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  1. My thanks. Feel free to point out any errors I make. It is large, after all; my eyes can only be so attentive!
  2. HMM Ch%r%cter Cobbler 750 he%lth, He%vy, L%rge P%ssive: Whenever he drives forth %t h%lf his top speed or f%ster, the ro%d gets ruptured for 3 seconds, which d%m%ges m%chines by 25 d%m%ge per second. It %lso slows down he%vy m%chines %nd c%uses sm%ll m%chines to h%ve trouble steering. This very tr%il effect c%n occur with his other we%pons. He is immune to the tr%il effect he m%kes, %s he is slowed by h%lf his top speed %nyw%y, while his top speed is double of % regul%r m%chine, m%king him the s%me speed %s %nyone else in gener%l. He does not t%ke d%m%ge from this p%ssive %bility, %nd th%t goes to %ll tr%il effects. This effect is m%de from the wheel design, completely met%llic, with lots of odd bumps on it th%t c%use the ground to cr%ck %s he drives over. We%pon 1: Fires two c%nnonb%lls %t the sides, h%ving strong knockb%ck %nd de%ling 120 d%m%ge e%ch. The c%nnonb%lls %re rolled on the ground, r%v%ging the l%nd %s it goes. 3.25 second cooldown. We%pon 2: C%n be toggled on or off %t %ny time, like FMJʼs W. Tr%nsforms the front %nd b%ck of the m%chine into % slope, where m%chines c%n p%ss over him, g%ining speed. If % m%chine uses % tr%il effect on top of him, he receives effects from it. He t%kes 50% less d%m%ge in this st%te. He will be immune to projectile d%m%ge from the front %nd b%ck. T%kes 0.75 seconds to tr%nsition through these st%tuses. The m%chine moves 60% slower in this ph%se. We%pon 3: Ch%rge method simil%r to R%mp%ge, though without the %bility to r%m enemies into w%lls or %ny recoil effects. C%n go through enemies with W %ctive. 6.25 second cooldown. If the W is not %ctive, Cobbler de%ls d%m%ge to %ny th%t gets hit by it. Ultim%te: Summons two m%chines %t the sides of the Cobbler. These summons %re immune to tr%il effects %nd fire l%rge c%nnonb%lls overhe%d, which l%nd %nd de%l 200 d%m%ge on imp%ct with high knockb%ck, %nd cr%ck the ground over % l%rge %re%. These will never st%y too f%r from the m%chine, %nd h%ve 350 he%lth; they l%st until de%th, which gives potenti%l for st%cking. C%nnot be he%led or gr%nted %rmor to. Bonus effect of ultim%te: the mini m%chines c%use the b%ckground music to ch%nge into % set of instruments pl%ying % song. The more mini m%chines st%cked, the more complete the song becomes, h%ving e%ch m%chine pl%y % cert%in instrument. The Oper%tor 700 He%lth, Little Monster sized but circul%r, Lightweight. Tr%nsporter. P%ssive: He%vily subject to t%king knockb%ck, even from %tt%cks th%t donʼt inflict it. (So things like the devilʼs hook %nd %rtificerʼs bolt would push him %round, %nd stingr%yʼs power w%ve would be the equiv%lent of % bull rush. The bomb is c%rried below the m%chine th%n behind it; so going into the go%l %t high speeds is gu%r%nteed consistent. Also, the m%chine c%nt even touch the bomb; will just go through it. The m%chine is h%rder to push off the bound%ries, however. The m%chineʼs rounded structure m%kes him immune to forced spinning %nd %fter d%m%ge effects. We%pon 1: Throws out % cylindric%l bouncer in front of the m%chine. This speci%l bouncer either reflects projectiles off of it, or even m%chines (includes %llies, but only enemies t%ke 100 d%m%ge for bouncing off of it. Its lifesp%n is for 2 seconds. 