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Lore organization

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This is how i'm organizing and understanding the lore of heavy metal machines at the moment, you can correct me at any moment.
We'll begin with the character groups

Old world's legacy: These are characters that are either improved by the state of the apocalypse or try to survive as lone wolves with an objective or try to destroy the creatures of the underworld, in this section we have:

Stingray, Wildfire, Artificer, Windrider, Rampage, Photon, Little Monster and Black Lotus.

Chaos sects: These characters are parts of groups that have different objectives or just want to cause some chaos, in this section we have:

Full Metal Judge, Metal Herald, Killer J and Dirt Devil.

Creatures of the underworld: There are none of these characters in-game yet, but i do believe there will. As the blog Tales of Metal City- Chapter 1 says: "By trying to explore the last petroleum source, the human being dug too deep and awakened powerful asleep creatures from the center of the planet", so i think some of these monsters may have a chance to have their part in-game.

Game Items:

Metal Bomb: This item was used in many ways in the early days of the apocalypse, created by an unknown being but one time it appeared on a statue of the metal god, some say it was a gift from him, this was used Chaos sects to fight other chaos sects, but its primary use was to fight the creatures of the underworld and it still is, nowadays is used for races on the heavy metal machines competition. 

A chain next to a bomb, ¿who thought this was a good idea?, Because it is! - Mechanic Ralph

Ok, that's all for now, you can give constructive criticism to my idea.

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As I am new here and I also like play a video game. But want to open with you all. I am Keith and like to play. A few months back I started playing this game and love it.

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