Metal League Pre-season Event!

Win an exclusive portrait while preparing for the Metal League!

Metal League is almost here, and we’ve prepared a pre-season full of activities for new and veteran players looking to compete and create a team. The best part? You can win an exclusive portrait of the event if you follow all the criteria!

Curious? Let’s get to it:


Pre-season Calendar

Weekend 1 – 04/05 and 05/05

This Saturday we’ll hold a community event aiming at keeping the community active. We want to bring together the most significant amount of players we can, starting at 16:00, to play many custom matches so the new players can experience competitive play and the free agents get to see the potential of other players to build a team.

When? Saturday, May 4th, starting at 16:00. (GMT-3).

Where? On our English (EU) Discord channel. Talk to T-Bone (our Russian Community Manager).

What do you get? A pilot of your choice or 2000 fame, for anyone who participates by playing at least one match!


On Sunday we’ll have friendly matches between already existing teams so they can start warming up their engines and prepare for Metal League. Didigos (one of our Brazilian Community Managers) will be in charge of the organization and will host a transmission to make giveaways for those watching.

When? Sunday, May 5th, in the afternoon.

Where? If you have a team and want to play or watch matches, talk to Didigos on our Portuguese Discord channel.

What do you get? We’ll hold a giveaway with a special kit: every pilot in the game + 3 giveaways with one pilot each to anyone watch the live stream!


Weekend 2 – 11/05 and 12/05

Here we’ll hold a tournament! Saturday is Rock Academy day! We want to get everyone in the mood for a competition. No fees, free entry and free agent tournament that will allow everyone to feel a taste of what a tournament is like and the thrill of playing in our community. We’re also giving you one more reason to participate with an extra prize:

When? Saturday, May 11th.

Where? On Battlefy. Link will be available soon.

What do you get? 1st Place – Metal Pass Premium

2nd Place – Model of your choice (except the ones from season 4)

3rd Place – Peacemaker OR 2000 Fame


On Sunday, May 12th, you can play with Hoplites (Hoplon’s Staff). Before watching Game of Thrones, players will be able to join Chancellor’s, Saramantis’ and other Hoplitas’ teams in a fun tournament.

When? Sunday, May 12th.

Where? Official Discord channel, starting at 17:00. Sign-up link will be available soon.

What do you get? An item available in the Store (model, pilot, spray or effect) for the winning players.


Weekend 3 – 18/05 and 19/05

The last and ultimate weekend before Metal League will be full of competition. We want to encourage free agent players to have their teams created and to experience for the first time the competition in tune with their teammates. For that, we’ll have two tournaments designed for teams: one for rookies (Saturday) and one for veterans (Sunday). But beware: you can only participate in one of them! If you sign up for the one on Sunday, for instance, you won’t be able to participate on Saturday.

What? Metal Road: Rookies.

When? Saturday, May 18th.

Where? Registrations here.

What do I get? Winner: every pilot in the game. Second place: a pilot of your choice OR 2000 Fame.


On Sunday…

What? Metal Road: Veterans.

When? Sunday, May 19th.

Where? Registrations here.

What do I get? Winner: 750 cash. Second place: 2000 fame.


Want to know how to get an exclusive portrait?

We’ll have an exclusive portrait to award players that participate in these preparation events for the Metal League. The design is yet to be revealed, but we are sure you will like it. For that reason, if you want to get it, follow these steps:

  1. Participate in at least 2 of the 3 weekends in the pre-season (you can pick which)
  2. Participate in the first two stages of the Metal League (May 25th and July 1st), completing at least one match without being flagged as AFK, in each of the stages.


It’s not a mandatory step, but we would also really appreciate it if you follow us on our social media (after all, fun events such as these are announced there):








Any questions? Talk to us over on Discord and we’ll help you out!

If you’re still unsure on how to let everyone know that you are a free agent and how to look for a team, we can also help you step-by-step on our free-agents channel on Discord.


See you in the arena!