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All systems ready for liftoff!

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New machine concept: Astroblast.
Description: A transporter that can deliver the bomb at high speeds but requires to be always on the move forward.
Pilot's appearance: He would be an astronaut so his outfit is explains itself.
Machine's appearance: A rocket car like the two pictured below but more cyberpunk.
Lore: A friend of Stargazer who was lost during a mission but was saved and brought back to earth. He enters the arena to reunite with her and catch up on old times. 
Passive: Entering the atmosphere. Surrounds the machine in a reddish/orange layer that protects himself while pushing away enemies.
Q: Proton Ray. Shoots out a green laser that deals low damage.
W: Repair unit: When activated two drones come out and start repairing the machine.
E: Blast off! Accelerates forward which instantly triggers the effects of the passive.
R: To infinity and beyond! Same as E but is WAY more powerful and creates a shockwave that deals high damage to enemies.

Astroblast pilot..png

Astroblast machine..jpg


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