4 second cooldown. We%pon 2: Fires %n %rtillery c%nnon overhe%d th%t de%ls 140 d%m%ge over % circul%r %re% %t the crossh%irʼs direction. Any tr%il effects %re removed in this %re%. 7 second cooldown. We%pon 3: D%sh. If they m%ke cont%ct with %n enemy or get pushed %w%y by % knockb%ck we%pon, they become invincible for 1 second, bounce off from it, %nd de%l 100 d%m%ge to % m%chine if they collided into it. Ultim%te: Activ%tes bouncers %t its sides for 10 seconds. During this ph%se, the m%chine c%nnot p%ss through the bound%ries, but will bounce off from it %nd enemy m%chines or knockb%ck %ffecting projectiles th%t hits it by % lot. C%nnot t%ke d%m%ge, %side from sm%ll openings between the bouncers (itʼs % circul%r sh%pe %round the m%chine, but segmented into 4 p%rts; there is % sm%ll opening between them) or shield ignor%nt %tt%cks. Any m%chines hit t%ke 75 d%m%ge, but donʼt get knocked %w%y. Sh%dow 525 He%lth, Lightweight. Sm%ll Size. Interceptor. P%ssive: Invisible unless %t ne%r melee r%nge to %ny enemy. Visibility %re%s %re shown with circles %round enemy m%chines. Combo: After using % we%pon, the pl%yer c%n choose to strike %g%in with %nother we%pon, h%ving gre%ter effect, the gre%ter the combo, %t the price of the cooldown of the we%pon st%cking. The combo effect we%rs off if they either miss 2 times in % row or donʼt continue the combo. When the combo is %ctive, the m%chine t%kes 20% less d%m%ge. We%pon 1: De%l 100 d%m%ge in front of you. Combo (del%y of 0.4 seconds of e%ch %tt%ck): +15 d%m%ge e%ch consecutive hit, %nd slight knockb%ck. Cooldown: +0.6 seconds for e%ch swing of the combo. We%pon 2: Uppercuts the enemy in front of them, de%ling 70 d%m%ge while %lso stopping their movement for 0.6 seconds, %nd %lso j%mming their we%pon 2. Combo: If used %fter %n uppercut or %fter we%pon 1, de%ls 200 d%m%ge inste%d with % 0.5 second del%y before the %tt%ck, %nd knocks them b%ck. +1.75 second cooldown for e%ch swing during the combo. We%pon 3: D%sh forw%rd by % lot, length % little bit more th%n the di%meter of the close comb%t r%nge of the m%chine (where the m%chine is visible). De%ls 50 d%m%ge for gr%zing enemies or 140 d%m%ge for directly m%king front%l cont%ct to %n enemy, %nd incre%ses or j%ms their We%pon 3 for 1.25 seconds. 9 second cooldown. Loses %ny %cceler%tion %fter the d%sh, in pen%nce for the long dist%nce. Does not go through w%lls; just stops the m%chine %t where it hits the w%ll. Combo: If the m%chine h%s swung %t le%st two times, %nd if the combo h%s not been broken yet, this drops the bomb inste%d when it hits %n enemy; the m%chine is teleported to the opposite direction of the m%chineʼs movement (not the opposite side of the m%chine), %nd f%ces to the m%chine to %tt%ck it some more. If the m%chine kills %n enemy, the cooldown is reduced to 0, but if they dont use it %g%in, the cooldown ch%nges to 6 seconds. Ultim%te: (This ultim%te ch%rges for 50 seconds; de%ling d%m%ge does not %dd up to the ch%rge.) For 5 seconds, the m%chine %ccumul%tes energy from the %mount of times you hit %n enemy. The pl%yer then h%s 5 seconds to %ctiv%te the %bility %g%in to throw % single hit projectile th%t de%ls 100 times the %mount of combos th%t the pilot m%n%ged to hit in the prior 5 seconds
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387107044 We've got a Steam Guide for HMM! It may not be fully complete (as of this post), but feedback can help contribute to this guide's further development.
