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  1. Heavy Metal Machines has one more event going on! This time, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this will be the year of the pig, we'll distribute themed Sprays to everyone who completes this easy event. In the event "The Year of the Pig", we'll reward everyone who achieves 15 victories on casual matches in HMM! Easy peasy! To achieve it, of course, will be easier if you are on a team. Wanna find your team to take part in this and in other events? Just follow this link and reach people in our Discord: The event starts on 06/02/2019 and goes on until 19/02/2019. The Sprays will be delivered only on February 20th, ok? Now, let's check the basic rules: Only matches on Casual mode will count. The custom match won't count this time. The victory needs to happen, in other words, you need to play 'till the end of the match and win it. It doesn't matter if you're in a group or not, only the victory matters. Only matches inside this period will count. To compute the victory, the player cannot be AFK, and if this happens, the match won't count! 😉 Let's play and win these battles, let's celebrate The Year of the Pig! See you in the arena!
  2. Sath

    [Event] HMM 2019 KICK-OFF

    Hi there! All players that completed 20 matches have received the exclusive Portrait. Enjoy!
  3. Sath

    Black Lotus' Karma

    Hello Death, Sorry for the long waiting. This is a bug that should be fixed on the future, along with some other features. Unfortunately I don't have an estimated date when it will be fixed at this point, but I'll discuss internally about it.
  4. Sath

    Forum design

    Hello Death, We've fixed the colors for the topic preview and user cards. If you find anything else wrong, just let me know.
  5. Sath

    Metal Pass Season 3 Starts

    The 3rd Season of the Metal Pass begins on February 6. Follow our social media channels and don't miss the spoilers!
  6. Sath

    HMM 2019 KICK-OFF

    The year began, and along with it, the Heavy Metal Machines events season! In HMM 2019 KICK-OFF, whoever follows the rules and completes 20 matches inside the event’s period will earn an exclusive themed new year’s portrait. Check out the details here.
  7. Sath

    HMM Official Lore

    How's it going, everyone? Over the past months, several posts about our Lore have been posted on the blog. Some were about the world and how the apocalypse happened, and some others about the pilots that we all love. There's also the story about the factions of Metal City and the Arenas. I think it's a good idea to link all these posts here, so you can read and get deeper into the game story -- and there's so much more to come with the upcoming seasons. We can't wait to see all of them published! Here's the list of everything we've released so far: Learning more about the Heavy Metal Machines organizations Tales of Metal City – Chapter 1: The Apocalypse Learning more about the characters’ friendships On their own: learn more about the lone wolves of HMM The stage is set: Learn more about the Arenas of Heavy Metal Machines The Cursed Necropolis – An Illustrated Story Rampage: the brilliant engineer who became the worst nightmare in Metal City Dirt Devil: The mercenary from the desert Full Metal Judge: Metal City’s ultimate law Clunker Bros: the hardworking-drunk brothers Wildfire: the blacksmith who became a champion Stingray: the rebel who became a leader Artificer: the immortal scientist Sect of Metal: the rulers of Metal City Little Monster: The champion’s child Photon: the explorer of the light Stargazer: the stronghold from space Killer J: The crazy clown This topic will be updated according with new releases.
  8. Sath

    Steam Guide for HMM

    Amazing guide! The guys here on the team loved it! Let us know if we could help you develop this guide, we'll definitely support you.
  9. Sath

    [Event] HMM 2019 KICK-OFF

    Definitely, Death. That's something we have in mind, and I'm looking forward to having it in the game. It's already mapped on our development backlog, but it doesn't have a launch date at this point.
  10. The year began, and along with it, the Heavy Metal Machines events season! In HMM 2019 KICK-OFF, whoever follows the rules and completes 20 matches inside the event’s period will earn an exclusive themed new year’s portrait. The event begins at 00:00 UTC on 15/01 and ends at 23:59 UTC on 28/01. So, there’s enough time to complete 20 matches, especially because the average time of a match is 7 minutes. Ok? So, let’s jump to the most important: have lunch! No, I’m kidding, let’s cover the rules first: The matches are to be played exclusively in the casual mode. Custom matches won’t count in this event. It doesn’t matter the final score. Win it or lose it, it counts. Also, we don’t mind if you’re in a group or not. We’ll only count matches inside the period of the event. We got our eyes on AFK players, alright? If you are flagged as AFK at any moment, the match won’t count. As soon as you sum 20 matches, sit tight (and keep playing to have fun, of course). On 29/01 we’ll deliver the event’s rewards for those who accomplished it! Good luck, Metal Gladiators! Metal God bless you!
  11. Sath

    Forum design

    Yes, I'm trying to fix those. I'll let you know when it's fixed.
  12. Hey everybody! We're a few days from the end of the event and we need your help to reach the goals, so you all can receive this amazing - and exclusive - portrait for your account! Check this out: Call your friends, start playing now and you will get this for free!
  13. Sath

    Forum design

    Hi Death, We've fixed a few things, including the sign up issue you mentioned. We're working on some other improvements, which includes the member hovercards and some other areas. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for taking too long on this.
  14. Are you ready for a new event? Then it’s time to enjoy the Christmas season in Heavy Metal Machines with the METAL XMAS 2018! The collective quests event of Metal City. Stay tuned, Metal Xmas 2018 is starting on December 19th and will end on January 1st. This time, players need to help each other to: – Deliver 55.000 bombs during the event! – Reach 650 new followers on our Instagram profiles! – And individually complete 3 casual matches during the event. Completing these missions, you will receive an exclusive themed portrait and spray! (It will be delivered until 31/01/2019). Also, HMM is offering +100% XP in casual matches (not applicable to Metal Pass missions) and +100% of Fame. If you’re interested in following the event progress click here in this link, we’ll be updating it as many times a day as we can. Play now, follow our Instagram, and let the Christmas begin!
  15. Sath

    Questions about the arenas

    Moved the comments to a new topic on the proper section.