is a dropper zone nearby for one to understand how it works right away, though not entirely. 

At the top, I would like to add a volcano, or the lava pools it makes. Maybe even a geyser... eh, that's pushing it a little far. Either way, a volcano would definitely be there, and that's where I want things to get even more heated. I would wish to add traffic lights, but I think that's definitely best seen in the unamusement park. I think the map definitely does not favor damage machines all that much, and the volcano's definitely the best place for that... and maybe a conveyor and dropper at the end can make things more favorable for them, too. Not really sure how the spawn mechanics would work, but then my idea seems rather cramped; I think Hoplon could make it more spread out, so the camera for spawning in could get limited to a certain extent. If I missed anything, let me know; it is merely a concept, after all!


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