Scheduled Maintenance and Patch Notes 13/10/2021

  • 11 / 10 / 2021

Hello, Metal Gladiators

Maintenance is scheduled for October 13th, from 11:00 to 18:00 (UTC-0), to release an update that brings the 15th Season of the Metal Pass, and more.

Version: 15.00.250

Metal Pass Season 15 – Sweet Torment

Check out all the rewards on our website.

  • 1 Heavy Metal Model for Clunker
  • 2 Metal Legend Models for Little Monster and Photon
  • 1 Rockstar Model for Artificer
  • 1 Artificer Pack: An item pack that includes:
    • Artificer’s Machine
    • Artificer’s Metal Legend Model “Eye of the Beholder (Tropical)”
    • Emote “Yeti Fsjal (Yeti)”
    • Rebuilding Effect “Monstrous Entrance”
    • Spray “The Old-World Scientist”
  • Icebringer’s Machine
  • 5 Emotes
  • 5 Sprays
  • 2 Score Effects
  • 1 Start Line Effect
  • 2 Rebuilding Effects
  • 1 Kill Effect
  • 2 Portraits


Metallophobia Event

The spookiest season of Heavy Metal Machines is upon us! For a limited time, from October 13 to October 31, several themed items will be available in the Store, including 5 exclusive new items!

The items from the previous years will also be available during the same period.

Known Issue

  • The Sacrifice Sanctuary Arena doesn’t appear in the Arena Selection screen before a Colosseum match starts, but matches will be created for this Arena even with this issue.

To share your feedback, please post in our Discord or the General Discussion forum.

Heavy Metal Machines Team