  4. She needs a good team. Trust me, you will not stand a chance being a lone ranger. The weapons are not subject to obstacles blocking its path. This means that taking cover is basically worthless, and dodging very tedious, which puts machines like Black Lotus and Full Metal Judge in a crisis when against her. Stargazer is a weak machine, and relies on allied individuals to enhance her survival. Machines that specialize on taking out individuals are the best at this, so Stingray is her bane. Rampage can be an option, but the teleportation of hers and Rampage's slow recovery proves it to be ineffective. going against her with big machines gives her a huge hitbox to leech healing and entangling points off of them. smaller machines have it rough as well, given that her arsenal is perfect for taking the easy pickings. This leaves middle class machines. The best follow with Stingray and Wildfire, as their extreme payload (they are ultimately damage king and queen respectively) can resolve her when she can't warp yet, or that it follows her (wildfire's passive), forbidding quick recovery. Evidence has shown that you cannot warp away when affected by the magnet, and we all know that clunker's magnet will take away anything that it holds. Dirt Devil Killer J and Windrider are all dodgeable from the warp and the fact that the car is small. Artificer and Photon does not have a strong enough damage arsenal to deal with her quickly enough. Meanwhile, Metal Herald is probably the most effectve, given that he can deal 200 damage every 3.5 seconds or so, good at tearing apart any machine, even the toughest of them all. TL;DR the best choices against Stargazer are Stingray, Wildfire (this one may be a bit of a mix), Clunker and Metal Herald. Rampage and Killer J are too slow, Windrider and Dirt Devil have easy-to-dodge attacks, the rest have too little health or are too big, which makes them Ultimate fodder. I think that she may receive a nerf in the future, but we have yet to see two teams that can verse each other while knowing their friends and machines like the back of their hand. She's not exactly significant herself, because it's the allies that make her so strong. She is the true embodiment of a support character, and is definitely worthy of requiring 10000 fame to get. We've been having a lot of "absolute single role" characters lately... I wonder what the 16th machine could be...
  5. 100 Health, 450 Armor, Heavy, Medium Size, Slightly lesser mobility.Passive: Creates a Barrier of 300 Health around the machine that allies can pass through, but walls off enemies and their projectiles. (Nonagon shape that’s slightly shorter ranged than the thunder dome, making it still possible to go around them even when directly in the middle of the path, each edge having its own 300 Health.) Recovers health at 60 per second. Enemy Trail effects do mot affect the walls, but stop regeneration.The bomb can go through these walls, if they are encircling the enemy. Destroyed walls are reactivated by weapon 2. If the machine dies, any remaining walls stay put until destroyed. Can be healed or armor buffed by each segment affected by such weapons. Walls rotate 60° per second.Weapon 1: Charged weapon: Sacrifice X% of armor for X% the weapon is charged up, to fire a boulder of pure sect energy that deals damage equal to the armor expended. High range, ricochets off walls and machines if it hits any, at the price of dealing half the damage to the next hit victim. Can ricochet 3 times. 4.5 second cooldown. Low velocity weapon, slight knockback. Gives 50 armor to the machine for each enemy hit.Weapon 2: Sacrifices 125 health to restore all walls by the health sacrificed. They can die from this move. This also revives fallen walls, though at the expense of 25 more health each. 1 second cooldown.Weapon 3: the front two or 3 walls of the machine implode, dealing 75 damage to nearby enemies and the machine itself, which helps them boost forward. Any enemies they collide with take 100 damage and are pushed forward with the machine, even if they outweigh them, as they gain 200 armor for hitting an enemy (does not multiply for multiple enemies). 6 second cooldown. The opening has the machine itself covering it, as the barrier tries to follow with the machine.Ultimate: Relocates their entire barrier around the cursor (the radius of the barrier increases as well), including damaged parts and destroyed holes. Deals 100 damage to those that stood at where the barrier rises (and gets pushed inside). Any enemies inside the barrier are ultimately stuck inside, until they can break free. The obstacles last for up to 30 seconds. There is up to 2 seconds where the machine has no cover whatsoever, relocating and reviving their barrier.Ideal Use: This machine excels at self defense. While being able to wall of enemies, they can also keep them at bay with their q and e, which helps in confined spaces. His Ultimate can completely shut down the support of enemy to enemy, and block the way of the bomb carrier.Weaknesses: They need Metal Herald. Their Q demands for armor, and also the health sacrifices in all of their basic arsenal. One can easily go completely broke with his abilities, dying way too much. If they’re open, one could get inside, and can attack them directly, where they cant counterattack them well, if at all. Weapons that can hit multiple targets are very dangerous to them, as they could ignore the frontier almost entirely, rendering them close to death constantly. Lore: None yet; my brain hurts trying to make this... so yeah, your call. I was thinking of something tied to the sect, of an orthodox worker that got summoned to HMM by them. Something between a mix of a sect promotion and punishment.
