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  1. Hey, I started this game before photon even came out... damn its been a while, but thats why i want to get back into the game, i'm a support main that used to be a windrider and photon main, so if your looking for a team mate or anything message me on steam @fempo thanks. Matt
  2. we are a two man team at the moment looking for two other teammates for the upcoming tournament, I am a support main while another teammates mains full metal judge as a transporterany people with dischord that speak English are open to join prize pool will be split fourways, message me on dischord to tryout. thanks a lot. Fempo
  3. fempo


    alright thank you
  4. the most information you can find about the lore is from the character bio's http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/ check out the machines and read up on their lore.
  5. fempo


    when are you guys going to release the rest of the HMM Drivers music videos on youtube? I really like the music.
  6. got to be 1 support, 1 transporter and 2 interceptors, I tried it with sorrynotsion and it was the best team comp we could find
  7. thanks man i'll hit you up on that until eu servers are fixed
  8. me too I cant even play practice by myself is there a reason?
  9. me and my friend are able to group but wont show queue timer or even wont start queueing
  10. Hey, I'm matt and I have been playing Heavy Metal Machines for a while now with my team to be when this game releases ranked and I'm posting this to give you a guide to playing Supports like Windrider and Photon. Now, the supports objective is to keep the transporter alive at all costs or be able to carry the bomb if the transporter fails to do so as you will be the second fastest 1class in the game, I am a Windrider and Photon main so I can give you a few tips on how to play them Using Windrider: Windrider is a speedy healer/ disruptor which can push your enemies away from the transporter and also lead the way for the transporter too. Use your Q to pick the enemies off at long range with the bomb. your W can be used for the transporter to trailblaze (drive behind you following your line) your transporter healing them from your passive too or push enemies that are tring to attack from the front, think of it as a battering ram of sorts. finally your R, use your R to save your team/ Transporter when they are very low or use it to stop enemies for your team to catch up to the bomb carrier and destroy them, or in a special case when an enemy clunker is trying to pull your transporter away you can use your R to stop the movement and stop the enemy team from disrupting your Transporter. Using Photon: Photon can be used as a back up Transporter because she is one of the fastest characters in the game and able to outrun most, She can also e used to aid the transporter. Photons passive is running in to your teammates to heal them so always be in close proximity of them. Photons Q leaves a trail that damages opponents and gives you a speed boost so use that often to damage the enemy team and catch up to the transporter. While in close proximity of your team use your W to heal them while also running into them with your passive which doubles the healing effect, giving Photon great sustain. Photons R is basically a boost a movement speed buff and a buff to your passive, make sure to use it when surrounded by the enemy to triple healing effects with your W and passive while getting out of the chokepoints in the map. Thank you for looking at this guide and remember to have fun!
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