METAL LEAGUE 9: Towards the end. See how the Pro playoffs will be!

  • 29 / 07 / 2020

Hello, Metal Gladiators!

METAL LEAGUE 9 is coming to an end. We already know which teams will be in the Pro and Beginner finals.

The next stage is the Beginner’s final, which takes place on Saturday, August 1, and will be broadcast live on our official Youtube and Twitch channels. The South American edition takes place at 17h GMT+1, which will be broadcast in Portuguese, with Chancellor and Saramantis.


Pro Europe

We have defined the teams that will go to the ML Pro Playoffs. In the Metal League Pro Europe, Skade won Stage 4.  They drew in the overall standings with MSA in the total number of points, but were placed second, thanks to the tiebreaker criterion. The same teams that competed since the beginning appear in the rest of the list: ZXC123 and Bad Boys. Remember, we only have 4 qualified teams because the tournament had less than 16 teams in total.


Pro South America

In the Metal League Pro South American, Rumerus Bala, and Hati Blue qualified by winning one stage each, while the guys from Roadkill won two, so this way they secured the top seed. The list also includes Rumerus Faca, Black Bull, Rumerus Chinela, and BondKevinOChris. In stage 4, we had a very tight race for the last spot, up until the last moment, but in the end, the crowd at Rumerus Rasta managed to stay above Road Fury and qualified with just 5 points to spare.


The broadcast of the PRO Playoffs and Grand Final will take place on the following  Saturday, August 8, also on our official Youtube and Twitch channels.


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See you in the Arenas! 👋