  6. 500 health, Medium (dimensions from side: 8:6 (no unit of measurement used here)), Heavy (paint is heavy), Great mobility. Interceptor, 3750 Fame. DIY looking machine; house rock. Passive: If an enemy entity is “fully” colored, it changes sides and becomes friendly. A fully painted machine must be painted at the front and back (front covers map ui and far distances from the machine, back covers other utility ui like the weapon gauge of a machine; fully colored changes the side of machine, and ui is revealed; paint effects lasts for 4 seconds (resets timer if effect is reset or augmented). Side hits cause both front and back effects to occur, though the ui is still partially visible); other items, like the droppers Q: Fires a barrage of high velocity paintballs, dealing up to 100 damage per second for 1 second for up to 12 meters (using icebringer as reference (estimate: 8 meters)). 2.5 second cooldown. Paints enemy entities by half. W: Sprays a whole bucket of paint in front of the machine, fully painting a machine directly in front of it or painting a machine by half from a distance, while also painting droppers that get caught in its area (machines can block out paint from painting droppers). 60° aoe or sole contact on enemy, 10 second cooldown. E: Rolls heated, corrosive paint with a paint roller in front of the machine while dashing, dealing 35 damage per second on contact while slowing machines that touch it by 20% until they activate autoheal. Distance and cooldown is same as Photon’s E. Does not paint enemies directly, paints droppers and nullifies any trail effects it makes contact of. Ultimate: Fires a huge paint cannonball that takes 2 seconds to fall down and explode, fully painting anything in a massive radius. For 4 seconds, the terrain affected is covered in sticky paint, so all enemy machines that make contact of the area are slowed by 90% until the terrain reverts to normal. Deals 300 damage if too close from area of impact (includes user) (or 100 if enemy is not directly under area of impact). Skin Progression: default: just a hue of blue, ^1: add shades of blue, ^2: add tints of blue, ^3: add mixtures of other colors (blue violet, turquoise). Certain color arrangements on other alterations of skins (blue skies, deep sea, j m w turner, etc.) (enemy uses red orange yellow) Lore: once there was this weird guy that believes in the old ways of art. Used to be a grafitti artist and carpenter of wooden objects (it’s bamboo, but no one really cares) with a metallic touch (because no one would care otherwise) until discovering (in the wastelands) several beautiful artworks preserved in a sturdy sapphire box (transparent like glass). Along the way back, he was wandering through a large building with several floors, and saw (at the top floor) an old man that was brutally shot to death (thanks fmj), but beside him was a painting that captured his eyes like nothing before (starry night). Beside these paintings lie a paper, which was the will of the man. On the paper wrote: “...Our blue planet is blue no more......Art and beauty an empty shell of what it was.....bring back our wonderful world.” He forgot the rest of it, which is a given, for why would one ever remember somethig so stupid anyway? He threw it away, of course. Later, photon came about, bringing the light to the arena. He just couldn’t help but follow in secret, like any fan, he’d say. He obviously cant get inside her base; all that was there was a panel in black with a yellow light at the edge. So he looked around, and found a primitive chip lying next to a lot of weird stuff next to it; he doesn’t fully remember everything, anyway. He doesn’t remember why he picked it up, but his best guess was that it looked familiar, which it did, since it matched with a piece of working junk from the clunker brothers that functioned like a really bad computer. He bought the computer because what he saw from it shocked him to the core. It matched with the vision of the will (he remembers it subconsciously) too perfectly, and went against the sect far too much. So he looked for how to start it. First was paint. He had so much paint from sprays that it wasn’t a problem; in a way, he made the idea himself. Then there was the issue with how to execute it... he made tools. But eventually, he realized that no one would even think of taking their time on their first sip of drinks, so he decided to go over the top. That’s how this machine was made; a wooden, excessively laminated machine with some of the oddest meshes of scrap from the Clunker brothers, and there it was. All around the city, beautiful graffiti of the old world had been leaked everywhere... in a single night. Images of a world of light to several suspicious dots and lines with odd lyrics at the middle of the conglomerate of oddities were scattered everywhere. The sect were thrown off by the irreversible controversy, and eventually found him and attacked immediately, only to find nothing. They received a note that reads: outwit me in the art of sight and hearing, and i will cast my life to the arena; otherwise, i demand you to bring back the earth long forgotten. He expected defeat, and it came to him quite effortlessly. And so he locked his soul to the arena. One would call this a bad move, but with what he did, he could still share his artwork in the arena; it was his weapon and machine, and there was nothing to be done against it. One day, he swore to create the masterpiece that would shape the way they think, to paint the lost glory, and the beauty of the primitive past. Ah... i went overkill. Eh, haha! I’ll just share it; it’d be waste to remove it all...
