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    History: Randy was a simple man with a simple life, he knew technician stuff as he was a factory worker and a US army combat engineer and one day he moved with his family of one wife and three children to the forest for a more peaceful life trying to survive from the corrupted world of the apocalypse, they learned how to live a life without electricity and after buying some land randy built a cabin, one day randy had a dispute with its neighbor over $3,000 land deal, Randy won the lawsuit and received a additional $2,100 in damages, his neighbor was so angry that he wrote letters to the metal sect and dirt devil's gang claiming that Randy had threatened to kill the metal herald and the captain dirt devil himself (all of these were lies), after investigations the metal sect thought that he was park of Killer J's gang and that he had explosives hidden in his cabin, Randy denied this and he was set free, Randy associated with Joker Peterson who was part of K.J's gang, Randy was aware at this point of the lies they were telling against him, Joker Peterson was investigated by Dirt devil's gang, Dirt devil's gang sent an undercover weapons dealer and in two years Randy, according to the weapons dealer Randy sold him two illegal explosives, an informant came and told weaver his trial date to prove that he wasn't part of K.J's gang, but the informant told him the wrong date, after not coming to the trial FMJ and partially Dirt devil's gang came to the lands of Randy, Randy wasn't going to flee, he was going to fight for his freedom and resist any attempts to kill him by force, after all the lies and things that the metal sect had done to him have come to play on that day and Randy had a distrust from that day forward on the metal sect and believed that he wouldn't get a fair trial if he appeared on court, on the day the Dirt devil's gang tried to take him down peacefully, Randy neglected to this and Dirt Devil's gang tried to negotiate with Joker Peterson to tell Randy to surrender, after coming back Joker Peterson said that he told him "no", all of this made Randy look like a bad force of evil, but they exaggerated it and they even thought that Randy would shoot anyone on sight and that he shoot one time a helicopter doing a flyover for a television show which all wasn't true, One of Randy's son went out with Joker Peterson to show him how to shoot realizing that they were surrounded, the dog tried to play with the DD gang but they thought he was attacking so he shoot him, Joker Peterson threw a grenade as self defense but got shoot and Randy's son also died. After this Randy got both corpses and put them in another small cabin near the main cabin, and when trying to go back to the main cabin he got shoot in the chest by none other than FMJ, after he was bleeding and the family tried to aid him and put him in the main cabin but FMJ shot again hitting Randy and killing his wife, after this they killed the other son of Randy and took the last one which was a little girl by custody, after this Randy was sent to prison, now he has paid his years in that scary place he is on the apocalypse trying to survive alone and winning hmm tournament matches, now they call him "Lawsuit". Name: Lawsuit. Car type: Truck car transporter closed. Concept: Manual Support, wide hitbox. Abilities: Passive "Never again": When allies are nearby Lawsuit, their regeneration appears a 15% faster. First weapon "Out": Lawsuit spins pushing enemies out of the way and damaging them. Second weapon "I'll protect you": Lawsuit opens his car transport and any ally can get in even if they have the bomb for safety, after an ally gets in the car transport they can choose to get out at any time, the ally will be invulnerable when in the car transport, if the ally gets out in the middle of Lawsuit's ultimate they'll be launched out damaging the enemies, allies cannot use abilities while in the car transport but they will regenerate a 30% percent faster. Nitro: Normal Nitro. Ultimate "Family": Lawsuit begins spinning damaging the enemies much more and pushing them out of the way, if an ally gets out of Lawsuit's car transport in the middle of this ability they'll be launched out damaging them.
  2. I'm currently fine with the state of the game, i want to get better at the game and track down my progress but for it i need to be able to have the information from matches to track down, and that's why i want at the end of the match in the four state to be another menu showing the kills-death-assists like it shows when you press tab during a match.
