Esports Weekly News: Watch Metal Clash and Metal League XI SA live this Saturday!

  • 17 / 06 / 2021

Hello Metal Gladiators!

This Saturday we will have the second Round of the Playoffs of the Metal Clash Tournament – North America, as well as the first & second Round of the Metal League XI – South America!

Metal Clash – Round 2 – 19/06 – TAKO vs TOXS

Starting at: 15:00 (GMT-0)

Metal League XI – Round 1 & 2 – 19/06
Starting at: 17:00 (GMT-0)

Round 1

Rumerus Rasta vs Malware 17:00 (GMT-0)

Rumerus Chinela vs Rumerus Faca 18:30 (GMT-0)

Rumerus Bala vs Hati Blue 20:30 (GMT-0)

Dragões Opressores vs FATAL ERROR 21:30 (GMT-0)

Round 2

Rumerus Chinela vs FATAL ERROR 17:00 (GMT-0)

Malware vs Hati Blue 18:30 (GMT-0)

Rumerus Rasta vs Rumerus Faca 21:30 (GMT-0)

Rumerus Bala vs Dragões Opressores 22:30 (GMT-0)

For more information on the Metal Clash Tournament, click here:

For more information on the Metal League XI, click here:

Watch it live!

Watch Metal Clash, Round 2 live, starting at 15:00 (GMT-0), broadcasted by T-Bone on our official Twitch channel:

Watch the MLXI Round 1 & 2 live, starting at 17:00 (GMT-0), broadcasted by Didigos on our official Twitch channel:


Are you ready to compete?
See you in the Arena!