  7. 750 health, Large, Heavy, Sluggish. Large machine with a drill in front; pilot sees with x ray vision, removing need of a cockpit on the outside. Drill is adjusted to be able to rotate, allowing it to dig at certain angles for different situations. At the back of the machine is a vault of compressed minerals, which is the storage for his w and ult (visually changes according to ult levels). This vault can construct a wall or a clone of itself in a very rts-like style (zero k, sup com, planetary annihilation, etc) Passive: Wherever his weapons may strike leaves the area of impact into rubble; light machines are slowed and less controllable on this ground, while heavier machines are less affected by this, where the heaviest machines are fully immune to this. This machine is also immune to this effect by default. Q: Spins the drill, dealing 250 dps for 1.25 seconds. The drill can deflect projectiles that hit it. Deals double damage to armor. 3.5 second cooldown. Snares any heavy machine that gets caught at the tip (cant move or turn). The drill is angled to dig up some of the ground as well, activating the passive, though this stops upon ensnaring an enemy. Charges up ult by 2.1666...7% W: using half of the stored ult, create a wall behind the machine with health based on material used (max 2000 health, min 86). If over 950 health, becomes unmovable, 700 health as heavy as icebringer, 500 health average weight, 350 or less becomes ultralight. Movability based on max health only, i.e. if 1000 health wall reduced below 950 health, still unmovable. Cooldown of 3.5 seconds. Uses armor health instead of regular health because armor health depletes, cannot restore armor loss, can be jumped over unless wall is over 1200 health (if less can be jumped over). Makes passive effect if destroyed by an attack of more than 150 damage. Takes 1 second to be put into effect. E: Dig underground (keeps bomb with machine) (increased speed as much as windrider’s) (passes through walls if not holding the bomb) (Cant stop moving underground and cant reverse underground). Charges up vault by 12.5% in 2 seconds. Double Activation (or after 2 seconds): Emerge from the ground, dealing 50 damage on impact and also sends those machines flying, and may take 100 more damage upon hitting a wall/object/machine, 150 damage if the machine is lighter than the object that it hit. 7 second cooldown. Ultimate: Charge based on capacity of mineral vault. Cannot use weapons while this is in effect (cooldowns still take place). For 5 seconds, at half the movement speed, this machine constructs a weaker clone of itself (ai controlled (without the sudden turns), cannot respawn if killed) of only 80% of the strength of the original (movement speed, damage, size, weapon durations, wall health (max and min), ult accumulation amount) with one of 2 random ults: transfer all ult material to the owner (remaining ult stays with clone) or use all ult material to give 1000 armor to an ally. Lore: miner of metal. Since metal is absolutely overused in metal city, they ran out of metal to mine in a very short time. While they look for places to mine, their only option so far is to get metal to sell from other places aside from mining (metal is so goddamn profitable that there’s just no way they can stop; it’s literally all they have in life), so they takes all the metal they can get from other people; their machine scraps the metal out of machines so well that the tournament is beyond just profit. It’s only inevitable, being a robot with an installed adaptive miner mindset of a greater civilization lost from the beasts. They got admitted in with the power of the sect, though it shows that they’re being used as a toy instead of a partner. When they live up to the joys of the audience, they feel all sorts of things by looking at so many people, such as loneliness, remorse, and other discomforting feelings that they cannot understand. They fight in the hopes of recreating these feelings and finding out why they have them, and thinking what to do about them, though the sect is currently trying to make moves on stopping them. Do they know more about the things that he never asked, the things that he never knew?