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    Lore organization

    This is how i'm organizing and understanding the lore of heavy metal machines at the moment, you can correct me at any moment. We'll begin with the character groups Old world's legacy: These are characters that are either improved by the state of the apocalypse or try to survive as lone wolves with an objective or try to destroy the creatures of the underworld, in this section we have: Stingray, Wildfire, Artificer, Windrider, Rampage, Photon, Little Monster and Black Lotus. Chaos sects: These characters are parts of groups that have different objectives or just want to cause some chaos, in this section we have: Full Metal Judge, Metal Herald, Killer J and Dirt Devil. Creatures of the underworld: There are none of these characters in-game yet, but i do believe there will. As the blog Tales of Metal City- Chapter 1 says: "By trying to explore the last petroleum source, the human being dug too deep and awakened powerful asleep creatures from the center of the planet", so i think some of these monsters may have a chance to have their part in-game. Game Items: Metal Bomb: This item was used in many ways in the early days of the apocalypse, created by an unknown being but one time it appeared on a statue of the metal god, some say it was a gift from him, this was used Chaos sects to fight other chaos sects, but its primary use was to fight the creatures of the underworld and it still is, nowadays is used for races on the heavy metal machines competition. A chain next to a bomb, ¿who thought this was a good idea?, Because it is! - Mechanic Ralph Ok, that's all for now, you can give constructive criticism to my idea.
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    Name: Darklord, The aspect of despair History: The villain of Hmm with an corrupted soul. Concept: Interceptor/Transporter with lifesteal Abilities Hp: 350 Passive "Eternal Rider": Each time Darklord kills or assist in killing an enemy he gets a portion of their hp and gets an charge of his Q Q "Deadly link": Throws some Chains covered in fire to the direction of the mouse (can shoot in any direction), when hits an enemy they stick to it doing damage over time and the damage gets bigger over time, has 3 charges so it can have various enemies affected at the same time, if you shoot an chain to an enemy that is already affected by an chain the enemy will be pulled to Darklord. W "Rad shield": Darklord makes an shield which when destroyed does an aoe around Darklord doing damage R "Freedom": Releases his inner monster and makes an thunder cloud around him doing aoe in random places.
  5. Q "Ultra-Violet Rays": shoots lasers from his car. W " Force Field": makes a electrical wall that enemies can't pass. E "Impulse": Goes forward as your allies get speed. R "Cataclysm beyond the stars":Spawns an Giant Red Meteor which compresses itself with the ground which makes a black hole that does 2 pulses, the first attracts enemies in and the second launches them out, stunning them in the process.
  6. Name: Dark keeper Concept: crowd interceptor with damage. Story: The reaper of the world. Q "Beyond the grave": shoots out of his machine gun doing damage, this can overheat. W "Fire": shoots fire on the sides which pushes enemies. R "Caliber of soul": shoots on the front of the car a missile on fire which does heavy damage. The image wasn't made by me
  7. Name: XenoRaptor Abilities: Passive-I live on: when below 35% hp it will regenerate more faster ( the robot that heals will come sooner, but the healing rate will be the same) Q-Natural force: Roars in front of you silencing your enemies by a amount less than 2 seconds. W-Spit my brudda (idk a name): Spits acid in front of your car leaving a platform which makes damage and reduces the shields and heals of that enemy. E- Turbo: boosts the car and makes the car get spikes which deflect damage when hit. R- XenoRaptor mode: transforms into an Xenoraptor (like in the image, sorry if that isnt a xenoraptor idk dinosaur names or something), and it can pass through enemies and while hes passing them they get stomped which makes damage and stun.
  8. Name: Red Killer Concept: Hybrid of Damage and Crowd Control Bio: Idk the lore, i just think of him like an astute and intelligent bounty hunter. Abilities First ability "Panic": Puts a remote bomb in front of him which after seconds explodes making damage Second ability "Clever Mind": sends out a platform in front of its car which lifts up and throws the enemy back and damages in an aoe Nitro "Torment Crash": Boosts shooting a blast behind the car which does damage. Ultimate "Whirling Blade": Makes a whirling blade go around the car (attached) which when touching enemies drags them until the ability ends and damages them over them while they are on it War Cry (Optional sound when doing ultimate): "Chainsaw!!"