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  1. Hi. In May I will post more picture about Road Dog(Update etc.) ,and I will draw Mad Bone and upload here. I hope you will like them.
  2. Hey! My name is StarDragonRawR. This is my newest own character what I share with you. I hope you will like. The idea: I want build a vehicle what no one saw in this game before. So I make a plan: Big truck with nuclear weapons. Background story of Road Dog: He is a truck driver who worked for a Chemical corporation,Every day he put his ass in his truck's seat and drive where they send.He travelled with his only and best friend,His dog he called him: Mad Bone. He loved this job. He could drive free on the highway ,no rules ,no boss on passenger seat, just he and his huge truck. When the collapse is started he promised two things himself. 1. Anyone who stand in his way,he kill him. 2. He will become a legend on this collapsed world,and all will fear his name. Class: Interceptor Skill: Passive ( Sounds of Road Dog) All frontal damage 30% he parry. 1st. skill (Eat my dust): He start blow out from his exhaust a toxic gas and he pull this gas after the truck.This attack cause blind and little damage for who in the gas cloud.(We can upgrade the gas cloud lenght and the damage degree) 2nd. skill (Liquid nightmare): He shoot from his cannon a cored rocket what contain nuclear liquid. This attack has little limited range. If hit you cause damage and make on ground a liquid nuclear slop. If you go in slop you will stick for 1 sec (this time upgradable) If you don't hit a target.On the range limit this rocket will blow up and cause a slop.(This slop disappear after 5 sec) 3rd. skill (ultimate) (Gift from Hell) : We can launch the big rocket what on top of the truck.We have big range.In this range we can choose target and activate the skill. After we hit the enemy vehicle this caused direct damage for the primary target and cause area damage who close to the primary target(we can upgrade this area damage range,and the damage degree)
  3. Thanks dude! On this week I will release a new machine,pilot duo.
  4. hey! Sounds good this character I really looking forward to see the concept art Mee too an atist but now I shared 1 machine on this site but I working 2 other project. (One of them I will post it up a week - little spoiler This is big truck with big guns,but you will see it ^^ ) the second character me too a Cadillac but not an Eldorado but I love Eldorado too. This is will be a Cadillac Deville 1959 based. When I posted the prev. project on this site I found out this character,but the work go slow.
  5. Hmm...I don't know how work better in game that She shoot at same time or with a time between them :3 so first I just wanna test ^^ but I can't At one time I would like to see them if you're in. I have 3-4 concept in my head ,so first I will draw them on paper ,and after these I will try draw on my computer. (The most of concepts will come in this month,I hope... ^^ )
  6. Thanks Daryl! Thank you AJ_ ! I'm glad you like my battle machine. I tried manytimes draw on computer but I need more practice... I've never seen your art,or your job I don' know, but I think if you want you too could make lots of nice stuff.
  7. the dragon’S kiss Info about the project: · I’m a begginer artist,and please forgive me the errors.(bad lines,colors etc..) · One of my favourites car was the main inspiration,an 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner/Satellite. I love her lines. · The gun: The main idea was a big gun with big range and damage with style therefore I chose a Railgun. · I will make for her a driver soon.(I think after the Holidays.) Wheels of fury (passive) When she doesn’t under attack, she can move faster than her team mates. Dragon Blood She load 8 bullet into the railgun.When she hit the enemies cause damage,and the ratio of damage she refill her HP. Dragon wings She cause an EMP impulse in her around and she cripples every enemies a few seconds in her range. The Dragon’s kiss (ultimate) She load 3 bulet into the railgun, what she can shoot a big range.When she hit the target cause a big damage and slow the enemy car.
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