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  1. I think this is a great initiative to have. Awesome?
  2. Are you still playing Heavy Metal Machines and League of Legends? Well, I agree with the point that the game can be more entertaining by adding character's stories, or other information about their work. In this game, the primary objective of the gamer is to deliver a bomb on the enemy team or to overcome your opponents as this can be played in the multiplayer mode. I like the originality of the game so for me, the game is amazing to have. I started playing this game because I like to play in a team. But it is true that one has to gain certain experience in a single player mode in order to play in the multiplayer mode. Previously, my elder brother used to play this game, he inspired me to have this one. Playing my game is like keeping me active for the day to day activity or decreasing loneliness. As you were inspired by the League of Legends, similarly I also used to play other game like Rock n' Roll Racing, GTA 5, which are quite different. Rock n' Roll is the racing video game and GTA 5 is an action-adventure video game that can be played on the various platform like PS, Xbox, PC, etc. One can also explore more in GTA 5 while playing like one can able to do experiment with the vehicles, doing a robbery in the store, supermarket, etc. You can also buy Grand theft auto 5 if interested in playing this game. I always used to play on the Microsoft Windows, as playing a game on the PC is easy and comfortable. As we know that, in this era of technology latest games have been coming day by day in the market and you can play high ends graphics video game on the PC.
  3. I think there are certain games that can be only for the kids, and certain only for the youth. On the other side, playing games have many benefits both for children and youngster. As it increases our multitasking skills as we have to do a lot in a game while playing. It also increases our gaming skills while with friends. HMM is the perfect combination of both.?
  4. The one who is having their lore in the game.
  5. Hmm, I am so late to reply, so sorry. But its ok, Music of the heavy metal, What about you?
  6. Hey, I am so late to get to know this, are you still playing? I want to in.
  7. It sounds so good. Is it like you want to play in a team?
  8. I had posted about myself previously but still like to introduce, I am Keith. I like to play many games like Heavy Metal Machines, Destiny, etc. I also like to outdoor activities as well.?
  9. As I am new here and I also like play a video game. But want to open with you all. I am Keith and like to play. A few months back I started playing this game and love it.
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