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  1. Pirat

    Pirat Racist???

    Someone agrees with this ??? When have I treated someone like a racist? WHAT IS GOING ON?  
  2. Pirat

    Restricted Players List

    Thanks for permament ban
  3. Pirat

    Ping 250 at EURO

    Thanks men!
  4. Pirat

    EX Paladins pro LFT

    top 1 land of chaos online, win all tournament, global cs go, win : 6 / 8 (2 time 2 place) Fan cap irk, 7/8 ( 1 time 2 place) fast cap irk, top 7 battlerite, 7900 mmr, win all tournament dota 2 in my region ( irkytsk) paladins top 3 drogoz, top 5 andro, top 9 fernando win 3/5 GGN. Still a lot of things in this list. ( strife 3 tournamets win,smite, 7 tournaments win) and so on. In Heavy metal machines euro tournament 5 place are unable to win the tournament due to technical reasons. but now i dont play paladins
  5. Pirat

    Ping 250 at EURO

    PingLotter. Previously, ping was 110