  8. Heavy Support Hovercraft, does not need to turn to change direction. Will always keep moving; Gas and reverse keys are used for something different. Same movement speed in comparison to any machine. All effects have a 0.75 second delay before activating, to simulate clouds from high above. 750 health. Passive: Creates rain or snow at mouse location if you are holding the forward/backward button; if not holding either button, create mist. Rain causes the ground to be slippery and deals 5 dps that ignores armor for 5 seconds if a player is caught in the rain (not the ground) for more than 5 seconds, snow slows down area, mist helps charge of ultimate while blocking vision for whatever’s inside it. Not player specific; debuffs/buffs can affect allies/enemies, and even itself. Detailed desc of passive: size of effect = dirt devil’s w (x1.5 if mist is activated), follows mouse at 120mph (fastest person is 24mph, machines move 2.5 times faster at top base speed (60mph)(excludes nitro)), rain floor is like grab bomb status but machines move a little faster, snow slows by 40%, mist increases charge by 30%, snow slows machines and projectiles by 25% (instant touch or physical contact weapons do not apply). Cannot change storm type diuring the time a weapon is being used. Q: Intensify: Rain deals 40 dps that ignores armor, snow slows by double, mist covers details of map, weapons, and player ui. Overheat weapon, max 4 second use before 8 second cool down for overusing weapon. W: Conduction: Creates a thunderstorm inside the clouds, which deals 80 damage immediately and jams their Q for 5 seconds if raining, 120 damage (+30 damage that ignores armor if they have armor) in snow, mist increases movement speed of machines and decreases cooldowns of weapons by 50% inside of it for 2.5 seconds for 1.25 seconds while also damaging the machine by 50dps. 9 second cooldown. E: Blessing from Above: Heal 140 per second in rain, armor buff 280 per second in snow, or decrease damage afflicted and taken by 35% in mist and speeds up autoheal cooldown by 75% for 2 seconds. Cooldown of 5.5 seconds. R: Disaster: For 4 seconds, rain causes an acid whirlpool that deals 80 damage per second, Snow makes a hailstorm that deals 135 damage per second that freezes enemies for the amount of time they got caught in the hailstorm, mist whites out screen and jams their w and e for 3 seconds (prolonged if they are still in the mist) (if they do use their w/e the cooldown is doubled and they take 100 damage). Storm moves slightly slower by 25% during use. Whirlpool is designed to be able to catch and trap anyone while moving around (unless if they nitro out)(stronger pull than dirt devil’s ultimate). Lore: Hates the sect and patrons (sect required daily donations, and they really liked saving their water storage for their Cloud Satellite, patrons have taxes on water), enemy to dirt devil and icebringer because of stealing water, ally to lotus stingray and photon, likes wildfire for evaporating water (their collection method steals water vapor, though they also tries to acquire water in other scandalous ways), artificer hates them for ruining a lot of compatible areas for civilization. Known well for driving out the beasts of the apocalypse with infamous artillery tactics. Generally negative public opinion, but a great drinking partner (cant use alcohol for machine). Wishes for the days when the skies were clear so their satellite can save people instead of harming them. Blackmailed the recruiters to get in the arena, mainly to make use of their machine, but also to demand for the skies to be purified, which goes against the wills of the sect.
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