• 02 / 07 / 2021

Huérfana de los mejores científicos en tecnología de bombas, nació en los Sand Seas y se crió sola en los Swamps. Llegando a Metal City, pretende derribar al torneo y a todos lo que forman parte en él, mostrando a todo el mundo el verdadero significado de la palabra “alteración”.

Her Passive ability is called «The Power of the Bomb.» She grew up so close to the Bomb that it is now part of her life. When she is carrying the Bomb, the Machine will gain HP, increased damage, weight, and size.

Calamity’s Weapon 1 is «Meritocracy,» which launches a claw forward dealing damage to enemies, and may also attach to the Bomb and pull it into her possession. This is the only Machine that can steal the Bomb from enemies, creating a new range of strategies.

The Weapon 2 is «Dodge Back.» It will instantly thrust the Machine backward and deal damage to any enemy close to her. This is very useful to avoid damage and dodge enemies. Even more, if combined with Weapon 3, «Dodge Forth,» which is the opposite version: It instantly thrusts the Machine forward and deals damage to enemies nearby.

Her Special ability is «Full Throttle.» As the weapon’s name says, she will put the pedal to the metal and gain speed as long as you keep the Special Weapon button pressed, consuming Special Weapon Energy over time.