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  1. Sure! Most of mine are logo related though, nothing to do with characters. I am not that good at character development.
  2. Haha I love the fact that you can be a simulated Truck Driver. If you could name your character...I would call mine Earl I really like the graphics in The Witness as well as the puzzle aspect of the game - it's pretty chill and I could see how this would directed towards adolescent minds, but I think Puzzle games are aimed more for adults who just want to do something with their time away from "adulting". I think more action packed games like ARK, Prey, even Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind are geared for adolescent minds nowadays.
  3. Aww that is sweet, thank you. Honestly, I am using Adobe Illustrator to create some things, but they are not like these! I'm sure you can develop these concepts into a 3D mold better than I can develop a stick figure into 2D haha!
  4. Hey there @Roxxso! Currently, we are in the Closed Beta stage of the game - which has a limited audience of players who sign up with their email and receive a key. We have it available during certain hours due to assessments we are conducting for the game to make it just right when we go into Open Beta. For finding other Metalheads to play with, try our Discord server - this is where a lot of our N. American/Brazilian communities go to chat and find out who is playing at certain times. It's been pretty active the past few days, so I would try there first. Hopefully I was able to help you out a bit Cheers!
  5. Pretty awesome stuff StarDragon! I can barely draw a stick figure.
  6. Hey PotHix, At the moment we are focusing on our Windows version of the game. Ideally, we would like to support more platforms, but we do not have a time frame as to when those will come into effect.
  7. Hello fans of Heavy Metal Machines! Today we are going to talk about a very important move for the game that generates many discussions: Passing the bomb! Passing the bomb properly is an essential skill to become a better player of Heavy Metal Machines. While it may seem simple to do, a good pass can consecrate the delivery of the bomb, while a bad pass can mean the death (and defeat!) of your allies. Basic mechanics When holding the space bar, the bomb is always passed back, which means that the positioning is essential so that the bomb does not fall into the hands of the enemy team. There is little time between the moment you decide to pass, and the bomb is actually released, so be careful with an enemy carrier coming in at the last moment! Team work Passing the bomb does not just depend on who is carrying it. If you want to receive a pass, position yourself behind your teammate that is in possession of the bomb! That way, you guarantee that you will receive the pass correctly. Skip not to die When you are carrying the bomb, it is impossible to use the maps shortcuts to escape certain death. In such a situation, pass the bomb before you die and the emergency exits will be available! No allies around Consider this: you are low on health and enemies begin to surround you. With the near destruction, it is ideal to escape so you do not give more resources to the enemies and to regroup with their allies. In this case, you can try a pass forward, without a direct target for the pass. A good suggestion is to try to throw the bomb in lava or the guard rails to make life difficult for the enemy team or a pass forward, toward where the bomb will be delivered. Hopefully this helps everyone with their passes! We hope to see you all executing these passes in the arena! \m/
  8. Are you guys ready to bring in the New Year with a bang? Wildfire sure is! We just wanted to thank everyone of our Metalheads [that means you] for being apart of the Heavy Metal Machines Family! We hope that you all are enjoying the closed beta from the release of Full Metal Judge to Stingray's capture, we value your participation and continued support! We have some awesome things in store for everyone! Have a rockin', but safe, New Years Eve....we'll see you in the new year!
  9. Hey there @MarbleKing, currently we do have a cap that does not allow you to play the game if you fail a hardware check for the minimum requirements because we are in a state of the beta that we need the feedback and bug reports to come from computers that we know for sure can handle the game. Once we are past that stage, we will definitely be removing that cap and letting everyone try for themselves to see if they need to tweak the graphics and other options to run the game. We are also working on optimization for the game, and have reduced the graphics card requirement quite a bit already since the first version was released. We plan to keep reducing those requirements as the Closed Beta goes on until we remove them altogether. We understand how frustrating it is, I have had this problem with many PC games in the past while having a GeForce 400 series [GT & GTX] graphics card, in which I went through hell to get them and nothing worked for my computer. I appreciate your passion for wanting to play the game, we've worked hard on it and are working diligently to have the game playable for everyone.
  10. *cue innocent voice* Whatever could it be?
  11. AJ_


    Hey @J_S_S, Thanks for your feedback! We have been getting a lot of ideas about the cars. When it comes to being faster, it's not about how the cars appear on screen...it's about how you use the updgrades in your garage to make them more powerful. There are certain buffs in the garage that will allow the vehicle that you pick to be resilient to attacks or produce a bigger blow to your opponents; it's all about how you play. We are also working diligently on making the cars drive differently [i.e. your example with Little Monsters turn radius]. As for the translations, we are currently expanding to various countries and working on getting our game [and website] translated in various languages. We are still in closed beta and we are gathering various countries at once. Unfortunately, Rome was not built in a day. For the bug of not obtaining your bonuses or FAME - this is a well known issue that we are currently working on. It could possibly be your LTE or just a common bug. In all, we thank you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated.
  12. I personally think that games are geared towards adolescent minds, but I want to hear your thoughts.
  13. You guys played, we captured the most intense moments on your streams. Which one is your favorite reaction?
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